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Monday, December 07, 2009

Things that warm my heart always =)

Project 365 #244

overloaded wishes on HUGE birthday card.


Fren sms'ed me and asked what I want for my Birthday. Yea. I am turning to 23 years OLD in a week. Time srsly passes fast. The scene of me lying on the bed for Intravenous drip a year ago is still fresh in my mind! Owh, of course the feelings in getting drunk like hellll, the guy tat I met that day stil fresh in my mind too! Oooppssss...Aha! I know you wonder which guy. Owrite...he is the guy that I actually drooled interested wid when I see him in the club. LOLz. I saw him passed by our table for like 12931274912717 times and we've got eye contact. I told my cousie bout tat then she actually stopped him AND ask for his contact number. WTH! I've never ever tot that cousie is so damn brave! So yea, we exchanged phone number and he actually text me right after the party and wish me Happy Birthday^^ We sms'ed and call quite often by not knowing each other background much and I tot he was a year younger than me. Oh yea, he said so that nite. He asked me out for many times but I rejected...THEN, ther's a day, my cousin bro told me tat guy is his ex's ex and he is only 18 years old. ftw. 18 and 22, F O U R years different! ISH. He cheated me. FINE. There, I stopped to contact him so often. Oh well, the world is srsly small. ><"

Owh. Back to the topic, things that warm my heart always. To recap - my fren texted me to ask what I want for my B'day. I always asked for surprises(because I really don't know what I want and I hav to sayang my frenz' wallet as well...lolz) and A HUGE birthday card with loads of wishes. XD. Immediately flipped thru all the birthday cards that I received during the past years after I read the text. I smiled by looking at each and every wishes written by my frenz. Those srsly warmed my heart. =) Even wishes from some random people. xD.Rite. For me, I felt wishes written by frenz on birthday card is much much more precious than any other things. I mean, it is like the wishes which come truly from their heart and they remember my birthday for once! Agree no?




you know wat to do ady?


Yer...so obvious ady


Oh well,
mayb I shud learn
not to
my Birthday as a "so..." important day
I shud actually
thanks my mum for giving me my life