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Friday, December 18, 2009

Working holiday

Project 365 #255


Working holiday


Suppose to follow my cousie and her bunch of frenz to Penang Island BUT SHITS always come during the holidays. AND YEA. The very responsible me...bring the work back and do. I just dun like leaving my work there coz...anyhow I will need to do it. Finish those asap then no worries. XD.

Hmmph...it is actually a very simple work where I only have to set the run and let it run. The run which is time consuming that makes me nid to bring the work back home and do. SO. While the report is running I lie on the bed watching tv shows and stephen chow's moviesssss. I just can't say no to Stephen Chow's movie. AND and and...I took a nap. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH. So...tat's how I past my working holiday today. BORED. =.=" I WANNA GO OUT LAAAAAAAAAA but cousie and sista is not available this week =(