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Monday, November 30, 2009

Surprise visit

Project 365 #237

Cousie came to my house widout pre-am

Little surprise for me^^

Dreading to work today. Leave office sharp 6 as I am so darn sleepy and have finish the urgent stuff. So cousie actually came back to Malaysia on 28th Nov. She is back here wid her hubby in order to register and officially become husband and wife. =)

So Yea. Was lying on my bed, facebook'ing. Then I heard somebody "ding dong ding dong", THEN, I heard a familiar voice...It's dearie cousie! I got so excited that I screamed all the way from upstairs to downstairs like those junglewoman gal who dunno how to talk. =.=" Yea...I hate myself for not being good in expressing my feelings verbally. =.=" Cousie came wid her hubby and loads of snacks. She knows my family like snacks. XD

Heapi to see cousie by my side^^



Sunday, November 29, 2009

Strawberry farm @ Gohtong

Project 365 #236

Yesh ther's actually a strawberry farm @ Gohtong


now we don't have to go all the way to Cameron to pluck Strawberries ady^^

Had our first meal of the day at 3pm. LOLz. Then we head to the Strawberry farm. LOLz. No charges on entrance fees. GOOD. Hmmph...we din actually walk into the farm and pluck the strawberries bcoz it seems to be expensive compare to Cameron and I dun fancy strawberry. XD. Kinda force to walk a whole round in the farm in order to reach the exit. =.=" There are strawberries, mushroom, flowers and few stalls in this "strawberry farm".

Had very serious headache today. Serious headache that I never experienced before. Mayb it's bcoz of lacking of sleep BUT this is srsly the first time. A sign of getting old, I suppose. =.=" Oh yea...GDI...I throwed the rubbish into a none-rubbish-bag plastic bag. Kesian my fren to clear all the "shits" out in order to "rescue" his BBQ set. LOLz. Luckily tak kena scold. Phew...lolz...Oh but I really saw some rubbish in the plastic bag b4 I throw the rubbish inside de lor. (yea rite..must defend a bit bit for myself...lol)

Hmph...I am really like a dying corspe today. =.=" I dun even feel liddis after I club'ed hard. SERIOUS SHIT.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Outdoor Steamboat @ Gohtong Jaya

Project 365 #235



Alrite! We had steamboat outdoor, downstairs of my fren's house @ Gohtong. A short holiday for us cum bday celebration for a Birthday Boy. I made him a very girly card wid striking pink fur surrounding the card. So Chio! LOLz. Alex, don't ever throw the card away or I wil kill you, I barely make card for ppl one kay. LOLZ

Hmmph. We went uphill after the steamboat for Birthday celebration and the birthday boy is being requested to wear tiara and have the stirking pink fur surrounding his neck. XD. Snapped a couple of photos wid him and tat's it. ><" Tot of wanna ask him parade around with the tiara but he refused. =.=" Owrite...back to my fren's house ard 5++ 6? Then I actually collasped for less than an hour...woke up, walk to the living room and "pillow talk" with the others who sleep @ living room. LOLz. AIKS. Always can't really sleep after I've passed my sleeping hour. Sienz. =.=" BUT...it's fun to have "pillow talk". Get to know each other more and it wil bring the frenship closer^^ Awww...I miss it already. When wil be the nxt time? lolz

Friday, November 27, 2009

McD Mc Flurry Oreo Mud Pie!!!

Project 365 #234

Mah new favourite ice cream.

so darn sweetenninggggggggggggggggg



omaigawd...I fall for the choc so much!


Me and sis been craving for McD since Sunday but just can't get the chance to have it. Sunday failed coz aunt offer to hav dinner wid them. Monday failed coz Mum called at the very moment and caught us buying McD...she asked us to balik rumah makan. =.=" Wanted to eat on Tuesday but the delivery man is not free...yea rite...called during peak hour -lunch time and nobody is "free" to entertain me. =.=" So Yea. AT LAST! Me and sis get to eat McD as we are passing by McD drive thru when we are on our way to Saloon. Muahahahahahahahahahah

Wanted to buy Mc Flurry Oreo only by not knowing ther's this prosperity thingy which offer Mud Pie and berries flavour. Of course the chocolate lover me ordered Mud Pie. It is srsly slurpeeyummilicious can! lolz. Awwww....I miss it already. ><" Oh well...it is kinda sweetening and fattening tho...lolz...lucky to have sis to share wid me. Hehe... Oh ya. Got my fringe straighten today. XD Just wanted to do something to my hair. Can't cut it short as I've just chopped not long ago. LOLz. Hmph...I've got no idea WHY...I will have this weird habits. I must do something towards my hair every month. That's the reason why I am having fringe...so that I can get my hair cut every month. XD Weirdo? Yea I know but I just can't resist!!! LOLz

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yam Cha @ Genting

Project 365 #233

We jam almost ALLLLLL the way up

by forgeting

it is holiday eve


everybody is dashing back to their hometown.

Hmmph. Lucky I am not the driver. Bwahahhahahahahaha...we left at 10++ and reached genting ard 12++. ><" Srsly Jam til siao. Oh yea. Reached home at sharp 5 in the morning. Nvr ever tot that I wil reach home THAT early coz even if after clubbing I wil b reaching home ard 4++. ><" Heard mum complain bout dad as Dad actually shake my mum to ask "Who go out so early in the morning?". Omigawd. Mum answered "no, it's miao who just only reached home" and Dad actually shake mum to wake up for the 2nd time to double confirm. Kesian my mum. LOLz.

Oh ya. Bout the Barbie World Bday gal. She got shocked and cant stop laughing by looking at her photos. She then blast email out to thank everybody and said "I've learnt my lesson, will keep my mouth shut whn it is not necessary...xD" Owhhhh...poor little gal. But I bet she had a "memorable" Birthday. Don't you, evil? LOLz

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barbie world!

Project 365 #232

I'm a barbie gal

in a barbie world~~~

It's the theme for a bday gal in mah opis.


Okay. No idea since whn my Co. have got this "tradition"...we will deco the bday gal/boy's table on their birthday. There are loads of themes in the past like the Orphan, ther's something wrong with andrew; pinky theme(for a guy wid feather surrounding his table); blue fairy theme(a man who hav to wear wings and tiara to parade around the opis); cutie baby theme; english tea theme(for someone who miss UK life a lot) and etc etc etc. Oh man. The kelics are so creative can! So Yea. This time the theme for a Bday gal is Barbie. Reason being - she loves to play Barbie doll when she was young. XD.

We actually printed barbie's photos and paste her face on loads of barbie's body. (refer to the attached photo...lolz)The kelic even put one of her barbie photo on top of the X'mas tree so that everybody who come to our opis can see the photo. lolz. Kesian the Bday gal. Can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow as...we have planned to play the barbie song when she step into Opis and see loads of barbies wid her face surrounding her. XD.

Oh man! I had a live meeting today with regional people. Crapz. I am having the meeting alone wid 4 ppl. from Manila and China. Can you imagine, by only taking over the new job for less than a month, not knowing exactly what is that all about and there I go for meeting ALONE! The meeting last for 3 hours++, can die by answering the questions that thy raised. =.=" WHAT A DAY! Tired sial. ><" and...more to come after the meeting. =.="

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mah lucky no?

Project 365 #231

Lot 14.

The place that I always park my car

when I go to work.

Only noticed today

after so many times I parked at the same place.

Lucky number?


Just don't understand why 4, 14 will always appear by my side. Yea rite...I born on 14th, my house no. is 14...and erm...owh well...I have got 4 siblings(which includes me xD), and erm...can't recall in a sudden but I seriously feel that 14 loves me a lot.

I love you too, 14.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Sista's new pet

Project 365 #230


this is my sista new pet.


Hi, new pet

welcome to Tan's family


Went to the shop twice in order to get this baby back. Failed to get the baby back during the first visit bcoz we din call up and ask if they hav ready stocks for EOS 1000D. Rite. Went all the way to PJ SS2 to bring this baby back as I am lazy to survey around and my fren got her DSLR here. XD You know la...liddat when I step into the shop I can tell who who who introduce me here la...then ask for more discount and free gifts. Teehee. Yea rite...auntie betul. ><"

I wanted to get myself one too but no budget. T_T. I love photography. I do. Serious la. I always like to snap those very artistic(SS) mia photo. LOLz. Yea rite...now I wil just b good...look how sis play wid her DSLR wid red eye. Sobz...She dun allow me to touch her baby. Buhuuu...Aha! I can offer myself to b sis model as she need to practice her photo shootting skill. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH...wait for nice nice photos from me ya! kthxbaimwah.

Hey sis! Remember ther's always a ready model for you. lolz
(muka tembok'ing xD)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working Sunday =.="

Project 365 #229

Excel sheet excel sheet




Glued my eyes to the lappie from morning til Midnite 3am.

Alrite. It's a working weekends for me. Seeing the excel sheets on the lappie screen is enuf to make me vomit. =.=" I stayed in my room for the WHOLE day in order to do my work. Oh Well. I actually took a nap in the afternoon. I srsly don't wish to do the work and the only thing to "escape" from work is to sleep. LOL. Bwahahah...I am always liddis...when ther's some problem that I can't solve or dun wish to face it, I choose to sleep. LOL. That's bcoz my brain cant function anymore or to say my brain...hmmph mayb my heart is protesting to work. =.=" And of course I tot I can finish it fast. Starts to really glued my eyes on the screen from 4pm. Time passes srsly fast...I din get to finish my work during dinner time. ARGH. I din go dinner wid my siblings. Waited for sis to come back...asked for her help in doing something light for me so that I wont waste the time when I am bathing. =.=" *tik tok tik tok only get to know that it is already 3am in the morning when I've done my work. ISH. Felt so damn excited that I've completed the job and it makes me can't sleep. Watch TV programme to "pamper" myself...like at least I din waste my sunday in only working but I get some entertainment as well. wtf. =.="

ARGH. Can't imagine how many working weekends will come in the future. I don't want this. PUlisssss don't come. =.="

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day Out^^

Project 365 #228

Day out to Mid Valley and The Garden^^
(which is only next to each other)

Watched 2012 for the 2nd time
premier class



had dinner
@ Kiku Zakura Japanese Resto

widout spending a single cents.


Wokay. Dated wid Lau Mun Yee for outing today. Been long since the last time we met. It wil either be bcoz he is bz or I can't make it. Okay. I admit...most of the time I am the one who can't make it. LOLz.

Went to Opis and work in the morning b4 the outing. Yea...rite...even have to work on Saturday. =.=" Reached opis ard 10am. I blast the music in the opis while working. Lucky to have air-cond. in the morning else I can't imagine how am I going to work in this stuffy enviornment. I just cant make myself to concentrate while working. Keep looking at the back and side of my working table...worrying that ther might b somebody or "somebody" looking at me or suddenly pop bside me. ><" Leave the Co. at 1pm. Walked to the other side of Co. to get some water b4 I left. Crapz. After I've stay in the opis for 3 hours only I get to know that I AM WORKING ALONE IN THE OPIS. WTH. ><" Rite. I tot that there will for sure be somebody who came to opis and work during Saturday. Yeap. This field always require people to sometimes work during weekends but definately not for my post. ><" OH Fine. I just came to work today after I've been working here for a year. =.=" Oh wait. This is my forth times tho. Been back to opis to work during Sunday and public holidays. ><" SIGH. Meh Lei geh...=.=" So hardworking dunno for wat. lolz. OPpppsss...sorwee...back to the line. *I AM WORKING ALONE IN THE OPIS. WTH. ><" *Ahem...Obviously nobody in the opis today. =.=. I grabbed a packet of water and dashed off from the opis praying very hard that nobody tailed me from early to morning and waited me outside the opis while I am working in the opis. Run very fast to the car park, hop into car, shut the door and start the engine. *Phew...lucky...*take a deep breathe and released I am now safe in car. LOLz. Yea I know I am thinking too much...LOLz. Hey. I am just being caution when I am alone. XD

Went to look for Lau Mun Yee and there we head to Mid Valley. It's Lau Mun Yee's treat for the 2012 movie. We watched premier class @ the gardens. Oh crapz. Small incident happened. A auntie get the same Tix and seats number as ours. The way she talk to me was so rude whn she requested for our movie tix and said she got the place first and stuff. I asked if she wanted to find the management to settle and there she walked away. A staff came to me and request for movie tix. Yea. Rite. It's the management/system fault. We both got the same seats but the staff asked me to sit down and enjoy the movie. Bwahahahahahahahahha...I dunno how he judge by looking at the tix...hmmph...mayb it's the buying time...but yea...we don hav to change seats^^ Get to understand the content more after I've watched for the second times but it is really draggy. Didn't feel that at the first time I watched it tho. XD

So yea. It's dinner time. Lau Mun Yee brings me to Kiku Zakura for dinner. I ordered Chawanmushi and Ice cream. SLURP. The ice-cream is mixed of matcha, red beans, sesame, corn flakes and ermm...can't remember the taste ady...but it srsly taste great. It made me crave for ice-cream after tat. ><" Oh yea. It's his treat as well. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH...that's why I said...din spend a single cents. XD Balik rumah after the dinner lu...Tengkiu Lau Mun Yee for the treat le. OMG. I just can't control myself in calling his full name in the car. LOLz. Oh ya. I got no typo error Lau Mun Yee is a He. Not a she. Oh gawd. He is going to whack me if he see I review his name here. lol. Bwahahahhaahhaahahahha

Till then~

Gosh...gonna do sth to my shitty hair ady

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beeee Zzzz Week

Project 365 #223 - 227

Spent the whole week for all these.


haven't finish.

Too many deadlines to rush for


too little time.


Since when work oso got

buy 1 free 1 one???

Reached Opis at 9am every morning. Sacrificed my lunch hour and work til 7sth, 8++ everyday YET I can't finish the workload. =.=" Wonder what I shud do. Request for extra PCssss??? Hmmph...GAHHHHHHH...Can I have increment??? XD First time I hope Friday don't come so fast. *sighhhh

(M doing two ppl's work wid one pay, no increment and stuff XD)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Retarded Sunday

Project 365 #222

Spent the WHOLE day on my bed.

Lying watching Stephen Chow's movie from morning til dawn




Easily wasted good Sunday?


probably YES.



Saturday, November 14, 2009


Project 365 #221

Date : 14th November 2009
Time : 1230AM
Venue : The Gardens


we watched @ Premier class


Yeappuuuuu went for 2012 with the movie gang 2day^^ 14th Nov is Movie Day @ Korea valentine and M 22y 11m now. Wootss...time srsly passes fast. =.=" Gonna b 23rd SOOONNNNNNNNN. ARGH.

So yea. We watched premier class. The first time I step into premier class is for the movie Transformer. I fall alseep for 122034479273 times while watching Transformer tat time bcoz I am too tired and the seats in Premier class is srsly comfy. Dun pray pray XD.

Rite. Bout the movie. Hmmph...It srsly makes me think of what I shud do now before everything is too late bcoz we don't know what will happen next. So Yea. I am so gonna enjoy myself to the max at every single little seconds and try not to let myself regret before everything is too late. XD

Friday, November 13, 2009

Title given by Sis

Project 365 #220

Guess what's that in the chat box.

The drawing I mean.

A drawing by my dearie sis

and she said

it is panda eyes wid peace ^^v

wid "U" and arrow pointing at the panda eyes.

She meant that's me.


Oh crapz.

That's cute!

She suggested me to blog bout this


Kids nowadays

*shake head

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Allow me

Project 365 #194 - 219


I've lost track for so long


I've lost the paper that I jotted down

what happened everyday.

Allow me to update just like this.


You are actually updated if you twitter me

at the side bar in this blog.


Sorweeeee laaaa...

Been busy.

Seriously BZ

and loads of things happened.

K la...as what I can recall...I went for a couple of movies within this period. And house got makan-makan fest on every Sunday. ><" Went to sing K wid the movie bunch. Went to library. TWICE. Marmee's Big Day at home. OWH. Blardy hell...I am assigned to take over another people's job at very last minute and only have half a day to learn everything. GOSH. I got the same pay by doing two people's work. =.=" ISH. Attended Media Prima Screening which is awesome...I am in love wid the song "I gotta feeling". Attended the TownHall @ Co, nothing special. GAHHHH. =.="(the tot of leaving bcome stronger) Had Halloween Party. First time ever in my life. Enjoyed. Had great fun! Bought a dress tat I heart a lot @ Forever 21. Cousie FU LAIIII away to Taiwan ady. T_T AND I M SERIOUSLY BUSY LIKE HELLLLL. GOSH. Hate people to always rush me for work. WTH. =.=" I need moreeeee money!!!

So Yea,

That's all.

- The End-

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

May happiness be with you, always.

Cousie's flight is at 1525 today.

I get tissues ready and walk myself out of the office to call her. My feelings was a bit nervous+sad+scared. The mixture of the feelings I have is because I felt reluctant to call as I am not really good in expressing my feelings, but, I have to call as she is my closest.

Her caller ringtone...





The ringtone is already sad enuf to kill me twice. Tried to call twice but no one answer. I entered the office and she actually call me back. She "Halo Ka~" m3 :"... ..." Tears...start to drop. I can hardly say hello. Ya...rite...I told everybody I won't cry, and I told myself not to cry. I remained silent for few seconds to stop myself from crying, but, when I wanted to talk, the tears start rolling down AGAIN. I said "mmm..." She :"Ya I know...mmm". "Take good care of urself" I said. "You too...". I remained silent again, she "oi..." I laughed a lil then remained silent again. See? I am always speechless. GAH. How I wish I am there and grab a big tight huggies from her. I then continue word by word..."take good care of urself, I will turn my phone on 24/7 for you" "You don't regret when I call you to cry" she replied. "I wont" I said. Thn...silence in the air again. Finally we both "mmm". She said "take care" and the line cut off.

BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...TAN MIAO YI!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! You shud hav stay tough and finish all the words, talk more wid her and wish her live happily ever after! Why you just "mmm mmm and mmm???

Dearie Cousie, the one who buzz me to wake up every morning, the one who always buckle up my safety belt in the car, the one who help me and side me always, the one who cheer me up always. Awww...she is really a very sweet gal. I heart her a lot. Srsly a lot!!! She take care of me all the time!!!!!!

Mmm...dearie cousie, from the bottom of my heart, I seriously wishes you to stay happily ever after. =) Heart you, always. muax.