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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It is my working day today and I always wait for today to come so that I can contribute something to my e-learning.(One of the point I go for work - to make myself to be initiative in contributing my work at e-learning)


I m bored in reading all those "arguments" being made by my collegemates and I m tired in looking for journals in order to support my argument.

DUH...I NEED A GLASS OF BEER!!! or mayb a jug?

The music that's playing in my office makes me miss the club...especially the song

"The Way I Are"!!!


Dance, drink n drunk is all I want for this second!!!

Oh god...juz let me drown together with the music and beer!!!

Let's chill out!!! lolz


* But I think I need more help in order to push me harder n work in e-learning...=.=" or I shall make myself drown 2geda wid the journals and e-learning...(Kill me, can you???)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

O le le~~~

O la la...lolz

I am suppose to contribute sth this week to my e-learning...
it is 2211 now and I haven contribute anything yet
I wonder if sir wil bar me frm going to Liverpool o not...
I AM JUST NOT IN MOOD...so...who cares?

My sista gang came and look for me and lengC in the office 2day. They were discussing about the tripsss tat we are goin in the mth of may~~~

Well...now I am fully booked by my frenz for every weekends in the mth of May.

3rd May - one day trip to Malacca
10th May - Paintball game^^
17th May - trip to Kelantan
24th May - Buffet @ Jogoya n mayB club^^lolz

and and and...25th - 27th of may, I will be going 2 Taman negara @ Pahang wid my colleagues and the students...

30th May - leaving to UK...

Wow...frm the schedule, it seems like a lil pack and time like flying fast...

Cant wait to go Malacca tho...hehe...muz enjoy myself to the maximum b4 I leave to UK(altho it is oni for 3mths)

Oh ya...a small lil announcement to make

my best fren yet sista broke up wid her boi d...They break up mutually that's bcaz both of thm know what the prob is...

All of us do think tat she is really tough...YOU ARE THE MAN!!!^^

She have got the point for breaking up...
since her dream is not same wid her anoda half...
so it will b a waste of time in dragging the "no-ending" relationship for so long...

There's a say
"One shudn't care for the long-lasting love but shud b happy for they have once been in love"

Well...shud we actually think for our future whn we are in a relationship or we shud actually enjoy the time being with the other half without thinking the future of us?

m3, RieKey, Bell, Dong

Friday, April 25, 2008


Thursday, April 24, 2008



tat's all I wanna tell...

he didn't call me up nor sms me for the whole day...until i msg n ask wher is he.
I knew he blocked me at msn...well...it says it all...

Says what?

Posted 04/22/2008 5:03 pm
oh..~ break dance~
i pro la.. i pro in spin le~
want try me?
360 degree..with 90 degree upstand...wahahahaha
i got curse, no galfriend ma...then getting fatter loh~~~

change ur profile photo la man~~
get new wan..apala u #

i got curse, no galfriend ma...
(kim, 2008)

Says what?

I aint nobody galfriend?


friendster, a way for you to communicate and keep in touch with your frenz...I aint see no comments from you at my frenster...and I din say a word...

I am more than wat you know about me...

Day 1

Went to pay for flight ticket today

after tat me, lengC, pen n miyuki have actually went to pavilion for a movie.


1st thing come into my mind

J-Co Donuts


Diz is for my family^^

4 of us have actually bought 2 dozens of donuts after tat we bought taiwan XXL chicken chop as our brunch. It cost me RM6 but it is really huge(until I still feeling full whn it is time for dinner.)

XXL chicken chop
p/s: This is "Shi Ling" not "Gu Ling"

Street King
the movie tat we watch today. It is a lil complicated for me to watch...don't really get to know wat's the story is all about when my mind get distracted.

At night me and lengC meet back pen again for lim teh session. Kerk, and the sweet couple - Marvin San n Tracy have actually join us for this session^^. As I m not really good in describing how sweet and cute this couple is, i've decided to upload a small lil video about them...

Main Cast
Marvin Lai

Kerk Wei

Opps...sorry for the annoying sound...lolz

Yes, yes, yes...Tracy is trying to put her fist into Marvin's mouth, thy've actually did tat b4 I cap dis video...I've asked thm 2 do it again but I think Marvin is having a camera shy...lolz

Wonder where is pen? Well, as she is the daughter of a father, I can't simply show her face in the Internet for her safety purpose. lolz...

Okie la...she went out to answer her call from her sweety - Kai Xin(best buddy)

As I've got high demands from all of you in showing who pen is...

Here you go...this is pen^^

p/s:She is still single and available, if interested pm me...lolz

I left earlier for the lim teh session, caz I have 2 accompany my sayang for his dinner. Again...he wanna eat bak kut teh...I told him it is not really good for health and we have made a promise - One week, he only can eat once...yes...I know it is still a lot but...I will try to control...nxt time it will b 2 weeks once and thn one mth once and then...nyek nyek nyek...lolz

Both of us pretended nth whn the time he called me up and ask me out for dinner.(We argued yest and he just suddenly go off9) My heart still paining when I went out wid him and it makes me dare not to look at him or mayb dun wish to look at him(dun wanna get even more hurt)

I thought tat he will at least say again...I am sorry...but I think he have actually put this prob aside or mayb "close case"...I treated him quite "cold" today...

sayang...can we bring back our passion once more? (I really miss the sweet sweet moment...)Sigh...

Well...good luck and all the best for your exam^^

I named this as Day 1 bcoz he have actually asked not to contact til 5th May and today is actually the 1st day...Well~~ :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I did not purposely wanna argue with you

maybe u shud think wat I always told u

altho it sounds like I m joking but actually I am serious...I juz dun wanna make the situation bcum worse and I really don't like to argue with you...

Monday, April 21, 2008

WELL DONE! Good plan

Well Done! good plan

These words have actually brighten up my day during the rainy day^^

I've actually sent my report plan for Intro to mass comm project(e-learning) to Dr. Iqbal this morning. To tell the truth, I didn't spend much time nor heart in doing this plan. I just simply put on some scholars' work and type in some notes that I jotted down in my notes earlier. I thought that I will get boom from sir and I have actually get ready for it. Well...

Wow...didn't expect I will get such praise from sir...hehe...Thanks for brighten up my day sir...^^

Sunday, April 20, 2008


If pimples is a way in showing that I am young, I can tell that, I AM DAMN YOUNG NOW!!! lolz

Recently pimples keep growing on my face as they never grow on my face before, especially my forehead. (Oh yea, I never allow them to come and stay on my face)

I don't know what's the matter with my face, is it because of the cleanser that I am using? Or because of my daily routine? People were telling falling in love can make a girl become a beauty...but why???Why the pimples will start to grow like anything on my face and...and...I AM GROWING fatter n fatter...gosh...wat's the matter with me la???

My mom keep mumbling there, asking me to go for facial. So, I AM GOING FOR FACIAL BY TOMORROW!!!I want the pretty me to come back!!!

Hey you!!! Wait for me, don't run away, I still love you as how you look like in the month of decemeber...lolz

Oh ya...I can't stand myself ady, so I put on a mask today in order to make myself feel comfortable a lil bit...lolz

Celebrative Hi-Tea

It's saturday~~~Normally I don't work on Saturday, but today, it is a BIG day for the company and the students, so...I die har die har oso hav 2 go n work lo...

Watched Forbidden Kingdom yest nite(180408), 2150 show @ TGV, kepong. He said that we have to be up-to-date in watching movies. So, although he is going to sit for exam on monday, still we went for a movie^^. We were sitting at the first row as there are TOO many ppl tempting to watch this movie. Well, overall, it is a show that worth to watch in cinema^^

Alright, since I've spent all my energy in watching movies(as I am sitting at the first row), I thought that I can sleep a little late the next day.But but but...my dear called my up early the morning and ther...we went for breakfast...lolz...So damn sleepy man...lolz

Alright...Back to Celebrative Hi-Tea...what is it all about???(Duh...foods la...lolz)

Been working in Perfection the Training Academy for almost 4 years but I've nvr been to the celebrative Hi-Tea organized by the centre.

Celebrative Hi-Tea is meant for the students who get Assssss in Their UPSR, PMR and SPM. Hmmph...I dun have the chance to attend when i was taking tuition in this centre they only start to organized such Hi-Tea after I've graduated.

The Hi-tea starts at 3pm and we were asked to reach the company earlier in order to prepare foods for Hi-tea. >_<" Pardon me??? YES! Prepare food for Hi-tea.

We did it all by ourselves. That's because Perfection have a Perfect Chef - my boss and Perfect teamworkers, us. lolz...(yala...we just wanna save up some cost but don't you think that it is warm if we do avthing ourselves???)

We cut all the cucumbers, poke all the balls and "display" all the food by ourselves. Wow...I don't even cut the cucumbers at home...lolz

Oh yea, I in-charge in food-department, so I serve food. lolz...I was like a crazy woman that day, keep pushing off ALL the foods.

This one you must try, this one damn delicious, take more...

lolz...Wakakkaka...I think the students will scared of me if the next time they saw me standing there serving the foods. Well, don't worry kiddo, this is my first and last time to serve you guys. So, you guys should cherish the chance.lolz...

Fushion De Perfection

Nevertheless, my favourite Choc^^
Was very tired after the party, partly is because of the heels as I am standing there all the while serving the foods. And...I am damn full as well, caz I keep "curi makan"...hehehe...well...I have to prove to the students how delicious the foods are ma...don't blame me...hehe...

^^A tired by meaningful day for me. I told myself that I must grab every chance in joining myself into all the events organize by Perfection as I am leaving soon...real soon...

Niway...Thanks Perfection for Training me^^ haha...

Friday, April 18, 2008

How I Wish...

How I Wish I don't know her...

How I Wish I am ur first...

How I Wish...

you can b romantic once more...

How I Wish...

I can change all ur habits...in order not 2 b same wid her...

How I Wish...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

R.I.P RieKey

RicKey in the house

#Sorry to inform u tat.. Our lovely riekey already leave us..coz of body sickeness n unknown virus..I'm so sorry sorry sorry..#

Received this msg frm Ice dis afternoon. Feel sad to hear that...
our new member passed away. May he Rest in Peace...

Didn't get to get closer with him and there he passed away...Well...mayb God want Riekey back to his side as it is too cute

RieKey, aunties and uncles over here wish that you will be back again 2geda wid us soon...

Video Clip of RieKey whn "landing" to our family

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Saw this in my office, think it is quite interesting^^


1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity

2. Always try to see the other person's point of view. Avoid sarcastic remarks

3. Seek out the good in people

4. Be a good listener; never interrupt

5. Accept constructive criticism

6. Admit your mistakes (well not much ppl. will do this...lolz)

7. Never lose your temper(NEVER???I am not god...)

8. Share ideas, skills, experiences and pertinent information(wat if they are not interested with wat I am sharing???)

9. Speak positively of others or not at all

10. be loyal to others(even dog is loyal, it will bark at you one day...so???)

11. Treat people equitably(this will never happen de lo...)

12. Assist others in their growth and development

13. Give honest & sincere appreciation

14. Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly

15. Concentrate on the relationship, not the person's personality

16. Ignore minor irritations

17. If you find fault, begin with praise(it sounds like stepping them if we praise...eg. how "good" you are in putting it in tat way...)

18. Smile(and you will soon see me in Tanjong rambutan)

19. Create a win-win situation(nobody wid satisfy with the win-win situation, there muz always be a winner and a loser)

20. Never argue; nobody ever wins an argument(thn. lawyers will bcum beggers d...)

well, just too bored...lolz

erm...oh ya...I ride bike to work 2day le^^ hehe...

it reminds you sth???

YES..."tin yok yau cing" starred by Andy Lau...lol



I really get pissed off!!

As I m really hardworking last week where I always log on to my e-learning blackboard in order to "lurk" at ppl's work as well as doing some contribution I tot of I can relax myself this week where I didn't log on to the blackboard AT ALL until today...

I checked my email, as usual my "dear" lecturer will send us a bunch of emails, keep notifying us, warning us for those poor attendance and he have actually sent us the attendance performance last week.

I thought tat I will be save because I did log on for at least 3 hours for 3 modules per week. I thought of as long as I online for at least 3 hours for ALL the modules thn I will be safe.

For god's sake, I found my name being highlighted in red color for the module - Research Method...wtf...=.="

I really get mad whn I saw it or I should say it is like thunderstorm for me...

wat the...alrite...now I have to write an email to sir in order to explain WHY my performance is poor...duh...I really...well...

I told my friend I am really disappointed with him and my fren ask me not to say so...well...I AM REALLY SAD AND DISAPPOINTED but dunno in which way...

Sigh...Sir could you please explain your

at least 3 hours for 3 modules per week

but not telling we are asking rubbish 0r fooling ard...=.=


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lindsay's 22nd Birthday Celebration^^

This is the "N" years for us to celebrate lindsay's birthday. Today we choose to have our dinner at Marshe, The Curve. After that we have actually divided ourselves into 2 groups, one group go for clubbing and the other one go for Karaoke...

Well...as I am a "outgoing" and "hyperactive" yet those who loves to dance...I join myself into the clubbing group.
(actually it is because it've been sometimes since the LAST time I touches beer and I think I m thirsty...lolz)

We went to scarlet first, and we have actually choose "hide" ourselves. There're not much people over and those who stood beside us are white collars.

m3 in Scarlet^^

We ordered one jug and I didn't drink much as I m driving that day. It's quite funny in looking at the reaction of the people who have actually get drunk. I saw a aunty(age ard. 30 i guess...) she keep flirting with her colleagues(all uncles, age ard 30, 40...lolz), and dance "CLOSELY" with them, I dunno how to express my feelings towards such situation...(shall I call it funny or disgusting???)

There's a gang of GALs standing at our left hand side...only GALS...or maybe I shud call them as Lady(age ard. 25++). Well, they are quite frenly instead, we have actually toasted with them. As they are all LADIES...the uncleSssss...standing in front of our table have actually came nearer and nearer towards our table...yes...they wanna Woo the ladies next door...and I am forced to move further...I keep moving and moving...until I can't reach my beer...duh...The ladies didn't bother them as they are enjoying themselves and it actually make the Uncless
"potong stim"(new term learned frm Wai yee at the same day^^)

The songs played by the DJ in Scarlet sux...thus...we bottoms up our beer and it is only one jug and walk off...changing our location to Sanctuary^^(Wow!!)As I m walking to the exit...I m a lil regret in changing the location...that's because...I SAW A LOT OF LENG ZAIssssssssssssssssss here...duh....=.=Well avthing is too late...

At Sanctuary^^

Alright, we came to Sanctuary, it is no longer crowded as before and AND I see NO LENG ZAIsss here...so disappointed man...the songs here are GREAT and I didn't stay long in the pub. I went out and take a breathe. Suddenly...

Suddenly...A guy came to me and talk to me
(Shud b a Malay, guess)

He said: Hi, why are you looking so sad?

M3 : ...(I turn my face to the other side)

Him: I m fine with every language, what language would you prefer? Hokkien? Hakka?

M3 :English will be fine for me.(Gosh...I have actually answered him)

Him: I felt sad whn I saw a sad face appearing over here, come on, this is a happening place, you should b happy.

M3 : ...(I turn at him and force myself smile)

M3 : Mayb bcaz I m tired, I need a break. I danced too much inside just now.
(Shh...I am telling lies...as I didn't dance much inside...)

Him: Oh really? But I didn't see you dancing inside....niway, Patrick. U? Oh plz tell me your real name as I dun like to lie, I didn't lie to you neither.

M3:(Well, I didn't tell much ppl that my name is Cade, so...)Cade.

Him: Alright Cade,
(and he take out his name card - Superpetz), well I m selling kittens...bla bla bla...(cant really remember the content as it is not important to me...lolz)

M3: You are only selling kittens?
(Ops, it's like a lil...rude in asking him, I don't have such intention in looking down at him, it is so happened that I wanted to get a puppy and I tot mayb I can get from him)

Him: Well, you know because I am doing malay market so...and he keep on Bla'ing again...so promise me you will give me a call or sms me by tomorrow?

M3: I say, okay.(Duh, you will forget who m I by 2mr, so...I m oni keeping an empty promise)

but he actually reach his last finger out and wanted to make a promise wid me, and tell me all those curse if I din msg him.

m3: Yea, I promise I will cal you, if you the nxt time you see me here you can actually come to me and scold me.
(Well, I am leaving to UK soon and I don't think you will remember who m I...wahahahahaha...lolz)

Him: Alright, I gtg now, my buddy waiting, I'll wait for your call.

M3: OKay, see ya. (and I dash myself very fast into the pub again hoping that he won't find me ard if I m in there)

Him: Hey, niway, you looK hot....
M3:(LOLz...wakakakakkakka)Oh...thanks.(Turn and run...)

Hehe...actually I am not trying to show off...I've been to club for several times and this is the first time that got guy actually came to me and talk to me...lolz...(maybe bcaz he is drunken o he lost his contact lens)

Well, thanks Patrick Jones, I will remember you^^(I m stil wondering wat race he is...)

I am a lil moody 2day...my frens who went to sing K didn't want to go back as I m being left alone...(anoda 2 of my frenz...lost d...)

kept on sms n calling them but thy seems like ignoring me and enjoying themsleves over there...and end up sms me n ask me to go back 1st...=.=

I lie to myself that I m actually drunk...I sms my bf and crap a lot...arguing...blaming him for not accompany me....dis n tat...and thn I told him...

"if you have got no feel on me, x love nor like me thn juz dump me, u dun hav 2 feel responsible for the sake of you started it 1st..."

He call me, I din answer
I send my fren a sms, telling them I m goin back and walk myself to the car park ALONE

I cried...I felt disappointed with my frenz...I am like...not being concern...Sigh...

Suddenly I felt that I NEED A BIG HUG!!!

I drive myself to my bf's house and hugged him... he don't like me going to all those places and I actually didn't get a FULL hug from him as he complain my hair is smelly. I leave my car at his house and he drive me home. I reached home at 0335am. He message me right after I enter the house "Dear, don't argue anymore, k? Love you...hehe"
(quite sweet tho^^but I hope nxt time he wil tell me face 2 face lo...xD)

I think I am not drunken but I just wanna release myself, and I dun feel enuf...so I will be going to Pub again nxt time...b4 I leave to UK. I MUST HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!!Lolz... Duh...WHAT a day~~~

These are some photos of the day...
the Blurday Gal^^


Thursday, April 10, 2008


What's the


of you

in lurking or reading the blogs

that's being written

by the people who is once your love one?