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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trip to Kuala Selangor

Project 365 #263

Had great fun!


♥ in love with the fireflies ♥

Wokay. 11 of us went to Kuala Selangor today. 3 cars met up at a petrol station b4 we depart. Saw an accident on our way to Kuala Selangor. A bike bang the car in front...his helmet fall out and he actually went under the car. The car did not move at all from the begining till the end. Lucky, no? Saw the guy shouted for pain under the car...the passenger behind him shouted and panic. I turn to the back, the guy manage to stand up and walk. Hmmph...guess he will be alrite? ><"

Our first station is the "Monkey Mount."...owrite...it is called Bukit Malawati which is full of Monkeys. Hop into a trem to go uphill. Awww...I saw the sea and yea I miss the sea breeze. ><" (too far to sniff sniff it from Bukit Malawati...><") So yea. There are srsly loads of monkeys there. Er got brown color, black color and and AND GOLD color!!! The gold one is srsly adorable can! Hmmph...we actually stand under the trees to look at the monkeys. Pat Pat brought along peanuts to feed the monkey. Kinda funny to see him feed the monkeys bcoz...he wanted to feed but at the same time...he is sked. He even warned the monkeys don't come near him. Wat the...as if it will know wat is he talking about. ahahahahaha...We stand under the tree widout realize that there are actually loads of monkeys on the trees until I find some "water" dripping from the top. Oh GOSH. I guess it's the wee wee and there I run away. ><" EWwwww. LOLz. Snapped photos around and there we head for Seafood.

Went to River View for Seafood and it's KK's treat. *applause. XD. Yea. He got promoted and he buy us dinner. Bravo! I sat bside the Big Boss giving suggestions wat to order. GREAT. At last I get to eat Crab after I've been craving for it since weeksssss ago. *dance The favourite food of the day - mantau. Ahahahahahaha...Oopppsss...I mean crab. ><" Hmmph...it rains a little when we are having dinner and I tot we wil not b able to see fireflies. Oh well. The god loves me so much that he made the rain stops after we have finish our dinner and about to leave. YAY. People said we will be able to see more fireflies after rain. Yuuhuuu~~~

So Yea. We head to Kampong Kuantan for fireflies. It cost RM10 per pax with a bottle of free mineral water AND we are taking sampan to see the fireflies. W00ts. Hmmph...so my heart beats very fast when the time I am waiting for our turn to hop into the Sampan. Srsly very gan cheong can! Felt insecure even I have got the life jacket with me bcoz I heard there are crocodiles and it is VERY dark down ther...BUT BUT BUT the worries all gone when I saw loads of bling bling appeared on the trees. OMAIGAWD. I cant believe I will see those with my own eyes and it is just like Christmas Tree!!! So romantic till can die twice. Awwwwww...Opppsss...Sorry I mean I can't believe that I manage to see loadsssss of fireflies blinking at the trees and it is juz like X'mas tree!!! I RIKE!!! I totally forgot that I am actually very sked and worried earlier. ><" *heart melting

The sampan stopped at some spots and I reached my palm out to see if the firefly will stop on my palm. ZOMG. THE FIREFLY ACTUALLY STOPPED ON MY PALM!!! Awwwwwwwww... heart srsly meltz. Fren asked me how I felt...errr...was too excited and couldnt explain. Then then...the sampan move and stopped at another place again. I saw a firefly "walking" on a leaf and m trying to lead the firefly from the leaf to my palm. After I've been trying for like few minutes...I succeed. XD. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH. My palm was a bit wet when I am trying to lead the firefly to my palm and this time I can feel it. It feels warm when it is walking on my palm. I can feel the heat from firefly's tummy. =) Awwwwwww...I am so so so in love. *heart melting for 9237192319961 times The Sampan the move again...Tot we will be stopping at another spot and m srsly excited bout the nxt stop. Who knows...the next stop is the Jetty ady. T_T. Yer. I wanna go back again la...I haven had enuf dating wid the fireflies...T_T. LOLz

Hopped into another car on our way back and hang on the phone for almost half an hour. You know who you are. XD. We head to My Honeymoon for dessert before heading back home. Ordered my all time favourite. *slurp FAT DIE. ahahahahaha... And yea I get to sit in all the 3 cars tat went for the trip today. YAY!!! Pompuan ni memang SS betul. ><" Can't wait for the next trip. MUAX =3 =3 =3 ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy happy day *dance