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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown @ The Curve

Project 365 #267

3rd time

I went The Curve for countdown


with different bunch of people.

Had fun.

Had dinner at Wong Kok today. Just like the years b4. First time had wid him, 2nd time wid 3 cousies and sis, 3rd time A HUGE bunch 10 of us. XD. People to countdown 2geda is getting more and more which is great. XD Walk ourselves to The Curve from One U after dinner. Good exercises. We are all like a bit dunno wat to do at first and I've got no idea who started the spray war and ther it made all of us a great nite^^

Saw garden lifestyle store appeared at The Curve. GOSH. Gonna give it a try someday. XD. Met my 2ndary long-lost classmates. She happen to come back Msia but din get to talk much wid her nor snap photo. What a waste. ><" Markie was ther too...asked him to come along and join us but he refuse. Say there are too many of us and he felt pai seh. =.=" D'oh.

Ohya! Wtf. I met a pervert. WTF. ARGHHHHHH SO DAMN PISSED OFF CAN! Okay. Me and the bunch of guys are heading to somewher crowded and...I saw a hand appeared in front of my lower part THEN that stupidfarkingidiotpervert TOUCHED THAT PLACE...Yea...the lower part TT_TT...I was shocked and I stared at him. I scolded fucker. The guy who was behind him saw and he gave a surprise and disgust face looking at the pervert. That place was so bright and it is not like over pack that we can't see whose hand was that! The pervert said sorry and went off. OMFG. I SO ANGRY THAT TIME CAN! ARGH. BUT I dunno wat to do. I dun hav the spray tin on my hand and I am thinking if I shouted what shud I shout? What shud I do after I shout? GAHHHHHHH...Srsly hope that I can kick smash him or somebody can do it for me. ARGH. FML. It's not like I am wearing very sexy or very skirt WTH he wanna touch? ARGH! FARK HIM GAO GAO!!! Curse his hand being cut by machine whn he is working and he kenot TFK. GAHHHHH!!! I met once long long time ago when I was 18 at Bkt. Bintang and I sweared to myself that I will never ever go ther again. The one I met at Bkt. Bintang is where...a bunch of guys will snow spray attack us and in the messy situation...my boobies kena "grab". It happened extremely fast that I was srsly blur at first until my fren told me she kena as well. =.=" The guys...got hungry til that level mae. See wat grab wat. =.=" Angry SIAL!

Hmmph. Missed the countdown part ady. Din manage to countdown then fireworks starts to popping from everywhere. How good will it be if those are shooting stars? I can make wish gao gao. XD Went seapark mamak to yamcha b4 heading back home. Left eye went blur and can hardly see things. Tried eye drops but it doesnt help. Prayed hard that my eyes will be fine.


Happy New Year 2010. =)