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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pappa Rich

Project 365 #243



Pappa rich!


Mum and her bunch of aunties' fren's son's Pappa rich open his second branch at Damansara after the one at Cheras. LOLz. Tag the aunties along to their grand opening for freeeeeeeeee food. XD. The aunty wid spec is the marmee of the son. Jealous siao, got a son who hold shares of two pappa rich resto and good in making money. Hmph...I shud train my son liddat as well. LOL. Ahahahahaaha...The resto is pack as it is serving free food and the system in the resto gone to a mess. People just grab wateva dishes that pass by their table widout seeing if thy ordered those o not. =.=" So yea, the aunties at our table did the same thing as we have waited for an hour yet the food is not here. ><" Phew, luckily I only ordered a drink. LOLz. Left after the drinks as there are loads of people waiting for table. Home, FB, bath, out for dinner. So yea, tat's all for my Sunday. SIENz. Srsly have to find some interesting thing to do. ><"