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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mah War Trophies~

Project 365 #176


Sharing you my War Trophies from BKK.


Only got time to unpack today as it's already 12sth when the time I reach yesterday and I got to sleep early so that I can wake up for work this morning^^(hardworking sial...lolz)

The favourite piece of my war trophies is the Tee wid the words -> iSuck. Too bad it's the souvenir for my bro ><" LOLz. Each and every items displayed up there cost less than RM20, except one and only one bag(hmmph...mayb two...can't really remember the price) that I bought from Naraya.


I seriously can't believe that I've actually bought that much


I am a bit sked of myself. ><" Oh well, that's the outcome of stopping myself to shop for few months. XD Oh Yea... Thanks cousie for sending me to work and fetching me back home today^^ The very last day of us going to the same way every morning and evening T_T

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Journey of my Paint Wall Holidays^^

It's a post bout my longggggggggggg waited

Paint Wall Holidays


19th Sep til 29th Sep 2009

A post that covers

Project 365 #165 till Project 365 #175

with only photos

and few words


First Day @ Sg. Lembing
Project 365 #165

Ahem. First day of my paint wall holidays. A 3 days 2 nitez family trip to Sg. Lembing. I don't know how's the plan like but srsly curious why it will take us THREE days to complete the trip. I tried to ask mum but she din tell me in details. So I tot it will be a very relaxing trip^^Since it is the first day of the trip, no heavy activities nid to be done and BBQ is the plan of the day. We get to eat BBQ pork - Siew Yok and Char Siu as well. Right. People who go to Sg. Lembing for sure will not miss the chance to try the Siew Yok as it is the famous food there. ERM. Not really sure what is so tasty about it as the skin is not crispy. The organizer of the trip said mayb it's bcoz it is not hot and that made it not really tasty. ><" Hmmph...Maa...the one that you bought frm Kepong morning market is much more delicious lor...the skin is still crispy even when it have become cold. LOLz. Rite. Lucky that I brought the lappie along, me and my siblings actually have a small movie screening in our room as there are too many people BBQ'ing out ther and it's raining. *Praying hard that it wont rain tomorrow or the plan will b spoilt*

Going up to Rainbow Waterfall!!!
Project 365 #166

Woke up 530am in the morning. THAT EARLY DURING THE HOLIDAYS. =.=" Today's plan -> Rainbow Waterfall @ Sg. Lembing. Almost 30 of us squeeze ourselves in two four-wheels car to go uphill. The young one like me(lolz) have to stand at the back of the car, which I am at first very happy wid it. You know it is kinda cool to stand at the back which is open air. I get to see more views and sniff more fresh air too^^ The organizer said it takes 40 minutes ride to reach the destination and after that we have to WALK/CLIMB for 40 minutes to reach the waterfall. It sounds challenging, indeed, it is. Me and few younger one stand at the back of the car all the way up by "ging gong ging gong" here "ging gong ging gong" there and we have to squad down when there are some trees/leaves/branches in front as it will "slap"our face. It is just like playing video games! It was fun BUT I earned loads of blue blacks too...especially at the waist part as I am standing at the side and the waist keep on banging the side steel. T_T.

Wokay. The climbing journey starts. We have to at first get half of our body wet by crossing a small river before we start to "explore" the jungle. YEA. It is a jungle wid elephants, leapord, bears, boar inside. I am serious. There are animals inside and I saw elephants' shit. XD. The leader actually walk far in front to put the bomb in order the inform the animals that we are there. Everybody din talk much but concentrate in going uphill, yea, this is the way to speed up the journey. Forgot to mention, I go for this climbing thingy wid a pair of slipper bcoz I nvr tot it will b a very hard task to climb up. The way is slippery bcoz of the rain yesterday.

After 40 minutes of climbing, I saw the waterfall from far. My feelings that time is like..."GOSH...it is worth it to climb all the way up! The view is srsly nice and the waterfall is srsly HUGE and TALL!!! I can't wait to see the rainbow up there now!" I speed up after tat and suddenly...one of my slipper stuck between the rocks, I tried to pull it out softly at first but it doesn't come out, then...the nervous me in worrying to make ppl at the back for waiting too long, I decided to pull out my slipper a bit harder so that it will come out. Yea rite. I've pulled it out successfully, BUT, my slipper sacrifice at that second as well.(Please refer to the photo attached up there) Bu huuuuuuu...T_T...Gone...gone...gone...my slipper gone and I HAVE TO WALK WID BAREFOOT when I am on my way down to hill later. BU....HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...cry til gao gao la...><" Narh...of course only my heart is crying. I tell myself that I can't waste my energy to climb up but snapping loads of crying face photos, thus, I force myself to smile and not to think so much when I am at the rainbow waterfall. Hmmph....the rainbow din appear today. A bit sad ler...but stil it is worth the climb to see such a "grand" waterfall^^ We stayed at the waterfall for like 30 minutes? Then we have to go downhill AGAIN. Happy time srsly passes fast and my suffer time is here, now. Imagine, walk wil barefoot for more than 40 minutes at the slippery place. I am okay in stepping my feet in the water BUT I hate to step on the mud and the small small stones, it srsly hurt and it is more than a foot massage.

My speed going down hill is freaking slow as I am wid barefoot and others are wid shoes. Lucky to have sis in waiting for me and walk together wid me sometimes else I will be way far behind alone. *sigh* Will I be going there again? YES I will say. Bcoz I haven get to see the rainbow AND I swear to God I will make sure I wear a nice stable pairs of slipper to go up nxt time. It is srsly very tough to go up and down but it is worth the energy and yea it test the patient. I wanna see rainbow la...T_T...Oh ya, crocs are srsly useful to climb up tho^^

*Get to sniff sniff the sea breeze a little^^ *

It've eased away all my unhappiness~

Climbing Sg. Lembing Mount.
Project 365 #167

Wokay. Woke up 430 dis morning. WHAT?! An hour earlier thn yest. =.=" That's bcoz we are staying quite far from the Sg. Lembing mount and everybody wanted to see the sunrise uphill. *I was praying hard that it wil rain so that I can sleep more in the hotel...but it is a good day ><" *Oh ya. Program of the day -> Sg. Lembing Mount.

We reached at 530 and saw loads of ppl. Some of them from front actually make an U-turn and tell us "traffic jam in front". I can't get wat they mean until we reach the foot of the mountain. For God Sake, everybody is so healthy during the holidays! THEY ARE ALL Q'ING TO GO UP! The way up to mount. is actually staircase base and everybody is standing at each and every staircase waiting to go up. The aunties uncles of our group all gave up in going uphill as it seems to be very time consuming TO WAIT, so the young one which include my mum actually go uphill by walking from one staircase and wait for few mins to another one thruout the WHOLE journey going up hill. Crazy sial!

Lucky it is not a tough one compare to yesterday and the waiting part made me feel like it din takes up loads of energy, so yea, I din get fed up after I've reach uphill BCOZ things to see after we have get up there is only the clouds and crowds. There are srsly a lot of people and everybody is getting their chance to snap the photos wid the clouds =.=" IMAGINE! If it is a tough way up and ended up we only get to see clouds and crowds, it is not worth the energy! lolz. So yea, snapped a few photos to prove that we have reached uphill and yea...SAW SUNRISE! wow! Luckily get to see sunrise or I will curse gao gao. ><" Mum suggested to stay up there until the crowds become lesser bcoz we are already sked in waiting. Anyhow, we cant escape frm waiting after we have been staying at uphill for more than an hour. It is still full of people when we are going down. AND YEA, now we are Q'ing to go down. =.="

This trip is more like a testing patient trip than an enjoying one. =.="

Went for dinner at Bkt. Tinggi before we head back home.
Reached home at 8sth.
Start packing for the Thai trip that starts tomorrow^^
Thanks cousie for the help.

First Day @ Phuket -
Tour Around Phuket and The FantaSea Show

Project 365 #168

So Yea. First day @ Phuket. Two of my dearie cousies send me and another fren of mine to Olifu's house so tat we can go LCCT 2geda. Can't blif that my long waited Thai trip is here THAT FAST! M srsly excited for the trip^^ My luggage is already 13kg when I check-in and my luggage limit is only 15kg. T_T. Which means...I can't buy much. ><" Right. Reached Phuket and got pickup by BirdCage. The Guest house is nice and comfy and it is near the noisy street. A very convenience one^^ Oh Yea, we stayed at Patong Beach.

We unload the luggages and starts to walk around in order to search for travel agencies to pick up some cheap tours. Went to look for the travel agency which is recommended by my kelics BUT they are not there. Oh ya, the time we reach there is like only 9sth in the morning. ><" Majority of the stalls and shops is not open yet and everybody is craving for food. We waited outside of Jungceylon to open their door for like half an hour and everybody dashed inside to hunt for food. XD. We browse thru a few resto but cant decide wat to eat, end up, we makan at food court where I only ordered damn sweet sial ice-kacang. ><"

We then went to look for the Travel agency that my kelic recommended BUT nobody there again. Thus, we decide to try our fate, ask other Travel Agency. We stopped at a stall nearby and starts to ask. With the 13 of us it actually bring BIG business to the agency AND it is easier to bargain for a cheaper price. We signed up for a "package"which include Island Hopping, James Bond & canoeing and FantaSea show for 3500 baht for each person with a FREE tour for us to Kata/Karon lookout point, Big Buddha and Wat Cha Long temples. Thanks a lot to the Amazon Queen -> Pat for bargaining the price. LOLz.

Get to visit some "must-visit" attractions around Phuket area and passed by the Phuket town, china town where it is already good enuf to passby only as there are nothing much to see. Oh yea, went to watch FantaSea show today. It is a strongly recommended show...but...*yawn* I fall asleep for 129471294711 times thruout the show. I guess it shud b bcoz I m tired. XD. There are loads of interesting things to see at FantaSea park (I guess it is called FantaSea park) and their food hall is so damn HUGE! The food is not as bad as what I heard tho, so nxt time, take the FantaSea package that include buffet ya^^ More worth it. AND ERM, oh ya, bout the show, it shows all the tradition of Thai and it is a story telling...how Kamala save Kamala Beach using one and a half hour time. ERM. Worth to pay for a visit and remember to reach ther earlier so that you have got time to enjoy and snap more photos at FantaSea Park. ERM. Show...Watch la...since you have already pay for it. lolz

Second Day @ Phuket -
Island Hopping^^

Project 365 #169

Okie. It's Island hopping day^^ ERM. We hopped to Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, passby Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Lo Samah Bay and stopped at Khai Island. It takes us around one hour to reach Phi Phi Island area. AND GOD...those sleeping gods -few of the guys can actually sleep in the speedboat thruout the WHOLE journey. GENG!

Oh yea, I was being freaked out in snookeling at Redang when I was 12 and after tat I dun fancy snookeling. This is the very first time I "dip" myself in the deep sea after 11 years. Hmmph...was a bit sked at the beginning but luckily Olifu hold my hand all the way when we are doing snookeling, I am a bit fine and keep on telling myself not to be nervous and enjoy the nice view in the sea. The sea waves is strong today and we only get to dip ourselves in the sea for less than 40 mins. Felt funny that I've actually asked another person not to be nervous as I m sked of snookeling as well. LOLz

Was excited when I get to know we can play volleyball @ Khai Island and we are stopping there for 1 hour and 40 mins! TOO BAD that aliens invaded our earth when we are playing. T_T. The very frenly foreigners come and join us for volleyball widout asking. ><" There are too many ppl in a team and I choosed to walk out. Me and Olifu take a walk around the Island wid the companion of Alex and Pat actually joined us half way. Khai Island is a very small but nice Island tho. AND. Arhem. The most exciting game of the day...is...jumping off frm the stones to the sea. =.=" Founder? One of the monkeys from the gang. ><" That's how we spent our half an hour in jumping over and over again at Khai Island. Really good in self-entertaining tho. LOLz.

Reached guest house in the evening. Get bath and crave for seafood that cost 222 baht per person. Then, it's a free and easy nite where we walked around the Bangla road looking at hot "chicks" then shop @ Jungceylon. I bought loads of pocky/rocky/sticks biscuits at carrefour as we hardly can see loads of other flavours back in Malaysia. AND...the guys actually went for facial wash as there are promotion on-going - 299baht. >< ><. Srsly zadao gao gao.


Third Day @ Phuket -
James Bond Island and Canoe

Project 365 #170

I picked a "front seat" today and close my eyes thruout the whole journey(Which takes up an hour)so that I can enjoy the sea breeze gao gao quietly. BUT too bad Olifu and Jeff tot I am emo'ing. =.=" ISH. I am not, okay?! ><" Rite. People were telling James Bond Island is a good place to visit. BUT. SIGH. Dan kena conned. Luckily we picked the package wid Canoeing and it have actually made the day much more FUN! The weather today is not really nice, it keeps on raining when we are canoeing. Lucky to have somebody to canoe for us or else I dun think I get to see more nicer view. Got a very different experience today compare to yesterday as it is raining thruout the whole canoeing session. LOLz. SERIOUSLY HAD FUN TODAY!!! Oh ya, the towel provided by BirdCage is srsly useful tho^^ Thick enuf to protect in getting a cold.

Went for Simone Cabaret Show at nite. Praying hard tat it wont b something like wat we watched at FantaSea. Oh Well. We are sitting at the first row. I reminded some of the guys if they don't want to be "disturb" by the performers, then, thy can actually sit bside a gal and the performer for sure will not "disturb" thm. LOLz. Hmmph...there are 8 guys out of the 10 of us, so, it is hard for the guys to avoid in not being "disturb". XD SO yea, 2 of the lucky guys kena kissed and boobies attack during the show. AHAHAhahhhh...it is srsly VERRYYYYYY funny esp. the boobies attack part but too bad tat no video recording can be done during the show. ><" The scene will somehow always be in my mind. ALWAYS. LOLz

Room 404 is being cursed?! XD

Ohyea, had drinking session and enjoyed the sea breeze a little again @ Patong Beach.
For God Sake,
I tot Tsunami is here again bcoz of the serious STRONG wind
that can almost blow me away. XD

It made me unable to stand properly!

The Last Day @ Phuket
The First Day @ BKK

Project 365 #171

Okay. A very short one.

Woke up early to hunt for Samurai Burger @ McD as breakfast.

Head to airport to fly to BKK.

Get stuck for almost 2 hours to reach MyHotel

meet up wid cousies and kelly

then hunt for dinner at Patpong.


Good Nite.

Grrrr...spent the whole day in travelling.

Wanted to take a walk after dinner but that uncle is srsly annoying.
The uncle that keep on asking us to watch their tiger show
he follow us for dinner waited for us to finish the dinner
then tail us anywhere we go.



2nd Day @ BKK
Chatuchak Day and
Clubbing Nite @ Route 66, RCA, BKK
Project 365 #172

It's shopping time! We take BTS to Chatuchak and reached ard 11sth. Discussed what time to meet back and when I suggest " 6 pm", I got a very BIG reaction asking "What? SIX?" BUT, after that everybody is okay in meeting at 6pm. Grabbed a map frm the tourist info center and starts to shop. The very first thing I bought at Chatuchak are the handmade handphone hangers. I bought 15 of them as souvenirs. LOL. It is srsly cute sial^^

Shop Shop shop and half way thru cousie found out that her anna sui is missing. Anna Sui the purse that three of us use to have. ><" SHe is freaked out and angry. She brought all her money out as well as the Sing. dollars. It is now ALLLLL missing...her IC, license are all inside as well. We went to do report at the Tourist Info Centre. Police told that the thief will normally take only the money and throw away the purse, so ther will b a chance to get back the purse. Can I say that it's lucky that we all bought Travel insurance? Hmmpk...but well...it's weird that there are few of the stall keepers told my cousie to be careful of her belongings. Does her face show that her purse will be stolen?! Bcoz thy told only my cousie but not me and another cousie of mine. ><" Kesian dearie cousie who have lost her purse on her 2nd day reaching BKK. *BIG SIGH* Called the guys up at 3sth to check if they wanted to go back early.(You know guys dun really like to shop) Surprisingly, thy asked if they can shop a bit longer! LOL. Woottssssss?! Both cousie are actually a bit tired and got no mood to shop YET the guys are stil so energetic! LOLz. GENG!

Oh yea. We meet up wid Cousie's Uni fren - Joe Pang Pang and he brought us for Seafood and Clubbing. There was a misunderstanding at first where Joe tot we only want to sit down quietly and listen to music and he brought us to a VERY HIGH CLASS PLACE. After that he know we actually wanted to shake our body a lil...he then bring us to RCA and we club at Route 66. Their toilet is srsly grand sial! They even hav a live band playing music inside. As there are no more place inside Route 66, we actually seated outside and lucky that it is windy. The music played by Route 66 is a bit different...The mixing of music is sometimes like a bit potong stim. BUT STILL everybody enjoy. lolz. Oh Ya, Route 66 actually used stainless steel rack to put all the drinks instead of table. This is so cool! I mean...we all don't have to worry the glasses bottle will fall on the floor if you have accidentally bang the rack and it have actually saved up a lot of space. I RIKE! Owh...another potong stim thing...their club close at 2am. But WAIT. It will be already 3am in Malaysia tho. XD

Tengkiu Joe Pang Pang behli muchie ler...he is srsly very frenly and helpful AND CUTE!!! XD

3rd Day @ BKK
BKK One Day Tour
It's HAWT!!!
Project 365 #173

Went to Grand Palace and Chinatown today. The weather today SUX! It is so damn freaking HOT and me, my cousies as well as Olivia dah kena conned. =.=" The moment we reached Grand Palace, there are already people asking us to go opposite to rent cloth bcoz we cant go in wid shorts. We rented it for 50 baht and right after we make our way into the Grand Palace entrance, we saw, cloth to be rent for FREE. =.=" Shud hav do a bit study bout this b4 I pay a visit to Grand Palace. =.=" The weather is srsly hot that made us do not have the feeling to snap photos around and enjoying seeing all the nice nice drawings and buildings around. 350 baht is like a bit wasted today. T_T. I shud say 400 baht...><"

Went to Chinatown by taking public boat. Almost kena conned again by the people over there. They asked to pay 100 baht per person and we will b sitting on a very nice boat. Lucky to have smart people in the gang who actually look around and search for the cheap one which nid only 23 baht. Walked at Chinatown and found the seafood resto - T & K, the green shirt, which is strongly recommended and most of the ppl said red shirt resto doesnt taste nice. The prawn really taste nice lor...others...so so ler...I wonder why is it strongly recommended. LOLz. Then we went to eat BirdNest, Sharkfin AND DURIAN. XD. Bought some crispy pork floss and biscuits from Lin Zhen Xiang as we can't find those back in Malaysia. After all the makan makan we headed back to hotel lerrrrrrr...

WENT for massage after all these. Paid 300 baht for shoulder+back and Foot massage for one and a half hour. Worth it? ERM. A bit bit gua. ><" Wanted to go for famous chicken rice after the massage BUT who knows it is raining and everybody fill up their stomach in 7-11. It is srsly a very convenience store for us during the trip^^

4th Day @ BKK
Safari, Swensen and Ping Pong Show Day
Project 365 #174

No idea where to go at BKK and my mum suggested that we shud pay a visit to BKK's Zoo, Olifu's sis oso gave the same comment too. So yea, paid 900 baht for the whole trip, which include transport, entrance fees and lunch. Watched loads of shows in Safari World and saw loads of animals. ERM. I would say the show will be nice IF we UN the dialogues. >< ><.

Went to Siam Paragon after the show. Had Swensen IceCream which I wanted to try SOOOOOOOOO Long. It's not that I cant get it in Msia but the Swensen @ Thai is srsly cheap! Me and the two cousies of mine ordered choc flavour IceCreams and they are all SLURPEEEE YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!! SLURP! Oh yea. Attached above is the photo of me unplugging the cherry. It is srsly very hard to "unplug" it tho. ><" After dessert, few of us went to Central World Plaza to hunt for Naraya. Wanted to give up at first BUT who knows?! I saw it and it is srsly full of people. Bags inside are cheap and nice in quality. I juz can't stop buying! ERM. I bought...8 items for the price of 1273 baht. Cheap rite? LOLz. Ahahahahaha...happy! YAY!!!

erm erm...went for Ping Pong Show after shopping spree. Paid 600 baht which include transport tru and fro. =.=" The chicks sux. Majority of them are old women BUT it's amazing to see them using the private part to do SOOOOOOOOOOOO many things. Saw a gang of young Japanese being conned by the chicks there. I can't blif that the chick will actually help the Japanese to TFK whn the show is on-going and she did it in the public! THAT JAPANESE IS JUST SITTING OPPOSITE ME! Ewwwwwwww...(I din see my, my fren told me tat)

Went for the famous chicken rice -> Pink shirt resto. ERM. So So only lar. Dunno why is it famous again. BUt at least I tried. LOLz.

Last Day @ BKK
Platinum Mall Day and Departing...T_T
Project 365 #175

We do last minute shopping at Platinum Mall and rushed back to hotel at 330pm in order to catch the cab we called to come at 4pm. Our flight is actually 820pm but everybody is sked of the two hours Jam tat we experienced few days back, thus, we choose to reach airport earlier. The way to airport is smooth all the way and we reached in 40 minutes. =.=" Mingle around in airport and hunt for food again. Some are mad bcoz thy din get to eat McD and thy tot there are McD at the airport. ><". We ended up eat Burger King and Cream & Fudge.

AHAHAHHAAHHHAH...YAY happy that I get to eat Cream & Fudge. MUahahahahahah...my mission to Thai is like almost completely done wher majority of the things I listed at my list are checked. ERM. Btw the Mister Donut at Shanghai taste much more better than the one at Platinum Mall. Shanghai have got more choices. LOLz. Perhaps the one at Platinum Mall is only a small outlet?!


I enjoyed to the max


the time is a bit short.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Where got G H O S T?

Project 365 #164


Went to watch Where got Ghost

at the very last day


Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.


Another Jack Neo's production where I think is a must watch. I at first tot it is only a Comedy, but, who knows, it is a movie that not only made us laugh but at the same time, it sked us.

Where got Ghost
is a movie that come wid three parts of small stories. Things tat I learnt from the movie - Do Not be Greedy. BUT, is it possible?! Crapz...LOLz

Btw, I seriously kena sked gao gao in the theater.

I always tot that Jack Neo's movie

will only be

educated and funny one


Where Got Ghost

is an exception.

Can't blif that his car parked right bhind mine
and I actually took few minutes to recall

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Project 365 #163


Got souvenir from Aussie.


One of my kelics came back frm Australia and he brought me a lot of souvenir. Yipieeeee...Ahem. He brought me a key chain, a BIG bar of chocolate and a healthy chewy oat bar. AND I get to choose which keychain I want as well as the flavour of the chocolate. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. SLURP. All mah favourite. LOLz. HEAPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

Oh Yea.

It srsly bright up my dull working day^^


Pressie bring good mood~~~

Tengkiu Lesly^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I colored my hair

Project 365 #162


I colored my hair.


chopped my fringe.


I look like a stupid gal now...><" T_T

Planned to color my hair today bcoz I don't wanna have a pudding hair in each and every photossss of my upcoming event.(you know photos is kinda like forever thing...lolz) ARGH. Rite. Spending money for my pre-paint wall holidays again. *vomit blood*

Me and cousie drive thru McD for dinner b4 we reached the salon as we might strave thruout the color session. I suggested to have McD for dinner where she at first objected, telling that I am going phuket soon and McD is fattening. (The main point is she had McD for the pass few days and she is kinda sked of it...lolz) I tot the plan cancelled and who knows she drive the car into the McD Drive thru way and we ordered a set of nugget set to share.(Yea she got no choice coz the only drive thru on our way to salon is McD...lolz...and it is raining day we are both lazy to get down frm the car to dabao...lolz) I had all the fries and she had the nuggets. Hmph...DONT TELL ME WHICH IS MORE FATTENING OR I WIL KILL...lolz.So Yea.We reached around 8pm and hop back into car at 1030pm. SEE? It actually takes so long to only color for our hair. Now you see the patient power of a gal, or, to say, the patient power of a gal who wanna look pretty. LOLz.

Rite. Another mission done before the upcoming event.

NXt up. Buy flowers.

Purpose : To display on the hair. XD

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping Spree~

Project 365 #161

These are the war trophies of mine today


(Sg. Wang)

Oh well. Ppl always don't like lala, but can't deny tat we can always get cheap stuff from the lalaland. I wanted to buy sth for my up-coming event and Sg. Wang is the nearest yet cheapest in stuff shopping complex from my Co.

Went to Sg. Wang wid cousie after work. The list I have in hand include:
1. Make-up remover tissues
2. Shorts for beaches
3. Tissues
4. A piece or two of clothes

So yea, tat's all for the list I have.


I ended up buying more than the list.


This is all bcoz of cousie's fault.

HNG! She bring me everything and tell me that I will need dis and tat for the up-coming event. So evil of her in persuading me to spend more money. HNG! ><" lolz. Sorry la cousie, I was only joking. LOLz. She is only showing me her caring side, worrying that I might not have those which is in need when I m going for the up-coming event. Awww...a good cousie indeed. So Yea. I got myself 1. Make-up remover tissues 2. Shorts for beaches - which cost only rm30++ for two 3. Tissues 4. A piece of clothes(I only bought a piece, WOW! I can control myself well...lolz)
5. Aloe Vela Gel - applicable for sun burn
6. toothpaste
7. some junks and drinks(the dinner tat nite)
8. Mask
ARGH! Another few hundreds gone. T_T. Why do I have to spend to my pre-holiday?! BUT Had fun in spending too. Teehee...

Monday, September 14, 2009

K session -> Farewell for Cousie

Project 365 #160


went for K session again

been singing K for twice within 3 days.

Cousie's kelic is doing a farewell party for her today as this friday will be her last day of work. She and her kelics choose to have the party at GreenBox@Sg Wang. Session starts at 6pm and ended at 11pm. Majority of my cousie Kelic speaks Japanese. So Yea, get to listen loads of Japanese songs and old english songs thruout the whole K session.

Hmmph...why does it matter to me when my cousie's kelic is doing farewell for her? AND, I only get to know two of her kelics out of 12 ppl. Oh well, cousie juz don't wanna let me feel abandone at home where she is having fun outside, and, her kelics like me. AHAHAHAHAHAH...(pompuan ni muka tembok betul) We get Room 10 which is believe to be the BIGGEST room in Greenbox, or mayb, VIP room.Woottsss...this is so so so cool...We have goin HUGE Screen and 5 mics if not mistaken.

Everybody is like a bit reserved at the beginning, but, ya know, when you have got few couple of beers, liqours and red wine in your stomach, there, the crazy nite begins~~~Everybody starts to shout, sings, dance and jump all nite long. AND, remember I mentioned bout a Japanese guy earlier in QQ post?(neh the one who said Ngo ngoi lei to me...*shy shy*) He was there too. AND, he is the entertainer of the day, dancing all the day throughtout the WHOLE session wid his very own dancing style, this include very miang like shaking butts, popping, and...you name it, he have it...lolz. Thumbs up for such a good entertainer. Nxt time if you need any, ring me up, I will arrange. lolz. (Owh...I forgot he is my cousie's kelic, not mine... =X)

So well. It was a great nite after the couple of beers. Beers srsly bring fun^^
Oh right, now I wonder, since when I am so so in Love in singing K. =.="

Sunday, September 13, 2009

TheFinal Destination 4

Project 365 #159

At last the forth Episode is up


everybody is longing for it

and yea

we watched in 3D.

The first time ever watch movie with the movie gang in the afternoon. It feels great! LOLz. So Yea, heard loads of bad reviews bout FD 4, but you know, as you have been longing for the movie and you have watched the previous 3 ep., ther's no way for you to skip the forth one...pr you will feel that you are being left out. Hmmph...rite...people were telling FD sux but I din ask them in details, since it is sux, I planned to buy 3D tix for this show. Huh?! What?! Are you asking why??!!!! It will be more like wasting money to watch it in 3D since there are loads of bad reviews bout that. lolz. Hmmph...from my logical point-of-view, I personally think that...since it is sux, then we nid to get some other things to make the movie interesting, agree? XD

Hmmph...the storyline of FD 4 is really a bit...BORED. Just like the Harry Potter movie. When it have comes to the forth or fifth episodes, there will be no more surprises, no more special things happen, bcoz the audiences are expecting something new from the movie. Hmmph...of all I would say...whn it's ur time to die, you couldnt escape, so, just accept it and be good...lolz. So Yea, if you really wanna watch FD, watch it in 3D or...well...watch it on Wednesday. lolz.

Rite. Went to shop a little after the movie as cousie wanted to buy a pair of heels for her day in being bridesmaid. The first time ever she become the bridesmaid which require her to walk along on red carpet wid the bride during the dinner time(as her fren is a christian and they will have the wedding on-going in a hotel) but the last time for her to b bridesmaid. Yea. This is her third time in being bridesmaid. lolz. Then, we all headed back to my house for dinner + discussion.

Yea. Mum called up and ask me to go back for dinner. I told her we will b having discussion for our up-coming event, then, she offered the others to join the dinner together. So Yea. Steamboat at my house thn discussion. LOLz. People who have been to my house will know...once you've stepped into my house, food and drinks will be serve, and it wil come continuously even when you are already full. Rite. and that's wat made a chubby me today. Perhaps, fat. ahaahahahah...*envy*? Come be my fren, or, perhaps, my mum's fren. ahahahhahaha...

Wokay. So the discussion starts at 9sth and ended at 11sth at nite. Now, at least, we have got a picture(although stil not really clear) on what to do during my up-coming event. Can't wait for the "painting wall"(direct translation into canto-long vacations) days to come!!! =3 =3 =3


been going to One Utama

continuosly for THREE DAYS!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music all day long~

Project 365 #158


Went for T-music festival

and yea

went to sing K wid my sista gang in the afternoon as well.


it made my day to fill wid musicss all day long^^

Yeap yeap. Went for K session at One U from 11am til 3pm wid my sista gang. Had fun wid the 6 of them, had fun in singing, shouting all my lungs out. Had fun in jumping especially when we are singing MayDay and FIR's songs. Their songs are seriously ROCK!!! I rike!!! lolz. Reached home at 3sth, get myself prepared and there I am off for the T music Festival. Muahahahahha...

As you can see from the photo above, ther are loadssss of singers turning up for T music Festival, it will be a little waste if I din go. Rite, we can barely get a chance to see so many singers sing at one time. So yea, I grabbed the chance to watch, thanks cousie in getting me the free tix. And yea, it is more like my karaoke day where ther are subs on the BIG screen where we can sing along wid the singers. LOLz.

Incident happened during the T-music fest., which is, power failure. Rite, something burnt up during the half way of the concert, while Chin(artist from Bangkok) is singing, and it lead to power failure. Emcees did came out and calm everybody down, but, I was sitting TOOOOOO far away that I can hardly hear what they said. I actually facebook'ed during the outage til my phone oso out of batt ady =.=". Bwhahahahaha... Hmmph...The team is fast enuf to bring the electrics back -which only take them half an hour to connect all the wires back. Thumbs up for the team^^

Rite, this is the first time ever I saw such incident happened during the concert, it is good that everybody is safe. I guess the team shud keep an eye at almost every minutes towards the machines or power generator or stuff...lolz. OR mayb it is too HAWT tat day that made the fire burnt. Yea, I keep on hearing the word "hot" frm emcee and singers' mouth repeatedly b4 the incident, and well, this lead to the fire. wth...lolz

T music fest. actually ended at 1++ bcoz of the power failure,
but it is so damn syok in being surrounded by musics for 5 hours long.
(Although it is freaking hot and I sweats like hell.)

So Yea,

that's my day

in being surrounded by music all day long~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping Day^^

Project 365 #157


it's shopping day!!!


I only get to buy this pair

and it is made in Thailand.


Went to OneU after work wid cousie to buy the FD 3D movie tix for Sunday, and, at the same time, we did some shopping.lolz. Instead of buying the movie tix online, which charged 50 cents extra for each tix, I decided to go all the way to One U and buy the tix myself. lolz. I've got complimentary tix, and I tot of wanna fully utilize it, getting a pair of 3D movie tix which cost RM16 per pcs is such a brilliant idea!!! Ahahahahahhaha...

Hmmph...I've got a list in mind in wat to shop...but...sigh...whn I saw sth nice, it will either be expensive(which is out of my budget) or no size of mine. T_T I ended up bought a pair of slippers which is made in Thailand. Oh ya. The purpose of this shopping day is to get myself some stuff so that I can use for the upcoming event. LOLz. I know it is kinda stupid to buy the slippers as...I AM HEADING TO THAILAND. =.=" Oh well...at least I bought something and it doesnt waste the fuel money. Ahahahahahah...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Project 365 #156


I've watched.


Ahahaah...yea AT LAST. I always like to use "at last" in my post, bcoz ther are loads of things that I wanted to do, and yea, I've completed it and it is like a kind of release, of course, happy tat I've did it too. So yea, AT LAST is a great way to express my feelings...wid caps on. lolz. If you are bored in seeing the word "at last"...please please leave comment in my post and give me some suggestions like...what other words I can use...other than "at last". LOLz

I seriously wanted to watch this movie so much but it is off from the screen before I manage to get somebody to watch it wid me. I always asked my bro to DL for me as he is PRO in downloading, but, he always tend to "forgot". A kelic of mine then suggested me a link, PPS Stream. All you need to do is to DL a software of PPS thn you can watch it live wid a very GOOD streaming.

I have it in my PC few months back but dun really have time to figure out how does it function until today. I always watch Channel 322 - Tian Ying @ astro before I go to bed, but there aint any nice movie to be watch today, so, I tot to give PPS a try. I googled the chinese title for confession of a shopaholic, copy paste it at the PPS stream TV Search engine, and there, the movie starts. I only have to wait for few seconds for it to browse, and streaming is so damn freaking good that I don't have to wait to watch the movie. You know it is kinda potong stim to watch it half way thn wait for it to load again to continue watching. Espcially when come to the gan cheong gan cheong part. ><" ERM. Another romance movie I would say. And yea, that's all. I actually stay up late to watch this movie bcoz of the great streaming of PPS!
PPS you rock!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Project 365 #155


the special day

of my cousie.

Her registration day~

Special numbers for special day, easily to be remembered as well. lolz.

She is the first at my age range to register, she is now engaged at the age of 25 years old. WOW! This is so so so young!!!

Rite, went to "Tian Hou Gong" to witness her registration day. Saw loads of very young couples registers on the same day as well, this include those...married wid balls...><" Heard my cousin bro in-law(yea...at last can call cousin bro in-law) said that today is not really a good day in Chinese Lunar Calender, but, rite...the younger generation will not mind all these kind of stuff, as long as it is special then thy wil go for it.

Hmmph...there are 240 pairs register at the 230pm session. I manage to get into the registration hall as the identity of - photographer. lolz. Didn't get to snap much photos as the lighting in the hall sux. ARGH...I srsly wish I have a DSLR at that moment.

The session started wid the couples getting up to the stage and let a monk to wish thm, giv thm lucks by sprinkling water on their head, thn the couples all swear togther and exchange rings under the stage. Then it is the monk's time to give speech AND after that...time for signing the married cert. Cousin is the last pair of that session and we waited for VERY VERY VERY VERY freaking long for her turn.

The whole ceremony become so commercialize where I can hear the emcee keep on repeating who are the sponsorship and it is like...the couples doing shows for the media more than the day of them getting engaged to each other. As there are so many pairs of them, fast wil be the key point and it made the ceremony become not ceremonious. AND IT IS VERY TIRING!!! I guess it made the couples got no feel like..."yea...I am going to be Mrs XXX today", or "yea...I am now a husband or a wife". So yea, it's good tat I get to sorta experience this and I will never ever pick any special special number of date to get engaged. LOLZ.



Mrs Kok^^

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

- B L A N K -

Project 365 #154


Would leave it blank





Monday, September 07, 2009

SMS xite

Project 365 #153

Sms xite

Take a look if you are free^^

It's time to do my monthly activity - to forward message to allllll the peeps in my phone contact list. This is the site that I always goes to in order to pick some chio sms to forward to my frenz.

The message of the month

"A group of elephants were sitting on the street.
A sexy female elephant passes by...
What does the loafer elephant say? "

"Wow... 3600-2400-3600"


Can't get the joke?

Oh gawd...
you are lame...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Skytrex @ Taman Pertanian

Project 365 #152


went for Skytrex @ Taman Pertanian

Had FUN!!!

8 of us went for the Skytrex which include 3 lads, me, and my two cousies. Everbody don't really know wat it is all about, but, it sounds interesting, so, we actually say YES by not thinking twice, and yea, we only get to know wat are we really doing today during the dim sum hour. lolz.

One of my cousie actually scream all the way from the beginning till the end and she is srsly regret in joining for the activity, bcoz she attended the same activities as me six years ago and she swear to god that she wil never ever go for things like this...but, too bad la...we have already paid RM40 for the game, and she can't find anybody to replace her. lolz. And yea, she is still safe now, sitting bside me...lolz. Shud be a memorable one for you, rite, Cousie? =p

Oh yea, there are actually a few packages to be choose, and, we actually picked the extreme challenge which includes 21 extreme games. Hell yea, the very brave of us have actually go for the extreme one before we experienced the other not-so-extreme games offered by the Skytrex. ><" Training is given on the day itself before we start our game and we have to go through everything ourselves without any help. This is So So So Cool^^

ERM...The majority activities during the WHOLE game is flying fox. We fuuuu laiiiii frm the beginning til the end. I was excited at first becoz I love flying fox,(and tat's the reason I said yes widout thinking) but, you know, when you have to do it repeatedly for many times, the excitements have actually faded away and I got bored. It is like...I put on the carribeans myself, thn I sit on the platform, jump, and fly. Then repeat dis for 179273919271971 times. *yawn* The first few games that we go through are barely tough and tiring bcoz we nid to climb the ladder to higher places and do flying fox. ARGH. I hate climbing ladder. =.=" Then we have to walk on small tiny hose and rope. Balancing is srsly important in this game, and, it is lucky that I am short coz my balancing wil b good compare to the tall one...lolz - hell yea, first time ever felt happy that I am short. Teehee...

Hmmph...overall it is a good try ler...
If you hav got no idea what to do during the weekends,


a try^^

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Photo picking day

Project 365 #151

It's the photo choosing day


the wedding photo shooting day

of my cousie^^

We(as in me, my cousie and her fiance) reached Vogue around 6pm and starts to pick photos in order to put into the photo album. We start to eliminate the photos widout knowing how many pieces we can actually choose for the photo album. After the first round, we manage to pick 100++ pieces of photos out of 300++ pieces quickly and easily. Now, the difficult task has come, we have to pick 55 pcs out of the 100++ pieces in order to put into the album. ARGH! Hard, hard, hard. Cousie can't really make decision as all the 100++ pieces are so so so nice~

So Yea, it's my job now, I dropped quite a lot of photos cruelly widout seeing my cousie and her fiance's facial expression. Another two hours gone and we have left 65 pieces. GOSH...after a hard task and we still have to cut off another 10 pieces which is seriously cant do. Then my cousie's fiance starts to bargain wid the lady boss and she said additioanl 10 pieces will cost RM700. RM 7 0 0 for ten additional pieces! That is SO SO SO SO SO expensive!!! ><" The bargaining part takes another one hour and the lady boss only manage to offer RM650, and tat's the limit, she said. Cousie said that it is still expensive and we spent another hour to cut off the extra ten pieces. As me and cousie have come to an end, suffering in thinking which photo to drop, the lady boss have actually came out wid an interesting offer. =.=" Cousie had dilemma bcoz we are almost done in dropping the ten pieces and everybody is already tired in eliminating the photos BUT at the same time she worry that the photos will look less after it've done. (Although of all, the photo album will b lying or hiding quietly in the cupboard after the wedding and there's no point in choosing so many...lolz) Her fiance convience her to take the offer, and yea, we put everything back again. Everything is done at 1030pm. 1030 PM!!! I srsly can't believe that choosing photos can actually eat up so many hours. =.="

Srsly easily wasted that so many nice nice photos being dropped by us, now, hope the outcome will be good and the photos wont look less as we tot. lolz. Adious~

Friday, September 04, 2009

A Good Good Friday^^

Project 365 #150

Free movie tix!!!

Good Good Friday for me^^

This is one of the benefits in working @ Media Agencies. Free movie tix. lolz. One of my kelics pass me this tix before I went home. A free movie tix for two pax at One Utama. I can choose any movie I wanna watch from Hall 2 til Hall 13, from 5th September til 30 September. Muahahahahaha...Now I am thinking wat movie to watch~ as I only can pick one movie to watch. =.="

BUT, happy to get this tho^^

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to DaaaDeeee

(owe you first...lolz)
Project 365 #149

It's Dadeee Birthday~

Mum bought dad a durian cake


it taste yummiiiiilicioussss~~~

My dadeeee is seriously a dadeee who like to show his dadee look. We have been celebrating his birthday every year, but, he will only show his cool cool face and tell, aiya...no nid celebrate la...it is just like a normal day, nothing special. I am like kinda giving up in giving him surprises and loads of wishesss during his birthday, and, today, me and my siblings choose to pretend that we have already forgotten bout his Birthday, we, all, din wish him...LOLz

Dad went out wid mum to pick our younger bro back home and mummy the one who hint us to get ready wid the cake when Daddy is back. Dad entered the house, we sing the Birthday song, and, daddy, as usual, show no surprise face, walk to the living room, sit down, on TV and continue watching his Night at the mesuem II. ><" Yea la...he did sing along together wid us, clap his hand summore, and said he already know we will do this. =.=" Thn he continue to make his wish, cut the cake and leave it on the table. =.=" Yea. That's my daddy.
Any idea why daddy must always show daddy face one?!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chinese Hungry Ghost festival

Project 365 #148


is the Hungry Ghost Festival

in chinese Lunar Calender.

Owh...sounds so creeeeeppppppyyyyyyyyyyy

So Yea. The door of hell believes to be open by every 14th July in Lunar Calender, and, majority of the Chinese will send some money and necessaries to the ghost by burning those on the day and this is one of the practices that my family do as well.

I only get to remember that today is Chinese Hungry Ghost festival right after I've came out from the creepy scary toilet outside my opis. Phew...luckily that nothing special happened...I srsly can't imagine if there's anything happen. lolz.

Hmmph...since it is chinese hungry ghost festival...I shall share one of the ghost story that happened on me. Yeap. ONE for today and it happened last year, during my summer course @ UK.

I studied aboard last year from the month of June til Sept where it includes the period of Hungry ghost festival. I told myself not to worry so much bout those scary creepy ghost as I am at oversea, I am at a western country that do not have ghost but only vampires...LOLz...(Coz you see...there are no ghost moviessss with souls flying here and there from western countries but only vampire, dracula...LOLz) Then, there's one day...the day that I nvr expect has come...

Okay. Obviously this kind of scary thing will only happen at night, and, when ppl is in their dreamland. While I was sleeping, I heard somebody wearing my slipper and walking in my room. It is not the steps sounds that woke me up but the friction sound of the wet feet and the slipper. I opened my eyes a little and I saw a guy, a very tall guy walk pass my bed to the window. His back is facing me but I can see him very clearly as if there's a real person who walk into my room. Wait a minute, I don't know any foreigner and it is impossible to have somebody in my room at this hour AND I have locked my room's door!!!! SHIT! I kept quiet and try to open my eyes a little wider to see if it is real, but...the guy disappear from the window. I faster search for my slipper, and yea, it is still lying quietly and nicely beside me. I tot mayb it's bcoz I am tooooo stress and tired and tat is the illusion.

Few weeks later, I told my coursemate who stay upstairs of my flat bout what I "dreamt" of. Her jaw dropped and she cant say any words after I've ended the story. She called her fren over and asked me to tell my story again. AND, same thing happened to her fren. Thy asked me not to be sked and thy said that thy have got sth to tell me. Rite. One of their housemates have actually met almost the same situation as mine one night. The gal was sleeping and her phone rang. The ringtone sound is different frm her usual one...she felt weird still to try to reach her hand out to get the phone bside her bed. AND, when the time the phone is being hold by one hand, she suddenly found out that...both of her hand is hiding under the blanket ANDDDDDD whose hand was that?! She got sked a little...and she told herself that...it's bcoz she was too tired. BUT, wait, the hand that she saw, is a hand of a man. GOSH. This is so so so so so creeeepppyyyy!!! I mean...we din tell each other bout our story but...it is a MAN! T_T.

THEN, there's another fren of mine who stayed downstairs of my flat said that there's one day...when she was sleeping...she suddenly feel that there's a man's hand holding her hand in the blanket, she saw his hand up til the elbow level. She tried to shout but she couldn't and she was so sked...SEE?! Another person saw a man AGAIN!!! (I din share her my story...as I don't wanna sked her) Thennnnnn...my housemates told me that she actually heard somebody bathing in her bathroom at nite when she is sleeping...she tried to wake up and see who was that but...yea...she can't move and can't even shout! Remember the friction sound of the wet feet and my slipper that I mentioned earlier...so yea...possible to be the man again?! Oh gosh...this is so so so so so so scary!!!!!!! I told my senior bout this, and, he showed me wid no surprise face and tell...yea...loads of ur seniors said that there's a ghost over here. GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...=.="

So Yea. Ghost exist everywhere...><"

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

@.@ Bye RM150~

Project 365 #147


I srsly didn't sleep for the WHOLE nite

in doing this


I can't finish.


Rite. It is actually a translation job. I've been stop doing translation since the day I "argued" wid my ex-boss. This time I accepted this job as I srsly need money badly and it is being offered by my fren's fren but not my ex-boss.

She offered me to translate from english to BM, sentence by sentence and it is RM10 per page. There are a total of 30 pages, which means, I wil earn RM300 if I translated all those. Wow...sounds interesting, and, am thinking that I will be having a long weekends holidays, so, why not accept it to earn more extra money?

Yea. I said yes and saved the file at my pendrive, then, I forgot bout it till Sunday morning. T_T. I tot it should it an easy task as I only need to translate it sentence by sentence, but, who the hell know...it is so much tougher than I thought. That's bcoz...ther are no stories to tell and I have got no picture in mind at all...sigh...it is super duper tough!!!! I actually take an hour to translate a page...which is SO SO SO SO SLOW in progress!!! T_T...

Rite. I've started to translate yesterday at 2pm til 5pm...and I have only translated a total of four pages...thn I bring it to the K session...end up translated a total of 8 pages for the WHOLE day! T_T...I tell myself to get some sleep before I proceed to the war when I am back home, but my heart felt guilt and I can't sleep at all! So Yea, I am wide awake for the whole nite, rushing for the work...till 6am in the morning, and I only manage to translate a total of 12 pages. NOT EVEN HALF OF THE 30 pages and the due date is on Wednesday morning. T_T. Buuuuhuuuuuuuu...I srsly felt like crying at that moment...

I reached company at 730am(get to take a nap for 30 mins in the car...tengkiu cousie for driving...and yea tat's the benefits for having car pool...lolz), saw my fren on9 and talked to her. She nego wid her fren bout my situation, and yea, I asked if I can send in 15 pages and they wil take back another 15 pages, PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...her fren said okay for that....and there...I bid goodbye to my RM150...buuuhuuuuuu...

I am srsly like coma today...T_T...don't really know what am I doing...and luckily that the workload is not a lot and I've done loads of pending work earlier...so yea...I am more like day-dreaming in the opis for the WHOLE day. Whopppppssss....Shhhh...don't tell my bosss...please...><" Sigh I think I m srsly getting older...bcoz...I can't really stay up wide awake overnight physically...

I m mentally wide awake but psyhically extremely tired for the WHOLE day.

Going off to bed now.

Nitez peeps.

Yea...tat early.