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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miao's journey to the west

It is a 14 hours LONG~~~~ journey from Malaysia to UK. With additional, we stopped by at Dubai for almost 4 hours. Hmmph…I tot I can sleep in the airplane but too bad…I can’t sleep well…I admit tat I did “collapse” for an hour or mayb 30 minutes and tat’s bcoz I AM DAMN TIRED!!! Imagine I didn’t sleep for more thn 24 hours d…>.<”

Don’t really have the mood to snap photo bcoz of the tiring journey. Didn’t get the chance to sit together wid my frenz when I am on the plane. Not on the flight from KL to Dubai nor the flight from Dubai to MU. BUT luckily those who sitting bside me are all frenly schmates^^ hehe…I didn’t communicate wid those who sitting next to me whn I am on my way to Dubai. Coz mommy ask not to talk to strangers ma…lolz

But but but…I really feel bored during the flight…so I decided to approach myself to the one who sitting beside me during my 2nd flight. I don’t know wat’s their name…up to this second…but thy are nice to talk to. We are really noisy…or can say the nosiest group ther. We keep on talking n laughing all the way to MU. Well…will get the chance to know them more soon^^Will introduce to you guys if we really bcum closer one day^^

Well well…I had a very delicious lunch during my flight. I don’t have high expectation on the food tat’s being provided by the airplane. The food are always sucks…BUT…but…at last…I’ve got the chance to eat sth tat’s delicious…perhaps tat’s not bcoz I am too hungry. AND I’ve actually asked for red wine whn I am having my delicious lunch^^

The airplane that sent me to UK

The most delicious airplane meal tat I ever had^^

Red wine - FOC~~~

Oh yes...I can see UK...lolz


Oh yea...I m @ Liverpool, heading to Marybone

On my way...

Part of the beautiful scenery

Oh yea...I can see my future is "bright"!!!

This journey is really tiring...I cant imagine how people can actually take the flight to go ALL the way to US for 20 hours. Gosh...swear tat I will work hard nxt time so tat I can sit in Business class...Think...it will not be TAT tiring?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miao's rainy day

Well well...I am leaving d...yes...C U ah jian Malaysia^^

I wake up very early this morning...oh no...I should say...I had a sleepless night. Yea...I can't sleep well yest nite...mayb bcoz of the Hong Kong Tea tat I took, mayb bcoz I worry tat my assignment is not done yet...mayb I feel reluctant to leave my home sweet home. Well...I dash to downstairs after I've brush up myself and do prayers.(I use to be lazy in doing this all the while) Then...I saw my dad...I m still thinking how to ask my dad to send me to airport as I really wish tat he will send me to airport. I keep thinking and thinking thn...Dad the one who start the conversation first

Dad: What time is your flight again?

m3: I have to reach airport before 9pm. You going to fetch me ther?(I fast fast grab the chance and ask...lolz)

Dad: I tot your boy gonna send you ther?

m3: he said he dunno the way.

Dad: He dunno? Really? If like tat...2nite I will drive then...tell them to get prepared at 630pm, we will go for dinner first thn oni I will send you to airport.

YEAH!!! hehe...dad is sending me to airport...and my tears flow like anything...gosh...I m not tat close wid tat all the while but yet I cried. I tahan my tears and dash to my room...thn I cry like I've never cry before. At the same time, I scold myself "Miao, stop crying, you are such a useless person..."

aiks...ppl feel reluctant to leave ma...


My mom's frens and my aunt actually came over and look for me in the afternoon. They said that they wanna farewell for me. Interesting huh...aunties wanna do farewell for a "small little gal"...lolz

We went to Nelson Tan for high-tea. Aunt gave me an ang pau, wish me good luck in my journey to the west...lol...oh yes I am heading to a western country...lolz

Now...my tears starts to drop again...aiya...I think I miss my mom too much la...and all of them hav got the mommy smell ma...

I cried...thn...my aunt cry...thn one of the aunty cried and follow by the other one.

They are really funny...when my tears are dropping, got one aunty tell...

"aiya...u r oni goin for 3 mths oni...very fast thn you wil b coming back d"

after tat...HER TEARS START TO DROP D!!! lolz...oh man...she can take part in guiness record d...her tears can drop withing a second!!!

630pm...my dear came thn we went out for dinner after I've finished packing and double check my staff. AND THEN...my mom called up. SIgh...oh yes...I CRY AGAIN...yor...juz cant stop crying man...I wonder whn oni the tears will go dry so tat I wont cry...=.="

We went to Bullrun for dinner before we depart to the airport. My cousin sister actually came to airport. Wow!!! Can't imagine tat she really will be here as she ady farewell for me on last week saturday as well as yest nite...Thanks a lot Ah zhu...lolz

Alrite here are some photos tat we snap in the airport b4 I leave...

Mommy was @ Japan

My cousie n her Boy

Muai Lovely Sista Gang^^

Oh yea~~~I didn't cry when I've reached airport. I think my tears really go dry ady. I m very excited especially when I saw others are crying like anything. Wakakkakaa...well...travel safe my dear^^

I WILL BE BACK!!!(since it is only a 3 mths course...lolz)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"leaving soon" syndrome

2 more days and I am leaving Malaysia, my home sweet home d.

I am so damn moody now, at this very moment...I miss everybody tat's not by my side now and wanted to call them up so much...my mom(on vacation to Japan), My younger sis(camp), my boyfriend(bz wid his working staff), my sista gang(wonder wat they are doin...)

Gosh...and there are still a lot of things waiting for me to do...

My reading logs...so far I only done one...18% of work...and I have to pass up on 3rd June.

Seniors suggested us to print it at Malaysia as they worry the printer at Uni might have technical prob. BUT I M SO NOT IN MOOD NOW!!!

I don't have mood to do my work...I wanna do la...I swear...I even write a notice to remind myself to study study and study!!!



I CRIED...=.="

Saturday, May 24, 2008


My first sip of cigratte - Dunhill, menthol.

Went to club wid my cousins today. A farewell party for me. I told my cousie I wanna try one sip coz I don't know how a cigarette taste like.

My cousin's bf's cousin offer me and I took.

Don't really know how to smoke. I intimate how ppl hold the cigarette(put it in between of my fingers). I sip in, it is a little bit cold, coz it is menthol. That's all I can feel.

I tot of wanted to take a second sip, or mayb more, in order to taste the smell fully but I worry that I will get addicted to it. So, at last, I pass the cigarrate back to the guy.

Well...AT LAST I tried what I wanted to try since long time ago.^^

I wonder how I look like when I smoke. Shud hav snap a photo of myself - smoking.

Hmmph...I worry I will get addicted to it. Coz...I m feeling thirsty now. lolz

Oh yea...we went to a club named 3 kingdoms. ENJOYED MYSELF TO THE MAXIMUM!!!

I went up to stage and dance wid my cousin's bf for a couple of times and I danced a lot and a lot at our table. People were telling I am great in shaking...Wakakaka...


I M A GOOD GAL!!! lolz...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BYE Perfection

Today is my LAST day working for Perfection the Training Academy.

As usual, I reached Uptown at 4pm, together with Lindsay. Since today is my last day, I plan to do EVERYTHING and give my best to Perfection. I write the attendance book, I take attendance, on the air-cond of the classes that need to b use, fan papers, collect fees, answer calls, light up the candles, arrange the magazines...so on and so fort...

Been working for Perfection since the year of 2004.(After I've graduated from f5)

Yes I am loyal to Perfection and I've been trained to be a Perfectionist as well...lolz

Oh ya, I am a management Executive(staff) in this centre. Well, I do everything. From arranging the class to telemarketing.

Learned to do telemarketing which I hate the most...(I hate doing callings!!!)

and then customer service, photostating(oh ya, I am PRO in photostating as well...should I feel proud of it?), refill marker inks, cashier...u name it, I know it. lolz...

Hmmph...Perfection have only one centre when I started to join the management team and now...It already have 5 centres around Klang Valley. WOW!!! Bravo~~~^^

I use to be a staff in Desa Jaya, Kepong, the HQ. and then I stopped for my studies for almost a year. After that, I get back to work in Perfection again, but this time, I work at Selayang Jaya, the 1st brand of Perfection. In the month of April'08, me and Lindsay have actually go all the way to Uptown(Damansara Utama) to work. It is the second branch of Perfection.(That's bcaz SJ have got too many staff and DU need staff badly)

Well, don't have much feelings on my last day working for Perfection. Maybe because I've been transfer from branch to branch. However, I have to thank Perfection for training me as a Perfectionist


I will smile when somebody yelled or shouted at me

I will smile when I met a fussy customer

and no more shy-shy anymore.

and...most importantly...I learned to be a "pro" drinker...lolz


Ciao, Perfection^^
Yea...such a "Leong Bing post"...lolz

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wesak Day

Well well...actually I don't have any idea with wat Wesak Day is all about.

Heard my parents telling that they wanted to go a temple located at Rawang

So...as a good daughter, I followed.(lolz...yes I AM A GOOD GAL, ok?)

I went to bath for the Buddha and made 3 wishes.

1st of all...everybody will be healthy

2ndly...peace in the world, no more earthquake no more wars(from the bottom of my heart!!!)

3rd...well...ppl use to tell we must keep the 3rd one as a secret, so...I m not goin to share...hehe

No no...this is not me...^^She is my mom^^

Okie la...actually...I just wanted to share my good photo snapping skill.

Unknown breed...lolz

I used my dad's handphone to snap both of these.

Well...A great work from a professional, miaoyi^^

Please give her a loud round applause!!!WooHoo~~~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

我懷念的 - things I miss

A song that I fall in love wid recently...^^


我問為什麼 那女孩傳簡訊給我
而你為什麼 不解釋低著頭沉默
我該相信你很愛我 不願意敷衍我
還是明白 你已不想挽回什麼

想問為什麼 我不再是你的快樂
可是為什麼 卻苦笑說我都懂了
自尊常常將人拖著 把愛都走曲折
假裝要解釋 怕真相太赤裸裸
但被逼 失去難受

我懷念的 是無話不說
我懷念的 是一起作夢
我懷念的 是爭吵以後 還是想要愛你的衝動
我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌
記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口
誰記得 誰忘了

想問為什麼 我不再是你的快樂
可是為什麼 卻苦笑說我都懂了
自尊常常將人拖著 把愛都走曲折
假裝要解釋 怕真相太赤裸裸
但被逼 失去難受

我懷念的 是無話不說
我懷念的 是一起作夢
我懷念的 是爭吵以後 還是想要愛你的衝動
我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌
記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口

我懷念的 是無言感動
我懷念的 是絕對炙熱
我懷念的 是你很激動 求我原諒 抱得我都痛
我記得你在背後 也記得我顫抖著
記得感覺洶湧 最美的煙火 最誠的相擁
誰愛得太自由 睡過頭太遠了
誰要偷我的心 誰忘了 那就是承諾
誰自顧自的走 誰忘了看著我
誰讓愛變沉重 誰忘了要給你溫柔


我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌
記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口
我放手 我讓走 較灑脫
太愛了 所以我 沒有哭 沒有輸

Anti Bihun!!!

Went for breakfast wid my family and my relatives just now.

Well well...my aunt suggested to go for noodles and tat resto is famous wid bihun...ish...I HATE noodles especially bihun.

Yes...I admit I m "scapegrace" (a-bucket of rice), I am a rice lover and I cant live widout rice...lolz

Ahem...okie...I ordered "Dried Kuey Teow noodles" and when it comes, IT IS BIHUN wid noodles...GOSH...wat the...oh man...I m blur for a second..and thn I bcome very angry...(Juz like I saw my enemy...the one I hate...lolz) I raised up my hand and ask for somebody to come. Whn I am waiting, my dad said

"Juz eat, don't do too much of complain"

"NO! I DON"T EAT BIHUN" I speak a lil bit loud and so happen tat...the whole hall went quiet whn I am speaking...GOSH...everybody heard tat and I think...I've made my dad bcome embarrass...sorry dad...I don't mean it...but I REALLY HATE BIHUN!!!

Somebody came over, I said

"I ordered Dried Kuey Teow noodles just now"(I think my face look angry tat time...as well as my tone)

my mom said

"We ordered two Dried Kuey Teow noodles earlier and you gave us Bihun"



and ther he take away the bihun...

He changed it for me but still I can see a few small small pieces of Bihun inside...not to say I am picky(yes I know I am...but I really hate bihun) I take away all those small pieces of Bihun before I send the food to my mouth...Duh...still got a lot of Bihun inside la...

I put the Bihun aside, my mom shake her head and my aunt ask

"You don't like to eat Bihun, I seldom heard ppl telling that"

"Ya...I hate Bihun"

"She hate noodles instead" my mom reply.

Well...now u know...I REALLY HATE BIHUN!!!


I will tell you whn I am free...hehe...

Now I hav to continue wid my work ady...

Stil owing sir 6 contribution and an essay plan^^

yes...last minute work again...pai seh...>_<"

Saturday, May 17, 2008


At last...At last....AT LAST!!!

I went to clubbing^^

My colleagues were doing farewell party for those who are leaving Perfection soon(that includes me, lengC, Funny, WaiE n Ice) as well as celebrate Ruby's bday^^

People who joint us for the party
Eng Eng
Eng Eng's friend

Means, there are 13 of uS^^ Yeah...

Funny is the organizer for this party and the place we went is - Sanctuary^^ located at Mutiara Damansara, PJ.(The curve)

Well well...we reached Sanctuary at 11pm...and Ther The party starts~

I din enjoy much whn I first reach ther that's bcoz our table is juz right beside the Ice bar and it is so damn bright over ther.

I went on drinking in order to make myself dance but I din drink much.

Met a lot of friends...primary schmates, Secondary Sch juniors, Perfection Students(Gosh...so I m actually THAT old already...sobz...) and...those I don't know who they are but thy juz came and talk to me...lolz

who cares...when avbody is a lil drunken and get high...thy will just talk to everybody...(Oh No, I don't mean myself...lolz)

Hehe...yes yes...I AM NOT DRUNKEN and this time is my turn to take care of those who get drunk.

Name list of ppl who get drunken
1. Wai E(very drunk)
2. Funny(Get High)
3. Ruby(Pretend she is still ok)
4. Edwin(He said tat he dun wanna drink liquors...but...he get high...lolz)
5. Eng Eng(Drunk n get High)
6. Eng Eng's friend(Get High)
7. Others who are not listed above...all get high...

Which means...avbody get drunken...lolz

Well...but at least I know what I am doing...I take care of those who are drunken.

The future Air-stewardess
WaiE(left) and Funny (right)
Yes, yes...Thy r drunken...lolz

WaiE, she keep on asking others to drink and in return ppl wil ask her to drink as well, furthermore, she din take her dinner...so...she KO d...She cant move at all and her face actually look pale. My colleagues take turn to "drag" her to toilet in order to let her vomit.(She actually vomitted in the club as well...lolz...Eeee...so disgusting...Wahaha)

WaiE actually fainted after she hav puke for more thn 4 times(I guess) and she lied outside the Apartment.(A resto near sanctuary). Mani is with me when I am "babysitting" WaiE. Ther's a lady keep on screaming, shouting, crying...telling she suffers a lot...Don't think that she have got chance again n stuff...(Sat luen kut). She juz cant stop crying man...I've been sitting over there for almost an hour...and keep on hearing her crying and telling she really suffer a lot...pity her la...sobz...why love muz b tat complicated le? Why can't we just learn to let go le? Haiz...Kesian her...

While babysitting WaiE, Mani hav actually keep on asking me to take good care of myself whn I am at UK...yes I will...and he actually tell that...I look like a artist...and the different between me and that artist is only the skin color.

No kidding. He said I do look Beyonce...lolz...Well...I'll leave it to you to decide. lolz...WAkakaka...Beyonce man...she is so damn sexy n hot...lolz...

Funny...anoda gal...(and yes that's her name)she is the driver today...I saw her keep on drinking and she is not stable d...but whn avbody asked her

"are you okay?"

She reply


But from what I've observed...she is drunk. She keep on dancing wid a lot of ppl and stand on the chair whn ppl actually asked her to sit. Yes, she get high. Well, funny, just admit that...you are drunk...lolz...But lucky tat she still can walk herself to the toilet, just that she cant control her "body". lolz...

After WaiE had get up and went to vomit again, Yoga call me up. He ask me to bring WaiE out and then take care of Ruby. Yes...ruby is drunken...and whn the time I saw her...she is on the phone...I dare not disturb her...so...I choose to stand aside. Can't really hear her conversation but from her tune, she is like shouting o mayb arguing wid her boy? See? Anoda love love thingy again...why la gals always hav 2 suffer from love le? Haiz...

While I m looking after both of these lady, Yoga went in and ask avbody to leave...Yor...I still wanna go in la...sobz...(Altho I enjoyed myself earlier).

We leave at 215am(so early...) and I reached home at 337am. No, it doesn't take TAT long hour to reach my house, just that...since avbody is drunken, so we are 2 drive slowly and we hav 2 tail edwin go back home.(as he is riding a bike)

Posting wid the 3rd Bottle
Black Label^^


LOVE IT!!! Muax^^

oh ya...lucky tat I din meet up Patrick Jones...lolz...was worried that he wil be ther n can recognize me...lolz

Thursday, May 15, 2008

little "farewell" for myself

Promise myself that I will buy myself a drink frm Starbucks downstairs of my company Long long time ago~~~

I've been working at Uptown's Perfection since the month of April, i guess, or mayb march?

My company is above Starbucks, thus I feel that if I din buy a drink frm Starbucks which is downstairs of my company, like no give face to Starbucks like that.(coz it is so damn near and we are upstairs downstairs neighbour.lolz)

Everyday when I enter uptown, pass by the police station I will tell

"I'll get a day to buy myself a drink from Starbucks"

and Lindsay will reply

"I forgive you today, this is your first time mentioning bout Starbucks in this week"

hehe...Aiya...muz remind myself to buy de ma...treat ourselves good a little bit.

When I first enter Starbucks, I am a little blur(as I am not their loyal customer), I looked at the menu for quite sometimes and I choose to buy "something like choc chips blended" for a chocolate lover like me^^

Here you go Miao^^ pressie for your last day in uptown's Perfection.(I suppose...lolz)

Lindsay is working n I "tan pok'ing"

Aiya...must take photo one ma...I drink Starbucks you know...and wanna prove that I really do wat I promised...hehe...^^

Monday, May 12, 2008

"31 Ways To Make A Girl Smile"

1. Don't hug her friends or your friends that are girls cause she'll feel left out
2. Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second.
3. Hug her from behind
4. Leave her voice messages to wake up.
5. Wrestle with her
6. Don't go hang out with you ex when shes not with you, you might not realize how badly it
hurts her.
7. If you're talking to another girl, when you're done talking, walk over and hug her and kiss
her.... let her know she's yours and they aren't.
8. Write her notes or call her just to say "hi"..and not just at night after you've already
been out with other girls.
9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend.
10. Play with her hair.
11. Pick her up
12. Get upset if another guy touches her and she doesn't like it.
13. Make her laugh, if you can make her laugh, you can make her do anything.
14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
15. If she's mad at you, kiss her.
16. If you care about her, then tell her
17. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal(she'll hug it every time she goes to
sleep), jewelry (she'll treasure it forever), and one of his t-shirts (she'll most likely wear it to
18. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone.
19. Look her in the eyes and smile.
20. Hang out with her on weekends
21. Kiss her in the rain
22. Kiss her just for the heck of it
23. If your listening to music, let her listen too.
24. Remember her birthday and get her something, even if its simple and inexpensive, it came
from YOU. it means all the world to HER. it's the thought that counts.
25. When she gives you a present on your birthday, Christmas, or just whenever, take it and tell
her you love it, even if you don't (it'll make her happy.)
26. Always call her when you say you will, it may not seem like it, but it does hurt her and makes
her think you don't care so call even if you can only talk for a minute. Girls don't necessarily
have to have hour-long conversations every night but its nice for us to hear your voice even
for a quick hello.
27. Give her what she wants
28. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most.
29. Tell her shes beautiful, she needs to know her striving is working.
30. Hang out with her whenever you are free and u should be free to hang with your
girlfriend all the time
31. If u care about her...SHOW her!

Copy this frm fs' bulletin board, quite meaningful for me tho...Juz like it can actually read my mind...or mayb ALL the gals' mind^^

Miaoyi's Record

Oh yea~~~let's celebrate...I've break my own record...



Duh...I never tried once before...logging on into Internet for such a Long~~~~~period of time.


yes...e-learning again...bored in "hearing" bout e-learning? I oso bored in "complaining" bout e-learning...haiz...

I did almost the same thing on fri in reading those journals but I think I dun really spent tat long period of time compare to today.

I really go online, search for readings/journals/articles de lo...FOR THE WHOLE DAY and I DID READ AVTHING!!!


but...the Uni seems like trying to fool us...been trying to log on into the blackboard for the whole day...

THE WHOLE DAY...and still I can't log in. I think something goes wrong with Uni's server.

Today is Sunday man...I don't think anybody will work on it, and then...

2mr...we are going to get BOOM from our "DEAR" Dr. Iqbal.

"You guys should hav done your work earlier and send it to me earlier, I've warned and reminded you guys for many times, I don't wish to repeat myself! The server's problem will not be the reason for YOUR POOR attendance!!!Write in for me in order to explain."(or something sounds like this)

Duh...Sir...I've already try to log on into blackboard since morning 11am til now...0017...The nxt day d man...Sir...I cant log in...how??? I really wanted to contribute as I've owed 3 contribution for Research Methods. AND NOW...I owing 6 contributions ady...haiz...why o why...

please don't play a fool wid us can ar? We are only the students...students wid high initiative to go oversea in order to continue our studies...I never read TAT MUCH of journals in my life time before...and now I did...in ONE DAY!!!

I Don't even spend tat much of time in reading my harry potter story book...=.="

HAIZ...well...cheers for Miaoyi's record

and I am going back for my "studies" again...(hate e-learning...hate reading journals, hate those scholars...ISH!!!)

Friday, May 09, 2008


Really ABCD lo...

Been online since this morning ard 11am til now 2206, I STILL HAVEN CONTRIBUTE ANY POST FOR MY E-LEARNING AND DONE MY ESSAY PLAN YET. =.="

I WANT DIE LIAO LA...dunno what's the matter with me...ady read a lot...a lot...a lot of readings/ journals/articles still I can't get any clue/idea/point in order to support my argumentssss...

Apa la...WASTED THE WHOLE DAY but like doing nothing oni...

* The author(me) starts to mumble d...

how la u tell me...tot can finish today de ma coz 2mr got Hi-tea with a lot of aunties thn sunday will be mommy's day d...I got no time d man...how la like tat...I still owing sir 5 contributions and an essay plan...essay plan got deadline summore...if I didn't contribute those 5 by this week, next week I have to do 8 contributions d...I want long pia d la...I HATE E-learning la...been mention this sentence for many times d...haiz...how la now...now 10sth at nite d...still got so many work haven done yet...how to enjoy myself la like tat...summore 2mr buffet wil eat til very late de lo...but I really got no mood to study d la...can't understand wat the readings/ journals/articles talking about...yor...help me la...anybody out ther can help me ar...

Miyuki saw my pm and she actually asked me to join her to club later. She is going to LOFT.

*The author starts to mumble AGAIN!!!

Aiks...my boy don't go tat kind of place la...summore he don't like me going to those places...how le how le? Haiz...She say later will call me up and then see how wor...how le how le? Shall I go? But I worry I can't finish my work wor...I still got so many
readings/ journals/articles need to read summore haven get any clue/idea/point for my argument yet...then later my boy will starts to mumble there again...telling his mom don't like gals go clubbing...telling his mom said that he should "FLY AWAY" gals tat drink beer...but I really wanna release myself gao gao la...damn tension now...how le how le???Haiz...



p/s. The meaning of ABCD is actually foul(four) letter words. As I am a good girl, I don't scold bad words...so...^^ hehe...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trip to Malacca^^

As what is being showed at the schedule that I wrote previously

3rd May -> Trip to Malacca

We went. There are 9 of us went for the trip.(include 2 outsiders) The weather at Malacca is DAMN HOT and I actually become darker after the trip...haiz...

Well well...enjoyed myself in the trip tho, especially when the time we went to Malacca Night Safari^^
AND We kept on eating on tat day~~~Chicken Rice balls, satay celup, ice-creamssss, cendol~~~

We started car at 8am, and I m following the outsiders' car, Kelvin's Alfa Romeo. (Kelvin is Bell's fren)

The other outsider named Howie. All of us who are sitting in Alfa Romeo are damn tired, coz we slept quite late last night. (I m watching Stephen Chow's movie and The guys are gaming.)

We went to Seremban to take our breakfast. I took the famous noodles ther...牛腩面(a type of beef noodles)...for me...it is not really nice tho...mayb the taste of Seremban residents are diff frm us.

Met an small car accident whn we hav reached the second toll. (er...cant remember the name d la...) Our park is behind toyota Unser and suddenly the toyota unser is reversing...

Howie, the driver keep on horning but the unser seems like ignoring the horn and reverse in a fast speed, "BANG", unser's ass came and kiss on the romeo...

Howie spinned down the window and start shouting..."Tak dengar horn ke...bla bla bla" where by the owner of romeo, Kelvin didn't say a word. Me and bell have actually rush to toilet after that...so we don't really know the situation.

Lindsay told us that Kelvin managed the situation quite well as he didn't shouted at the unser's owner and juz let thm go. (Coz there're only small scratches on romeo's face and a small part of unser's backside break into half...lolz)

Here, MARKS being given to Kelvin.(Bcaz earlier when we are on our way to breakfast Romeo speed like anything and Liwen cant follow the car, avbody is deducting the marks in the car during tat time...and the driver is Howie)

Alright~~at last we have reached Malacca.

The 1st place we visited - The red buildings. When we reach there, so happen that the clock tower "rang"...It wents "Dong~Dong~Dong~" for twelve times.(Which means, we reached ther at 12pm). I was so surprise as I don't know the clock tower will actually goes "Dong"...lolz

12pm...the HOTTEST time of the day...we went to buy ice-creamsSSsssSssssss...YES "sssSSSssssss"...we ate a lot of ice-creams.

1st Ice-cream we ate
The 2nd one...

The third one...lolz

Since we have reached Malacca, of course we have to snap photo ther ma...in order to PROVE tat we hav been to Malacca. BUT the weather is TOO hot...so...we juz snap one or two pieces then went for lunch d...lolz

See Li wen the Poser~~~lolz

Phew-u-it...leng luiSssss~~~

While waiting for suetE in booming "Portuguese"

9 of us^^(taken by a Professional Iraqian)

We ate Chicken Rice balls...We have been queing for almost half an hour in order to get a seat in the resto...(Coz ppl said tat's the famous chicken rice balls shop in Malacca). Well...actually it is juz oni a chicken rice but the hawkers make the rice into ball shape, I wonder...What's the point le? Cute? BUT avbody juz love it^^

After lunch, we start to shop...avbody is buying souvenirsSsss...2geda wid the HOT weather. And then...we eat AGAIN...Dis time we ate cendol...(coz we muz try the gula merah...famous in Malacca as well....)

When the time we are leaving, the clock tower "dong" again, it dong for four times...which means...^^

YES...4 o'clock in the afternoon. Avbody hav got no idea wher 2 go...and ther...we stop by the Ship and snap photo outside as there's nth much to see inside^^(we nid 2 pay in order to enter...=.=")
One - Eight^^



This time we go makan dinner...See? I've told you, we keep on eating, eating and eating only...but dun worry, I don't think we will be gaining weight caz we kept on walking on tat day^^hehe

Dinner we took - satay celup^^

It is a lil disgusting where the shop owner didn't change the sauce of satay celup avtime when there's a new group of ppl dining in. BUT STILL we are going to give a try.(What to do, famous food in Malacca as well~) The satay sauce is a lil spicy but it taste great^^ I love it...slurp...Without thinking there might be other ppl's saliva, germs, bacterias in the bowl...I kept on dipping...SLURP~~~and...All of us hav actually eat a lot~~~

See see see - - - >

After dinner, we found out that the night is still young and thn we planned to seaside, but...we are lost in malacca...lolz...end up...we went to the Night safari^^

Trying to jump and snap photo but failed...lolz
LengC train harder la...u can de^^

uS in the Train^^
1st row starts from right
m3, Cureen(SuetE's bf), suetE, LengC
2nd row starts from right
Kelvin, Howie, Bell

Buai~Malacca Nite Safari^^

I LOVE THE ZOO IN MALACCA!!! There're loads of animals to see compare to the Zoo Negara located near Setapak there and we can actually get very NEAR...REAL NEAR wid the animals. We took a train in order to go ard the zoo, the train stopped at the mamalia area and there, I saw my frenssss....TIGER!!! Since there's a board showing us what's the name of the tiger, of course I have to shout out their name la...lolz...Yes, I keep on calling their name loudly when I see the board but none of them have actually give me response...none...haiz...so sad...I shouted like anything still thy NO GIVE FACE to me...duh...=.="

and thn we walk to the crocodile area, the staff there hav actually demonstrated us in HOW CROCODILE makan. Wow...whn the time the staff throw the raw chicken 2geda wid bones, within a second, the meat is already in their stomach. Gosh, I can't even see cleary, I can only hear the sound of them breaking the bones in their mouth...Ish...scary la...

Thn...we went to the small Night safari Zoo, here, you can see all the BIG BIG animals clearly and can go near near wid thm...There are only 9 of us walking in the small zoo, We heard some animals roaring...roaring very loud...All of us got shocked and guessing...wat animal is tat? I said elephant...but thy said...it doesn't sound like elephant...mayb the elephant having sorethroat kut...lolz...thn some said tiger some said lion and some said bear...(no not you BEARz...lolz)
Avbody were worrying, wonder if the animals hav actually run out frm their caves and on their way running to us, so we walked very fast, dashing to the exit. And when we are out, Bell and Kelvin are not with us...Gosh...where thy've been???

Don't be afraid...Bell saw the giraffe whn we are dashing out and she keep on talking to the giraffe and wanted to take pic with the handsome giraffe, so, Kelvin is there in order to accompany her.^^ Bell is really very happy when she saw the giraffe, we are so scared and worry that she will bring the giraffe back. LUCKY NO. I think the giraffe rejected her, telling she is too short d...lolz...Wakakakka....


I am VERY tired when we are on the way back. Romeo have actually speeded 170km/j when we are on our way back. Yes, since I am TIRED, of course the driver will be tired as well. Kesian Kelvin, cannot sleep in the car, as avbody snores like a pig...lolz(No, I don't mean me...lolz)



Time Not ENUF!!!

Gosh...today is thurs ady...
There are still a lot of stuff waiting for me to do...

1. Contribution for e-learning...still owing 5 readings...for this week and the week FAR~ B4...
2. Essay plan - deadline -> 12 May 2007(3 days to go but I still don't have anything in mind yet)
3. Facial treatment
4. Shop for my frenzzzzz bday present(Ruby and bell)
5. Grocery for UK
6. Pack my luggage
7. Eat all the Malaysian food b4 I leave to UK(so tat I wont b missing Malaysian's food...lolz)
8. Clubbing~~~
9. Hang out wid my sista gang
10. Go dating wid my sayang
11. Snap sticker photo with my sayang
12. Blogging...

lolz...I think I've spent all my time in blogging...tat's why my time is NOT ENUF...

Okie la...gonna get back to my studies d...buai~

OH YA...one more thing I've left out

13. BUY pressie for mommy...mothers' day coming d^^