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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping Spree~~~

Project 365 #250

Heart dis dress so damn much!!!


din buy

Wokay. Din have enuf shopping yesterday. Owh...I mean my dearie cousie. LOLz. She actually tried some clothes at Forever 21 yesterday in Pavilion but those do not have the size she want there we head to One U today in order to see if there're stocks available. Ya I know we shud have asked the staff at Pavilion to call the outlets up in order to check but...oh well. It's another excuse for us to go shopping AGAIN. MUAHAHAHAHAH

Headed to Forever 21 once we reached One U. Saw that fabulous dress(attached above) at the entrance of Forever 21. Grabbed the size I want and went to try. ARGH. TOO LOOSE. =.=" SIENZ...Went to the counter and asked to check. Oh well. No stock. Asked to call their branches up and checked. NO STOCK. T_T. SIENZ GAO. Tot wanna buy it and wear during my cousiesssssss weddings. YEA...loads of cousiesss getting married nxt year...and for the month of January alone already got two of them getting married. ><" EEEEyerrrr...suddenly feel old. LOLz

Dunno why the size of clothes for Forever 21 have become bigger size compare to last time bcoz normally I can fit in their size M and now??? Size M too loose for me. OWH. Means I have to wear Size S. Sounds like I've grow a size smaller. Awww...I heart Forever 21 A LOT! Ahahahahahahahaha...Yea I know it's bcoz their clothes are all in guai lou(foreigner) size...lemme comfort myself a bit can o not? LOLz.