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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Project 365 #240

One of my ex-collegemates asked for yam cha tonite. She bring her bf along. Oh yea, she is the gal that I mentioned at the collegemates gathering day post. So Yea, this is the first time I am meeting her bf. *ahem A bit gan cheong *ahem. As...her bf is different skin color frm me. ><" Went to Honeymoon which is near mah house.

Wokay. My fren's bf actually asked me what kind of guy I am looking for and said he wanted to intro me his fren. ><" Oh well. I don't know why everybody is like worrying I dun hav a bf and always wanted to intro me their frenz. lolz.

So here's what my fren tel her bf
"oh no, I dun think she wil like xxx(that guy's fren), she wants somebody who at least a bit good looking, a bit handsome..." WAHAHA. So yea. From here you can see, I somehow a bit judge from outlook. ><"

Then, her bf actually asked to me
"you are a good listener, so you always listen listen listen and seldom talk?"
"You like people who keep talking?" I nooded my head. My fren then said "No, sometimes she talk a lot as well, when it is an interesting topic for her". Hmmph...The bf asked "So, how if you go out for dates then you keep quiet and the date kept quiet as well?" "Then we just don't talk". I answered. LOLz.

Hmmph. Now I recalled. It was him who talk all the time and I keep quiet and listen. Even when we argued, I always remained silent and he roar over ther. LOLz. He sometimes complain...and ask me to talk coz he is tired in talking. LOL. But he srsly loves to talk. XD. DARN. Why am I talking bout this. =.=" D'oh.

Oh well. Can't deny that I am a good listener. Muahahahahaah...I m telling the truth, I love to listen wat ppl tell bcoz from there I can get to know more, know more bout the people's personality, know more bout...how different people look at different things. XD. Hmph...shud set "wanna b more talkative" as my new year revolution nxt year. LOL. Adious~

Oh Yea. Happy for my fren who is in love^^

Suddenly felt my post is filled of lovey dovey things
GOSH. =.="