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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chin Swee Temple

Project 365 #52

That's my dearie Cousie and me.
With new hair color.
Olive and Pink Brown^^

Went to Chin Swee Temple that located at Genting wid my parents, my cousie and my youngest brother. Daddy like to go temple, so do I. LOLz. Well, I just like to go out instead of staying at home tho and Daddy hardly go for outing 2geda wid us.

So Yea, the five of us headed to Chin Swee Temple. Younger brother and sista didn't follow...as...younger brother prefer to b a geek at home whereas sista is in the scouts' camp.



Oh ya,
Bao Bao went for grooming.
His first time in getting a FULL grooming.

Till then~

A bit lazy to blog today

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Brown^^

Project 365 #51

Went to dye my hair today.

The hair-stylist recommended


OMG. It is so damn pink whn I saw it on my hair. BUT, i like. LOLz

Oh yea.

Going for Terminator Salvation 2nite^^

Another movie day out wid Movies gang


Olivia and Gang.


Friday, May 29, 2009


Project 365 #50

So, it's Friday^^
we normally will have longer lunch hour on Friday.

doesn't means

Okie. We have got a task today. To buy Bday deco for one of our colleagues Birthday. Well, decorating the colleagues' working area and table become one of our entertainment in the office tho. We will always decorate the Birthday Boy or Gal's table to "celebrate" and wish them Happy Birthday. So, it's a guy's Birthday. AND AND AND we are getting him a very special gift. It is seriously special. BUT I can't review it now. Shud keep it as a secret in case he hack into my blog and saw our plan. LOL...Opppsss...

Will share you guys the "special thing" on Monday

Till then^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

RTM Screening

Project 365 #49

Attended RTM screening.

That's Olivia.


As I always mentioned
she will appear in my Blog often.

Olivia, pay me
I gained you the fame.

The theme for them is Blockbuster where RTM "blockbuster" the audiences from June to Sept by having loads of interesting programmes coming up. People who turned up for the screening are not much compared to the VERY last time we attended. (During March I guess). Hmmph...It is a good one compared to the last time. AND THE FOOD TASTE GREAT AS WELL!!! LOLz...

Niway, I get to know RTM have actually aired for 63 years.
It is much more older thn our country being Independent.

That's all.

Gratz to Sara,
one of our colleagues,
she won in Blockbuster Idol
and get the First Place.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Project 365 #48

Went for injection today.
Shud say,
I went for test today
and get injected
after receiving an email
that tells...

(clickly on it to see it on larger view)

One of my colleagues confirmed suffering from TB.

We all from the same department with him
that have close contact with him
have to go for TB check up.

While outside is having war with H1N1
our department,
is having war wid TB.
Worried that we shud b quaratine
but Doctor say
as long as our immune system is good enuf
ther's no problem
all we have to do
is to stay healthy.

We have to undergo three test for the TB check up. Blood test, Chest X-Ray and skin test. So, the one wid a bandage on it, is frm blood test and the one being circled which is nxt to the bandage, is the skin test. I am okay wid all the three test and I even look how injection is being done on my hand. LOLz. Duh...ya...gal shud feel sked of those...BUT...you know...my curiousity always win. I just tot tat I shudn't miss any seconds tat can be see and we might not see it happened again in the future. (choi...touch wood...who wanna get injection often...>_<") Skin care is meant to check if we have got TB virus in our body. We are not allowed to wash the "circled" area and need to return to the clinic on Saturday morning to check if it is positive or negative.

Btw, TB, Tuberculosis, it is actually a new term for me. Coz...if others tell me TB...I will oni think of Tom Boy. Teehee...Well...not to say that I don't know anything about TB...I always use it during primary sch when my frenz cough a lot...I will always tell "What happened to you, kena "fei lao"(in mandarin)(TB) ke?" LOLz...Hmmph...Heard frm my cousie that TB is much more scary compare to H1N1...coz...it takes long time to cure. >_<"

Will only be getting the result on Saturday morning and have to reach the clinic by 830am. A.M.!!! MORNING!!! What the...even weekends wanna sleep late a bit oso kenot...lolz...

Well, hope everything will be fine. Hope my kelic will get well soon^^

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peyton Place

Project 365 #47

That's Olivia.
The kelic and best fren of mine that I mentioned everytime.

We went for a Bday Party.
It's her bf's kelic Bday.


enjoyed the nite tho.
Learned to play pool
manage to "poke" few balls in
with the help of
David and Ken.

Rite. Sent Olivia to SS2 after work 2day as I dun really feel like going back early 2day. Dropped her at Denise wine shop and headed back. THEN, Olivia called, oh no, it's Jeff (Olivia's bf). He said that I will jam like hell if I go back at 6sth and will most porbably reach home by 10. Wtfreak...I nid to get stuck in the jam for almost 3 hours to go back?! THEN, he said that he nid me to fetch him and Olivia to Eastin Hotel, I said okay, coz...I feel like wanna drive my car and travel ard 2day. THEN, I headed back to Denise shop.

Olivia asked me to double park my car bside Jeff's car. I parked and stepped into the shop. I said "I tot u said u wan me to fetch you guys to Eastin Hotel?" They laughed and Jeff said that he din said anything about eastin hotel. Wtfreak...I dah kena conned. =.=" I wanted to go back after tat...but Jeff said somebody is buying dinner already and I kenot leave. So Yea. I stayed for the dinner. Then, after tat I followed them to Peyton Place. AND OLIVIA ACTUALLY TIE MY HAIR UP WID A RIBBON!!!! Said...I am the Birthday Gift. Wth...=.=lll

Headed to Peyton Place. Got attracted by the pool. And Yea, I spent my nite ther at the pool...learning how to "poke". LOLz. David actually placed the balls nicely for me to poke and I always get to poke the balls into the holes. LOL. Bwaahhahaaah...YAY!!! Happy happy...LOLz

Monday, May 25, 2009


Project 365 #46

R.C. Restuarant City. A beta game that can be play at Facebook. A game that I currently addicted with. A game that my colleaguessss addicted with as well. Get to know this game thru his blog and he said that everyone ard him is crazy wid RC and if you are a fans of facebook, you shud b playing RC or you are consider as outdated. VERY FAST, after I've read the post, I type "Restaurant City" at search engine in facebook, and get myself 2 be part of RC addictor.

I saw a couple of my colleagues are already playing RC and they have actually reached quite a high level in RC. Few days after that, I see more and more kelics' faces appear in RC list. Then, you will start hearing this "eh...you got lemon or not? I need carrot la...Do you have salad? Lobster is very hard to get, can I trade ice cream with you? etc..." OR "Neh...go visit others shop so that you can get new ingredients, go shake the trees nxt to the restos and you will get money, pick up the rubbish, you can earn money as well...the store that sell ingredients bside the resto very expensive...can chop my head off"

People who don't know will scratch their head or tot that...WAH...the youngsters nowadays seems like in love with cooking very much...LOLz.

Rite. I don't play PC game, PS game or PSP game BUT RC for the time being. Coz, I don't nid to "look after" the game for 24/7, even when I am not on facebook, the game will still run itself. OH YEA...the photo attached above showed my resto's popularity which is 50. Bwahahahahhaha...Adious^^

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bell Bell 23rd Bday Bash

Project 365 #45

It's one of the sista gang's member Bday. That's her, the gal in the middle, Bell. Members attended are less where Lindsay is at UK, WaiE is having class, Peiling is working today and SinE is at US, attending her sister's wedding. Rite. This is the 10th year we celebrated Birthday for Bell. 10th year we being 2geda. Hope our frenship can last forever lu^^

Oh yea. We had luncheon at Garden lifestyle store and cafe. Glad that everybody like the food, the resto and the services, glad that everybody like the cake that I bought. Mango moose fruit cake^^

Everybody went for date after the lunch, and, me? Balik rumah la...LOLZ...takkan b bulb, rite? LOLz

So yea,
Happy 23rd Birthday, my dear, Bell.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Siu Gai Yik~~~

Ngo Zhung Yi Sik~~~

Project 365 #43

Basically it means...
I love to eat chicken wings~~~~~


Went to look for my cousie after work at Low Yat as she wanted to get a new CPU. THEN, we headed to W.A.W. - Wong Ah Wah for chicken wings. WooHoo!!! W.A.W. is the famous ever shop tat sell delicious chicken wings and it is located at Jalan Alor^^

The chicken Wing is BIG and juicy, of course, quite cossy as well. LOLZ. If not mistaken it is like RM2. xx per pair. Woots???!!! But...ok la...since it is so big in size. Hehe...

Then at nite, me and cousies went to sing K Just K located at Brem mall. LOLz. It is like rm25 per hour with no drinks included.

Hmmph...no second time unless we are getting VIP room at Just K. COZ THEIR SMALL ROOM SUX!!!

Btw...tat's me...and little me bside me. LOL. That little gal wid sexy leg is my dearie sis^^

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Brother

Project 365 #42


Big Brother is a UK reality show. The show will pick contestants randomly thru interview and put all of them with different characteristic in Big Brother house. There's no media AT ALL in the house. They do not know wat is happening outside and cameras are everywhere watching what the housemates are doing.

Conflict always happen when they are a bunch of different characteristic stay together under one roof. Even if there's no conflict, the production team will actually make one for thm. LOL. There'll be eviction every week and the housemates will nominate who to be evicted by the public.

Get to know this reality show when I study aboard. It is part of our final year assessment.


Click here for part of the show,


here for the best bits of Big Brother 9^^

Don't think this can be show at Malaysia as it contain strong languages and some obscene scene.

I.E. - There's a gal named Rebecca in dis season like to take off her clothes always and run around the house with her birthday suit!!! LOLz.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sell Out!

Project 365 #41

Sell out!

A Malaysian production.

Sell it even when it is dead.

I went for the movie together wid Olivia's gang. AGAIN. Yea, again. lolz. It's good in having a gang of movies lover...now I don't have to feel headache whn I wanna watch movie tho^^

Sell out
. Hmmph...a Malaysian production which is out of my expectation. I watched the preview thru TV and the one that always catches my attention is the part where a gal and guy singing "no~~~~no~~~oh~~~~GO~~~oh~~~~" and this actually urge me to watch the movie. Coz it sounds interesting, isn't it? Hmmph...I always thought that ads will not affect my decision, perhaps, it do. LOLz.

This out of my expectation Malaysian production have actually urged me to go back my line. I love production but ppl always tell that it can't make money. I miss my old college time...bringing the camera everywhere and do shooting. Thinking of good ideas to make a creative and special production. Of course, getting to appear on TV screen is the one I love the most. LOLz.

If you ask me, is it worth to watch? YES. It is. Indeed. WHY? Because...we are Malaysian and it is a Malaysian production...and...and...and...aiya...told you worth to watch then worth to watch la. >_<"

Rite. Found this at YouTube. Deleted scene in the movie.

You shall watch,

A Malaysian Production^^

Support ur own country la wei~~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A gift for Daddy^^

Project 365 #40


AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found it.

The ads the featured by my daddeee^^

Thanks to Andrew^^

Been working in Media Agency for half a year. Been searching for this ads since the day I join the organisation. Yea. I get to know we will keep the copies of every single ads that's being aired at FTA (Free-to-air) , radio, or print. So, I actually tried to search the ads from mediabanc...but failed. I try to search from You Tube, failed.

Then...this morning...I mentioned to my colleagues that my parents use to b in media line...as actor/actress. AND I said that my dad actually featured an ads in Petronas. He said that there's actually a link where we can view all the petronas ads and he send the link to me.


Daddy will be behli happy for this^^



Which one is my daddy???

The Chinese man wid beard and half bald.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Breeze Monday

Project 365 #39

It is a breeze Monday. It brings me a good Monday. Hmmph...the weather smells good...LOLz...Bwahhaha...I took train to work today by feeling reluctant to do that. But once I came out from my house, the feelings faded. I love the weather today^^

The weather brings me a very good mood frm leaving my house til I reached my Co^^ and yea, the train...brings me extra good good mood as well...coz the container is spacious^^

Thanks a lot ya^^

Oh ya. Curled my hair yest nite using another way. Coz...a bit bored wid my curly bushy hair ady(it followed me for almost three years ady man...macam mana tak boring...kan?). The outcome...is quite good tho...the hair not so bushy...look healthy...but face look so BIG...Bwahhahaha...Will do another one the day after tomorrow. Yea. I juz cant stay still and face the same thing everyday. I WAN CHANGES!!! What hair cut shud I try?!

Owh. That's me camwhoring in the office. Me always the first one who reach the company. Bwahhahahah...Yea^^

The company is my world every morning from 8am til 830am^^

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beauty Expo 2009

Project 365 #38

Went to Beauty Expo @ KLCC 2day together wid my cousin sister. Things that attracted us is the special guest today, Lin Ye Ting, and the free entrance. (I went last year and they actually charge) Newspaper written the show will start at 3pm and we actually reached KLCC at 3. Knowing that...the programme will not start as wat it is being stated in the newspaper.

Juz like what we predicted. The show haven't start yet and what is on the stage...are ppl promotiong Korean Beauty BB Cream. So, we walked ard and try to hunt for cheap stuff.

Well...I learned one thing today, cheap stuff / free stuff will nvr be good. Juz like...it is free entrance...BUT there're not much thing to shop in the fair. Me and cousie actually bought nth from the fair!!! N O T H I N G !!! This is abnormal for gals who like shopping!!! Oppsss...I din mean me...lolz...

Yea. I saw quite a bunch of lengluis and lala and weirdos in the fair. They are all actually...Japanese gal wannabe...but failed...and the outcome made thm a lala or weirdos...Bwahhahaha...Opppsss...No...I don't mean you. You are my reader...for sure wont go til THAT level la...lolz...I know mah readers got good taste geh...lolz

Marmee Day

Project 365 #31

I shud post this on 10th May 2009. Bwahahha...one week delayed. This is bcoz mah sis bz wid her exam and she got no time to transfer the photos!!! LOLz... Had fun in baking the small small cupcakes...Teehee...and decorating, of course.

Happy Marmee Day^^

Will post bout friday - sunday soon.
Just wait lah!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels and Demons

Project 365 #37

Went for midnite movie wid Olivia and her gang. Yea, Olivia and her gang, you will see this appear in my blog often in the future^^ Their are mah new bunch of frenz^^ Fun to be with tho

Rite. Angels and Demons, a movie tat talks about religion. It is not like what I tot about the movie after I watched it. I tot I will see very scary demons and very prettieee angel in the movie...but...It is more like...playing the character of angels and demons in the heart.

Well, guess thing I learned from this movie...is to...be good and do sth bad at the back...yet...everybody still worship you. Bwahahahhaha...This...applied to the reality world outside tho. The reality world that we live at everyday. Live on. Stay on. We will be one, one day. Perhaps.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink lady is back in action^^

Project 365 #36

At last. My pink lady is back in action. I've been waiting for tat Samsung guy to call since Wednesday as he promised he can get the phone by Wednesday or Thursday. I called him on Wednesday. Well...actually is my cousin sis who called...and he said the phone will oni b back on either Thursday or Friday.

I called him dis morning ard 11++ and he said he will be collecting my phone by 2day and perhaps I can go over and collect during lunch hour.


in the phone conversation...

he actually told me...

Him : Lenglui ar...I got two news for you, one is bad and another one is good.
m3 : (Not again...) ...
Him : Which one you would like to hear?
m3 : remain silent
Him : Okay. Good news is...your phone fixed ady...but bad news is...I can only collect it after a mth...
m3 : WHAT??? After a mth? Impossible!!!
Him : The factory said that...bla bla bla...giving a lot of excuse...so...lenglui ar...will you angry wid me?
m3 : Yes I will. (hoping that he is only kidding)...cannot la...I want it by today!!!
Him : Then what will you do if you angry?
m3 : I don't know...
Him : Aiya...I am juz pulling your leg...The phone is here with me ady, come and collect ya^^
m3 : (What the...) Ooo...okay...you dis...=.="

YAY!!! Greato. I asked my cousie to collect for me as she is going over Sg. Wang and collect mah phone ady.

Who knows...wat da hell...my cousie collected and said that the guy tell thy dun hav any screen protector ady...and want me to go back and let him paste again when I am free...=.=" What the...thn thy guy actually called me and tell the same thing...

Him : Lenglui ar...my screen protector no more stock ady...you see when you free thn you come over and let me paste for you la
m3 : (no more stock thn ask me go and let him paste whn I am free) Means when?
Him : When you are free lo...
m3 : Yea la...you hav to give me a date de ma...if like I got thn u say haven got stock yet how?
Him : Anytime from 2mr onwards le...
m3 : (What the...)Okay...


Stall so big...a small piece of screen protector oso dun hav...wat the...

Btw...the train condition today is GREAT!!! WooHoo!!! Is KTM improving?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project 365 #35

I took train to work today.
I don't like to take train.
Please...see the photo attached above.
I have to squeeze like anything thru and fro.

Squeezing in the train is not an issue for me. Feeling breathless is an issue for me. To take train, I always have my slipper on, so that I can run very fast to catch the train's door and sqeeuze myself inside. As a shortie with slipper on...I dun hav much space to take in fresh air(yea...coz I am short...wtfreak...=.=")...and I always felt breathless.

Serious. I can hardly breath in the train. AND if I got chance to breath, the air tat I in-hale...got the mixture of natural smell. You name it, they have it in the train. Can you imagine...the mixture smell of durian, sweats, natural "body-smell", the smell of some breathe that came out from somebody's mouth...bcoz they are burping...

That's seriously digusting!!! Sorry if I made you lost your appetite.
that's the smell that you will get if you always squeeze urself in the train
ard. 7am til 8am
between 5 to 7pm.

Btw, I guess today is my lucky day. I m able to get into 710am's train, by not to squeeze myself in to go to work.(normally I have to squeeze myself very hard to get into the container pushing by the people behind me, or I will have to wait for the nxt train that come after 20mins...) AND I manage to catch the train just in time without squeezing myself into the train again when going back. (Same, I always have to squeeze myself into the train AGAIN...pushing by the ppl who so called Q bhind me)



Pray hard that 2mr's train condition will be the same as today. Adious~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A date

Project 365 #34

with Toilet bowl.

Rite. I have a date at the toilet bowl today. AT LAST!!! AT LAST Mr. food-poisoning pay me a visit. Woohoo!!! Let's celebrate~~~lolz

Beware. The content below will be quite disgusting.
Get a paper bag wid you
don't eat when you are reading!!!


Okie. One of my colleague actually told me that she is suspected to have food poisoning on monday. Thn I told her how jealous am I...in having date with Mr. food-poison...and the topic continue until today. LOLz. THEN!!! Mr. food-poisoning looked for me rite after my working hour today. We have date at the toilet bowl in my home. We miss each other too much that...we met up for three times within two hours...LOLz...

After three times meeting each other. Until my face turn to very pale and green...until I got no energy to have the fourth time of date wid Mr. food-poison...I decided to stand on the weighting scale. Praying very hard that I will be slightly lighter.


Heading back to bed and sleep.
So, get food-poisoned doesnt help me in losing the weight.


Till then^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perfect Match

Got this frm one of the applications at facebook.

For CaDence Tan who have zodiac Sagitarius, below are their perfect match criteria :

Perfect Partners: Aries, Leo
Nearly Perfect Partners: Libra, Aquarius
Like Minded Souls: Sagittarius
Opposites Youre Attracted To: Taurus, Cancer
Learn From Your Differences: Scorpio, Capricorn
Not Your Destiny: Virgo, Pisces
Astrological Hell: Gemini

Percentage to be trusted? No idea. Bwahahahahahahah...

Project 365 #33

Project 365 #33

Rite. Loads of things happened today and there are loads of photos that I wanted to post as part of Project 365. BUT I picked the one above. WHY? Coz...Bao Bao is mah all time favourite lu...lolz...Bwahahhaha...actually...er....er...er...personally think that I look nice in dis photo la...Bwhahahahahahahha...hehe...Don't ask me since when I bcome so muka tembok...me oso dunno...LOLz

Alrite. My mood bcome very good whn I saw this at the receptionist of my company.

The flowers being displayed at receptionist will change once a week. This one look good. Love it. Well, I don't really like red roses, I prefer white tho...bcoz PURE white roses are always hard to get. The flowerist will normally dye thm into blue or maybe purple color at the beginning and none of them can guarantee the roses will come out in PURE white instead of having a little blue color on it...=.=" Hmmph...rite...I snapped this and tot of wanna make a sentimental post about flowers. Bwahahahah...but...I got no idea wat to write yet...so...share you the nice flower will be enuf^^ The flowers are real, for sure. I swear la. Guaranteeeeeeee real one!!! Dun play play...

Okie. Next. There's a colleague of mine leaving today. Not really close wid her but sometimes have to deal with her for some work. Quite a lot of my colleagues left since the time I joint this company. Well...all I can say is...people come and go...LOLz...Good Luck, Gina^^ Will upload the photo when I get the approval frm the gal. LOLz

Remember the post I blogged about Blueish Monday, Gloomy Tuesday and BAD Wednesday!!! ? I posted sth about Touch n Go, remember?

If not...here you go,

"Oh yea. At last I called up the Touch n Go service line. Guess what...thy said I didn't register my card and I gave them my IC, mailing address and phone number. I am so so so sked like will they use my info...but I can't care much...as they ady asking and I don't like to lie...lolz...Alrite...after I gave the service person avthing, he actually tell...Okay miss, we will come back to you within 24 hours as it juz happened and the data is not up to date yet. After we have checked and we get to know...we will send you back a cheque within one month. I AM LIKE..WHAT??? Have to wait for 24hours to double confirm thn for one month to collect back the overcharged money by cheque???? Are you kidding? Refund by cheque that cost only rm10???!!! I was thinking...mayb I can juz forget about that...but...my 2nd tot come into my mind...mayb that the reason where avbody will think it is troublesome and thy wil juz tell "forget about tat"...end up...Touch n Go will earn a lot...no no...I can't do that...Althought it is like wasting the paper...yet...I insist to myself tat I should take back the RM10.

ISH. Now. Let's wait for the cheque send by Touch n Go. I will definately blog about that once I received the cheque. "

I got shock when I received a letter from CIMB coz I srsly can't recall I dealed with any ppl from CIMB b4...until I open the envolope...


So, This is the cheque.

Serious!!! It is a cheque with statement from Touch n Go. I only get to received the cheque after one and a half of mth, BUT, they did send me back the RM10 which is over-charged by them. Hmmph...good good...lolz...Now, Touch n Go, guaranteed by miaoyi as a responsible company. LOLz. Bwahahah...Oh yea. Of course the staff is responsible^^

I wanna watch Princess and the Frog!!!

I wanna watch
I wanna watch!!!

It will only be screening at the end of the year.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pinky milkshake!!!

Project 365 #32

Reached home and saw something blending in the blender. Pink in color. Striking Pink summore!!! I looked at it for so long...then only found out that...it is dragon fruit milkshake.
Zadao!!! Marmee always like to try new thing. Even dragon fruit milkshake oso she can make it. I wonder how if nxt time daddy get to buy durian back...then will my mum be doing durian milkshake??!!! LOLz.

Niway. Nice try. Nice drink^^

Btw. The orange cup is mine and the doraemon belongs to my cousie. LOLz. I use to like orange color tho.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bao Bao wid New hair cut


Project 365 #30

I cutted it together with my mum. Bwahahahha...Now Bao Bao can see everything clearly without banging here and ther...LOLz. See...Bao Bao even dance happily. Elvis wannabe like that...Opppsss...btw...wat you see...is not wat you see...LOLz



It's m3

Flipped through the photos in my facebook.
Scrolled all over the blogs I posted last time.
I realized that I changed, quite a lot, in 5 years time.
Yea. Five years time.
At the same time,
I realized that, I should feed my blog full full
wid a LONG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~post^^

Alrite, ready?

Family photo, taken @ my sweet 18.
Year 2004, I supposed.
Hair color -> Purple
I tempted to get a purple color hair that year after saw Miriam Yeung's purple hair.
And yea, I looked Lala.
Yea. I am still a bit boyish after graduated frm mah gal skul.
Hip hop dressing style is always my first choice
and I can recall that I rarely wear skirt
unless go to work.
And yea, I started to fall in love
with Adidas^^

should be a piece of sweet 18 photo as well.
Celebrated Ice's 18th Birthday at genting.
The sista gang wid the same pyjamas^^
I still have it with me,
in my wardrobe.
When will be the next time we do all these again?
I wonder.
Young is good. We don't have much burden compare to now.
We can go anywhere we want within our own budget.
We can do anything we want to make our frenship closer.
I seriously always miss the good old day^^
Heart mah sista gang a lot.

Alrite. Tell you a little bit about my sista gang. We are all from the same secondary skul - SMK St. Mary, located at Selayang. We become good frenz since Form one. We joined the same society, we performed 2geda, we attended competiton 2geda, we had loads of pillow talks, we laughed, we cried, we goes aginst the sch rules 2geda, and of course, we go thru loads of hardship 2geda. Year 2009, this is the 10th years of us, knowing each other. We are indeed a family. We shared everything 2geda. But time tends to pull us apart. We have our own career now, and we don't have much time to gather 2geda at least once a week to crap like last time. I cherish the moments. I do. It is always deep down in my heart. Love you guys, my sista gang^^

Tend to do a watch ads.
Mah siblings.
Yea. Sweet 18, I guess.
Get my fringe to be cutted that short.
I looked so young, so small. so cute.LOLz.
My dad actually bought those watches from China and we tend to snap photo to show off the souvenirs.

Yea. Tend to act cute at my cute age.
At the age of still being a teenage^^

I m 19 this year.
My first time to Oversea.
I went to South Korea.
Sponsored by my mum.

This small little gal loved and sayang by loads of aunties uncles that followed the Korea trip. But she particularlly like to stick with me. Yea. The children always like to stick wid me. I guess bcoz I smell/act like a child? LOLz. Narh. Bluff you. I brought candies wid me all along the trip and whn I show my candies, she will come near to me. Bwahhaa...and this actually made me a habit in bringing candies everywhere I go. See what's on my left hand? Three pink color crystal bracelet. Yea. THREE. Pink crystal is meant for love, but, for me, I need those coz I am not good at PR skill and I believe that I need those to urge myself to speak to more people. To treat everybody nicer, better, and to be more frenly. BUT, the pink crystals tend to turn to lighter color when I wear those. AND people always tot I m wearing white crystals instead of pink. Bwahahha...I guess this is bcoz pink crsytal doesnt suit me. Btw, I guess, I changed a lot. I am not THAT ego, anymore. I am tame. Perhaps, I become lazy. Bwahhahaahhaahah...

My 2nd trip,
to taiwan.
I earned my own money and pay for the flight.
Mum sponsored me the spend at Taiwan.

I am at the age of 20. I am able to travel to Taiwan coz I am attending my cousin sister's wedding at Taiwan. Lucky Brat I am. Hell Yea. Bwahhaha...and I love to drink beer at this age. Taiwan beer is always the smoothes beer I ever tried. Srsly, I m being well-trained in drinking beer at this age. This is bcoz of my ex-colleagues. They are all professional drinker. LOLz.

Should be at my age of 20.
I love this pic very much coz I look pretty.
and I hardly look pretty when snapping photo wid another pretty gal^^
Argh, I miss my silky long hair!!!

These are all my ex-colleagues.
Everybody is in red coz it is
Chinese New Year^^
I am the one wid white.
Bwahahah...I did wear red inside la...
I mean I am wearing a red spaghetti inside
with a white coat outside.
Definately miss my time working with time^^
Of course, the drinking session.

Family photo at Studio.
First time we snap family photo.
The outcome is good.
We are once, the spokeperson of the Studio.
It is famous in my housing area la...lolz

Eye on Malaysia.
Which placed in Titiwangsa for One and a half year
then it is being moved to Malacca.
Me, still wid the silky hair.
And tat's my handsome younger brother^^

My collegemates came all the way frm Setapak
to find me for Lim teh session.
I have to say goodbye to my long~silky hair ady

The first day of me,
get my hair curled up.
Still can't get use with it.
Felt a lil old after I saw this
feedback frm others is good.
I am at the age of 20.

This is my sexy 21.
My slimmest time.
My sexiest time.
I miss those days.

Camwhoring at Big Mirror in the Dining Room.
Miss mah body shape this time.

The three photos above are being snapped at my sexy 21. The age of me being slim, sexy and pretty. Three of those are photos taken during our production period. The year that we do our short flim production. Hell Yea. I miss it. I miss doing shooting everywhere. I miss working together wid my collegemates. I miss my sexy body. LOLz

Juz felt myself look nice and prettier with the curls compare to last time.
I looked fair and mature.

I was a Jolin fans these days. At the age of 20. I always wanted to be like her. But, I failed. LOLz

First time having VERY VERY thick make up on my face.
Mad thick.
I am the news caster^^
Yea. I've got potential in reading news.
Coz, I m confidence wid my voice and language.
I always wanted to b a DJ
coz I thought I am potential to be one.
I am not talkative.

At the age of 21.
Baked a fruit cake 2geda wid sista and cousie.
Fruit cake, Bday cake for my mum.
The strawberry is freaking HUGE.
But too bad,
I don't really fancy strawberry.
Perhaps I still can't get the gist of strawberry^^
Who knows I'll b a strawberry freak in the future?!

My sexy, sweet, pretty 21 Bday.
The bear bear is freaking cute.
One of my 21st years old Birthday present.
Rite. This is my slimmest ever time.
I am at the weight of 46kg.

These are all my 21st Bday gifts.
I spent almost 2 hours to arrange all these.
Look nice and neat.
Thanks again,
to everyone that bring me the Bday gift!!!
I had a memorable 21 years old party^^

Still at the age of 21 years old.
Become a bit fatter ady.
Coz I din control my appetite.

Worked as a part time painter for my ex-company.
I love Sepia^^

My fringe grow longer.
I am wearing the pyjamas that I bought 3 years ago.
The one that everybody of the sista gang owned^^
I still have it now.
It is still new after 5 years

Camwhore using webcam is part of my activity everyday during my age of 18 to 20, until I get myself a camera phone. I use to snap a lot of photos using webcam. AND those photos actually cheated a lot of guys. Bwahhahah...

At my age of 22,
Sponsored myself to Hong Kong.
Sponsored by mum as well.
M snapping photo at Wong Dai Sin Miu.

Age 22.
Study aboard @ LJMU, Liverpool, UK.
A photo taken at Lake District.
A photo taken by him.
Srsly love this photo^^
Thanks a lot!!!

Age 22.
Emo photo taken in the bus @ Paris.
My collegemate took it.
Niway, it's over.
Everything is over
I forgot,
what I think of that time.

Curly hair wid me at the 3rd year
I suppose.
This time,
I requested to have fringe for myself.

AND the outcome,

is perfect!!!
I looked like a doll.
Isn't it.
Oh yea, that white fur thingy
is my pet - Char Siu Bao.

My recent photo.
Taken in the train @ Shanghai.
I gained at least 5kgs after the age of 21.
After 2 years.
How la???
Where's my passion to go on diet?!!!!

Guess I changed a lot mentally, and of course, physically within 5 years. A LOT. I used to be impatient in everything. I use to yell at others. I use to b very bossy. I use to be stubborn. But I guess, I m not, now.
At least, frm my very own point of view,

I changed.


I have mature thinking now
compare to last time.

Argh. I wish I can go back to the age of 12 and force myself to go on diet!!! Jealous in seeing the gals out there wearing shorts and showing off their sexy long legs!!! =.="



That's not exactly what I mean bout maturity.
Weight is always the main issue of mine.
And it is still
since many yearsssss ago!!!