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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Haagen-Dazs buffet @ Soho KL

Received an email from my colleague on Tuesday about Haagen-Dazs Buffet

WOW!!! It is only Rm33.90++ (where it will be approx. RM37.5 after tax and service charge) and you can eat as much as you can!!!

Oh gawd. I can't wait to go but it is written Terms & Condition apply. I was guessing tat it might be sth like we can only eat tat during weekdays but not weekends and there's no info telling when will it ends. wtfreak...with disappoints...

*Bulb* tink~~~Oh yea, me, andrew and Olivia will be having training on 26th March 2009 and the training location is quite near the Haagen-Dazs outlet!!! WOOHOO! GREAT!!!

So, we eventually headed to Haagen-Dazs at Soho KL today after training...bwahahhaha...YAY!!

See see all you can eat!!!

*Ahem* We entered the resto and after Olivia have double confirmed with them, we start to place our order.*Ahem**Ahem* When the service crew ask what flavour we want...I actually said "Each flavor one scoop" OH GOD!!! I can't imagine tat I've said that...*shame shame* I was talking to myself that time...pray hard tat thy din hear any...>_<"

Okay. My partner of the day.

and of course


Each of us have actually taken a total of 10 scoops where it made me feel full, cold and no more dinner later...>_<"

Nah...the scoopssss that we makan...LOLz

Haagen-Dazs. I RIKE!!!

Will go for more as their promotion will only end until further notice(which means dunno when) and we can actually go and makan during weekends as well!!! Woohoo!!! Such a great promo isn't it. So, why wait??? Faster go la!!! LOLz

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blueish Monday, gloomy Tuesday, BAD Wednesday!!!

Bad hair Day

Hell yea. Bad day for me.
Alrite. The train recently like to cancel without any "pre" notice. SUX. Yea. I always take train - KTM to work. I use to take 708am's train everyday, of course, same goes to today. My cousin sister is working as well and she need to punch in at 8am.

We reached train station at 705. There are a bunch of people standing and waiting at the train station. AGAIN. For sure the train is either delayed or being cancelled. wth...Still, me and cousie waited for the train to come. Train is here at 710, we are not able to squeeze ourselves in. Darn, my cousie is late for work AGAIN. She hate KTM. She dunno why the train can delayed and cancelled so easily without giving any pre-notice and it happen frequently. She gave up in squeezing in and plan to wait for the next train tat wil arrive at 728am.

Yea. The train reached on time. Yea. We can't squeeze in. Yea. My cousie is seriously terribly late now. So, I suggested that maybe we should drive ourselves to work or we have to wait till 810am oni can squeeze ourselves into the train.

Something to top-up
Alrite. My working hour is 930am and it actually take me only less thn an hour to reach my co from the KTM station. BUT WHY I always take 710am's train instead of other time like 810am so that I can sleep more? COZ...I tried to take 728am, 748am and 810am's train. ALL ARE SERIOUSLY PACK AND FULL LIKE ANYTHING. I can hardly breath by squeezing myself inside the train and I hate that if I miss the 708am's train coz I will oni b able to squeeze myself inside the 810am train after tat. I ACTUALLY NEED TO WAIT FOR ONE HOUR IF I MISS OUT THE 708am's train. That's really...=.="!!! ARGH...KTM is improving by adding more station at those kampung area...BUT THEY DID NOT IMPROVE THEIR SERVICES...wth...=.=" People take train coz of convenience and train should be always on time. BUT...this does not apply to KTM...wtf...=.="
the end

Okay. After we have decided to drive ourselves to work. I then scan my Touch n Go card again to get out as my cousin sister told me "If you get out frm the same station as where you enter, they won't charge you" Alrite. I listened to her. I touched my card. "Deed" Holly shoot...they actualy deducted rm10 from my card. Wtf...ISH. I then tell my cousin sis to walk to the counter frm the other side widout scanning her Touch n Go card. I told the person in charge about my situation. He checked my card and said " You have to call Touch n Go for that" I am like...WHAT??? ASK ME TO CALL?? WHAT THE...Alrite...neh mind...he is only working for KTM but not Touch n Go...so I called. It is not a freetoll number...but...they pass me thru the "machine phone" where it is a pre-recorded system...wtf...I listen one by one and follow the instruction in order to go to the next step...DARN...I m stuck at where...thy ask for my reference number by choosing from what they mentioned...wat the heck...there's none of the alphabets that look familiar on my card!!! I put the phone off and call again...again and again while walking myself to the car.

I am so so fed up tat time bcoz...I have to call Touch n Go myself...and I can't get thru after 4 times I tried to call them. There's a kancil blocking at the lorong that I always need to walk pass whenever I walk to the train station or walk back to my car. I actually stare at the driver and think...how stupid he is by blocking the freaking way...there are so many place which is empty but why he wanna choose tat place and stop his car there...When I m on the phone and having those questions running in my mind while staring at him...I saw him doing something. I feel weird at first when he is like rubbing something with half of his clothes off. I thought he is only rubbing his stomach.Coz what I can see is oni a big round dark color tummy...Oh yea...the kancil driver is a big fat indian(sorry if it make you feel offensive...it is not racist but he is really an indian) I turned my head away and continued will my call. He knew that I stared at him. When the time I stared at him he was looking down at his my-so-call stomach. BUT when I turn my head away without giving any reaction he then raised his head up showing me his surprise face. At that moment I knew it. He is actually tfk'ing(playing with his kuku bird, birdie) in the car when I tot he is rubbing his stomach...WTH!!! ARGH!!! I told my cousin sis about that and she said that she tot he is actually sms'ing as he is looking down. I don't know why those flasher like to make that lorong as a place for them to get excitement but I am so so geram bout the stupid train and card tat time that I can't give any reaction. I should have snap his photo...as I missout snapping the photo of the flasher earlier.

Alrite. We hop into the car at 8am (where my cousie shud b already at her office at this hour) and praying very hard that the way to work will be very smooth BUT things doesnt come as what we thought. Whn we are jamming at Jalan Kuching, and my cousie bz cutting Q'ing, I saw mist appear in front of the car. I sit up properly and see. There's no car in front, so where does the mist come from? I open my eyes Big big while my cousie still BZ cutting Q'ing. OH GAWD!!! The mist came from the car bonnet...and there are more and more coming out...wth...I told my cousin bout that and straightaway off the air cond. She then quickly drive the car aside and put double signal. GOSH...not at this very moment when we are in a rush. ISH.

I call my mum for rescue. She said "Yealah...that car ady got prob wat...bla bla bla..." thn she suggested us to take cab. "WHAT??? CAB? There's no cab that will send us to work at this very jam hour"...I said tat...My mum then say Dad will be coming over to rescue us. We waited for 20mins where it should only take 10mins for my dad to reach us if there's no jam at Jalan Kuching. Alrite. I then drive my dad's car away and leave my dad there with that "dehydrate" car and ask him to gao dim himself. Bwaahhahah...Yea. I am evil...ngek ngek ngek...narh...of course ther's a car mechanic la wei...I am not tat bad yet...and tat car mechanic is my dad's fren...so he will deal wid his fren and we seriously have to rush for work.

Alrite. My cousie reach safely wif my professional driving skill at sharp 9am. Well, she is terribly late but at least she reach her co. safely. Then, I start to look for parking which is cheap and near my co. Heck. I entered one parking lot where I thought that they wont charge me very expensive as my cousie told me tat ther're parking lots that charge on RM6 per entry. Who knows...they actually charge me RM4 per hour and max is RM13. I only get to know the price after I've park the car nicely and neatly (yea...neatly...the person in charge wanted more cars to park in...so he want us to park our car very near to each other) It is already 920...I've got no time to bargain or argue and stuff...so...I juz grab the parking tix and walk away. Hell...The parking tix actually written...wat they are not responsible for any damage or lost...=.=" DUH...summore wanna charge me so expensive...

Alrite. I reached co at 920am. Phew. I am still on time. I tot that's all for today. Like. I've met all the bad things in the morning and it should come to the end ady. "Chiew...excuse me...Chiew...excuse me for infinity times" Yea. You will hear this for the whole day in my co if you are my colleague. Heck. I caught a flu by not knowing since whn I caught it. I even roar when I can't stop sneezing and my manager who is concentrating wid her work suddenly look up and get shock when I roar...LOLz...I felt so sorry to the trees that I've used up a lot of tissues while I am one of the "I vote Earth!" supporter...wtfreak...=.="

Oh yea. At last I called up the Touch n Go service line. Guess what...thy said I didn't register my card and I gave them my IC, mailing address and phone number. I am so so so sked like will they use my info...but I can't care much...as they ady asking and I don't like to lie...lolz...Alrite...after I gave the service person avthing, he actually tell...Okay miss, we will come back to you within 24 hours as it juz happened and the data is not up to date yet. After we have checked and we get to know...we will send you back a cheque within one month. I AM LIKE..WHAT??? Have to wait for 24hours to double confirm thn for one month to collect back the overcharged money by cheque???? Are you kidding? Refund by cheque that cost only rm10???!!! I was thinking...mayb I can juz forget about that...but...my 2nd tot come into my mind...mayb that the reason where avbody will think it is troublesome and thy wil juz tell "forget about tat"...end up...Touch n Go will earn a lot...no no...I can't do that...Althought it is like wasting the paper...yet...I insist to myself tat I should take back the RM10.

ISH. Now. Let's wait for the cheque send by Touch n Go. I will definately blog about that once I received the cheque.

Chiew...ish...my flu is coming again...having headche summore...
ARGH!!! What a day for me!!! >_<"

Oh ya. Blueish monday is like...everybody will have tat...no mood to work...
Gloomy tuesday is a rainy tuesday...Hmmph...mayb that's the day I catches a cold
Hell yea. Wednesday is definately a bad ay for me. =.=" That only apply to 25th March 2009 NO OTHER DAY LIAO!!! Bad day go away!!! SHU SHU SHU!!!

Nite nite^^

Hmmph...will it b bcoz...I straighten up my hair myself yest nite that made my had a bad hair day.??? =.=" yea. I had a bad hair day as well. My hair look so freaking dry and bushy and styless like shit...Thanks to myself that wanted to try new things always >_<"

Nice nice?

Nice nice nice?

ARGH...In Dilemma choosing my hairstyle ><"
Ssssweeeeeeet CHIEW!!! dreeeeeeeammmmms...CHIEW!!!

Ya. May god bless me^^

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sometimes ppl will feel empty inside…

a sudden thought… and will start to bcum depress…

No matter how busy is your life,

no matter how rich you are,

no matter how smart you are,

no matter how sweet you are with your couple,

no matter you’ve got how many frenz…

there muz b a moment that will make you feel empty…

Why sometimes ppl will feel empty?

Is empty equals to lonely?


When you are chatting wid a bunch of frenz,when you are laughing happily,when you crapz a lot,there’s a time where you will suddenly turn down and start to b quiet…start to bcum blank…start to feel reserve...you are not lonely at that time but you are empty…

Whn someone is empty, they’ll bcum quiet, but thy are not moody

mayb there’s a sudden tot cum 2 their mind…thinking about the future…or thy are actually tired of life?

anyone can answer why people will suddenly bcum empty in mind?

Friday, March 20, 2009


M on my way heading to the train station after I've parked my car. I always have to pass through a small lorong before I reach the train station.

Sky is bright today at 655am.(Where normally it will still be dark)

My cousin sis is talking to me when we are heading to the station.

Suddenly she scolded softly : Ma di. (Darn)

I was looking at her when she is talking to me, after she scolded tat word, I've actually turn my head to the other side


A MAN WITH CAP, SUITS BUT WITHOUT BOTTOMS standing there, looking at us. His widout bottoms is seriously without wearing anything at his bottom.

WTF!!! ISH!!!

I saw a bunch of hairy hair...and hairy hair...(but not the birdie...mayb it is too small to be see)thn I turn my head back, pretend nth and continue wid our way. Yea, me and my cousin sister have actually stay very calm when we saw that. We didn't walk very fast nor shout.

After we have reached the station, me and cousie actually discuss bout that. Cousie said that there should b a lot of them saw him as almost everybody need to pass by the lorong before they reach the train station, but, NONE OF THEM SHOUTED OR RUN very fast when thy pass by. LOLz...

Bwahahah...feel kesian for the flasher.

Malaysian boleh.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden lifestyle store and cafe @ One Utama

Been waiting for this day for so long. Day out wid cousie and dearie sis^^

Planned long for today.


Let's take the adventure

First stop

Garden lifestyle store and cafe

-the menu-

Instead of full house, full house and full house(tat located at NZX) where everybody have been, and by hearing a lot of negative comments bout their services, I have then decided to try out Garden @ One Utama. Garden lifestyle store and cafe have the same concept wid full house.(cited from my colleague, and I believe their service will be better) And Yea. It is located at LG @ One Utama, new wing.

Now, let's take a look at the interior design

Food Corner^^
we ordered three set lunch tat included soup of the day and drinks. Reasonable price thy offered for set lunch. It is less thn RM20 per set^^ WooHoo!!!

Soup of the day

Iced coffee

Butter Ginger Dory Fish

Turkey Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches

Spaghetti Carbonara

Orange-mango Sorbet

Hell yea. I always longing for dessert. So,

Can I makan???

Can I?


Bwahahha...YESH. Trying to make fun of myself wid the food. Okay. Things I want to point out. Their service crews did a great job. They are all frenly and attentive. They will reach you very fast whenever you need thm. Worth it to pay for the service charge. Food wise. Food tat we orderded behli delicious...dory fish very milky wid the sauce and fishy, turkey ham and pineapple sandwiches is very turkey ham and pineapple, carbonara is very cheesy and milky...SLURP!!!yea...worth it.(a bit regret in choosing orange-mango sorbet coz it taste a bit like medicine...lolz, nxt time muz try other flavour!!!) OVERALL. I RIKE!!! Oh yea, you MUST give a try if you haven't been there. Coz...coz...coz...they pay me to write sth good bout thm...LOLz...narh I am only kidding. Everything provided by Garden is perfect. I felt comfortable and at home in having lunch there and although it is hiding at a small little corner, still there are quite a lot of customers sit in to have lunch^^(you shud know the place won't be crowded if things provided = sux, rite?)SO, YEA, try Garden lifestyle store and cafe that located at One Utama, New Wing.

Photo session
Nonetheless, mah photo session. Bwahhaha...it is dull by having words in my blog for like few weeks already??? So, here I uploaded some photos to "color" my blog and not forgetting...reminding you who is miaoyi...lolz

Photos below taken @ Desa Park City

We actually wanted to snap more outdoor photos...but IT IS TOO HAWT TO DO SO.

end up...we changed plan. Having tea time @ Coffee bean...bwahahhahaha

Mango-matcha or Belgian Choc???

Choc lover : Still, I lup choc...lolz

Enjoying my life~~~
and wondering
when I can do this everyday...

Oh gawd...somebody called me up

Mr. Chow called me
I have to go to bed ady
Bwahhahaha...lame =.="
Okie la. U shud b happy and satisfied by scrolling thru the photos ady. I oso dun wanna write more coz it's time for me to go to bed as I've got date wid Mr. Chow ady.(Zou gong...xD)

Till then^^

Log on to facebook and check for more photos if you dun have enuf scrolling those above^^

Friday, March 13, 2009

Splashes by cars

A rainy day.

I love rainy day.


As usual. I take train to work.
As usual I need to walk for a distance to reach my company.

Happened fortnightly - it rains this morning whn I am on my way walking to my company. Cars normally drive very slow during the rainy day bcoz of the slippery floor but not today.

I got splashed for two times and my back kena wet gao gao!!!


I've stand aside and very far from the cars when I see cars coming still I get soaked. =.="

Luckily I am wearing skirt today and the water can be easily wipe off from my legs. Imagine if I am wearing long pants. The pants will get soaked and smelly and make myself itchy after it've dry. =.=" AND I HAVE TO TAHAN THAT FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!! =.=" (This is applicable to one of my colleagues as she get soaked today as well)


Can't they juz be considerate a bit???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

being Extorted @ KLCC

Alrite. As mentioned in the previous post, I went to KLCC to spend my time. I shop alone. I bought a bag - Lesportsac for my mum using my credit card sub from my dad. Bwahahahha...pandai betul...lolz

Lesportsac. I always don't encourage my mum to buy as we can easily see, touch and buy the pirated one from pasar malam. RM10 for each or mayb RM5. ISH. I told her many times that "you can see it everywhere...everywhere and people tot tat it is pirated" She said "neh mind, I know thn can ady". =.=" wth...

Alrite. I bought it and walk myself to the exit.

Suddenly, there's a lady shouting " Ah moi..."

I start to walk very fast but she is juz in time to catch my steps up by her slippers.

"Ah moi ar...boleh bagi satu ringgit?"

I look at her and start to be blur.

"Ah moi, satu ringgit saja, bagilah..."

I ask her "nak satu ringgit untuk apa?"

She think for a while and reply
"Untuk tambang bus"(Obviously that she is telling lies)
"Satu ringgit saja..."

I stop and stare at her for few minutes.
She look at me and keep on telling
"satu ringgit saja..."

End up. I take my wallet out and gave her one ringgit. She actually look at my wallet and I faster hide the wallet away from her.

I gave it to her with my helpless face.

"Thank you ar" she said and she walk away.




Why my life today is so so dramatic???!!!

Joke of the Day >_<"

Okay. From the previous post, I've stated that I came to work by car. Anyhow, my cousie will only finish her work at 8pm where I can actually ciao at 6pm. Thus, I've decided to take train and spare my time at KLCC while waiting.

As usual. I take out my touch n go card which I always place at a small pocket in my bag.
As usual. I place my card on the touch and go pad in order to access to the order side.

No sound. I touch again.
No sound. So, I touch again and again and again...

I got fed up and walk to the counter.

"Miss, can you please help me to check, I can't access to the other side"
"Cik, ini...jusco card la..."

I look at the card. AND I SEE...IT IS REALLY JUSCO CARD!!!

!!! >_<" !!!

Oh please.
even me myself cant stop laughing after tat...lolz

Okie. I quickly put the card back into my bag and take out the touch n go card. I double confirm that it is touch n go card before touch it to the pad. I walk through and my colleague said

(not knowing anything yet)
"You should have try other touch pads before you go to the counter"

I showed them the Jusco card.

Yesh. They laugh. Oh bloody hell. I seriously have got no idea since when the jusco card will appear in the small little pocket of my bag. wth...ISH!!! MALU BETUL!!!!!!!!

Argh. Another joke of the day.


Lucky Day?

#you're my beautiful gal, beautiful gal...#

Yea. That's my alarm to wake me up...a song from 200 pounds beauty. Bwahahahahah...Don't you feel that it will actually brighten your day by being praise as a beautiful gal? LOLz...

Alrite. I put off the alarm and continue my beauty sleep...till...63o whn my cousin sis wake me up. Argh!!! I AM LATE TO CATCH UP THE 710am's train!!! And my cousin sis will b late for work!!!

Without second thought, I dash to the toilet, brush my teeth and wash my face wid 200km/j speed and then grab wateva I can see from my closet, put it on and Ciao.

658am. My phone rang when I am dashing out frm the house.

It's my fren.

"Hello, miaoyi, are you in the train station yet?"
"No, I juz wanted to rush ther, anything?"
"There's an annoucement frm the KTM station, telling there's no electricity from kepong to segambut...and thy ask us to find alternative way to work..."
"WHAT???!!!! Ish...no idea whn it wil recover?!"
"No...thy juz ask us to find alternative way..."

Then, I drive myelf and my cousin sis to work. I hate driving to work bcoz it will actually jam all the way from my house to my co and it will eat up more thn an hour, where it actually should only take 20minutes time and I din apply to get a monthly parking pass in my company and their charges is bloody hell expensive. RM5 for every half an hour. YES. EVERY HALF AN HOUR. 1/2 hour = rm5, my working hour is from 930 til 6pm...so if I reach my company at 9am...it will b...9 x 2 x 5 = rm90!!!! Wth...it is like the parking lot being painted in gold and got jockey parking like tat(but it is not and there's nothing that shows it is worth by paying that amount)duh...Will show you how "nice" the parking lot is in the future...

Yea. Expected that ther's be jam at Jalan Kuching. But I eventually get thru the jam within 10minutes and it is all the way smooth to my co and I reached my co within 20mins. WHAT???!!! 20 minutes...I never expect that I can reach my co THAT early. It is like so damn early where whn I punch in, it shows "7:19" >_<"

Should I consider today is a lucky day, where my fren called up to inform and I dun hav to rush myself to the train station and curse the KTM after that?

Should I consider today is a lucky day, because there's no jam all the way from my home to my working area?

Should I consider today is a lucky day, because my cousin sis is working today and her company is somewhere near my company and she can actually claim for the parking at her company and I do not have to pay the bloody rm90?

Should I consider today is a lucky day, because I reached my company freaking early and I am able to blog?

Bwahahahah...Yesh. A LUCKY DAY FOR ME and hope I will have a GREAT day AHEAD!!!


first time ever I reached my company freaking early, a memorable day to be recorded

Monday, March 09, 2009

Seven Pounds

How many of us will actually sacrifice ourselves for the guiltiness we have done?

Tim did. In the movie. He donated all his organs to ppl who he think thy need helps. He even faked his identity. He did all these, perhaps, to ease his guiltiness away?

He felt guilty because he think he killed seven ppl in an accident. He is actually checking his sms while driving and he didn't notice that there's a car come by from the opposite side. There, car crashed and he "killed" seven passengers in the van. and of course, his wife is dead as well.

Yes. He killed seven ppl and all he wanna do is to save anoda seven ppl and make them continue wid their life which can be meaningful by sacrifying himself.


That's all I can say.

From what I can see at the society now, to gain the venus, we have to do something. AND of course, sometimes it include guiltiness. BUT venus which is so attractive have actually grab the attention away from the guiltiness.

Well, nobody is perfect, I bet that, you, you, you and you would have done something that makes you feel guilty. Don't deny. Even cutting queue will cause you feel guilty. Don't you? (you shall feel ashame if you do not agree with this...lolz)

So, will you do anything to ease your guiltiness? Or you think that life is cruel and we have to survive by doing things that will make us guilty but we have to cheat ourselves that we shouldn't feel it that way?

I cried. Perhaps, I shouldn't. Coz, he should die for what he have done.

Hmmph, of all, it is a great show. LOLzzz...

bwahahahahahah...yesh come whack me...><

Actually I wanted to write a long yet meaningful post but...I am out of idea at this moment.


p/s : Rite. Don't sms while you are driving or you might end up your day like Tim.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hand Hand


Yes yes, I know it've been long since the last time I updated my blog. Well well...during that few days I went for movie, MOF to visit my favourite dessert, bought J.Co doughnuts and mini doughnuts, Daorae (again) and and and...GOSH!!! ALL RELATED TO FOOD!!! How m i goin to diet like dis?! lolz...duh...don't care >_<"

Alrite. Back to the topic. Hand Hand.

Muaha...I put Bao Bao on my lap dis afternoon and tell myself tat I am goin to teach him "hand hand"

Okie. I started to wave the junk food in front on him and hold his hand, I said "hand hand" thn oni give me the biscuit. THEN THEN...smart Bao Bao actually get to know wat is hand hand at the third time I gave him the biscuit, he gave me his hand!!! WOOHOO!!!! He is smart, rite? lolz

muahahahahahah...good good...A new tactic for us to play now. I mean him. lolz
After that I actually put him on the floor, and, I ask for hand hand. He...he...he...HE THEN SIT DOWN ON THE FLOOR...=.="

APALAH BAO, I ask for hand hand not sit la... =.="

I tot he forgot wat is hand hand, thn i put him on my lap again in order to train him. He actually gave me his hand. Wtfreak...I guess...he oni will give me his hand hand if I put him on my lap.


Oppsss...I forgot Bao Bao can't go online and check my blog...muaahahah...

Good Day^^