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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shop til droppppppppp

Project 365 #298


This picture has got nothing to do with the title.


tat's the movie we watch today ma.

*tsk tsk

"Welcome to the seafood land, the world la LaLa" Yea. I said this when me, sis and cousie entering the BTS building. Yea I know it's my second home. D'oh. That's bcoz of the similar hairstyle I have last year and ppl ard me start telling that it was my second home. ARGH!!!! Still, I got the same hairstyle this year. ><" So Yea. We do shopping at BTS. The main reason is bcoz BTS sell loads of shorts compare to other shopping centres and the choices are variety and it's CHEAP! Went to the shops that solely sell shorts. Gah. No nice stocks. Potong stim betul. Then we start to shop around and enter every shop which have got "everything RM25, RM15 or RM10 banner". Cheap Sial can! AND I bought a lot...until I dun even know I've spent all my money in my purse. TT_TT. (summore hav to borrow from sista...mempersiasuikan betul) Shiatz. I bought few tops(that's bcoz of evil cousie) and skirt and pressie for my cousie at oversea. Hope she like it whn she saw it. Teehee.

Oh ya. The Spy nxt door. The 3 of us went for movie at 7pm. So Yea. Jackie Chan likes to blend music, funny things with kungfu. AND ERM. Okay. I guess majority of the money have gone in hiring Jackie Chan to be the main cast. (low cost product la...><" lolx) ERM. You may pick a wednesday to watch this movie if you are Jackie Chan's fans. Till then~

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Project 365 #297

Yea at work

from 11am til 5pm

This is all bcoz of the figures



First time ever stayed in Opis for so long during weekends. Enjoy working alone tho...bcoz the opis is so quiet and I feel stressless AND AND AND I get to blast the music loud loud in the opis. xD. OH well...okay...I admit the coward me blast the music to avoid hearing any "unidentify" sound. Ta~

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Summer!!!

Project 365 #296

summer themed party @ Passion Road



So Yea. It's a company dinner/party. ALAS. Yea...At last. Everybody were asked to dress up like we are in summer. Oh well, Msia is a all year summer country...buttttt I find hard to think wat to wear. ><" Flower flower = summer? Beach wear = summer? GAhhhhh...I ended up pick a flowery clothes which look quite formal but not-so-summer bcoz I don't know if the place we are having dinner need us to be in proper attire. Btw...I actually tot of wearing shorts and long tee...summer maa...tat's how I always dress up. AWWWWwwwwwwww...I miss the summer in UK. ><" Blek.

Hmmph. It's actually an open air secret garden(where I got loads of mosquito bites/flea) with very nice deco and really hav got the garden-garden feel just like The Garden Lifestyle store located at One U or The Curve. xD. Wokay enuf of crapz. The dinner was fun!!! We have got ang paus, lucky draw and...orientation. =.=" AND I AM ONE OF THE "LUCKY" one. ><" Yea...after been working here for 1 year 3 mths now only I kena Orientation. Being called out divided in to groups.

The funniest and happiest game among all is to guess the song. CEO being invited to participate in the game. Oh yea! He is the newbie to our Co. as well. xD. It's a "gu gu gu gor zai" game. (guessing song) , u know wat I mean if you watch "jiong mun yan". Our dear CEO from india have to stuck the ear plug into his ear and sing out the song played into his ear. Now you got the picture. *evil grin Owh...the outcome wasn't bad, my group get to guess majority of the songs- which is majority are chinese oldies. ><" LOLz. Sounds like I am old ah ma liddat. =.=" And best of all is CEO is good enuf to pull off his CEO title and play 2geda wid us. *claps He even lead every newbiesssss to dance in another session. *thumbs up

So Yea. Lucky draw. There are netbook, Wii, Ipod shuffle, radio, air-purifier, voucherssssss, tupperware!? and etc etc etc...as usual. I AM NOT THE LUCKY ONE. =.=" Sienz gao. But it's good that those who did not get draw got consolation prize as well - RM 50 cash voucher. xD

Overall it's a GREAT nite and it will be the BEST if there are no fleas or mosquito bites. I got almost 30 spots on my leg. FML.

Thursday, January 28, 2010






































我還不想那麽快從你的學校畢業 !!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heapi BURSTday to dearie cousie xD

Project 365 #294


I got her a helium ballon and blusher from benefit.

Now you know why I am dead broke

if you follow me at FB or tweeter.


But I srsly like the pressie can!


I guess she love it as well.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

♥ Recently Addicted ♥

Project 365 #292 - 293

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"
'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes
The way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

That maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"

Maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one

But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking
I can't live without you
'Cause, baby, two is better than one
But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
But I'll figure it out
When all is said and done
Two is better than one
Two is better than one

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something wrong wid Brader today

Project 365 #291

Day out wid mummy and sista to One U today. XD. Shopped around to get my cousie Bday present which she once told that she wants it...bcoz of the charming box they have.(which cost blardy expensive that I dunno it will be THAT expensive til I pay the bill and it srsly made my purse bleed like anything)

Stopped myself for spending any money coz I am broke dead but but but I wanted to shop!!!!!!!!
So yea...by remembering that brader stil nid new years clothes. We, then, go shop for braders' clothes. WAHAHAH YESH now I can do shopping yet not using my own money. XD. Mood bcome damn good when I get to buy my braders some clothes. I wonder if I am happy bcoz I get to buy nice clothes for my bro or I get to spend money. GOSH. I dun wanna b shopaholic. ><"

Oh ya! Something wrong wid Brader today. ><" Wokay...I went Pizza Hut @ Carefour for dinner 2nite 2geda wid the family. Shopped around after dinner. Me, Brother and Dad waited mum outside KFC while mum shop around. Brother suddenly call me and said :"Jie, see, tat one look like you". I turned my head with curiousity...thinking who will it be that look like me and I saw orangutan on the TV. =.="""""""""""" Then my brother laugh like anything after tat. *swt My brother then walk to my dad who is mingling around...he use the same line "Dee, see, there's someone who look like you." My dad look around so hard and try to find out who is the one tat look like him WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH after half a minute only he realized that he is being conned. ><" ROFLMAO. We so wanna share the joke wid our mum that we enter the shop to look for her. Then my brother say "Jie, look like Jay Chou". I was thinking so hard in who he meant bcoz ther are only gals in the shop. I turned my hard around and see carefully. ZOMG. I saw a gal who srsly look like a cute version of Jay Chou. XDDDDDDD. Ahahahahahahaha...So Bad of him...=.=" My brother thn keep on imitate Jay Chou by repeating Jay's favourite line "aiyo, bu cuo oh" I just can't stop laughing til sis asked what happened. Again, brother told her "there's a Jay Chou here". Sis tried so hard to look around yet she can't see the one tat my brother meant. My brother thn hint hint her and there Sis burst into laugthers. We 3 juz cant stop laughing after that and made the shopkeepers scratched their head. Aiks...these 3 siblings so bad can! ><" LOLz.

Walked into Waston coz mum wanted to buy cotton. A promoter walked to mum and promote her a pluster kind thingy that helps to slove the flu/snore problems. While she is explaining in how it helps by just pasting it on the nose, my brother asked her "so, you are having flu as well?" The gal tot my brother was asking if it only helps for flu. She answered my bro seriously by telling there are plenty of functions other than healing the flu. My brother listen and then he ask her again "so, you are having flu?" Me, mum, sis and even the promoter all burst into laughters. XDDDDDD This brother...ppl working but he go and kacau ppl pulak. *shake head ><" We then walk to the counter and then Mum burst into laughter again. Guess what...even the cashier have the pluster thingy on his nose and we so wanna ask him "are you having flu as well?" LOL.

We then leave carefour and brother suddenly said "See, Boh tak ceh"(not educated in hokkien) We looked around and saw two people wearing their Uniform written PTC. Oh yea. All thanks to the Original creativity of S'pore movie. ><" GAH...guess there's really something wrong with the brother but yea all these cheer everybody up and temporary forgot bout monday blue. XD

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Dearie cousie's wedding

Project 365 #290

2nd cousie get married this year, this month

after the wedding on 1st Jan 10

Heapi that I some sort involved myself in her

picking wedding gown day,

photoshooting day,

picking photos day,

Day of her registration,

Meetings wid the other JiMui,

the nite of preparation

and yea

Here it is

Her Big day

on 23rd January 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pre-wedding nite

Project 365 #289

Of course it's cousie's pre-wedding nite.

Takkan me rite.



So yea. We get everything well-prepared tonite in order to win more Ang Pau 2mr. xD. I got the love letter done today tho...It's a less than half an hour work BUT still look nice rite. WOI! FASTER SAY IT IS NICE!!! Teehee

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Project 365 #288

It's all about work today.

and oh yea

Zzzzz as well.


Nitez peepz.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Project 365 #287

Yea Meeting.

The Ji Muis' meeting

for cousie's wedding.


That's the list of props tat we shud prepare

I followed cousie for her choosing wedding gown day, wedding photo shooting day, picking photo day, register day and yea she is getting married on 23rd Jan 2010. So fast can! ><" Dicussion being held at Station One. First time I met some of my cousie's frens. Everybody distributed their ideas and some are really farney. Now, we have the list in hand and we shall see what is going to happen on Saturday. xD


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dearie Sis Sweet 17

Project 365 #286

Heapi Burstday Sis!!!


I guess you had.

Given by all the family members

having the Durian aroma surrounding the house


Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration =)

Project 365 #285

We went to Library for the celebration.


On Monday night

So Hardworking can!


The organizer msn'ed me in the afternoon and ask if I am free tonite. Answered yes widout thinking whn she told me we are doing a small birthday celebration for two birthday gal n boy. THEN she actually told me that we will be celebrating the Birthday at Library. Siao can! Nvr been to pub/club on Monday tho...coz ya know...it's the first day of work for the week which means if I drink a lot I will be suffering from dizziness for a week. Yea. Old ppl nid a week to recover for one alcoholic nite. ><"

Bought twister fries at E@curve's McD. wth. It cost me RM5.10. The stupiak me pay RM11 and the stupiak cashier gimme back 90 cents. wth. I got blur and told her I paid her RM11. She keep on telling that I paid her RM6...GAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I told her I said I tot I've got 10cents earlier that's why I paid her RM10 thn after that pay her another piece of RM1 bcoz I tot to replace that 10cents wid RM1. wtf. I even scold myself...ask why so stupid tat I go pay her RM11. =.=" The cashier doubt with it and told one of her kelic. They starts to tally the cashier money yet thy can't get the correct amount AND I am only her second customer after she open the cashier. wtf. There are long Q behind and ther's only one cashier. Thy asked the supevisor out. I saw the supervisor counting money then she asked me how much I paid. She then giv me back RM5.90. I asked if the money is tally and she answered yet. Yea...I left feeling the stupiak cashier staring from my back. wtf. GERAM BETUL. Nxt time I will memorize my money's serial no. when I pay the bill at E @ Curve mia McD. wtf. =.="


So yea. Count how many wtf I've used in this post. xD


Sunday, January 17, 2010

White Day Out XD

Project 365 #284

It's a bright day out

which is


kinda "abnormal" for the gang.




tat's the fruit tea that I heart recently. <3

Dated Lim Soo Soo out for movie - Old Dog. Movie starts at 730pm. Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai before movie. I ordered fruit tea and Matcha Matcha Parfait~ Mah all time favourite ♥ ♥ ♥ XD
5 of us showed up for the movie AND we all agree that Ralph White seriously look like one of my frens Alex !!! BUT sigh...he did not turn up for the movie. Easily wasted *shake head xD

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Lim Soo Soo's BIG Dae!!!

Project 365 #283

Heapi Buffday to Lim Soo Soo


So Yea. We had dinner at Betty's Midwest Kitchen and the food are all superyummilicious can!!! I love the dog food -chessy gravy fries, Rib and and and and their mash potato *SLURP As the resto is kinda pack for us to do celebration, we changed to a Bali style resto in order to blow the Birthday cake. I got Lim Soo Soo a super damn cute sheep yam+vanilla fruit cake. I heart dis cake so muchie since the first time I saw it...which is few months ago...wanted to get tat for somebody's bday but juz can't get the right person...so so so AT LASTTTTT I found Lim Soo So suits this cake so muchie and I decided to get this cutie sheep cake for her. (coz thy both are super duper white.)XD

The dinner starts at 730pm where after the celebration at Bali resto it's only 1130pm...which is consider still EARLY for everybody. Yea...tat's bcoz we are all used to go out late...Head to Millenium square for 3rd round. Ordered a tower of carls tat cost only RM50++ and yea...tat's the end of the day.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my dear Lim Soo Soo!!! Best wishes and may ALLLLLL ur dreams come true. XOXO.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bee Z week =/

Project 365 #278 - 282


It's srsly a Bee Z week for me



715am - wake up from bed
745am - stuck in the jam on my way to opis
845am - reached opis and start BCC
920am - breakie wid kelic
935am - starts to work
1pm - 145pm - lunch
730pm/8pm - leave the opis
830pm - reached home
1030/11pm - PIG

Yea. Tat's my daily routine from Monday til Friday with an hour or two OT everyday(no extra pay for that ><"). Wokay. Everybody knew that I dun take lunch BUT by knowing myself that I wil b working overtime...I asked myself to hav a break in the noon...but not everyday. The beginning month of the year wil always be freaking bz and yea I can hardly breath in working two people's workload. Loads of requestssssSSSsss from everywhere *faint and everything is urgent. *faint twice I am so stressed out everytime when I see the requestssssSSSsss. *Grrrrrr I make noise at my place everytime I saw those request and sometimes it's too loud that my kelics asked if I am okay. Yea I know I shud hav control my temper but I CAN'T. ARGH! Srsly have to train my patient well coz make noise or not...nobody will hear it(I mean those ppl who requested the work) and I wil still nid to do. =/ *cry twice I din get to talk to my mum, my family members for almost a week. Everytime when I reached home and get bathed it wil b time for her to go to bed. I nid to talk. Srsly.

SIGH. M so depress on Wednesday and I so wanna ask my mum "Can I quit my job by not finding any job first?" Tat's bcoz everytime when I tel my mum I wanna quit my job She wil say "U get a job 1st b4 you tender"....*double cry. I am so so so demotivated by seeing the non-stop requests and...alright. I guess it's bcoz I get no increment...no nothing..."BOSS I WANT MONEY!!!" Owh I mean...at least gimme some "bonus" like trip or a little bit of money(as I m working two ppl's workload) to motivate me? Yea I know the economy is not good BUT GAH. I need motivation and I've been quiet for so long...I need somebody to comfort me...tell me that "THEY TOO, have got no increment when thy are being confirmed from probation period, and no increment when thy hav worked for a year."

On Thursday. I tot...Mayb I shud change my working enviornment and I recalled that ther's another department asked me if I m interested to join the team. I talked to them and yea...I told thm I m interested to join the team.(and I remember ther's increment...I REMEMBER THY SAID SO! AND I SRSLY NID MONEY BADLY.) Oh yea. I have got a dolphin toy in my car(dearie's cousin's pillow), Sis wore the halo that I got as bday gift on the dolphin which is so cute and and and...this morning when I hop into the car...I've got this interchange feeling that I tot I saw Bao in the car bcoz of the furry halo. Srsly miss my dear Char Siu Bao badly. Owh...mayb it's him? =). Feel sweet in thinking that he is in the car.

Friday. Talked to the team. Confirmed to join the team. (with no increment...*triple my cry crapz tat ther's no increment bcoz I heard somebody who is coming back hav got increment by rm400 =.=" I looked at thm talking wid me telling lies widout a glimpse of eyes...Oh welll..tat's the world that I m stepping into...and I have to learn in order to proctect myself) Oh well. Yes or no $$ I guess it wil b good for me to change the working enviornment and to go to another "stage" in the field. I know. More hard work to come but I guess...it is worth it in the future. So Yea. I told my mum bout it. YEA. After Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...AT LAST I GET TO TALK TO MY MUM. ><"

They said he wil appreciate our work, he wil know and he is always a fair person. AND I CHOOSE TO TRUST THE WORDS. Please don't disappoint me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010














Project 365 #277






















Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tak Fok HK Seafood resto

Project 365 #276

Dinner at Tak Fok HK Seafood Resto

a small "farewell" for KK

b4 he fly to Miri for FIVE weeks.

So yea. Pat Pat suggested to have dinner at Klang to eat seafood. I suddenly tot of this cheap yet tasty seafood resto which is sumwher at Kepong(nearer). Recommended this resto and straightaway get "approval" from him. As it is a very famous seafood resto, it will always b pack and we will always nid to Q for the table especially it's weekends.

Pat pat send sms out and asked everybody to reach at 8pm in order to Q for table. Oh well, due to heavy rain...we are all late...especially my side. Lucky KS and Alex reached earlier that thy Q for the table and they got the table very fast. Told him wat food to order thru phone and yea we reached ther around 9pm. Kinda kena boom when I told that I am still at home when thy called me at 830++ pm...and yea I fatt lan cha in KK's car. LOLz. OH shiat. Image gone. AGAIN. XD

The food are not really tasty as what I had before...which is few years back but happy tat I get to eat crab. *slurp Went to Laundry for after session and we played "sap mm yee sap" and "bao jin dap". XD. Pat pat starts to be talkative and active in the gang tho. Or to say me and cousie are kinda like getting closer wid him? Ohyea, Pat Pat the one who suggested the games to play during the drinking session at laundry. No doubt it's srsly fun! Went to Sanctuary for 3rd round as some of them wanted to dance. Head back home at 2sth and dozed off.

Received call at 4sth and there...I stay wide awake til 7am...Get my butt up...brushed my teeth and ready to go out for the funeral. Hate myself that I can't sleep nom matter how tired I am. =.=" SLEEPY AND TIRED SIAL!

Oh Ya! Got my hair done today. Curl and colored wid Dark Olive. XD Nice greeny head. XD

Friday, January 08, 2010

May you Rest in Peace

Project 365 #275


Left sharp 6 today as I've got appointment at 7pm. Forgot to switch my phone from silent mode to the normal one and din know my mum actually called me for many times in the afternoon until I received an sms from my sister around 6++. "mum asked you to return home asap, our youngest uncle frm dad's side have passed away". I am stunned when I saw the message...it is such a bomb for us, like seriously.

Cancelled off the appointment, head back home, bathed and there we head to the funeral. As I can remember my uncle's children are all still small...like the eldest is only 13 years old and the wifey is a full time housewives. Such a pain for the family and the next thing she shud headache of will be the financial support.

They are still setting up when we reached here. Bro asked me "did you see dad's eyes full wid tears juz now?" "No" I said. "That's bcoz we are like not so close and only meet once a year". Bro said "but, dad shud have childhood as well, rite? Thy for sure played 2geda when they were young" I nodded my head.

The aunties uncles start gossiping bout every single little thing that happened in the family. In Tan's family...among the siblings. I seated bside and listen but I pulled myself out after sometimes bcoz...I guess I shudn't know much bout those adults stuff.

Looked at him lying nicely in the coffin just like a wax. He died peacefully as his eyes and mouth were closed. His sudden death is due to the heart attack that we never ever expect it wil happen. Ppl around start to discuss why heart attack will happen and yea...he smoke a lot and drink a lot of coffee. HE CAN SMOKE 3 PACKETS OF CIGRATTES PER DAY! AND DRINK ONE LITRE OF COFFEE PER DAY. Heard that he is a happy-go-lucky man. He always laugh away the stress or to say he hav got no stress at all in his life. A kind-hearted man that will help others widout asking for any repay. BUT The happy-go-lucky, good hearted him made ppl to take a lot of advantages on him and yea...his family members the one who will suffer. SIGH. I really can't believe that siblings wil actually have internecine struggle...or to say will take advantages from siblings by thinking it is absolutely fair AND by only taking but not giving.

Uncle, may you Rest in Peace.

Farking shitty black friday today.
Need to rerun the data AGAIN.
This is already the 5th time doing the same run.
Time consuming work really kill.
AND My workload wil nvr ever finish.
My fault? Crapz.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

1st working late day this year

Project 365 #274

Off from work ard 8++

First day of the year

worked 12 hours.

Got loads of sudden requests at the very last minute when I am about to get off from work. Have got appointment tomorrow and I have to leave at sharp 6 2mr...So yea, I decided to stay late and finish my work. It's the beginning of the year...loads of things/updates need to be done but I've got not enuf time. I've got no idea when I will explode but I believe ther'll b someday. Had the tot to change to another working field. Shud I?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"trip" to PJ

Project 365 #273

Dinner at PJ 2day.


Kinda moody today bcoz of things that I faced at work. Hate myself for not having very strong business english writing skills that I can't write "flowerish" email in order to "shoot" ppl gently. So yea, when my mood is not really good I will crave for food. Wanted to eat sushi badly and remember Lau Mun Yee asked to get a day for dinner few days back. Unable to reach him thru msn, thus I sms'ed him.

Get to know that he fall sick til so charm...can't even move frm his bed. Asked if he had food for the whole day and he said he only had a glass of milk. =.=" It's weekdays and his housemates all went to work AND he is not able to wake up and cook. AND he is not local which means he is not staying wid his family...Thus, the very good pet sister - me *proud-nya offered him to dabao him dinner. AND SO, I've got excuse to leave company on time. I srsly dun wish to stay in the opis for any extra hours anymore today. =.=". So yea. I left sharp 6, drove myself to PJSS2 to dabao porridge, bread, milk and apples b4 I head to his house. Really like visiting a patient. LOLz. Passed him everything then head back to PJSS2 and look for Jeff, PP for dinner.

Had some noodles at 9pm together wid Kelly, SC, Jeff and PP then head to yippee cup for 2nd round. XD. Felt much more better to inhale some air outside and happier bcoz get to talk to others...altho let thm teased me gao gao coz of my "dabao porridge mission". ><" So Yea. That's my trip to PJ 2day. LOLz.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Project 365 #272














Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Birthday to Markie

Project 365 #271

Heapi Happy Birthday.


Best Butt Ever.

Yea I know Markie I wil b ur Best Butt ever (as I've guided you and walked you thru loads of things XD). LOLz. Time passes fast and this is the fifth year we know each other. Markie added me at frenster 5 years ago as he saw my photo appear in both of our frenz - sinyee's album. He earlier blamed sinyee did not introduce her a cute gal like me. XD. Oh well. He is another "victim" that got cheated by my camwhore photos that I posted at frenster last time. Yea I remember he once told me that he got totally shock when he saw my normal/regular secondary school photos that sinyee shared him when he was at her house. He actually double triple confirm with sinyee if that's me and yea...he somesort like kena "conned". LOLZ.

But well, we still made good frenz and always share our thought 2geda. Oh ya. We know each other thru frenster and always chit chat thru msn and sms, which means...we never met b4 until 3 years back...yea I know it's like kinda "dangerous" t be so close wid somebody that I don't know or to say nvr meet in real...but but but he is Sinyee's fren ma. XD Hmmph...our "first date" is a movie watching day. HMMPH. We dated to meet in front of California fitness. I reached and sat on a bench while waiting. He came and called me, asked if I am wearing orange shirt with very worry/sked voice. I saw the orange shirt gal(she is a very tall and fat gal...like Susan Boyle size liddat...><"), I chuckled a little and ask "why? you never expect me to b so "HUGE" in size?" He said no and I saw a tall skinny guy walking towards the orang shirt gal. I asked him to stop where he was and walk to him. I said Hi and he is like some kind of relief. He said he was going to say Hi to the orange shirt gal ady. XD. Oh well, the date is better than what I tot coz I srsly worried that we wil run out of topic. =)

Opppsss...okay. Enuf of the story of Markie and me. Now, he have got a sweet 17 galfren(which is already his 4th wth i m srsly a failure) which is srsly sweet til meltz(i know coz he always share me the sweet thing his sweetie did for him) and I believe that you can maintain your long distance relationship well. Remember the word - TRUST.

Happy Birthday Marcus^^


Sunday, January 03, 2010

K session @ Gardens

Project 365 #270


Went for K session today.


Cousie actually planned to sing K yesterday but it's a lil too rush that postponed it to today. It is like on and off in the middle bcoz everybody is a lil lazy to plan. But yea, at last we went. XD

Wokay. Yea I know it's a little cossy to sing at gardens compare to green box at Sg. Wang or Red Box at Low Yat BUTTTTTTTTTTTT you will feel so darn worth it when you see the food served for the buffet dinner. There are srsly loads of choices and the food are delicious compare to other K Box. AND AND AND Their dessert and sushi bar!!! SLURP!!! XD

So Yea. There are 7 of us today. K session starts from 7pm til 2++.(the guys left at 2++ in the morning, which is 7 hours!!!Woootssss)Get to some sort like sing my lung out but like kinda don't have enuf. ><" Left at 11pm as 2mr is a working day. Potong stim betul. ><" Oh yea! We took a package for 5 and 3 single buffet dinner promo which cost us RM60 per person. Kinda reasonable with 5 jugs of drinks, finger food, fruits, tidbits and yummilicious buffet!!!


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Project 365#269

It's movie day.


Went for Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at One U. Brought Sista along...last day out b4 her sch start. ><" I watched the first Ep. in the airplane, the chipmunks are srsly cute and this made me wanna watch the second episode.

Had great laugh with the new characters' name in Chipmunks two. The female Chipmunks - Chipettes. AHahahahahah...omg...srsly can't stop laughing everytime the people mention the name. Oh well...it's a bad word in Hokkien called CB. So yea, lovey dovey story being included in this movie and erm...I prefer the first Ep. tho. XD.

Head to Mohsin for after session. Hmmph...one of the members broke up wid his gal. Everybody kinda like scolded him to stay awake. Tat's bcoz he won't listen when we talk nicely to him. LOLz. Oh well. Learnt from the lesson and go on with your life. There are still many trees outside. =) Enjoy the life and daysss with the gang before others get tied-up. XD

Friday, January 01, 2010

Cousie's Wedding Day =)

Project 365 #268

It's cousie's Big day

on a Special day.


Wedding lunch was held at BTS. Dolled myself up to make myself look not-so-chan as I've "party" hard yesterday. I slept at 5am dis morning and woke up at 6am. =.=" No idea WHY I can't sleep if I "sleep early". ><" So Yea. Today is cousie's side to invite all her frenz and relatives for the wedding lunch. It's a day to meet up with all the relatives as well. =). AND great to have two DSLR by my side. AHA. Sista get to enjoy snapping photos together with our cousie aka her love bird. XD. This cousie is only one year elder than me and she is now married. The first pair at my age range married. Minimum another 3 pairs(at my age range) to come this year. Felt old in a sudden. =.="

Oh yea.

Cousie, wish you live happily ever after wid ur hubby.