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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'mas 2009

Project 365 #261

Spent few hours at Starbucks @ The Curve


Went One U wid cousie and her bunch of auntie gang frenz during day time. Yea. Her auntie gang is srsly aunties gang where all of them are married and some even have got kids as well except for my cousie of course ><". OWH But it is stil a chicks day out. So sweet of them. =) We had lunch at Pasta Zanmai and I ordered Chicken Katsu Curry rice. Yea. No rice no life. XD. It is so so cool to hang out with my cousie's frenz bcoz they speaks hokkien! I mean thy communicate with each other in Hokkien!!! I mean...when you hang out with your frenz the common language tat you wil speak with your frenz will be either english, mandarin or cantonese but but you can barely hear frenz use hokkiento communicate with each other rite...LOLz. They can speak hokkien freaking fast but phew...lucky that I Un what they said and get to laugh along with them(tho I am at kindergarten level in speaking hokkein...LOLz) OWH. We did shop around and I bought two pieces of clothes. AGAIN. ARGH. I hate holidays and shopping. =.=" Just cant stop myself from buying. Eeeeeeeeeeeee...I Love sales yet hate sales. ><"

Oh yea. I've got mission today tho. Search for starbucks tumbler. Hmmph...it's a X'mas gift for my fren. I grabbed every chance to search for a nice one when I am at a shopping centre yet I can't see any nice one. Rite. I din see one in One Utama too. SIGH. Sad case. So, I googled for the outlets, shortlisted the location and head to PJ area to visit all the starbucks outlets. Saw my brother at home and ajak him along instead of going out alone. LOLz. YAY! Got free driver. ahahahahahahah. OPppssss. ><" Yea rite...SS. =.="

Hmmph. So. I search thru all the possibility outlets in PJ area yet I saw only the same design with Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur wordings. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee...Dun think my fren will like it and oh well...the other mugs or tumblers are much more expensive than the budget given. ><" I called another fren of mine and asked for help. She help to call the gal and asked if she have got other wish list. Yea. That time the gal wrote one wish on the wish list instead of 3. LOLz. Hmmph. Lucky that the gal said it's okay to have M'sia or Kuala Lumpur design. So yea. I bought. Mission accomplished. Then, me and brader get to chill out a lil at Starbucks. =) Hmmphhh...a lil deplore that I din get to snap photos and enjoy the snowing time at Pavilion. Hope ther'll b one nxt year and I am able to catch up with it. XD