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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Project 365 #351

Lazy Cozy HOTTTT sunday I had!

Spent first half of my day lying on the bed, letting the lazy bugs bother me AND wait for calls. Hoping miracles(I.E. receive sudden cal and ajak me out) to happen. Gah. Crapz. So yea. I spent my Sunday sleeping and went for early dinner after tat. Oh welllllll...miracles does happen tho! Received a call at 9++ and there I went out to lim teh. The 3 of us head to "Tim Bun Gor Gor" for dessert. *Heh Had a great chatty nite which include lovey dovey stuff and erm we only leave when the shop is closing. xD Oh yea! Thanks for the treat. =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It've got nothing to do with earth hour

Project 365 #350

It's a photo of Murni Discovery

located at Sunway Mas.

Our Yam Cha place of the day


did you earth hour?


Last year today was one of my important day in my life and the pictures are still fresh in my mind. 27th March 2009, I went for a date wid Pen at Pavilion. We went for lunch at Dain Ti Hill, went for movie, then dinner at Wong Kok. Rite. We actually reserved a table at Wong Kok which is beside the glass in order to witness the Earth Hour. =) I recorded the video down when KLCC is turning off the light at 2030 and waited for it to turn on at 2130, check the bill and RUSH for 2245 show(if not mistaken) at One Utama.

Couldn't recall wat's the movie name tat I watched but it's the first day I am meeting the very important people in my life. At that moment, I nvr tot that...they will actually print DEEP footprints in my future [yea i adapted from the sms tat said "ppl come, ppl go but only good frenz will leave footprints in your life] and made my life very colorful, of course, most importantly I HAVE A BUNCH, A BIG GANG of guys frens. LOLx. So yea, tat's the first day I met everybody from Olipia's gang, and, I remember Olipia said "Thy are alllll in white tee 2day, wat a coincidence. Now you can pick your white horse prince" LOLx. Whew! It's already a year since the first day I met ALL of them. Time passes really fast and I felt glad to have frenz like them. Seriously have to thank Olipia in bringing me into the gang, and thanks everybody accept me as their fren. xD

Opsss...sorry la...u know ppl old ady like to talk bout their past and out of topic a bit bit. =p So Yea.It's nothing to do with earth hour. lol. Narh I din really earth hour this year. Went for dinner wid family at 8pm and I only turn off the light at mah room to support earth hour. When the time I reached home it is already 940pm...AND yea...the earth hour is done. ><" Yea la...will support earth hour nxt year I SWEAR.BLEK...Rite. Tot it've been long since the last time everybody met Lim Soo Soo and so I organize a lim teh session today. Oh well, ther's a miss-communication when me are SC are deciding the place to yam cha. Was on the phone wid SC in order to discuss which place to go, he actually mentioned Kelana Jaya, and the PJ-road idiot me tot he meant the new Murni(bcoz I tot it's at Kelana Jaya) and there I made everybody got a bit stuck in getting the way to Murni Discovery bcoz nobody been there yet. I've been to Murni at PJ SS2 for several time...with mah ex...coz he like it there during the first time I brought him ther. Whoooppsss...okay. Back to the topic. At last I manage to bring cousie to Murni...bcoz she have been hearing it since long but nvr get the chance to pay a visit. ^^v Owhhh...received a text from Lim Soo Soo and she is stuck at her relatives house...><" Aiseh. Din get to see her AGAIN Lim Soo Soo so bz ady. Abandoned us ady. Wuwu...T_T lolx

Rite rite. Bout Murni Discovery.It is actually well hidden in Sunway Mas, it is more like an upgraded murni in SS2. Same like Murni in SS2, there are varieties and special foods and beverages tobe order. Too much to choose and sometimes we have limited space in our little stomach to fill up ALL. Okay maybe not a little one ><" And Oh Yea. Murni Discovery actually provide us Menu *wink Can get table easily compare to SS2 *wink wink receipt provided upon payment *wink wink wink and there it make no messy at the mamak BUT somehow the mamak feeling is missing at Murni Discovery. Mayb it's bcoz it is kinda neat? And surrounded by buildings make no wind. So yea I actually had a great chat wid cousie bcoz I got loads to update her about something new to her. xD kthxbaimwah.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Zouk 6th Anniversary

Project 365 #349

It's Zouk's 6th Anniversary


I am heading to Zouk


after last week.


Owrite owrite. I srsly dunno when is Zouk Anniversary during the last Friday I went Zouk and I seriously never ever tot that I wil be going to Zouk today! Imma now clubbing-kaki. *proud-nya ><" So Yea. Cousie msn'ed me and said her fren ajak her to Zouk this sat, which is 2mr...and then I ask "why not 2day? it's Zouk 6th Anniversary." Dearie cousie who doesn't club really went to ask the guy and others from the gang if they want to go club. ZOMG. AND there...we are all heading to club AGAIN. With the same bunch. Srsly unbelivable. Siao Can! It's hatter theme and I actually clipped a pinky feather cowboy hat on my hair. Oh well...at last I get to use it after 6 mths it hide in my drawer. LOLx.

We reached b4 11pm, ordered Black Label tat cost RM373 for 6 entries and head into the club. xD We actually went to tour around Zouk...from Phuture to Main Room, Barsonic, Velvet AND I srsly find Phuture is my love . Unbelievable. I phuture. Aiseh man. How could it be? I tarak suka poppy which used to be my 2nd home ady...><" Oh Well. After the tour, I starts to gulp couple glasses of liquor and proceed to the dance floor. Wee~~~Imma so loving the nite with behli NICE musics being played...it is much much more better than last week Friday! Undeniable that I actually got so high and yea...I am "missing" some of the parts in what I did when I try to recall later on. GOSH. How could it be??? But lucky I din do anything wrong or totally out of my own expectation...I think I din...else my fren would have told me. =p

So yea.

It's a crazy funky nite with the bunch of frenzzzzz


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stylo Pyjamas Partayyyy xD

Project 365 #348


That it is!!!

The Stylo Partayyyyyy

Thanks Olipa for the invite xD

Owrite...Olipia msn'ed me yest during working hour, ask if I am free 2mr(which is 2day) AND THEN...she said "I would like to invite you in attending Stylo Fashion Grand Prix Launch Party - THe 7 Deadly Sins 2mr , it cost rm300 per tix but it is now FREE for you" OMG OMG OMG. I got so so so excited when she tells me that. I never been to any stylo milo fashion partayyy and now I have got a chance to meet up wid ppl from fashion line. NOW I can see HOW a bunch of fashion people actually dress themselves up and yea free-flowwwwwwww. Weee~~~

OWH. BTW, btw, the dresscode for this party is Pyjamas, Pillow and Bolster. It sounds so interesting at first bcoz I already have mind in what I wanted to wear...a cute cute pyjamas wid cutie- fluffy-pinkish star and moon slipper
and Imma bringing my cutie shy bear along! Whoooppssss this wil b darn fun!!!!!!!!! Teeheee...BUT WAIT. It's a fashion party. AND It's a launch party where there might b losta affluent people, celebrities, models turn up for the event...Will I look "mempersiasuikan" if I dress up liddat? Hmmph...*sakit kepala ni...

So I actually discussed with Olipia in wat to wear. She asked around...some tells...ther might b ppl wearing dress ther too bcoz...it is not compulsory and erm...u can tel u wear dress to sleep? lolx. ARGH. AND I ended up wear like how I wore in the photo attached above. Kinda look like sleeping wear...I guess. LOLx

Reached Asian Heritage Row at 10++, passed by Manor of The 7 Deadly Sins, Asian Heritage Row - the venue of the party. AND I saw losta GUYSSSS wearing so damn freaking SHORT and TIGHT pants or boxers with Tee Q'ing up to go in...there are loads lads wearing sexy lingerie walking down the street TOO! I saw one particular lad wore black tight shorts(mayb panty) and transparent black lacey top standing opposite the manor. omfg! So damn sexy can! BUT erm...oh well...there are some who doesnt wear pyjamas too. Phew...so I get my car parked and meet wid Olipia outside the manor.

We entered and it is so damn freaking pack!!! GOSH. I never ever expect tat it wil b mad pack bcoz the entrance fees is RM300? Who are the mad crazy ppl that pay RM300 for this??? Srsly cant blif it. AND ERM. My adventures beginnnnnn...lolx. Rite. point ur mouse here and click in order to join me for the adventure. xD Me and Olipia actually walked around to see more and snap photossssSSsss...YAY! Heapi tat I get to snap losta photos. xD Then...we went for dinner...oh..shud say supper as we are eating at 12am. ><" Cant remember whn's the last time I ate so late but erm...forgiven bcoz I din take my lunch and dinner 2day? AND ERM. It's only Tosai that I ordered. ><" Pompuan ni pandai cari alasan betul.

Oh ya. Forgot to mention, the free entrance tix are given by Olipia's bf - Jeff, as the wine shop tat he is working at is one of the sponsors for the event. xD And ERM...too bad he've got only a pair of tix and erm...I m the lucky one who is being invited(bcoz the ppl Jeff wanted to invite missed the opportunity)...LOLx. So Yea. I left at 1am...drive freaking fast and took less than 15 mins to reach home and I din drink, drank, drunk and drive! Imma good and responsible driver yea. LOLx. Ok laa...I did drink but it's only a quater of the bottle bcoz I dun wanna drink wid empty stomach earlier. Din get to consume more alcohol at the free flow nite. Easily wasted BUT I enjoyed the nite! Whoppeeeeeeee~a good experience indeed. =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Project 365 #347

Just want to whine



bcoz you will not be able to take it.


Wokay. It's one of my collegemates' birthday today. Went for tea time with her last Sunday and only remember it's already March when the time she tell me her fren is celebrating birthday for her this week. GOSH. Guess I've relied on FB tooooo much and I tend to forgot everybody's birthday. ><" I tot her Birthday falls on 27th AND ONLY NOTICED IT'S ON 24th!!! GAH. Yaaa riteee...whack me...So I saw her shoutout at FB...asking who want to celebrate Birthday with her. Felt sorry that I couldn't date her as I've already got date for movie. Received a text from her when I m watching movie...she asked where I am. I called her...she sounds sad...and...rite...she is crying after receiving my call. She told me she is at library together with another two frens. She juz break off wid her bf not long agoooo...and she said she can't let go. SIGH. I felt sad for her AND...rite...I am lucky enuf to have a fren who is willing to fetch me to Library to look for her. I bought her favourite marble cheese cake and went to look for her. RITE. THE GUY WHO HURT HER IS THERE. WTH is this? I mean...since you guys hav already break up...why is he stil there??? I tot there are suppose to b 3 of thm but not 4? What is happening now? I m confused and angry. I put the cake on the table, hug her, snap photos wid her, wish her and then I ciao. RITE. I din give a damn to tat guy even when he is trying to be frenly with me. GAH. What is that...one leg step two boats...nvr sked that he will get drowned one day. =.=" ARGH...owritee...chill chill...><"

Rite. I mentioned I went for movie when my fren text'ed me rite? Rite. I went for movie - Just another Pandora Box with Olivia's gang. It is no doubt a freaking funny movie BUT it made me feel even more guilty tat I din wait for my cousie for the movie. She once told me that she wanted to watch the movie so much...up till the last second we catch up with each other...still...she tells me "I want to watch Yuet Gwong Bou Hap TT_TT" I have been telling her that we might be watching the movie on Wednesday since last Sunday...tat time she already starts to "yerrrrr..." and make complains...and yea...we are really watching on Wednesday...I told cousie if she want to change her mind in joining the movie, I will get the tix for her...even when she wants to watch at the very last minute...BUT...owrite. She dun want to. Erm...okay...my bad...I shud hav suggested the gang to watch on Sat but not Wed...BUT ERM...actually the gang have been watching movies on Saturday for many times as I m the one who organize...sometimes I just cant take control of everything everytime, rite? So, I've found another solution. Since cousie wanted to watch so badly...I suggested to watch with her again on this coming Saturday or Sunday afternoon. "I tot you watching with thm 2nite ady? Siao ar? Watch again?" she said. FINE. SIAO. LOLx. Wokayyyy...and when I try to persuade her again...she said " Saturday afternoon I want to stay at home, don't want to go out". GREAT. Tell me what I should do now to make both of us feel better? T_T. Got a bit regretted to join the gang for the movie...I even tot of giving out the tix...SIGH. Sometimes I really find that she is hard to please and she is really a freaking fast mind-changer lolx. Challenging, indeed, BUT I guess you will feel the victory when you gets to win her heart. xD Owrite. Stop the crapz. I juz want to mumble a little. Okay. Mayb not a little. ><"

GAH. Guess it's all bcoz my aunty will be dropping by SOON. ><"


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recently Addicted

Project 365 #346

I'm officiallyyyyyy

♥ ♥ missing you ♥ ♥

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mum and Sis is back!

Project 365 #345


Mahmee and Sis is back


Owrite. The flight is taking off from Taiwan at 0900. Hmmph. So fast one week past ady. ><" Oh well. I met cousie ling at MSN and asked how's the trip as she join the aunties for a two days trip during weekends. "Everybody doesn't seems to be happy" she said. Tat's bcoz all the aunties think that the money that thy pay doesnt worth in what thy are getting. One of the aunties said the tour guide is giving them a twin bedroom for 4 persons to squeeze in, and the foods look cheap...They expect to stay at 5 stars hotel and eat good food everyday.

Rite. I got so worry when the time my cousie told me the aunties are not enjoying the trip...tat's bcoz my mum is the organizer. Imagine, a auntie who doesnt know how to go on9 ask the children help to send email for enquiries, ask children to get her msn and yahoo account in order to keep in touch with the tour guide, make her account to go on9 almost 24/7, ask for live-meetingsssss via msn just to discuss every bit of the trip...she put losta efforts for this trip BUT others complaint from Day ONE till the day my mum pour out all her unhappiness at the last day only thy stop making noise. Yea. They said they are not blaming my mum...but it will still feel hurt bcoz my mum the one who find the tour guide and discuss about every single little thing. My mum did ask thm to come out for discussion but thy ask my mum to go ahead. Thanks them for trusting my mum and...buuuu them for complaining. ><"

My mum already told the aunties that they wil b taking train and buses...live like a taiwanese going travel around Taiwan yet the aunties still asking "WHY ARE WE TAKING BUS AND TRAIN?!" I m srsly like wtf when I heard tat. =.=" The aunties are srsly NOT happy with the trip...each and everywhere they go, to resto for dining, to hotel...the first thing they do is to open up the menu and check the price. After seeing the price then thy compare...GOSH. How are they goin to enjoy the trip liddat??? I mean...since you have already pay for it...juz enjoy la...and if the tour guide gets to fullfill each and every requests you asked for...then...Just forget bout how expensive you have paid for the trip AND ENJOY! GAH. They hav just ruined their expensive trip themselves but not the tour guide lorrr...lolx AUNTIESSSS *shake head

Owrite. So I actually took half day EL to get back home earlier and wait for mum to return. Since she sounds so kesian. ><" Van arrived, I open the gate to welcome her. She fall sick ady. ><" Aiks. Kesian betul. Heard it is a very tiring trip...go out like damn freaking early and back to hotel damn late. San fu for the auntiesss la...but I think I will like it...bcoz get to travel so many placessssssss anddddd live like a taiwanese. =) ANDDDD We don't have to go those cheat ppl mia places to buy this and tat which will waste our time...ANDDDD we get to go to the places that we want to!!! Alrite. Mum then have to help the maid to pack her luggage...yea...maid is leaving today and back to her home. I just help up a lil if there's any I can slot in...then wait for mum to start whining...Owh...I srsly owned a good pair of ears. Agree no? Teehee...=p SAY YES! *blek Alrite. Lucky enuf to hav other packages and other ppl go travel Taiwan this year, I can take their itineraries and offer the gang if they want expensive, medium or cheap tour. LOLx.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

When mummy is not at home xD

So Yea. Mummy is not at home ANDDDDDDDD my sister aka roomates is not at home for a week!!! Wee~~~I must come up wid some plansssssssss as I wont get nag by going out and hang til late nite after work during weekdays, get to go wherever I want by not being nag AND I get to own the room all by myself FOR A WEEK!!! Weee~~~!!! Hmmph...actually it is not tat happy tho. ><" Owrite. Let's see wat I shud do during this freedom week. LOLx

15th Mar 2010
Project 365 #338

Received call from LCB and he asked for dinner/lim teh and there we head to papparich near mah house xD
Ajak'ed him to club
Btw...this is the first time we both out "alone" for tea LOLx
Owh...mummy is still at home today =p

16th Mar 2010
Project 365 #339
Owrite. Mum and sis is flying to Taiwan together with another 7 lads for ONE WEEK holidays *envy betul
So yea. it's another working day and thinking hard where to hang out after work as mummy not at home =p
Ended up stay at home ><"

17th Mar 2010
Project 365 #340
Supposed to hav dinner at Sushi Zanmai wid Ah Beng BUT this BIG FART ARSE FFK ME! Wtf =.=" I've tried to msn, fb him...saw him at fb but nvr reply my msg and I lost his contact number. WTF. ARGH. I m so tempted to eat sushi u know! I HATE YOU AH BENG! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Btw, another day stay at home after work when mummy is not at home ><"

18th Mar 2010
Project 365 #341
Hmmphhh...well. It's another working day. AGAIN. Staying at home after work ANDDDD NOBODY HOME!!! Dad went for squash, bro went out lim teh, younger bro...tuition ><" Why so kesian one...whn I so wanna go out and have total freedom...I...ended up stay at home T_T

19th Mar 2010
Project 365 #342
Weeeeee~~~Clubbing nite @ Phuture, Zouk with Miyuki, Eric(he made it!), ks, kk, alex, patz, vinz. Whopeeeee...turns to have more people at the very last minute xD
So yea. This is wat we shud do when mummy is not at home. Whoppss...I mean...errr...oh well...at least wont get nag. =p
Despite the musics, it is indeed a great nite wid great companions. =)
AND AND AND First time I get my name on the bottle. *blek
Wokay. We actually reached Phuture at 2240, cheaper price to open bottle and more ppl allowed to get in. It is so damn freaking empty in the club BUT all the tables taken. T_T Another "one nite stand" (cited from mah fren) The musics are all kinda old tho...got a bit bit potong stim...my fren said it is so velvet-like. ><" Had great dance wid miyuki...as she is so damn pro in dancing...LOLx Went for Dim Sum after club and reach home b4 5am and I bet nobody knows tat AND Imma so happy tat I din get nag. Nyahahahahahah...

20th Mar 2010
Project 365 #343
Cousie so wanna eat Korean food and there we head to Daorae
It's cousie's treat for dinner xD [RM111.10]
Movie - Alice in Wonderland (3D). Hmmph...it's really a "so-so" movie and srsly dun hav to watch it in 3D. ><" AIKS. WHY I failed to sell off the 3D tix?

21st Mar 2010
Project 365 #344
Went for Dim Sum 2geda wid cousie, me likey
Home alone as dad, two brothers went out T_T
Suddenly tot of this ODM and I remember the shopkeeper at one U told me ther's one unit for the model I wan at Wangsa Walk
Happened to see my fren who stayed at Sri Rampai on9, dated her out and there we head to Wangsa Walk xDDDDDDDDD
AND YEA! I bought my ODM D101-9 Weee~~~!!!
Had tea time at Secret Recipe, order a piece of cake gets a cup of drink for free =)
Dinner wid Olipia's gang at Jinjang and lim teh for after session

That's the end of the week when mummy is not at home. xD Guess when mummy is not home, I tend to spent a lotttttttttttttttt but not being notti GAHHHHHHH. Oh well...I guess spent a lot not equals to notti rite. Hmmph. I starts to miss my mummy and dearie sis ady. =p

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Sunday =)

Project 365 #337

Brunch with sista gang @ Korean BBQ resto, DPC

Able to catch up with some of them from Sista gang for brunch today ANDDDDDDD it' cold joke time, again. LOLx. What's transformer' dad n mum called? Nyahahahahahahahaha

Btw, it's a sweet lunch...

loving them a bit more today.

Thy treated me so fine! LOLx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday xD

Project 365 #336

Sing K @ Green Box, Sg. Wang
Dessert time @ Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat Plaza
Drinkig session @ Plus 8, BU

Owrite. It's an outing day wid Kelics ANDDDDD we are going to Sing K! WooHoo!!! Alas...we were saying wanted to sing K since 2 years back as a farewell for a Intern...BUT...Intern has left, Olipia has left b4 we really went to sing K ><"

The K lunch is from 12 til 3pm. We are being chased away at sharp 3 as it is a Saturday afternoon. Went for dessert at Sushi Zanmai and yea...everybody ordered a glass of parfait. Woohoo!!! I get to try each and every flavour and I find that chocobanana taste GREAT!!! I m so gonna order it during my nxt visit to sushi zanmai and make it my new love. =p Exchanging info bout Co. definately shudn't b miss AND we did exchange opinions. See we love our Co. so much coz we even talk bout it during our offdays. =p

Went to Plus 8 for drinking session wid Olipia's gang. Wee~~~Rite! I shared losta cold jokes wid the gang. Nyahahahhahahaha...yea? Wanna know??? Tell you nxt time whn I see you. LOLx

Friday, March 12, 2010

Second week of March

8th Mar 2010, Mon
Project 365 #331
A FULLY scheduled day with workloads ><"[Pending since last week..lolx]

9th Mar 2010, Tues
Project 365 #332
Stomach not feeling well for the WHOLE day
Planned to go back on time but being pulled by others to do work at very last minute and stayed til 8pm T_T
Went to see panel doctor
Thinking hard if I should take MC tomorrow
Trying very hard to sleep away the pain

10th Mar 2010, Wed
Project 365 #333
Rite. On MC today
Bcame a driver for sister
Surprised news I got today *Heh

11th Mar 2010, Thurs
Project 365 #334
Lucky enuf to found out that tyre puncture b4 I get out from my housing area
Managed to finished all the requestsSsss given yesterday and today xD A productive day I had
Car no fuel at this very moment..turned into another road to find petrol station
Found petrol station...1st tank x accept CC and I dun hav enuf cash in hand TT_TT
went on to the nxt tank...Owrite...this accept card. Phew...ther're still a lil luck xD
RITE. Get Jam again. Reached home at 2230
M a reckless driver today. Only found out that I din turn the car lights on after I reached home ><" Aiyerrrr...lucky nothing happened. CHOI...LOLx

Updates : Serious accident happened at Taman Wahyu leads the tragic jam. May they R.I.P.

12th Mar 2010, Fri
Project 365 #335

A RM40 lunch I had today at Sakae Sushi. Expensive sial ><"
NO WATER AT OPIS. Yucky toilet...yiaksssss
Yam Cha session with Sista gang @ My Honeymoon -> me so gan cheong...lolx
Change place to Kepong "Wai Sik Gai" for Chicken wing, Zut Zut xDDD
RITE. Fattening day ><"

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Taiping one day trip xD

Project 365 #330


Say Hoorayyyyy


one day trip


Owrite. It's our one day trip to - Ipoh. xD

1000 : Wantan Mee as breakie near by house. Taste no good d... ><"

1030 :
Yay! There starts our Journey to Ipoh. Wee~~~
Saw losta men in white on the way from Kepong til Sg. Buloh[it's the cycle thingy]

1327 : Duck rice @ Ipoh. *slurp
Eating again after 3 hours of ride. FULL sial. xD

1520 : Reached Bukit Larut, Taiping
Aiyerrr...no more truck going uphill ady...can't see nice view *sobz

1600 : Stopped somewhere at Taiping Lake to see the Lotus *me likey
played lake water with the branch and sing song...yea ritee...gone crazy ady LOLx

1630 : Visit to Muzeum Perak.
Losta things to see inside...wish to spend more time inside but thy close at 1700. ><"

1700 :
Head to the famous taiping lakeside to see the treesssssssss
Snapped losta silly photos here xDDDDDDD

1800 : It's dinner time and we had dinner at Restoran Tepi Sungai - a well-hidden resto

2000 : Head to Zoo Taiping for nite safari Cost RM16 per pax...
kinda expensive and no show to watch BUT seriously HAD FUN!!!!!! I RIKEEEEEE
Too bad we got to work nxt day else guess we will stay a bit longer

2300 : Left Zoo Taiping and there we heading back home

0200 : Reached home safely. Get bathed and Dozed off

Eeeee...It's already one day trip to Taiping but not Ipoh. LOLx


Seriously had fun at this trip and I AM MISSING the nite safari so much...there are so many types of owlssss and and got very cute furry animal that sleeps on the branch wid snivel dripping for its nose...Awwwwwwwwwww...so cute can die twice. xD AND AND AND...Eeeee I wanna go back again la! Gonna plan for a two days one nite trip as we found a very nice yet new hotel builded bside the Taiping Lake. xD Who's in? lolx

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hot Summer Day

Project 365 #329

Freaking HOT movie I would say.


So Yea. Wanted to watch this movie bcoz it is starred by Jacky Cheung. I just like every single movies that he took part into. That's bcoz of the silly face and funny expression he have in the movie. xD Rite. Another lovey dovey movie after V day yesterday. Kinda lost track as Valentine's Day is already over for more than 2 weeks. =p

Not sure if it's the movie tat made me feel hot or the theatre's air cond is not functioning well...it's srsly warm in the theater. lolx. Wokay. It's not as what I expected after I've watched the trailer... =( Kinda disappointed tho ther are two surprise guests in the movie...M srsly surprise about Maggie Chueng's appearance but her dialogues killed everything. I can see no meaning and it is draggy. Spoiled sial. ><"

Btw, can anybody tell me what is so attractive bout angelababy? xD No, I din include any sarcasm. I m really asking innocently bcoz I m trying to follow the trend. LOLx

Friday, March 05, 2010

Valentines' Day

Project 365 #328

♥ ♥ ♥ Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ ♥

This year CNY made everyone of us forgotten bout V day.

Oh well

mayb not everybody


YES for me

which is good. Heh

This movie is indeed very close to our real life and there are seriously different kinds of relationships going on and off around us.

Questions to the floor :
1. Will you tell you besties if one day you found his/her gf/bf dating with another boy/girl?
(as some said this is the matter between the couples but not frenz)

2. Will you pull urself out IF you found out that you are the third party?
(when you find yourself loving him/her a bit more each and everyday and can't let go)

3. Are there any possibilities that two freaking close and good frenz can turn into a couple?
(I believe in this,
there must be a time when one will fall for another, timing is the key I will say)

4. Giving flowers is romantic or a waste of money? xD

Owriteeee...btw...heard losta ppl feel touched after thy've watched this movie...regret to tell that this does not apply to me. SHOOT. Why is that so? ><"

To have sth in common can change frenz into couples ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Recently Addicted

Project 365 #327

And yea

this is mah caller ringtone


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Recently Addicted

Project 365 #326

And that's my ringtone xD

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ready to fly?!

Project 365 #325

Took half day leave to renew passport

for myself and mum

as she is flying on Mid march for trip

Wanted to apply full day leave earlier BUT there's a meeting with client and ther's no way for me to escape...thus...only half day leave is granted. Just like the normal working day...I wake up at sharp 7...get myself brushed up and there...me and my mum head to the immigration opis.

Went to Sir Rampai as mum heard that there wont b a lot of ppl doing passport there and it wont takes long to renew. Crapz. We spent a total of 3 hours for the renew even when we reached earlier...Waited for one hour just to leave the passport at the counter, another half an hour for payment AND one and a half to get the passport done. Yea I know...there's this machine at Bangsar where we can straight away throw in the money and passport into the machine, then we can collect the passport back after one and a half hour or two. Mum dun wanna go Bangsar bcoz it wil always b pack...and yea...we only noticed Sri Rampai Immigaration Opis have got such machine right after we made the payment. Crapz max! Btw...after that mum found out that the service at Sri Rampai is different with Bangsar, it's impossible to wait for one and a half hour or two to get the passport back after you've throw the passport into the machine. Phew...lucky...else I wil get blame for not noticing the machine. ><" lolx

Right. Send my mum home and there I rush to Opis for meeting with CEO, a senior planner and client. The meeting was fun tho. I mean...At least it is something different from what I face everyday and I rike it. lolx. Oh well...shud say this is the first meeting that I attend alone by representing the research team. AND YEA...CEO introduce me and said "she leads the research team". Oh well...I lead myself in the team. Nyahahahahah... ><" Till then~

Monday, March 01, 2010

Jam Jam JAM!!!

Project 365 #324

Nice view from mah opis huh

like Xmas tree liddat


It is taken at 8pm

and yea I am stil at Opis...

"Good morning massive jam" is what I always shout in my heart when I am on my way to work. Stuff my mouth with lollipop became my daily practice to avoid myself dozing off from the jam. Yea...lollipop is the one! lolx


that is the view that I get to see everyday when I am at Opis after working hour...and the ways to escape the massive Jam will be either leaving the Opis at Sharp 6 or after 730pm. Ritee...it's impossible to leave sharp 6 bcoz the requestsssssSSSsss will always come at the very last minute. =.=" BUTTTT the jam 2day took kinda long as it haven't end when it is already 8pm...and I actually stayed in the opis til 9pm yet the Jam is still there...=.=" Don't wish to continue with my work and there I go stuck myself in the Jam. Oh well...for I shall thanks the jam that trained me to be even more patient. lolx

update : The massive Jam is due to the flood at Pudu. ><"