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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I spent...

more than 35 hours on my bed


social networking


during the merdeka eve & Msia Independent day

How luxury it is...xD

Sunday, August 29, 2010

fruitful sunday ;)

Picked HER up at 11am to surprise everybody.
Tuck Kee is the place that revealed HER secretive return.
Yeap we had Dim Sum for breakfast ;)

The next plan,
chill at HER house =p
It've been 2 years since the last time I visited HER house
Had pineapple, dragon fruit, chocolate at HER house
Cluster is love!
Wonder if we can get this here in Msia ><

Mah first time in touching & feeling iPhone 4. Teehee
It's kinda heavier than what I tot
(bcoz of the aluminum)
and ermmmm
heart iPhone 3Gs after I see this
I will still stay loyal & wait for iPhone 4 white to launch in Msia
Gotta get it as my Bday present =p
Rite. It's HER iPhone 4
There are currently 5 iPhone in the gang.

We then mingle around at DPC
Hunt for food at Kepong Baru Nite Market ;p
(Rite...it've been more than 2 years since the last time I visited KB nite market. NO KAKI ma)

Asam Laksa as Dinner
Every pasar malam will have a famous asam laksa stall?
I miss the one at Tmn Connaught xD

a little bit view to prove that I am at P&M

Asked WaiE out for Yam Cha session as she did not turn up during breakie time.
Honeymoon is the place WaiE first met HER after two years.

Btw, Honeymoon is doing promo, 53% discount for their durian pancake and last day is 31st Aug =p

Chocolate Love is what I had tonite
first time I ordered a different thing
I always order "yong ji kam lou" only =p

Wonder who is the HER?

There, the HER is LengC.
She is back from UK after two years and everything still stay the same like we have just met yesterday ;) Interesting storiesssss she shared and she is always the pistachio in the gang. Welcome back my dear. =)

Happy Birthday to dearie Sin Yee

Saturday, August 28, 2010

pleasant sat nite =)

Happy BURSTday SinE.
Hope my mabuk version of Birthday song will always be kept in ur mind. =p

Yeap. She's the birthday gal and yea...she came all the way back from S'pore for the birthday celebration. She is just always that sweet+nice+pretty+patient+frenly and the list goes on. xD


Bday celebration + chill out @ fren's house made the pleasant nite.

Had dinner at Bumbu Bali which own nice ambiance, nice food and reasonable price.

Loving their Bali Lime =)

Paid a visit to SuetE's house
(sorry din get to turn up for your house warming)

Sin Yee brought wines. Red & White
and there
we starts to play game in order to hype up the nite.

Batman, superman, ultraman, cat woman, spider man
is the game that we played.

That's the Batman.

I drink...drinkkkkk and drinkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Red wine, white wine, back to red wine

made a crazy drunkard rocker wannabe m3

Last but not least,
the group photo to end the pleasant nite. =)
Can't wait for another new group photo
that have got everybody IN ;)

She is back ;)
Really have to go on diet
like, seriously =x

Passed thru two road blocks on my way home. Nvr get alarm'ed before the pukes. I eventually opened the car door and puke when the car stops & wait for the traffic light to turn green. Srsly nvr tot that having that few glasses of wine will made a drunkard me. Srsly nvr ever tot that I wil puke, like seriously this is the very first time I puke after a year? Guess I am not used to drink wine. HAHA. =p

The very sweet sinE called to see if I am alright and want me to promise her to take panadol before I "collapse" or I wil get serious headache the next day. =) I felt the warm and I really do. Thanks a zillion and Happy hot+pretty+sweet+foreveryoung buffday to you. Teehee

There will never be
"I won't do it again"
remember Britney's song?
"Oppss I did it again"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you know...

how to suck at facebook?



Happy Holidaysssss

Can I not come back on Monday? =x

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It was a bad wednesday for me yesterday but a good lucky day I had today ;)

I reached home early today! Before 7pm! Yea this is one of the lucky points. =p Tot of blogging but ended up studying the DSLR manual and it is 2300 d. So yea...photo for now bcoz I nid sleep xD (but erm not from DSLR =p)

Photo @ Bali on 27062010 ;)
My second trip with the gang.
It've been 510 days since the day I met all of them.
*all the guys wid white Tee(cited from olipia, 2009) HAHA

Wednesday, August 18, 2010











覺得她不像是我認識的那個她了...很多種種讓我覺得... 真的有事情發生了...可是我不曉得要怎麽去面對. 又或者說我們之間真的沒有什麽?







Wednesday, August 04, 2010

First 3 months

Hey Peepz. Yea I know it've been long since the very last time I wrote a detailed blog. Been really busy since the day I've changed department as well as...job scope. Yeap. Job scope from a research exec. to media planner. =)

Today marks my third month as a media planner. It's a FMCG client that I am working with. Losta challenges come from time to time and everything that seems can be easily done will eventually made your brain coma.

Well. Of all. I learnt a lot. Seriously a lot and this include yelling at the lappie everytime when I read through the emails. HAHA

Good Day =)

Gotta catch up with my fren xD