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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown @ The Curve

Project 365 #267

3rd time

I went The Curve for countdown


with different bunch of people.

Had fun.

Had dinner at Wong Kok today. Just like the years b4. First time had wid him, 2nd time wid 3 cousies and sis, 3rd time A HUGE bunch 10 of us. XD. People to countdown 2geda is getting more and more which is great. XD Walk ourselves to The Curve from One U after dinner. Good exercises. We are all like a bit dunno wat to do at first and I've got no idea who started the spray war and ther it made all of us a great nite^^

Saw garden lifestyle store appeared at The Curve. GOSH. Gonna give it a try someday. XD. Met my 2ndary long-lost classmates. She happen to come back Msia but din get to talk much wid her nor snap photo. What a waste. ><" Markie was ther too...asked him to come along and join us but he refuse. Say there are too many of us and he felt pai seh. =.=" D'oh.

Ohya! Wtf. I met a pervert. WTF. ARGHHHHHH SO DAMN PISSED OFF CAN! Okay. Me and the bunch of guys are heading to somewher crowded and...I saw a hand appeared in front of my lower part THEN that stupidfarkingidiotpervert TOUCHED THAT PLACE...Yea...the lower part TT_TT...I was shocked and I stared at him. I scolded fucker. The guy who was behind him saw and he gave a surprise and disgust face looking at the pervert. That place was so bright and it is not like over pack that we can't see whose hand was that! The pervert said sorry and went off. OMFG. I SO ANGRY THAT TIME CAN! ARGH. BUT I dunno wat to do. I dun hav the spray tin on my hand and I am thinking if I shouted what shud I shout? What shud I do after I shout? GAHHHHHHH...Srsly hope that I can kick smash him or somebody can do it for me. ARGH. FML. It's not like I am wearing very sexy or very skirt WTH he wanna touch? ARGH! FARK HIM GAO GAO!!! Curse his hand being cut by machine whn he is working and he kenot TFK. GAHHHHH!!! I met once long long time ago when I was 18 at Bkt. Bintang and I sweared to myself that I will never ever go ther again. The one I met at Bkt. Bintang is where...a bunch of guys will snow spray attack us and in the messy situation...my boobies kena "grab". It happened extremely fast that I was srsly blur at first until my fren told me she kena as well. =.=" The guys...got hungry til that level mae. See wat grab wat. =.=" Angry SIAL!

Hmmph. Missed the countdown part ady. Din manage to countdown then fireworks starts to popping from everywhere. How good will it be if those are shooting stars? I can make wish gao gao. XD Went seapark mamak to yamcha b4 heading back home. Left eye went blur and can hardly see things. Tried eye drops but it doesnt help. Prayed hard that my eyes will be fine.


Happy New Year 2010. =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JP's Birday

Project 365 #266

14 of us

celebrated at



So Yea...Birthday celebration for one of the gang members and venue of the day is Rakuzen located at Desa Park City. Mission of the day : SNOW SPRAY THE BIRTHDAY BOY! XD

The first surprise for the Birthday boi is the attendance of a kinda long-lost/ lost contact/ baru balik from Oversea mia ex-gf fren. It's one of the gang members and this is the first time I am meeting her.(after hearing bout her story for so many times...XD) Went up to another after the dinner. Birthday Cake Cap for the birthday boy to wear. Shud have asked him to wear during the entire dinner but everybody was too hungry and forgot bout tat. ><"

So Yea. The big thing has come. Owh I mean our mission of the day. Hmph...we actually requested to take a walk around the park bcoz the park scenary look so beautiful at nite and we are all too full and need to digest the food. XD We stopped at a bridge which is spacious and kinda far from the residence or security eyesight. Wokay. It's "group photo" time. We have already discussed earlier that we will attack him from the back when snapping group photo. The gals pass the bag around for everybody to grab one snow spray tin. In the count of ONE, TWO,THREE...KK pour the flour on the Bday boi's head and everybody starts to spray. Alrite. The birthday boy who own "long-leg" RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN super duper fast and we some sort like failed to catch him and spray him gao gao. =.=" Yea. He knew that we will do something and he already starts to make himself prepared when we are counting...yea...everybody was so excited and everybody counted very loudly for the excited moment. Owh. It's to cover up the sound of shaking the spray tin as well. ><"

The spray actually gone very fast and everybody don't hav enuf in spraying. Yea I am the supplier and I actually brought some new and some leftover spray for the team bcoz I don't wanna pay my brother. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...Yea. Cheapskate I am. ><" There...after the snow spray war...it's time to go back. While everybody were discussing wher to go I touched the bag that Alex returned back to me...OWH! There's still another tin in the BAG!!! WOOHOO!!! GREAT! I din get to spray the Bday Boi at all bcoz I dun wanna run around and I get sprayed =(. So it's time to revenge. Nyek nyek nyek... I told Kelly bout that...then I pass her the bags I have with me, take off my heels, walk slowly to the Birthday Boi AND STARTS TO SPRAY. MUAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

I run like I've never run before and I screamed...oh well...I dunno I am screaming until my cousie told me so and she said some of them jaw-drop when heard me screaming. ><" Image gone...=.=" Oh yea. Back to the topic. I sreamed. =.=" Yea. I screamed. Oh gosh. As I've mentioned earlier the bday boi own "long-leg"...I wil never been win. I m being caught and the snow spray GONE. GONE AND I KENA ATTACK. T_T. ARGH. I forgot how come I will fall on the road and how come I will let the spray roll away. T_T. I got sprayed on the face and new woundsssss on my knee TT_TT. Yea rite...tat's the payback in being playful. Ya I know I will stil repeat nxt time. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH

Had great fun in running today tho. XD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Markie BIG day!!!

Project 365 #265


Gratz to Marcus


Had a conversation thru msn wid Markie yesterday and he actually decided to confess his love on 31st together with the fireworks. AND oh well...this evening he msn me and said he changed the plan. He decided to confess today. XD. Wooottzzzz...*ahem He is going to confess to a 17 years old girl *ahem Eh...markie u no good, tipu xiao mei mei. AHahahahahahah...

Okay. This markie get to know this young little girl from his fren. It's his fren's younger sister. Thy knew each other on9 half a year ago. Chit chat chit chat here, chit chat chit chat there then the gal came all the way to KL for holidays after her SPM. Markie told me that she is the one and he actually decided to only confess to her after he have graduated(which is few months later). Oh well. See this guy...earlier said wanted to confess after he graduated, yest told me wanted to confess on 31st Dec and now??? He said he wanna confess 2day. Now I know, guys will switch their mind very fast as well. XD

Markie brought the gal to Look Out Point. Romantic sial mia place.(despite the mosquito bites). Hmmph...I never know Markie is actually that romantic. XD. The way he confess is a bit farney...rite...he shared me...Narh...I am not sharing you...tat's ppl mia privacy okayyy...Psst...Ask me in person...then I wil choose to share or not. XD

Okay la Markie. Gratz that you are being "tied-up" again. ER...after few month you've broke up. That's srsly fast can! Mayb as what ppl said...after the 2nd one then 3/4/5 will come behli fast. ><" EN LA. GRATZ LA. Another fren went double. ><"

Monday, December 28, 2009


Project 365 #264

Cousie got me these this afternoon.


They are all



Hmph. Shud I say it's one of the benefits in working at Media Agency? We always get free food like donuts, cupcakes, sandwiches, cakes; freebies, free concert tix, free movie tix...free this and that from Media Owner, owh...mayb some clients as well. Okay. It's a benefits in working at Media Agency. Ahahahahaha...Envy? Get you butt into the Media Agency thn. XD

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trip to Kuala Selangor

Project 365 #263

Had great fun!


♥ in love with the fireflies ♥

Wokay. 11 of us went to Kuala Selangor today. 3 cars met up at a petrol station b4 we depart. Saw an accident on our way to Kuala Selangor. A bike bang the car in front...his helmet fall out and he actually went under the car. The car did not move at all from the begining till the end. Lucky, no? Saw the guy shouted for pain under the car...the passenger behind him shouted and panic. I turn to the back, the guy manage to stand up and walk. Hmmph...guess he will be alrite? ><"

Our first station is the "Monkey Mount."...owrite...it is called Bukit Malawati which is full of Monkeys. Hop into a trem to go uphill. Awww...I saw the sea and yea I miss the sea breeze. ><" (too far to sniff sniff it from Bukit Malawati...><") So yea. There are srsly loads of monkeys there. Er got brown color, black color and and AND GOLD color!!! The gold one is srsly adorable can! Hmmph...we actually stand under the trees to look at the monkeys. Pat Pat brought along peanuts to feed the monkey. Kinda funny to see him feed the monkeys bcoz...he wanted to feed but at the same time...he is sked. He even warned the monkeys don't come near him. Wat the...as if it will know wat is he talking about. ahahahahaha...We stand under the tree widout realize that there are actually loads of monkeys on the trees until I find some "water" dripping from the top. Oh GOSH. I guess it's the wee wee and there I run away. ><" EWwwww. LOLz. Snapped photos around and there we head for Seafood.

Went to River View for Seafood and it's KK's treat. *applause. XD. Yea. He got promoted and he buy us dinner. Bravo! I sat bside the Big Boss giving suggestions wat to order. GREAT. At last I get to eat Crab after I've been craving for it since weeksssss ago. *dance The favourite food of the day - mantau. Ahahahahahaha...Oopppsss...I mean crab. ><" Hmmph...it rains a little when we are having dinner and I tot we wil not b able to see fireflies. Oh well. The god loves me so much that he made the rain stops after we have finish our dinner and about to leave. YAY. People said we will be able to see more fireflies after rain. Yuuhuuu~~~

So Yea. We head to Kampong Kuantan for fireflies. It cost RM10 per pax with a bottle of free mineral water AND we are taking sampan to see the fireflies. W00ts. Hmmph...so my heart beats very fast when the time I am waiting for our turn to hop into the Sampan. Srsly very gan cheong can! Felt insecure even I have got the life jacket with me bcoz I heard there are crocodiles and it is VERY dark down ther...BUT BUT BUT the worries all gone when I saw loads of bling bling appeared on the trees. OMAIGAWD. I cant believe I will see those with my own eyes and it is just like Christmas Tree!!! So romantic till can die twice. Awwwwww...Opppsss...Sorry I mean I can't believe that I manage to see loadsssss of fireflies blinking at the trees and it is juz like X'mas tree!!! I RIKE!!! I totally forgot that I am actually very sked and worried earlier. ><" *heart melting

The sampan stopped at some spots and I reached my palm out to see if the firefly will stop on my palm. ZOMG. THE FIREFLY ACTUALLY STOPPED ON MY PALM!!! Awwwwwwwww... heart srsly meltz. Fren asked me how I felt...errr...was too excited and couldnt explain. Then then...the sampan move and stopped at another place again. I saw a firefly "walking" on a leaf and m trying to lead the firefly from the leaf to my palm. After I've been trying for like few minutes...I succeed. XD. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH. My palm was a bit wet when I am trying to lead the firefly to my palm and this time I can feel it. It feels warm when it is walking on my palm. I can feel the heat from firefly's tummy. =) Awwwwwww...I am so so so in love. *heart melting for 9237192319961 times The Sampan the move again...Tot we will be stopping at another spot and m srsly excited bout the nxt stop. Who knows...the next stop is the Jetty ady. T_T. Yer. I wanna go back again la...I haven had enuf dating wid the fireflies...T_T. LOLz

Hopped into another car on our way back and hang on the phone for almost half an hour. You know who you are. XD. We head to My Honeymoon for dessert before heading back home. Ordered my all time favourite. *slurp FAT DIE. ahahahahaha... And yea I get to sit in all the 3 cars tat went for the trip today. YAY!!! Pompuan ni memang SS betul. ><" Can't wait for the next trip. MUAX =3 =3 =3 ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy happy day *dance

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day XD

Project 365 #262

It's boxing day and sista gang gathering day =)

No, I am not inside


But my sista gang members are ma...LOL

Owrite. Went to One U for shopping today. Mission : Bring sis to shop around b4 her sch starts. Warning to miaoyi : NO BUYING ANYTHING. Result : Mission half accomplished. Which means...Half failed. =.=" ARGH. I bought one pants at FOS. FTW. =.=" That's bcoz I think I will need it for the trip to Bali nxt year and I've learned a lesson where...I shud buy now else it will for sure very hard to search for the pants I want when the time I am looking for it. LOLz.

Okay. It's the sista gang gathering day. =). We had potluck and exchang Xmas gift today. Dinner starts at 730pm and I am the first one who arrived altho I reached at 745. LOLz. Hmmph...rite...M'sian hour and...oh well...we cant avoid those unforeseen circumstances. I left at 830pm BUT I get to eat something b4 I left tho. Guess they will still be happy with the party as everyone have got their another half attending the party. LOLz. Aiks. Now I miss Toh Leng See so much ady. XD.

Bodyguard and Assassin was good. Guess dad will like it. XD

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'mas 2009

Project 365 #261

Spent few hours at Starbucks @ The Curve


Went One U wid cousie and her bunch of auntie gang frenz during day time. Yea. Her auntie gang is srsly aunties gang where all of them are married and some even have got kids as well except for my cousie of course ><". OWH But it is stil a chicks day out. So sweet of them. =) We had lunch at Pasta Zanmai and I ordered Chicken Katsu Curry rice. Yea. No rice no life. XD. It is so so cool to hang out with my cousie's frenz bcoz they speaks hokkien! I mean thy communicate with each other in Hokkien!!! I mean...when you hang out with your frenz the common language tat you wil speak with your frenz will be either english, mandarin or cantonese but but you can barely hear frenz use hokkiento communicate with each other rite...LOLz. They can speak hokkien freaking fast but phew...lucky that I Un what they said and get to laugh along with them(tho I am at kindergarten level in speaking hokkein...LOLz) OWH. We did shop around and I bought two pieces of clothes. AGAIN. ARGH. I hate holidays and shopping. =.=" Just cant stop myself from buying. Eeeeeeeeeeeee...I Love sales yet hate sales. ><"

Oh yea. I've got mission today tho. Search for starbucks tumbler. Hmmph...it's a X'mas gift for my fren. I grabbed every chance to search for a nice one when I am at a shopping centre yet I can't see any nice one. Rite. I din see one in One Utama too. SIGH. Sad case. So, I googled for the outlets, shortlisted the location and head to PJ area to visit all the starbucks outlets. Saw my brother at home and ajak him along instead of going out alone. LOLz. YAY! Got free driver. ahahahahahahah. OPppssss. ><" Yea rite...SS. =.="

Hmmph. So. I search thru all the possibility outlets in PJ area yet I saw only the same design with Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur wordings. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee...Dun think my fren will like it and oh well...the other mugs or tumblers are much more expensive than the budget given. ><" I called another fren of mine and asked for help. She help to call the gal and asked if she have got other wish list. Yea. That time the gal wrote one wish on the wish list instead of 3. LOLz. Hmmph. Lucky that the gal said it's okay to have M'sia or Kuala Lumpur design. So yea. I bought. Mission accomplished. Then, me and brader get to chill out a lil at Starbucks. =) Hmmphhh...a lil deplore that I din get to snap photos and enjoy the snowing time at Pavilion. Hope ther'll b one nxt year and I am able to catch up with it. XD

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brother 21st Birthday Celebration XD

Project 365 #260

It's mah brader's 21st BirdDay celebration


So Yea. Mum actually ordered Lok Lok Car for his birthday celebration. It's a small celebration wher he invited some of his closest frenz and I get to invite my frenz to come as well. XD. It's a kinda longgggggggggg grandma story tho.

Okay. Ther's a day where we were discussing where to celebrate our Xmas eve and ther's a suggestion came up "why not we do BBQ at miao's house?". Jot this down in my heart and asked my mum. She said okay Then she suddenly came up with another suggestion "why note we celebrate ur bro's birthday as well? I will order Lok Lok Car and you will do your BBQ. Then both side oso can share the food." Wooottssss not a bad idea tho. Suggested to the gang AND we cancel off the BBQ and concentrate on Lok Lok Car. Not so ma fan ma...coz BBQ have to wait thn later overcooked ady wil waste the food. So Yea, we celebrated X'mas eve 2geda wid my brother's birthday.

It is so so so so COOL to have Lok Lok Car park in front of my house. Some cars who passed by my house have actually drive freaking slow or even stopped to check out wat happened. Like "can we actually gao dim our dinner here?" XD The Lok Lok Car tat mum ordered called "Yi Nan Wang", you can either steamboat, BBQ or fried the food. SO COOL RITE! Price for the Lok Lok Car? RM 700 and it's enuf for 30 to 40 pax to consume. Oh no, it's not refillable, when the food displayed on the car finished then that's it. I first tot it wont b enuf coz it is like there are so fewwwwww BUT...oh well, there are actually left over and mum asked the guy to dabao those back. SEE! The Lok Lok Car man can resell the lok lok again nxt day. So Good. LOLz.

Okay. I actually bought an extra cake for my brader's frenz to smack him on face. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH...I feel like it is things that cannot be less to celebrate a 21st Years Old Birthday. Too bad I am a gal and nobody dare to smack my face with the cake, I wish to have a chance being smack by cake tho. LOLz. Oppsss....phew...lucky my birthday just over! I am safe for sure. Ahahahahahaah...

Happy to see my brader's face kena smack by the cake but the cake is a bit hard. I tot it's bcoz the cake wasnt fresh BUTTTTTT I found out why. Okay. I stored the cake into a freezer instead of fridge! Oh Gawd. It's all bcoz I am stil not use to the new fridge(bought for almost a year...lolz) tat mum bought which have got a lot of drawers and I din really check out which is which. I just put it in when I saw an empty space. ><" Shhhhh...dun tell my brader...pulisssssssss...or he will boom me coz he kena smacked by a BEHLI HARD Cake. LOLz.

Oh ya! I actually bought two boxes of snow spray bcoz I tot we can do a small countdown at home and play with the snow spray. Hmmphhh...I guess I am getting old to run around with the spray...we all(as in me and my frenz) din play with the snow spray but my braders' frenz did. Happy to see them running around with the spray and hmmph...guess I really become old...I cant get use with the "gas" sprayed from the spray. ><" AIKS. Wat the...I dun wan laaa...how can I be liddat??? I shud love spray!!! ISH.

GAH. Another thing...I did wrongly. I bought the wrong snow spray. FTW. Srsly dunno wat happened with me. =.=" The snow spray tat I bought is actually use to spray on the glasses and it's for deco purpose. ARGH. Rite. I din check clearly...I just grab those when I see it is stated "snow spray". =.=" APALAH. YER. How I know ppl will actually sell those in boxes worrr...and I ady went a couple of places to check out the snow spray but no where is selling and I've asked around and nobody is selling. =.=" ISH. Yea la...everytime oso liddat...when you dun nid it you will see it appear everywhere AND when you nid something badly, you can't get it. =.=" No wonder it doesnt seems to b sticky and my brader gone white. LOLz. So Yea. Hope brother had a memorable 21st Birthday celebration where he did not expect anything special. AND Imma so so happy that my company declared we are working half day today. Weee~~~

*addtional notes
ERM. Since I've got half day leave, I went shopping wid my dearie sis today. Happy that she get to buy some clothes AND oh well...I bought one too. ><" Can stop tanmiaoyi in buying clothes? She is broke dead ady. ><"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MY first pair of fake finger nails

Project 365 #259

Heart this tons!!!

Went to Connaught P&M(Pasar Malam) to meet up wid my frenz. XD. It've been a year since the last time I met one of them. So So SO excited bout the meeting up and of course the food there. Muahahahahahah...It rains a little when I am on my way to the nite market and I tot we might cancel the meeting up session. =( But but but it stops when I reached. Lucky me. XD.

Reached ther ard 745pm. Mission today -> NO BUYING CLOTHES, ONLY FOOD. Looked for my frenz and then I am craving for food. First time ever miao is hungry and hunt for food. BRAVO. LOLz So frenz the one who shop for the accessories and I glued my eyes on all the food stalls. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Had 盐酥鸡(salty fried chicken nugget) Awww it always taste great~~~ Tako Tao...ARGH. The stall I bought from...SUX! AND red bean ice~~~yippieeeee *dance. Attracted by the bling bling and bright stall from far AND I saw RM10 for FOUR items. It's a accessories stall. Wooootsssssss RM10 for FOUR items!!! Grab la wait wat? lolz. So Yea. My misson failed. ><"

OH YA. It's a post bout the fake finger nails!!! LOLz. Wokay. We went to my fren's house after that for a small chat. THEN, my fren gave me the fake finger nails as birthday gift and X'mas gift. WOWOWOOWOOWOWOW. GREATOOOO. I heart it so damn much! Wokay. My fren's sis(who owned the same birthday with me) is learning nail painting course now and...the nails is one of her art work. *claps Awwwwwww...the BESTEST gift I ever received. Thanks a million.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Project 365 #258



Mum asked me in the morning if she shud keep the dishes for me at nite. I told her I will be coming home early for dinner with the family members. =) There are loads of Chinese Festivals but I will just be VERY excited when it is the day for "Tang Yuan". XD. Awwwww...I love the ginger soup A LOT!!!

Mum used to wake me up early the morning when it is the day to make "tang yuan". Yea...wake up at freaking 5 in the morning to make "tang yuan". BUT that was old time story. Mum stopped to wake me up ever since I've started to work. ><" Kinda miss the time in making the "tang yuan". I remember ther's one year where I actually wrapped M&M in almost every single of the "tang yuan". Awwwwww...it taste soooooooooo ERM..."special". Ahahaha...I prefer the traditional "tang yuan" with nothing inside...but but...OWH...it taste GREAT if it is wrapped with black sesame. *slurp

Had two bowl of ginger soup with tang yuan. Yummilicious and it srsly warm my stomach well. *Big wide smile Warmie day I had. It feels GREAT =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Live X'mas tree in town!!!

Project 365 #257

8tv came

andrew the victim


Received an email this morning telling that 8TV will come to Opis and do a small celebration around the opis. We are all being called to gather at the lounge area TO PLAY GAME. Wokay. We have to group ourself in a team of 5 then the guy in the team have to be chirtsmas tree and others wil deco the X'mas tree. Kesian Andrew bcoz he is the only guy in the group. So, tat's our production. XD

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Project 365 #257

Truely impressed.

Imma gonna watch 2nd time.


OWWWRITEEEEEE Had two boring days at home and yea today is just like I am being released from tanjung rambutan jail. XD. Picked Olifu up then we head to Ikea. Hmmph...we had our late lunch there AND YEA it was my first time dining at Ikea. The beef balls is efffffingggg delicious especially when it is dipped with the mustard sauce. *slurp Walk around Ikea and then we head to Mid Valley for dinner and movie.

Snapped photos wid the X'mas deco at Mid Valley. Weee~~~tengkiu Olifu. Then then we head to Sushi Zanmai for dinner...which is less than 3 hours from the late lunch. FULL SIAL after I swallowed Matcha Parfait. Nxt time shud have order only Matcha Parfait but but I was craving for sushi for WHOLE WEEK ADY!!! ><" XD.

Hmmph. So Yea. Stepped into the hall at 930pm. We are watching 3D this time bcoz the effects will be much much more better wid 3D view. HMMPH...the bad things in watching 3D isss there's no Subs. =.=" Dun really like no subs bcoz...I will sometimes missout some dialogues in the movie but the graphics are seriously attractive can! Ooooo OOooooo there are subs this time tho...erm erm when there are other languages appear in the movie then you will be able to see the 3D subs. So cool!!! XD.

Hmmph. Din have good impression towards this animated/graphic movie when I watch the trailer. Told myself not to watch it butttttttttt heard loads of ppl were telling it's a MUST WATCH then...I tot...why not give it a try. HMMPHHHHH...LUCKY that I watch or I guess I will regret. LOLz. Wokay. Lesson learned from the movie. Love your mother nature. Go Green! Save the earth! Live peacefully and do not be greedy. Be tolerate as Ego will for sure hurt both side. Love story can never be missed in all kind of movies. XDDDDDDD

Oh yea. I am so so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed by Avatar.


I will try to use my hairs' split ends to communicate with the trees one day.


Saturday, December 19, 2009


Project 365 #256


Had dinner here today


Had a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING saturday coz sista and cousie is not around. =.=" Sneaked out from home for 1/2 hours for lunch wid fren. The savior of my boredom. LOLz. Asked mum to eat something nice for dinner tonite and there we head to D'fortune. My family all time favourite. *wink

Ordered Mix grilled(to share wid marmee), carrot milk(mah all time favourite) AND BANANA SPLIT. MUahahahahahah. Ice-cream just cant run away from my life. XD Till Then~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Working holiday

Project 365 #255


Working holiday


Suppose to follow my cousie and her bunch of frenz to Penang Island BUT SHITS always come during the holidays. AND YEA. The very responsible me...bring the work back and do. I just dun like leaving my work there coz...anyhow I will need to do it. Finish those asap then no worries. XD.

Hmmph...it is actually a very simple work where I only have to set the run and let it run. The run which is time consuming that makes me nid to bring the work back home and do. SO. While the report is running I lie on the bed watching tv shows and stephen chow's moviesssss. I just can't say no to Stephen Chow's movie. AND and and...I took a nap. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH. So...tat's how I past my working holiday today. BORED. =.=" I WANNA GO OUT LAAAAAAAAAA but cousie and sista is not available this week =(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration by Sista Gang

Project 365 #254

Celebrated at Bubba Gump

A memorable one


Sista gang dated me for dinner tonight for my birthday celebration. The dinner was set at 8pm and guess what I reached the place at 930pm. ><" That's bcoz I saw a massive Jam down there when I am about to leave. Thus, I've choosed to to stay at opis and continue wid my overloaded work. LOLz. Too concentrated wid the work til 830pm only I realized that I am farking late for the dinner!!! Called my fren and tell I wil b late and ask them to start the dinner first.

Touched up my face a little before I get down from the car and there I see my bunch of frenz sitting there nicely waiting for me to come. Kesian them...have to wait for me to eat together. ><" Hmmph...the food tasted good which is out of my expectation. LOLz. Hmmph...while eating I saw there are two tables of people...where...the birthday person have to stand on the chair then the staff of Bubba Gump will cheer for thm...it's just like wat TGIF did for the birthday gal/boy. I am like OMFG I am gonna stand on the chair later but...I delete dis tot from my mind bcoz...ya know we have been together for so many years and no surprises will be needed.

Oh well...oh crapz. So I hear the cheer from my back telling "there's a birthday gal in the house". RIGHT. There I turned my face to the back, a chair putted nicely bside me AND I am requested to stand on the chair. OMG x 100000000000 times. So yea. I pulled my skirt down a little, stand on the chair. Given a pepper bottle and the crew asked me to sing two lines of my favourite song. ZOMG. I have too many in mind and I only know the rhytmes. =.=" And ya know, I have to pick those hot hitz where everybody will like it as well...><" I look at the sista gang and I look at the crew...standed on the chair for 5 mins yet I dunno wat song to sing. Then the crew asked me to give speech instead of sing. A 150 words speech. Crapz. I am not good in expressing myself. =.=" I said "Thank you times 150 times" which is already more than the words given. The crew said no...and...end up...I sang "I wan nobody, nobody but you" twice. ><" Everybody went quiet after I sang. Oh well. It seems like nobody know this song BUT it is accepted. So, the crew starts cheering and said "Shake your body if you want your cake". I shaked. The crew...=.=" HE LAUGH AT ME. FTW! =.=" AND Thy repeat that "shake your body if you want your cake" for like 5/6 times. Yea. Shake Shake shake on the chair worry that the chair wil patah. wahahahahah...Wokay. They finished cheering and it's time to blow the cake. As I din really complete the task given, I am asked to blow off the candles ONE feet from the cake. ><" OMIGAWD. Seriously have to thanks the sista gang in giving me such a bombastic surprise. I LUP IT. Muahahahahahahahahah...

Fren cutted the cake and next task is to write our X'mas wishlist. Just like last year, same date. =) The budget dis year increased to RM50 AND, at last, the person I drawed is now different with the past few years. XD. A starbucks tumbler. hmmph. Have to check out the starbucks outletsssssss to pick the best one...as...different outlets will have different design. Wish me luck! *wink

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Birthday Gift XD

Project 365 #253


Part of the Birthday gifts I got for my Bday this year.


Handmade Birthday Card + LollipopAlign CenterYea. Handmade birthday card. Heart it so damn much!!! Wishes wishes wishes...always the best gift^^ And of course the lollipop wid BIG ding dong and small little cutie LV bear. XD Me likey!!!

Two super duper hiao mia cushion. ME RIKE!!! XD
Hmmph...got the purple one on 10th Dec. I saw it at Tangs at first and I hold it tight with my hands when I saw it. I tell myself "How good will it be, if it is lying nicely in my new car". I told my kelics that it look nice then we are all in a rush to go back to opis. The very undesicive(hmmph do we have dis words in dictionary? LOLz) me put the cushion back and tell myself to come back again if I really want it. AND YEA, I saw it lying nicely on my chair on 10th Dec. That's srsly sweet. =)

The white one. Hmmph. I went to Pavilion on 12th Dec together wid my cousie and my sis. I went to Tangs again bcoz I wanted to buy another cushion which is white in color. I actually heart both colors but can't decide which to buy earlier. Now, my kelics have bought me the purple one, I shall get a white one to make it a nice pair! Imagine...how adorable will it be if it is lying nicely in my new car together with the purple cushion. *slurp I asked cousie if she will hug it if I put it in my car...she shake her head and sista ady dunno run to which part on earth ady. *SIGH I thn put it back. Then then then...when I get back to work on 15th...I pull my chair out...WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW It's the WHITE FURRY CUSHION. I RIKE!!!!!!! Imma so so so so heapi to have two kinky furry cushion now. XD Thanks a million~

Anna Sui Ring wid lipbalm

Dearie cousie send it all the way from Taiwan!!! WOoooottsssssss XD. Wokay. I actually saw the paper bag standing nicely on my table on 11th Dec. I am seriously very very touch, I eventually burst into tears...wanted to call my cousie so much but I am late for a celebration. Yea rite...I dabao the emotion up tat nite and rush for the celebration else I wil b super duper late. Oh yea. It's a stylist ring or to say erm...small little lipbalm hiding in a ring. XD. Hmmph. A very good pressie coz I need a ring so badly BUT cousie...nxt time dun waste so much of money can? LOLz

Body Shop Peach flavour Lotion
Very thoughtful cousie bought me this. Dearie cousie saw me applying lotion and lucky her or lucky me? I happen to finish that box on the day she saw me applying the lotion. We went to One U and shop on 13th Dec. She told me she wants to go Body Shop. I show her the way and lead myself to supermarket...mum asked me to buy sth. ><". Owh...and when I stepped into Body Shop I saw her standing at the lotion department together wid my sis...thinking which lotion to choose. AHA! I knew it. She wanted to get me one. She asked me to pick the flavour else she wil be buying the same one I've just finish using. ><" I said I dun wan butttt...aiks...yea rite. End up I picked the peach flavour and she pay the bill. ><"

So Yea. These are part of my Birthday pressie. XD. More to come, I guess. LOLz

OWH. Bout the new car I mentioned at 2 cushions part??? Hmmph...I can only get the car nxt year during mid tho. ><" Ahahahaha...Just can't wait for my new car to come. Or mayb ther ain't any new car. =.=" D'oh. However...I heart the kinky furry cushions. =3

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry X'mas ;)

Project 365 #252

Secret Santa in Action


*Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way~ So Yea X'mas is around the corner and we were asked to buy X'mas pressie. Rules this year is a bit different. We were all given a piece of paper with our name printed on it last week in order to write down our X'mas wishlist that cost RM20 and above. (A-Huh! Gotcha! Take a deep breathe before you continue...lolz) Then we will throw our name into the box and the person in charge will walk around in order to let us draw the "lucky one". The theme for this year is Secret Santa. XD.

Hmmph. The wishlist that I drawed include :-
1. Jusco cash voucher
2. Ear-ring
3. Eu Yan Sang Chicken Essence

FANTASTIC!!! Dad just got a book of Jusco cash vouchers ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I can grab some from him. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. GREAT!!! So I will just need to buy a X'mas card and wrapping paper which cost less than RM5. YAY! Savior my dad! Muahahahaahahahah...Oppppsss...oh...please please dun spread this out. Cash voucher oso money okayyyyyy...altho I grabbed those for free from my dad. XD. Okay la...I know it's like kinda cheap la...so I actually wrapped a bar of chocolate for that person as well. Yea, felt guilt. ><"

Wrapped it in triangle shape and put it nicely under the X'mas tree. Secret Santa truly hope that she wil like it. HAYLOU I gave her RM30 cash voucher and a bar of beryl's chocolate lor. The budget given is RM20 and above. RM20, the pressie I got her is 70% more of the budget given. If she dun like it. Oh well. Then she shud pray for a better luck nxt year. XD.

My wishlist?
As simple as these
1. Forever 21 cash vouchers (Imma for sure gonna buy a lot of clothes frm here nxt year XD)
2. comfy, stylish cushion (wanted to get one for my car)
3. Top Shop cash vouchers (erm...seldom shop here but...outta idea wat I want...LOLz)

Now I am praying very hard that my Secret Santa will b CEO or CFO. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday =)

Project 365 #251

"Celebrated" my birthday

@ Bukit Tinggi

wid my dearie sis


Wanted to go Malacca at first but sis said it is kinda far and she dun wish to skip her tuition class today. Then, she suggested to go Bukit Tinggi as she never been there and yea, we head to Bukit Tinggi in order to test her new DSLR out! Model of the day = ME. Muahahahahahahaah

There are actually two ways to go up hill and the short-cut way is being closed due to landslide. =.=" ARGH. So I took the bengkak-bengkok LONG way to go uphill and lucky that sis did not puke. LOLz. It's kinda warm up there tho. Wokay. So sis starts to snap around and I can just do wateva I want. Loads of candid yet nice photo being taken and thanks to dearie sis who made me her camera's first model. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Headed back home ard 3sth and craving for food. It rains cats and dogs when we reached Batu Caves...Yea...craving for Mc Flurry Mud Pie...despite the heavy rain...I actually ran under the rain to buy McD. GAH. That's bcoz there's no umbrella in the car. =.=" Felt happiness around in feeding myself the friessss and ice cream. SLURP.

Nite falls. Had dinner and sit in the living room to have a small chat wid parents. Little surprise given by the family. Sis bring the cake out and everybody sang me Bday song. XD. So Yea. That's the end of the day. LOL. Had a relaxing birthday tho^^

Thanks sis for ALLLLL the nice nice photos. *wink

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping Spree~~~

Project 365 #250

Heart dis dress so damn much!!!


din buy

Wokay. Din have enuf shopping yesterday. Owh...I mean my dearie cousie. LOLz. She actually tried some clothes at Forever 21 yesterday in Pavilion but those do not have the size she want there we head to One U today in order to see if there're stocks available. Ya I know we shud have asked the staff at Pavilion to call the outlets up in order to check but...oh well. It's another excuse for us to go shopping AGAIN. MUAHAHAHAHAH

Headed to Forever 21 once we reached One U. Saw that fabulous dress(attached above) at the entrance of Forever 21. Grabbed the size I want and went to try. ARGH. TOO LOOSE. =.=" SIENZ...Went to the counter and asked to check. Oh well. No stock. Asked to call their branches up and checked. NO STOCK. T_T. SIENZ GAO. Tot wanna buy it and wear during my cousiesssssss weddings. YEA...loads of cousiesss getting married nxt year...and for the month of January alone already got two of them getting married. ><" EEEEyerrrr...suddenly feel old. LOLz

Dunno why the size of clothes for Forever 21 have become bigger size compare to last time bcoz normally I can fit in their size M and now??? Size M too loose for me. OWH. Means I have to wear Size S. Sounds like I've grow a size smaller. Awww...I heart Forever 21 A LOT! Ahahahahahahahaha...Yea I know it's bcoz their clothes are all in guai lou(foreigner) size...lemme comfort myself a bit can o not? LOLz.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

HUGE surprise!!!

Project 365 #249

It is srsly a HUGEEEEE surprise for me.

Thanks a lot


Went Sg. Wang and Pavilion to shop for clothes wid cousie and sis. Never tot that I am the one who bought a lot as I dun hav the intention/mood in buying any clothes. ><" Kesian sis the one who have been waiting for this day to come but she din even get a piece of clothes today. ><" So Yea. Get to try T-bowl out. ERM. The food was okay. Oh well, if you wanna get urself updated you shud give a try. XD.Reached home around 9++, get bathed and ready to go out for another birthday celebration. Weeee~~~

Get myself dressed up and ready around 10++...waited for the call before we head out in order to make sure there are somebody there first before we reach. LOLz. Cousie received call around 11pm and there we head out. Opened the small gate at of my house and when I step out TWO creature poped out!!! OMAIGOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT IS OLIVIA AND KELLY AND THE WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM!!! omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! I shouted and hide myself behind the wall. My mind went blank and I srsly dunno wat to do. OMIGAWD. Cousie asked me to walk out and there a cake appear in front of me with the song "happy birthday" sang by everybody. Awwwwwwwww...so touched ne!!! I was asked to hold the cake for photo session and I can feel my hand shakes badly. ><" Trying very hard to behave yet...the emotions just overflowed. XD. Then it's "prize giving" time. A handmade birthday card. Awwwwww...I got so touch at first but when I turn to the front and look carefully. OMFG!!! I saw my freaking ugly bunny photo pasted in front of the card! ><" ARGHHHHHHHHHH. Then, got HUGE bo ban tong(lollipop) as gift. Then then...it's photo session time where I have to post post with the card and I am not allow to cover the photo pasted on the card. =( EEEEEEEeeee I can't imagine how the outcome will be. ><"

Wokay. Headed to Library after the HUGE surprise and so sweet of Olivia's bf where he actually chopped a place for us there. A very strategic place(forgot bout the butts which is bside my face and worrying they might fart. LOL...I m really sitting nxt to a butt la...coz there are different height of tables and ours is the short table and the nxt table is a tall one. XD) which is near the band. Ordered Hoegaarden then erm...Oh yea...when I've almost finish my pint of Hoegaarden, Olivia and gang actually asked me to bottoms up ONE PINT of Hoegaarden and they passed me my dearie cousie's glass which is still full. I gulped the whole pint and kesian dearie cousie who have only took a few sips lost her one pint of Hoegaarden ><". Thanks dearie cousie for her treat. LOLz. Hmmph...kinda waste to bottoms up such a tasty beer tho. LOLz. Hmmph...I am kinda tipsy soon after tat and I get high. I ran around in the mall and pinch everybody...If not mistaken...then erm...we actually went to Sanctuary for 2nd round. We found an empty space inside and start dancing widout ordering any drinks. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH...tat's the benefits in clubbing at Sanctuary. No cover charge and no people know who we are and if we hav ordered drinks o not. LOLz. Went KFC for supper and we head back home.

Oh ya! "MET" JPJ on our way back. My fren's car kena coz he pasted kinda dark screen protector on his car. RM100 liddat...fuuuu laaaaiiiii ady. ><" Kesian sial.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Library^^

Project 365 #248

Thanks to ALLLL of u

I mean the ex-primary classmates!!!


Thanks to the organizer who have got the heart to celebrate the Birthday of December babies which is me and another lenglui who hold the cake in the attached photo. XD. The first time ever the ex-primary classmates celebrated my birthday. Ya know...it will always be school holidays in the month of December and the technology is not so advanced where my mates din get to wish me thru fb or hp. ><"

Wokay. Organizer asked me to pick the place for E partay and yea...I suggested library. LOLz. Everybody were required to reach ther at 9pm as we all worry that there's no table available. Oh crapz...the organizer actually reached there at 8++ and NO TABLE AVAILABLE ady. =.=" We are "forced" to sit sumwher which I believe it is not belongs to the library and near the exits of the mall THEN being blowed wid the warm air from the exhausts of the mall. ISH. The hair kena blow until so damn messy and it is a srsly very HOT nite. ><"

Oh ya. It is actually a birthday celebration cum primary gathering. It's the organizer's treat for the drink and we ordered Hoegaarden and it's happy hour where we order one pint, free half pint. XD. Me and the birthday gal who haven take dinner have actually went McD to dabao fries and eat at Library. Oh well. Maybe this is one of the benefits where we are sitting sumwher quite far from the library. ><" OH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...we both ordered hot chocolate @ Library bcoz it is kinda weird to eat fries wid beer. Hmmph...the hot chocolate srsly taste like warm dutch lady chocolate milk in packet. *ahem not nice to drink *ahem

The party ends quite early where everybody starts to leave at 12 and the nite is stil young! Yea rite...some of them have got work on the nxt day, some have got curfew and some have got second round! HNG! Got second round oso nvr ajak. LOLz. End up the organizer, me, and another 4 ppl stayed for the party. Chat a lil and we head back home around 2am. ERM. Drove kinda fast to reach home and erm...of course I reached home safely. LOLz. Lucky no block or I gonna die. Hate myself that will become redish very fast eventho I only consume a lil alcoholic. Oh well...I took almost 2 pint of Hoegaarden. MUAAHAHAHHAHA. NITEZ. XD

Oh yea. Received my birthday present all the way sent from Taiwan. It's anna sui's ring! Woootsss...heart it so damn muchie!!! Thanks dearie cousie. *MUAX =3 =3 =3


Project 365 #248

Lunch Box provided by Sister Mag.

Received an email few days before telling that Sister Magazine will be providing lunch for everyone in the company today. Everybody was so excited and discussing what will it be. So yea, we waited, the wrapping is so nice but is it like kinda light when we have the lunch box in hand.

Unwrapped it. Hmmph, it is a "lunch box" filled wid 3 small cup cakes, 2 tuna wantan, two mini scone, a cheese and egg bread and erm...I guess that's all. ><" No idea with...if there's a miscommunication between the one who sent us email and the mag company or...they tot it is actually a lunch for people who have small appetite like gals. Oh well, Lucky enuf to have the lunch box in at 12pm and yea everybody still have the time to go out for lunch. Yea, we have all decided to keep tat "lunch box" for our tea time. Then, me, Lesly and andrew tot of paying a visit to a Toilet bowl theme resto located at Sg. Wang.

Get to know T-bowl is opening yesterday and ya know...as a "new new" people who always follow the trend blindy , we shud never missout the chance to try everything new in order to get ourselves updated. XD. Reached the resto, it's pack during lunch hour. ><" Yea rite..."sun yan sun si hang"...We waited for like 10-15mins and it doesnt seems like ther will b seats for us. So, we changed place...makan at little taiwan wid disappointment. =\ Oh waittttt...I stil have chance to try tomorrow as I am coming over to Sg. Wang and shop tomorrow!!! Weeee~~~Les and Andrew...I will try the food on behalf of u guys. HAHA

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sailor Sii Tar Kom

Project 365 #247

First strike by kelics


Reached company kinda early today as I can no longer sleep after I wake up at 6++ in the morning. =.=" It is all the way smooth to my opis and I actually reached my Co at 835am today. Saw something new hanging on the Xmas tree outside the opis. Walked closer and saw...MAH FACE BEING HANG ON THE XMAS TREE!!! GOSH. I took a deep breathe and walk slowly to my place by knowing that my place will b like a circus.

Owrite. I saw a sailor gal hanging on the top of my table WITH MY FACE ATTACHED ON THE SAILOR! I can't stop laughing after tat and yea Andrew the earliest man who reach the opis caught my shocking and BIG SMILE face wid camera. Drag my chair out and I see a comfy, stylish, kinky purple cushion lying nicely on my hair. WOOOTTTS That's the cushion tat I saw the other day at Pavilion!!! MY KELIC BOUGHT IT!!! Oh my oh my...and oh yea...my table is being surrounded wid 20 boxes of Rocky, a small bucket of handmade roses, and my lappie is being surrounded by very "hiao" striking pink feather. ><" Even the mouse is being "wrapped" wit the striking pink feather. OMG. Can't deny that I really heart this deco a lot. LOLz.

Surprise doesnt juz end liddis. Thy gave me a fairy hair band and asked me to wear it in order to snap photos wid the other kelics. THEN, andrew brought a chocolate cake out wid 3 candles lighted up(as attached). So yea, then I hav this very sweet birthday song from everybody in the office which warmed my heart. =) Awwww...srsly felt so sweet of wat my kelics did. Oh Ya! Thanks andrew for playing the Birthday song using piano @ iTouch. Can borrow me play play in the future? LOLz.

Thanks to my dear kelics for the sweet deco, pressie and angpau. Nonethless, the new name for me -> Sailor Sii Tar Kom. XD

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lucky, no?

Project 365 #246

Got dis while eating icecream for lunchie.

Was excited at first



Went to third floor and buy some ice cream to chill myself down. Was not in good mood since morning and wish to *shakeheadyellscreamshoutcrykick LOLz. Oh well, I've got no idea WHY but yea, I tot getting icecream will help in cooling myself down. I got a cornetto icecream and I saw there's another paper wrapping the ice-cream(attached above) when I unwrap the icecream. I WON A PRIZE! A free ice cream worth RM1.50. Omigawd...I never ever tot I will hav such luck bcoz I never won any dog shit prize before and I dun hav luck for all the prize thingy. ><"

Was excited for few seconds and thinking where to claim the ice cream as it stated ther "to claim at participating outlets" THEN, I saw "by 30th September 2009". Which have already over. Potong Stim betul. AND now I worry, for how long the ice-cream have actually been hibernate before I rescue it. =.="

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Free lunch XD

Project 365 #245

It's pumpkin fried rice @ U - Cafe.

Had lunch wid people for another department.


One of the planners from a BIG account asked me to join their luncheon today in conjunction of farewell, and birthday celebration for December babies for their department. Wokay...I am being invited bcoz I've been helping them thruout these 2 months for the work on research. Yea...the job that I take over 2 months ago and still working very hard for it. GOSH. The management promised that I will be helping up for a month and this is actually the 2nd month ady. ><" Time srsly passes fast widout me noticing. ARGH. Srsly darn bz til I've forgotten this. Oh well, good thing tho, get to learn more BUT...can I earn more as well? kekeke...

Wokay. U-cafe is located at fiesta street @ Sg. Wang. Their portions are all srsly BIG and unique, a very good example will be the pumpkin fried rice attached above. Wanted to order claypot chicken rice as it is highly recommended but it is not being included in the set lunch. =.=" Oh gosh. I shudn't have help them to save money. Ahahhaha...The pumpkin fried rice cooked wid belacan taste good whereas pineapple fried rice is tasteless and oily. =.=" These are the two dishes that me and my cousie ordered. Oh ya, my cousie is working at the BIG account department as well. XD. Get to chat a lot with some of them and found out that they are actually nice to talk wid, and the planners are srsly talkative can! Awww...I envy that thy can be THAT talkative as they will have various of topics to discuss and the lunch session is not bored. =)

Hmmph...srsly hav to set "to be more talkative" as my new year revolution.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Things that warm my heart always =)

Project 365 #244

overloaded wishes on HUGE birthday card.


Fren sms'ed me and asked what I want for my Birthday. Yea. I am turning to 23 years OLD in a week. Time srsly passes fast. The scene of me lying on the bed for Intravenous drip a year ago is still fresh in my mind! Owh, of course the feelings in getting drunk like hellll, the guy tat I met that day stil fresh in my mind too! Oooppssss...Aha! I know you wonder which guy. Owrite...he is the guy that I actually drooled interested wid when I see him in the club. LOLz. I saw him passed by our table for like 12931274912717 times and we've got eye contact. I told my cousie bout tat then she actually stopped him AND ask for his contact number. WTH! I've never ever tot that cousie is so damn brave! So yea, we exchanged phone number and he actually text me right after the party and wish me Happy Birthday^^ We sms'ed and call quite often by not knowing each other background much and I tot he was a year younger than me. Oh yea, he said so that nite. He asked me out for many times but I rejected...THEN, ther's a day, my cousin bro told me tat guy is his ex's ex and he is only 18 years old. ftw. 18 and 22, F O U R years different! ISH. He cheated me. FINE. There, I stopped to contact him so often. Oh well, the world is srsly small. ><"

Owh. Back to the topic, things that warm my heart always. To recap - my fren texted me to ask what I want for my B'day. I always asked for surprises(because I really don't know what I want and I hav to sayang my frenz' wallet as well...lolz) and A HUGE birthday card with loads of wishes. XD. Immediately flipped thru all the birthday cards that I received during the past years after I read the text. I smiled by looking at each and every wishes written by my frenz. Those srsly warmed my heart. =) Even wishes from some random people. xD.Rite. For me, I felt wishes written by frenz on birthday card is much much more precious than any other things. I mean, it is like the wishes which come truly from their heart and they remember my birthday for once! Agree no?




you know wat to do ady?


Yer...so obvious ady


Oh well,
mayb I shud learn
not to
my Birthday as a "so..." important day
I shud actually
thanks my mum for giving me my life


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pappa Rich

Project 365 #243



Pappa rich!


Mum and her bunch of aunties' fren's son's Pappa rich open his second branch at Damansara after the one at Cheras. LOLz. Tag the aunties along to their grand opening for freeeeeeeeee food. XD. The aunty wid spec is the marmee of the son. Jealous siao, got a son who hold shares of two pappa rich resto and good in making money. Hmph...I shud train my son liddat as well. LOL. Ahahahahaaha...The resto is pack as it is serving free food and the system in the resto gone to a mess. People just grab wateva dishes that pass by their table widout seeing if thy ordered those o not. =.=" So yea, the aunties at our table did the same thing as we have waited for an hour yet the food is not here. ><" Phew, luckily I only ordered a drink. LOLz. Left after the drinks as there are loads of people waiting for table. Home, FB, bath, out for dinner. So yea, tat's all for my Sunday. SIENz. Srsly have to find some interesting thing to do. ><"