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Friday, January 30, 2009

Primary Sch Gathering

Venue : D'fortune
Date : 30th Jan 2009
Time : 930pm

Get to meet up with the other primary school classmates. This is a very successful gathering as more people attended. Thanks to Lai Yee^^

Everybody din change much. Still we can recognize each other after ten years. Yea, ten years. I accept this fact now but please my dear primary schmates, don't mention about this over and over again, it will oni makes me feel tat...I am actually THAT OLD already. Enjoyed the gathering tho. Hehe...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Chor Yat 2009

Chor Yat - The first day of Chinese Niu Year, the beginning of another new year in lunar calender. We use to visit to the same house, meet the same person every year. Of course, there's no exception for this year. Oh yea, there's something new for me and my family this year. We are bringing Bao Bao to visit my relatives house^^

At last, Bao Bao can hang out d. LOLz. He've got his 3rd Jab on 17 of Jan 2009. He is now safe to be brought out. Teehee...

Okie. There's a tradition among chinese where being vegetarian on the 1st and 15th of every month will be good for ourselves. But, for my family, we don't really follow until last year CNY. There's nothing bad in being a vegetarian. We still can consume delicious food. AND the menu for today is "Bak Kut Teh"!!! Woohoo!!! Muaha muaha...Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh wei...Dun play play...

Now let's take a look at the dishes^^

Dishes for Chor Yat

Vege Satay Stick - Lamb flavour

Vege Bak Kut Teh
Hell Yea~~~

Vege Spicy and Sour Soup
Slurp~~~Lup dis the most!!!

As today is the first day Bao Bao chilling out wid my family, photos of Bao Bao of course will never be missed.

Bao Bao feat swing~

Shh...he is too tired by entertaining the relatives

Bao Bao in his Pink lilttle house
So gay?!
Yes for Bao Bao
No for me.

Bao Bao on the pillar

Pardon me? What? Wanted to sue me for torturing Bao Bao? No, I din. He is too notti that I just want to giv him a lesson.

Bao Bao on the greeny greeny field^^
Lup his fringe!!!


Yea. He have got quite serious tear stain. I've already tried my best to cure for him. I did wipe his eyes area and his face every morning before I go to work. Yet, can't help much. Yes, will bring him to doctor soon enuf.(after I get my Feb pay...lolz)

Alrite. After reading such a long post and scrolling all over the photos of food and Bao Bao, now, go and grab a plastic bag and keep it wid you. I know you need it. Coz, it is now the time for pretty lads photos to be show.

m3 and Cousie Violet

Char Siu Bao

m3 n Sista

My sis said that I look fake in the photo above. LOLz. Looks like a doll. Muaha...I lup this piece tho^^

Camwhore wid LV tissue Box

My sista piece of Art

My Piece of Art

Swing Bao Bao Swing!!!

He is Andox.(Bao's toy toy)

My piece of art again

YES! They are watching you.

There's a wall in my uncle's house painted wid Red in color. A good background to snap all stuff of nice photos. So,

here you go^^

m3 and my sista^^
Do we look alike?!

Two "Japanese" gal...

My sista is trying out some function wid her new cam. Now, let's see the different.



Can get wat's the different? A function tat makes ppl look slimmer than real person in photos. LOLz.

Yea. Now tie your plastic bag tightly before you throw it away (as it is full I guess...lolz)

Till then.

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese Niu Year Eve

Another year has come. Another year older. YES. O.L.D.E.R.


Argh...I miss my good old days.
miss the time when I was young.
I mean I miss my time of being a teenage.
I am still young, of course.

Alrite. The same old thing tat we nid to do during Chinese New Year Eve. The tradition^^

Hmmph. No. Don't ask me what we actually should prepare for the prayers. I did not help up. Yea, I know. I am not a good mummy gal. Niway, photo snapping will b the best action as I will know what to prepare by refering it in the future.LOLz. Mum is understanding. She know tat I've been busy wid my work, so, she din ask me to help up in setting up. Well, I should have learn this one day for the future.

Alrite. As I din help in setting up, thus, I am being forced asked to "burn" the money/wateva it shud be called.

And of course. Fire"crackers" is a nid for CNY. Muahahhaha...a good shot for hiding the face from the camera. AND YES, I know. It is illegal. So please, DO NOT LEARN. We did didn't light it up actually. It is only meant for ceremony purpose.

There will be a reunion dinner at my house today. This is the third time my mum doing reunion dinner. I always use to wait for today to come because all cousies, relatives will be gathering together. Me and my cousies have actually came out wid a plan for this year CNY in order to color up the holidays.

Programme for today will be - Coach potato Act.

Yea. Watch movie. Yea. Lame. No choice. The nearest entertainment centre to my house is the cinema in Jusco. So, I've actually went to buy movie tix in the afternoon in order to grab the good viewing seats. There are 11 of us joining today. All cousies from mother's side.

Popcorn and drinks(those in the white plastic bag tat I m holding) that shouldn't be miss out for coach potato act.

Here. Tan, Yap, Voon, Looi families wishes you

Happy Moo~~~~ Year^^

Friday, January 23, 2009

Daorae - Korean BBQ Resto @ Kepong

The sista gang is now in action.
Venue : DAORAE, korean BBQ restaurant, Kepong
Date : 23rd January 2009
Time : 830pm

The Big sista is deciding what to order.

Alrite. It is actually a small gathering + farewell for Sinyee as she will be leaving to Singapore real soon. She is there to earn money back for us. For the sista gang. LOLz. Yea la...when ppl grow and step into another stage of life, the goal for us will oni be = earning money, earning money and earning money in order to clear all the debts.

Question from the floor
Why we seems like still enjoying our life, eating something good and always go shopping while we need to clear all the debts and yelled "no money" all the time?

Our answer
We work so hard of course have to treat ourselves a bit better one ma.

So there, you will see me spent a lot of money for food. Actually I enjoy snapping the photos of the food than eating. BUT, exception for dessert for a full time dessert lover^^(That's me)

So, here you go. The great food of the day brought to us by Daorae, brought to you by miaoyi.

Sauces for dipping

Steamed egg

Slices of Beef BBQ'ing
Side Dishes that can be "refill" again n again!!!

Yummy soup thy provide
for every single customer who sit in

This is yummy,
I forgot the name...lolz

Kimchi soup
slurp slurp~

"Yee Sang"

Muaha. Sista gang are always creative. As Chinese Niu Year is near. One of the sista have actually suggested to "mix" avthing 2geda in the pot. This is the 1st time the sista gang "lou sang" 2geda. ^^

Very frenly, responsible service crew

The best of the best that nite
Lamb lamb lamb!!!

Alrite. Now Miss Bell will teach you how to makan wid the vege.

Bell : Juz put in avthing tat you wanted to eat and wrap it using the vege.

Bell : And, roll it like a ball, put the whole thing into a mouth. (Please do not learn, she is a pro...lolz)

This is a good practise. Eat like Sinyee. The way a gal should eat like. LOLz

WaiE : Now is your turn to try^^

SuetE(the one wid short hair at left hand side) is busy eating and got no time for photo session. >_<.

Thus, I've oni got chance to snap her toes. Yea, the one wid black color nail painter. Even toes have got camera shy...lolz

The group photo shall never be left out in order to end the day^^

Only manage to gather a total of 5 of us as some of them are busy wid their work, some fall sick(get well soon as CNY is near), some have got training and some is still studying at oversea.

Well, well, hope the next time for the sista gang to gather won't be far away. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


The food taste great
services are great as well.
Worth to give a try^^