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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Fu Lai Dae!!!

Project 365 #115


It's Fu Lai Daeeeeeeeeee!!!


Okay. It's my cousie's mum's Bday and my mum got this strawberriessss coating cake for her. Woottsss...it looks yummilicious isn't it??? Taste...erm...okayyyyyy la...filling is yam, strawberries and peach where...I dun really fancy neither one of the fruits.

At last it is friday and it is a great friday!!! Coz we are going out for steamboat in conjunction of my aunt's Birthday. So yea, me and my cousies, and sis went for steamboat wid a bunch of auntiessssss...and tat's why I made myself look like auntie at the photo above. LOLz.

Been having a healthy eating habit since Monday, where, I have oat for breakfast, oat biscuits for lunch and supplement drink at night. Yea, I tend to diet, BUT, I juz cant get myself to say nooooo to steamboat, as the resto that we are heading to...is not ,merely a steamboat resto...thy have loads of fresh slices of meatssss...imagine u deep the slice of meat into a super hawt and spicy tomyam soup~Slurpeee yummy!!!

Hell Yea. Now I know why I am so so depress in the past four days, perhaps I din take enuf food and I am not happy wid it. LOL. Bwahhaha...well well...so first day in having such a heavy dinner this week, and there's one Japanese buffet dinner to attend tomorrow. Bye my diet plan, I am gonna enjoy til the max in the weekends. Thanks for my auntie(the aunty tat sell strawberry) that pay me a visit just in time and eating less or more will not affect my weight. LOLz.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Project 365 #110 - 114

Read the car plat no. above in Mandarin.

Get it?


Hav a good laugh.
(CB la...lolz...)

Me and cousie are juz TOO bored in car while jamming.


ERM. Yea I know. I shudnt pile up four days and write it into a post. I have actually defeat the purpose in doing this Project 365. I apology. Sorry. Sigh...seriously I pass these four days...FOUR DAYS wid excel sheets, formulasssss, power points and FIGURESSSS running in my mind for almost every seconds and I m getting crazy!!!

Felt so lifeless these four days. My days is like a robot. Wake up, stuck in jam, start to work from 9am til 7 or 8pm, scrolling all over the excel sheets, power point, figures, fong gong, stuck in jam AGAING,reach home, bath, sleep. That's how I pass my four days this week. With no entertainment, no ajinomoto, no meeting frenz, no crapz wid frenz, no nothing. Owh...I stil have my cousie to talk to tho...lolz

So Yea. I am asking myself everyday..."is this wat I want?" "Sitting nicely in the office, enjoy the air cond, glue my eyes on the screen from 9 - 6 thn go balik rumah?" Yes and No. It is good to work in a Big Four, as, I am a freshie yet I stil get to squeeze myself in. It is good to sit in the office and enjoy the air-cond.I dun hav to run here and ther, make myself suffer and mayb overexposed to the sun in order to earn money. It is good tat I am working in a professional field, learning all the research tools, learn to analyze. Yea. This is wat my mum feel and think it is good for me bcoz I dun hav to go thru all the hardship and straightaway work in BIG four wid comfortable yet nice enviornment.

For me? Well, I am kinda confuse now. Seriously confuse. I still remember that I pick to study science stream during secondary sch times is bcoz...I dun like figures, I hate accounts. I hate counting. I picked science stream widout thinking that I stil nid to do calculation all the time for Add Maths and physic. All I have in mind tat time is that "I DUN WANNA DO CALCULATION". After I've graduated, I picked mass comm, broadcast, as my major, which doesnt nid any calculation but only theories and more practical work. I love to see a lot of ppl, I love production, I love running outside, BUT, I, at the same time, dun really like to social ard bcoz I feel that it is very fake to smile to the ppl tat I dun like. So, I actually have this conflict within myself.

So Yea. After I've graduated frm my diploma, my mum already asked me to apply for my current job. To work in a media agency. I rejected, telling her that I wanna study oversea and I dun wanna make myself regret in the future. What I have in mind that time, is, I shud cherish the time I get to study, I shud go oversea and experience the feeling of study aboard. Yea, I experienced it. I enjoyed. AND, after two years, I've get my degree, yet I get back to the field that my mum want me to work for two years ago.

I sent my resume to my cousin. Ya. I've got cousin working in the Media field. She help to blast my resume out to all the media agencies, and I received calls and got the job within a mth after I've came back frm UK, frm my studies. I started to work on 6th Oct 2008, they offered me to be a junior planner. Yea. I applied to be a planner bcoz my cousin said it made BIG money. BUT, as I get in for few days, I realized that what I do, is not wat I tot, and not what I get to know to b a planner, the job tat I do, the department that I am in, is a research department. MD and my manager noticed that I am confuse, we talked, thy explained. MD said : " all the planners start frm research, thy hav to hav a very strong research base before thy become planners, and you have to make urself valuable" My manager gave me two weeks of time to think, if I wanna be in research department or be the planner. We talk after two weeks, and I decided to b in research team. Yea, MD is right, I have to make myself valuable, I have to have very strong research base.

I tot of giving myself three months time to learn everything, to get a research base and request to be a planner. As time goes by, I realized that they are seriously a lot to learn to b a researcher, and I m kinda "in love" wid my manager. She is such a BIG NICE people, she always hav the patient to teach, the patient to explain. There's not only the research thingy I can learn from her, but the way she talk, the way she behave, the way she think, perhaps, her attitude, which is so tame yet get the respects from others. SO, I din request to change myself to be a planner as I heard what my other kelics planners told me bout their job scoop and how thy suffer in doing all the stuff. They have to deal wid the media owners and clients always, where I think, I m stil not ready to "talk big". I mean, talk confidently and convince the clients.

So, this is the tenth month for me, in the research department. TENTH month yet I stil repeat the same mistake that my manager told me over and over and over again. She told me bout it while we are doing my appraisal, and I know wher my problem is, which is, CARELESS. Yea, I am a very careless person, and, I, dunno, how I shud change myself. I told myself to check my work all the time before I hand in, yea, I checked, YET, ther, for sure wil b mistakessssss from the work I did. I dun allow myself to have any mistakes for all the work tat I did BUT, I always disappointed myself. Yes, I admit that I dun like ppl to correct me, bcoz, for all the things I do, I wil make sure that's it is perfect and nobody shud hav any doubt wid it or I wil fight again for my decision, for the things tat I've done. BUT, this have actually faded away from me, I m in the progress learning in listen to others voices, and respect others decisions. I hope I will somehow change one day.

Right. I asked myself, WHY I will repeat the same mistake everytime, and WHEN only I wil change in not to be so so careless, not to be not meticulous. Yea, meticulous is wat a planner shud have, and, since I am so so careless, means, I am not ready to b a planner YET. So, I've got this answer for myself, for, WHY I will repeat the same mistake. Well, that's all bcoz of...ther's no passion...no passion means you will be forgetful, forgetful is not bcoz iressponsible, it is juz, you know, when you dun really fancy the job, you wont actually put it in ur heart. So, I guess, I've lost my passion. AND the feeling is getting stronger and stronger recently.

What caused me wid no passion and when it happened? Is it the time where I get to know I am being put to be a researcher instead of a planner? Or, is it bcoz the mistake tat I keep on repeating and made me lost the passion? Possible to be ther's no increment after the probation period? Promised to have discuss bout increment during July...and it is now AUGUST ADY!!! Well, mayb ther's no bonus, no trip, nothing that urge me to stay, be loyal and work hard for the company? Hmmph...mayb it is bcoz loads of loads ppl left the company...and it makes me feel insecure wid the Company.(even the CEO has resigned?!) So, I guess, you know, when I listed these out, they are all, somehow, part of the reasons. I can find my passion no more. I am juz like an ordinary nine to fiver, who wait for weekends to come everyday, who wait for wages to come every month but not seek for changes and make my life colorful.

If you ask me, what I wan right now? I wil say, my passion. So yea, right, get my passion back then. It sounds so simple, but hard to move on. Ther's nothing that can come in two will, working something that you are interested wid, at the same time, get a VERY good pay. The job that I am working right now, doesnt have a VERY good pay, but I believe that I will get VERY good pay in the future, as I've made myself to be more valuable in having the research base. BUT, this only apply to...I stick to the same field. So yea, shud a careless person like me stick back to the same field? I don't know. I want a good pay, I want to love my job. I don't wanna be ppl who always wait for weekends to come bcoz this is so wrong, and this feeling will only appear whn one don't really like their job.

I got very frustrated on Tuesday, tot of changing job and actually browse thru jobstreet to see wat job is available, or, to say, to get myself a direction in wat I shud go to. I saw this wedding planner, it looks interesting, I wanted to apply, BUT, I pull myself back remembering that...I nid to give three months notice before I switch to another job. On Wednesday, I told my mum tat I wanna switch my job and I get my resume updated, I wrote " d e t a d p u e m u s e r"(resume updated) on my msn personal message, trying to give sign, I wonder if anybody see it. It is kinda like silent voice out, silent protest from me bcoz I suddenly feel like this is not what I want. My workload have increased, more and more requests from everybody, I have to help the planners to run the reports, RUN RUN and RUN!!! FIGURES FIGURES AND FIGURESSSS!!! I have had enuf. Seriously, had enuf. I wonder now, is it the planners are too bz to run the reports themselves, OR, they actually dun own a strong research base, AND thy don't know things bout the research tools, thus, they ask me to run? I feel like I am a machine in running reports. I hate being called as a research queen. Well, I know I m stil not qualified to be one, but it sounds so sacarstic, it sounds so "machine"!!!

I am having conflict within myself. I shud stay bcoz it is hard to get such a nice manager and I've got more to learn for her, I shud stay bcoz this is a BIG four, I shud stay bcoz this is an easy yet comfortable job, I shud stay bcoz mum said that this is a good job and she have this stand and thought since five years ago(before I stepped into my college life) and the elder one always have the right thought as they have seen and gone thru so many things, and yea, my mum wan her daughter to have an easy life.

I shudnt stay bcoz this company give me no passion, no more, I shudn't stay bcoz this is not wat I want, I shudnt stay or I cant learn more from other people. I shud go out and see more, experience more explore and torture myself more to grow up. I shud leave and chase after my dream before I get old and regret in the future, I shud leave now and only come back to the field when I need to settle down.


Wher shud I go? I have got no direction. I am thinking...I wanna tender is bcoz of the company gave me no passion but I still love my job? OR, I actually dun like my job? T_T



So, after all these confuse confuse, I get frustrated and suggest to my kelic to eat something nice today and we headed to Madam Kwan @ Pavilion for lunch. LOLz. There goes my diet plan AGAIN.T_T. Why oh why...anyhow...I feel so much better after expressing my feelings here.


Huai ting!!!

A four in one post^^
Aku tak curi ayam~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

TVB Drama Marathon Day

Project 365 #109

A Great Way to Care

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to watch.

Something different.

Something interesting.

Something tat touches the humans psychology.

Something that pulled my attention.

I seldom watch dramas bcoz I know myself wil stick to the TV for whole day for Drama Marathon once I start watching those. AND drama Marathon is seriously tiring. That's the reason why I prefer movie. Story finished in one episode and within few hours.

So Yea. Saw the preview at Astro on Demand for - A great way to care. It is a drama tat talks about how psychology can help in cracking the criminal cases. LUP IT!!! SO, I've actually watched the 20 EP in two days time. ><" BRAVO~~~~!!!! CLASSIO~~~~~~ lolz. I always wanted to study psychology but it seems to be no market in Malaysia, so yea, I picked Mass Comm. Mayb I shall consider in picking up a part time psychology course. BUT rumours tell that ppl who study psychology normally...got a bit psycho one...><"

Oh No...I m not having any discirmination.

So Yea,


A great way to care.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photo Shooting Day @ Putrajaya

Project 365 #108


Went to Putrajaya for photo shooting session today^^

That sweet couples

is my cousie and her future husband.
(the "future husband" ask not to call husband and wife until the day they tie the knot)

Another Big Day to come after HowJoo and SiJia's wedding^^

Followed my cousie all the way to Putrajaya for her wedding photo session day. Her photo session hav actually started early the morning and I only followed her for the outdoor shooting. The groom aka my future cousin bro in-law kena shoot gao gao by the photographer in his not nice looking smile tat he hang on his face. LOLz. I rarely see him smile bcoz he is a cool person. AND...his smile is srsly...FARNEY. LOLz. He faked a lot of smile and made the photo session last much more longer than the normal one. The photographer first asked him to smile a bit and when he smile...the photographer wil say "I guess...it will b better for you not to smile". lolz. Kesian him. ><"

Ther's a session wher the couple hav to do photo shooting on the cruise. Thus, me and my cousie hop in by paying RM30 per person to enjoy the 45mins ride @ Putrajaya Lake aka Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. Saw loads of nice buildings, IE : Sultan Selangor's holiday villa which is so so so HUGE and grand, the building that float on the water, and loadssssss seems to be imitation of other countries famous building.(got one look like HK's turtle...lolz)

Oh yea. My dearie cousie is getting married. I m very very close to her since we were small. Erm like at the age of 9? So I m kinda like a "witness" of all her relationshipsss, and clear some shitsss for her. lolz. Happy to see her getting such a good hubby^^ He stepped into the social world at the age of 15, he may not study a lot but he is a guy who always have the urge for improvement. The words tat came out frm his mouth will be nothing good, but, he is a sincere person. He appreciate every little help given by others. He listen to the elders. He respect everybody's comments. AND I believe all these made him a very successful businessman now, at the age of 27.

WOW! Glad to see my cousie marrying a good guy, that, of course treat her very good all the time, as well as me. LOLz. U know la...coz I m the closest to my cousie, he hav to treat me better or else...nyek nyek nyek...lolz...AND I will never ever forgot wat he did to "touched" my cousin sis's heart.

No idea since when that my cousie hav this car sick and she always feel uncomfortable when we are on the way to genting or back frm genting. There's one day where...he got this outing day wid him and his bunch of frenz. They had some beer @ uphill and went home after tat. Cousie felt very sick coz of the carsick she hav and oso the beer but she cant puke. The guy asked her to poke the finger inside her throat so that she can puke BUT she refuse, she said tat she cant do it. THEN...the guy actually put his finger in her throat and make her puke. AND THERE, the romance startssssssssssssssssssssssss...WOOTSSSSS!!! This is so so so cool. I mean...okay. First of all...it is only like their third time going out 2geda and din know each other well, and, tat guy, did tat. lolzzzz...Eeee...such a special starting of this couple. Bwahahhahahahaha...

Wish you guys happily ever after^^

Oh ya. Rush for movie wid family after the photo shooting day. Watched Transformer and YESH I get to watch the WHOLE movie widout falling asleep. Yea...I falled asleep for the first time I watch it.

Such a BZ Saturday!!! I love it^^

Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Project 365 #107


the movie tat everybody is waiting for

is on screen^^

and I only manage to watch after a week.

Yea of course,

wid the movie gang^^

ERM. Been following this movie for ten years. TEN years!!! Times srsly passes fast!!! ><" Felt surpise whn I stepped into the theather. There are not much people in the theater(like only few rows at the back are occupied in a BIG hall) altho it juz on screen for a week and It is being screen in a BIG hall.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The 6th Ep. of Harry Potter. The movie is very quiet. The flow...is juz like a barely flat electrocardiogram of a dying patient. Not to say tat the movie is not worth to watch...but...I guess everybody is expecting something new, something interesting to watch and it is quite hard for the production team to squeeze a VERY thick, detailed story book into a two hours movie. Hmmph...btw...I din follow the book. I din read. I stopped my reading till Book Four and it is only half way thru. lolz.

Everybody is very quiet in the theater, as if...everybody have fall asleep while the movie is on-going. Hmph...mayb they are some who fall asleep. The reason for me to remained silent during the whole duration of movie is bcoz I m expecting something to happen and I couldn't lost not even a glimpse to see wat happened next. I m looking forward for something boombastic. BUT...it ends quietly. Even whn Dumbledore being killed, I shed no tears.

What's wrong??? Is it bcoz we have get bored by watching almost the same flow, same stories of Harry Potter and we are expecting something different to happen? Is it bcoz ther are overloaded Bing Bang Boom moviessssss tat we hav watched and it brings no interest for us to watch such an interesting yet calm magic story?

I kenot said that the movie is not nice to watch bcoz the graphics and sounds effects are great. I kenot said that the movie is not nice to watch bcoz the flow of the story goes well. So Yea...mayb I am expecting something new, something different from the movie.

Well, now you know, if there's nothing new and different it will lost people's interest. AND Yea, it is barely hard for one to stay loyal if there's nth tat bring interest anymore.

Shud we be happy
bcoz we are improving in looking for things which is different or something new,


shud we feel sad bcoz...
human beings are not loyal after all...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MoMo Paradise

Project 365 # 106

The sista gang is back in action^^

Yeap Yeap.

It's a small birthday celebration


WaiYee and Ice.

Mo Mo Paradise, a Japanese Shabu Shabu restaurant located @ Menjalara, Kepong. Get to know it thru facebook and actually wanted to hav a try on its opening day as announced earlier -> 21st June, but it is not open yet as the date they mentioned. Thy oni started to operate on 22nd June 09, where...nobody wanna go shabu shabu during weekdays ><"

So Yea, today, at last, get to give a try @ Mo Mo Paradise. ERM. Mo Mo Paradise is a buffet style Japanese Shabu Shabu where all you need to pay is only RM25 wid no additional of any tax then you can enjoy the meal wid variety choices of sauces and of course the ballssss, slices of meats and drinks^^

I ordered their Extremely Spicy TomYam soups, which taste absolutely excellent!!! BRAVO!!! CLASSIO~~~The soup is srsly tasty and spicy. SLURP!!! Their slices of meats taste great and fresh as well. I had a lot of beef slices tho^^ N erm...ya...u can dip the balls or slices of meats into different sauces and taste the different. And yea. Not forgetting, you can control the temperature of soup urself^^

Me and my cousie juz can't stop putting everything tat pass by infront of us to the soup~~~

So Yea. It is a good try. It looks luxury, enviornment is srsly comfortable, food are fresh esp the slices of meatsss, thy owned very frenly, helpful, goodmanner staff, and of course, the most important of all, the price is reasonable. IT IS ONLY RM25 PER PERSON!!!

So yea, grab a day and go makan gao gao(before they increase the price)^^


Oh ya

The address

53, Jalan 5/62A,
Bandar Menjalara,
Kuala Lumpur.


the contact number

03-6276 9008

Call for reservation^^


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nite view frm my Opis

Project 365 #105

Nice ar nice ar?

Snapped using my pink lady.


WAH...nice nite view frm my Opis.

Oh yea

staying up late AGAIN for work.


Okay. After yesterday. Today is another day that I am going back home late. I leave the company @ 9:05pm. =.=" It is the same time as I reached home yest. Sigh...why I so hardworking one?! Can't I just throw everything at the back and do it by 2mr???Bwahahhha...muka tembok betul...lolz...Btw...it's good to go home late today. I dun hav to get stuck in the jam and get to enjoy a nice nite KL view^^ Which I dun realize it is actually THAT beautiful.

Yeap. Places in KL like bintang walk or the clubbing street at KL and KLCC area are really a nice place for us to take a walk. It makes me feel like I m at oversea but not in KL. I guess this is all bcoz of the lighting tat beautified the enviornment. I always wanted to find a chance and take a walk in all these area and snap all the nice nice nite view photos *nett nett* with no criminal cases happen. AND it is impossible. lolz. Yeap. The very serious criminal cases actually made ppl dare not walk down relaxingly on the street nor take public transport during the nite. It seems to be very dangerous. Yea it is. Criminals do happen everywhere, anytime.

Awww...I miss my UK life...my days being at liverpool which is safe and we dun even hav to feel sked by walking down the street alone in the night. Yeap. There are camera everywhere, it is a surveillance country and the police will reach you very fast if there's anything happened. I tried before...walking down the street during the midnite wid 3 other frenz, who are all gals. ALL GALS!!! AND, yeap, I am still safe blogging over here^^

Awww...I miss my time walking in liverpool. The time that I have to walk 20 mins to reach my Uni, the time we walk to Tesco for grocery, the time we walk all the way to the club street wid heels juz to drink the very nice beer. The time we walk to the dock. Although it is summer, yet it is still cold. I lup it. Really. Walking on the street seems okay for me...you know la...Malaysian go where oso car car car...park far far a bit thn wil complain a lot...BUT...it is different at UK. Everybody love to walk. Coz of the nice weather and the atmosphere. ARGH!!! I WANNA GO BACK TO LIVERPOOL!!! ><"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mah First Time

Project 365 #104


the time I reached home today.

(new quote learned frm Olive's gang)

I nvr tot that I will reach home THAT late for my current job.


Rite. That's the exact time of my car stepping into my housing area. 9:05 pm. PM!!! Argh...I srsly never tot of I will b reaching home so late coz of my current job. Yea...I work as a researcher in Media Agency, that require me to run reports all the time. Running report is srsly very time consuming but I always manage to complete my work and leave punctually on time, which is 6pm. LOLz. Yea la I know being a good and responsible staff, I shud hav stay a little longer to see if there's any work for me or any request frm the other planners. BUT...as a protect nature supporter...I shudnt waste any the resources by turning on the PC and wait for job to come, you know this is to help to avoid global warming AND I love my company I shud save the resources for my company, then my company dun hav to pay more for the electric bill. See...so good I am. (Oh Crapz...tat's all bcoz my company will not give OT for staying up late.lolz)

Rite. Back to the topic. Going home late. Got work to rush today and I never tot of I can't complete it on time. AND everybody seems to think tat I am very free, got LOADS of request today from different people and everybody said that it's urgent!!! So what now??? Mine is also urgent. T_T. My manager actually asked me bout my working progress and she said "I see you run here and there...you help a lot of ppl do work is it?" I nodded my head. "Why din you reject them and tell them u got work to rush too?" She asked. "I told them, but they said their work are urgent". My manager point at my pc and the report and ask "Which one is urgent?" I "...". "So, both are urgent" I looked at her. "Next time if you can't reject or you dunno how to reject push those to me, I will talk to them." BIG wide smile frm me. " =)))))))"

So yea. My Manager always sayang me gao gao. lolz. She told me last time that if there're any request frm the others, they shud actually asked her first before they come to me. BUT, nobody seems to understand the manner in asking and tot that those are my job.(to help them run the reports) Don't jealous tat I got such a GREAT manager. Perfecto~~~

Felt sorry to make my cousin sis to wait for me as her signing off time is 530pm. I've actually made her to "act like" a very hardworking staff in her company by making her staying in the company til 830pm.


My first time leaving the Co at this hour.

*Pray hard that everything will goes fine*


Part II

Today's special.

Hmmph. Rite. Reached home at 905pm. Took mah dinner and went to bath. Once I stepped out frm the bathroom. "Jie you phone very noisy" complaint by my sista. "Miao, your phone is ringing!!!" Cousie said. I dashed to mah phone and see who is calling. *Oh Fook* It's my primary schmates. I tot I told them tat I m not joining for the lim teh session as I sked I m still at work at that hour. "Hello, miaoyi, u sleeping?" "narh, juz came out frm bathroom". "We are already outside your house, come out now." "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" "Do you wan us to press ur door bell and see if we are really here?"Run all the way the living room and see if ther's a car. *Darn* They are outside. "Erm...I am already wearing sleeping suit wor...I tot I told you I m not joining?" "I tot I told you tat I am coming?" "K...give me 5 mins to get change". I then dash to mah room get changed and hop into the car with my "waterstilldrippingverywet" hair.

I only get to settle myself down whn we have reached the yam cha place. PHEW. What a "busy" day.

Oh yea...first time kena call and go out like dis. ><" Nvr ever tot of there are srsly ppl who will come to your doorstep and ask you out widout giving you chance to reject. T_T

Am I tat good to be bully?!
(refering to Part I)

I like to hang out wid my frenz =))))

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aunty auntieeee AUNTIE!!!

Project 365 #103

Stupiak aunty!!!

Went to pump petrol after work.

See the distance of my car frm the "petrol container"?

That's all bcoz of her.


I dunno why she juz cant park her car in front a bit.


We both waited 2geda to pump petrol and she is Q'ing in front of me. She went to the front petrol container and I follow her at the back as both petrol container tat we are waiting for is not occupied already. Who the hell know she park her car having the "fuel hole" nicely nxt to the petrol pumper and I got no chance to move anymore further to bring mine nearer to the petrol pump. AND this is wat make me park my car like this while pumping the petrol. wtf. =.="

New Cater

New cater for my Co.


At last can try something new^^

There are breakfast provided by my Co to all the staff every working day. Been eating for the same food every week and the list will stick to Chee Cheong Fun, Doughnuts, Fried Rice, Bihun, Fried mee, currypuff, roti jala and sandwiches. Oh ya...nasi lemak and roti canai will only appear once in a blue moon. Imagine...eating the same thing every week...won't you feel bored?! Hmmph...me and my kelic are always the earliest to reach the lounge for breakfast and we noticed that the most popular dishes will be the sandwiches day. Yeap. Bread filled wid eggmayo or sardine or cheese. The breadsss will actually disappear in less thn 10 minutes from the time it is being put on the table. From here, you can see that the other dishes are not really likable by the staff. Probably already bored with it. Even me myself oso bored with those by only working here for 8 mths.

So Yea. New cater wid different taste of food and variety of choices compare to the previous one.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dim Sum^^

Project 365 #102



Woke up 830am in the morning

and went all the way to Pudu

for Dim Sum ><"
Yeap. Went club yest nite. Reached home @ 430am dis morning. As usual, I "collapse" for few hours and forced myself to sleep til dawn but failed. I woke up 830am dis morning. AGAIN. Aiks...I wonder why it will be liddat. Can't sleep after the clubbing nite ><" Wokay. Went all the way to Pudu for Dim Sum. ERM. It's bcoz one of my uncle's bday and we are there to "celebrate" his Bday lu. He was born on double fifth month in lunar calander which will only happened every 36 years. (Double fifth month means there are two fifth month this year and he was born on the second fifth month) It is juz like those who borned on 29th Feb and only get to celebrate their birthday every four years. Yea. This is wat make it special to have a breakfast celebration wid my uncle.

ERM. Bout the Dim Sum. ERM. I stil prefer Dak Gei located at TBM. Hehe...Cousie(my uncle's daughter) pay for the bill. I srsly can't imagine tat it will actually cost RM300. THREE HUNDRED for the breakfast!!! Dim Sum oni wei...and we...I guess we din eat a lot. Bwahahahha...

WOW!!! It is actually my cousie's treat and I felt so ashame bcoz she is younger thn me but she is the one tat settle the bill. I told my mum bout it and she said "aiya...for sure her mum wil pay her back de la..." But for me, it is like , WOW. Everybody tot tat she is paying. So I joked wid my my mum, "Mi...2nite I bring CC go "look look" for the dinner lo" (CC sub frm my dad...bwahahaha...)

Night falls. Whn we are getting ready to go out for dinner, mum actually said : "Gal, did you bring ur CC>?" I m like...what?! She is serious!!! My mum srsly got potential to b a singaporean. LOLz. So yea. I swiped the CC. And the dinner is double of the breakfast!!! Woottsss!!! Luckily I m not paying or else I have to fast for a month. lolz. Srsly broke like hell. ><"

That's the end for today.

Pointless post.



Saturday, July 18, 2009


Project 365 #101

*ahem ahem*

went back home today.

*ahem ahem*



Went wid different bunch today. Wid my primary schmates. Yeap. PRIMARY SCHOOLMATES. lolz. The bunch tat we din meet up for ten years and only get to hang out more frequently recently.

There are suppose to be 5 of us but end up one ffk and left the four of us. Tonite is the guys' treat wher lads do not hav to pay a single cent. lolz.

Yeap yeap. One of the primary schmates ajak his frenz along for the clubbing session^^Fortunate to have two gorgeous ladies to join the nite and I dun hav to pay neither. Bwahahahhahaha...ERM. You know la...gorgeous lads always bz in entertaining the people ard. And yea...both of them got loads of frenz in the club and you will see them walk from this table to the other one like never ending entertaining all the frenz and...AND...I hav to sit at the place alone...sigh...

Sometimes I srsly felt tat fat is like a sin. No. Not felt. Is think. I srsly think tat fat is a sin. Seeing the lads walking all ard the club while me sitting alone at the table wid the bunch of guys(this include my primary schmate - the guy). I din get to have interaction wid thm. Even whn I dance wid thm thy are like...pushing me to each other among their frenzz...as if I am those cheapskate. Yet thy are blaming their frenz to push thm to me. wth...SIGH...I juz tot of wanna entertain thm...even the primary schmate dun wanna dance wid me. T_T. SIGH. Summore leave me alone at the table...say bye bye to me and tell me tat he is going to the dance floor. What the...leave me alone there man...=.="

I get so frustrated and I walk myself to the dance floor. I WALK MYSELF THERE! ALONE!!! I nvr do this before. BUT, I did. ARGH!!! SO SO ANGRY!!! lolz.

Hmmph...welll lucky enuf to see my fren's frenz -Nom Nom there. So I guess somehow somebody know me over there and I wont get to "snatch" by any unknown ppl. Hmmph...it is actually kinda funny to dance alone at the dance floor tho. BUT...I dun care at tat moment ady. Nom Nom saw me dancing alone...and he invited me to join his bunch, on the stage. So, I dance on the stage ALL nite long. Don't care if others will puke to see a fat chick dance on the stage. Bwahahahhahahahahaha...yea...tat's the payback for you guys. SUX!!!

Why is fat wil bring such a sin?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tea Time Party

Project 365 #100

What an annocement that make me cry
(quoted from a Kelic of mine)

Saw this line @ FB rite after the Tea Time Party.

I agree.

Been waiting for today to come since the day we received the email asking us to join for the Tea Time Party today. It is the second half of the year and the company seems to remain and able to maintain from the recession. Everybody is expecting for some good news and of course guessing, wat will be the good news.

"Dear all, the party have started now, please come and join us at the lounge area". Announced at 530pm. AND everybody gathered at the lounge area.

Annoncements given :

1 - We get to contain from the H1N1. Our hero is back.
2 - One of our colleagues is retiring.
3 - CFO came back frm Island nxt door safely.
4 - the outdoor team stil exist.

AND Yea. We can start the tea session now.



Everybody waited for a minute waiting for some other news to come and the same line repeat "We can start the tea session now." AND everybody stil remain seated for a minute. When the line repeated for the third times only everbody proceed to the buffet area.


Seriously no annocement after that. NO. N O!!! Disappointment on the faces can be seen and I guess more and more ppl wil think of tendering.

Sigh. So So SO demotivated now. Where's all the good good benefits that I heard last time???!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Astro Gempak

Project 365 #99

Door gift frm Astro Gempak media sale.

I didn't attend.


It is not mine.


To attend the media sales presentations is part of the job. Suppose to attend today BUT ther are too many workloads came in in a sudden tat I've missed the opportunity to have "half day leave" to enjoy eating and mingling around at a nice place yet getting new and fancy door gift.

><" I attended quite a few of Media sales presentations since Oct'08. The unforgettable one I must say is the media sales presentation done by Media Prima. I nvr tot of that it can be so grand that it srsly impressed me.I get to see loads of ppl from Media Line and these inlcude the artists^^(you know la...a newbie like me...for sure wil "whoa whoa whoa whn I see all these)The CEO of each TV stations have got great Charisma in giving speeches. It is just like a live drama played on stage which is so so alive and interesting. You know la...those BIG person will normally talk less or talk in one tone. (Which is so so so not interesting and it wont catch anybody's attention to listen)

So Yea. So far the one and only one media sales presentation tat I missed and I can't wait to attend for the next Media Prima Media Sales Presentation^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MY rainbow workstation

Project 365 #98

As promised.

Here I share my rainbow color workstation.

Red - booklet aka my bible
I jotted down every single thing I nid to do in this booklet

Orange + Yellow - The sun flower note clipper

Yellow - Mah "sweater"

Green - The comfy pillow^^

Blue - The partition

Indigo - The HUGE star I would say
X'mas gift frm Olivia^^

Purple - my HUGE water bottle


there you go

The nice and simple rainbow color workstation...lolz


Till then^^

Yea I know.

Ther's another bear bear on my table.


it is my Birthday gift^^

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Project 365 #97

A small dinner and yam cha session


Station One



turned out

to be

A primary schmates gathering

wid loads of unexpected guestsssss.

Rite. There are 5 of us attended a small lim teh session on last week Tuesday and we decided to have another one and coming tuesday(which is today) wid lappie...so tat we can find out the missing primary schmates along our "discussion" during limteh session.

I reached at 830pm. Wid only 4 of us sitting round the table. THEN, more and more people come...and even those that we hav actually lost contact wid...and those who always dun wanna come out...ARE ALL HERE!!! It turned out to be a 12 ppl gathering from a four people dinner cum yam cha session. WooTsss!!! This is so so cool!!!

Of course. We have become the eyes-catchy bunch as everybody talks loudly and laugh loudly. I can see ppl envy'ing us chit chatting happily over there. Hmmph...mayb some will scold us "monkey" in the heart...but for sure this is all out of jealousy. LOLz. I m so so so surprised that we still hav the same topic to discuss with...telling the good old days and stuff. AND ther's one particular guy who can remember all the teacher's name where I can only recall some AND he can remember all the incidents...all the things tat happened frm Std One to Std Six. Srsly hav to salute him.

Had a happy chat wid the bunch and of course we discussed and talked about loads of the other primary classmates who did not attend the gathering. Well. Some are good, some are bad. AND, lappie is srsly useful wid Free WiFi @ Station One. We manage to find out more primary schmates and share their photos together on the spot. (Yea I know this is kinda bad...><")

Hmmph, well done peeps,

keep up the good job in gathering everybody 2geda^^

Hope the gang wil bcome even more active in the future.
*p/s : Nxt time remember to snap photos as there are a lot of special guestsss who cant turn up at all time

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday^^

Project 365 #96

Saw A.D. brought in few boxes of Krispy Kreme this morning.


Heard my cousie told me that

Krispy Kreme is on sales!!!

Due to some sort of Anniversary.


Wokay. Everybody will have Monday bluez every Monday. My eyes go *blink blink* when I see A.D. brought in few boxes of Krispy Kreme. Wokay...I started to spy ard to see what made her bring in so many boxes of Krispy Kreme and there...I received an email from her asking us to help ourselves for the Krispy Kreme tat is being placed nicely bside her table tagged wid the note "JC" on it. WOW. Greatoooooooooooo~~~ Get to eat Krispy Kreme again. And wishes everbody Happy Monday in sharing us the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. So now u know how shud a AD be so that ppl wil work hard for them. LOLz. Bwahahahahah...Tengkiu JC aka A.D.

And Yea,

everybody prefer



it is still


Tsk tsk.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Outing @ Taman Cahaya

Project 365 #95


At last we got bicycle to ride on^^

Good healthy happy sunday!!!

Slept at 2am in the morning and woke up at 615am. Get prepared and ZOOM...off to Taman Pertanian aka Taman Cahaya which is located at Shah Alam. Opppss...before that we had dimsum @ Atria to boost up our energy. Erm...not really yummilicious so I m not gonna talk bout it here. Oh ya...ther are 22 of us on for the outing tho. Nvr expect to b such a HUGE bunch.


We reached Taman Cahaya @ 930am where the park starts to operate @ 9am. BUT...the bicycles are all being taken within this half an hour of time. =.=" So, after mingling around...we decided to WALK. Yeap. We walk to Taman Haiwan. AND that's the end. We walk back to the bicycle rental store again to see if there are any bicycles. Answer = NO. So, we decide to take bus. Bus brought us one round and we stepped down from the bus at Four season house. Paid RM3 went to see the early summer flowerrsssssss, snapped loads of silly funny photos and off to the bicycle store AGAIN. Phew, at last, AT LAST we get to hav bicycles to ride on^^

This time we are on another route as we have passed by the same route for twice this morning. We go up and down, up and down, up and down for 1497930283207 times and I srsly cant imagine how am I goin back liddat. It will b freaking tired to ride uphill than goin downhill. Yet we manage to get back and the whole ride is one hour. Yea. Oni half an hour...and I m sorry for being exaggerate...Bwahahhahaha...everybody is hungry and we have completed our mission - to ride bicycle. So, we ciao and go for Bak Kut Teh. Yea...main one of the purpose to go all the way to Klang. lolz.

Heard the gang is having another "meeting up" after the outing session. ZOMG...they are all so so energetic. Salute thm!!! m(_ _) m


Now I realized that

I met up wid the gang


THREE times

in a week


As if we are all deep deep in love...



Juz like wat Jac said

"Yer...u guys wei dao...meet so many days..."


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pre-Birthday celebration for Olivia @ JAKE's Place and the Social

Project 365 #94

A BIG bunch of group

having dinner


Jake's Place


2nd Round @ the Social, downtown.

(Sorwee only manage to get the photo snapped @ the social)

Yeap yeap. So, it's Olivia's BIG day!!! A bunch of 16 of us went for dinner @ Jake's Place. A new place for me to discover tho^^ Erm. Don't ask me bout food review bcoz I din order steak even it is famous wid steak dishes. BUT...I will still tell if you don't ask me about their service. THEIR SERVICE SERIOUSLY SUX!!! Perhaps it is only one of the service crew. BUT...I guess the management shud send them for servicing training again as they charged us for servicing.

Okay. The story goes like this. As there are a HUGE bunch of us. Few times orders need to be made(as some come in early some come in late) and the waiter might sometimes missout some dishes ordered by us. AND, one very common thing that the waitress shud do, is to, repeat order. rite. REPEAT ORDER. BUT that particular service crew did not repeat and we tot of juz forget about it as we all can hear wat everybody order and she is like jotting down the order on a booklet(or mayb order form).

Everybody eat happily, chat casually and suddenly the service crew pop out wid a loud voice, pointing at one of my frens and said : "Sir, is this mushroom chicken?", "Did you order it from me?" "You were not here when the others placed order to me." , "Did you order from me?" "You shudn't take it", "It is not urs", "How could you juz take like that?"

The table went quiet. Everybody stunned. My fren, he dun even hav a chance to talk and the service crew juz shoot like tat. =.=" My fren then replied "I ordered from you". Yet she sorta yelled "NO, YOU DIN ORDER FROM ME" and she look at the fren bside my fren and tell "Yes, sir, you ordered from me" and she pointed all of us "you all ordered frm me...but he was not here when I get to order from you guys!" I then said "He was here when we placed the order", then, Jeff(Olivia's bf) said : "Excuse me, can you please dun b so rude in talking like tat to a customer" AND Olivia stopped everybody and said : "Hello, it is not the time to argue if he ordered the food or not, now, he have ate the food, u can't have him to give you back a full dishes displayed nicely in front of you, rite"(Hmmph...well...mayb I got ajinomoto abit in dis dialogue...but Olivia did talk patiently and politely) The service crew then said "Okay, I will juz add tat dish into the order list now"

Rite. So things settled like this. Everybody felt that the service are seriously SUX. S U X!!! Bcoz of the haventakeanyservicelessonorcoursebeforeandfreakingstupidnomannersimpolite service crew.

From left to right, from top to the bottom, I cant see my fren did anything wrong. He was there when we placed the order and we all heard him placed the order. AND. AND. The service crew shud have learned and have this sentence always in heart and mind "customers are always right". No matter how fussy the customer is, the service crew shud still need to smile and answer each and every questions that pop out between the customers and them. AND the service crew shud settle up the problem nicely and politely but not asking the customers so much of questions. BUT she failed to do so. AND they way she talk to the customer is freaking rude. Sigh. She eventually spoilt everybody's mood.(for few minutes)

So Yea. That's my perception towards Jake's place if you ask me so. Btw, my fren said their steak taste great tho. Hmmph...so...mayb u can give a try if you love steak. Erm...but I wil intro you D'fortune. Hahahahah...

Wokay. Part II.

The dinner ends at 11. So, we went for 2nd round @ the Social, downtown. It is a bar for people to chill out wid Live Band performing^^ Didn't get to chat much wid the bunch coz of the music and everybody is enjoying the music shaking their body and head and hand liddat. ><" AND...my phone that will only rang once in a blue moon keep on having incoming calls from different people. ><" Made me bcome so so bz at running in and out from the bar for so many times and it is only a few minutes talk. I got Calls from frenz who wanna double triple confirmed bout 2mr's outing, calls frm fren that couldn't find the other fren and I hav to message the whole world to see wher is she, calls from brader to ask for phone numbers...Calls frm mum to check where m I and tell me that she is at Genting wid Daddy and won't b going home.

There gone my chill out part at the Social...running in and out of the bar...gulping the beer into my stomach but not socializing wid the bunch. ><" Aiks. Neh Mind. We will meet again 2mr. Ahahahahah...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Project 365 #93


we are not the dinosaurs...


Yeap yeap.

Went for Ice Age 3


we watched in 3D form.


This is the 2nd times I watched animation in 3D form tho.

It's funny and cute^^

It's actually a BZ friday. Me and my two cousies got date b4 the movie. It is like sort of "welcoming" my cousie back to work after her one week sweet love break. Me, Ling(my cousie) and her kelic, Beng went for dinner after work @ Pav. At the same time, another cousie, Jac is having date wid her ex-kelics then her sista gang as well. AND we ended up all gathered at Pav. lolz. Yeap yeap. The three of us dashed from Pavilion to One U at 1030pm to catch up the movie tat starts at 1120pm. It's lucky that we did not get lost on the way to One U and we used less than half an hour to reach One U. Phew~ Lucky^^

Hmmph...talk about the movie. Ice Age. I din watch the previous two episode COZ I dun watch animation. Ahahahah...yeap...again...why I watch dis time??? LOLz. I've got no idea. ><" I always feel that animation look fake and it is kinda like wasting money to watch animation in cinema. Perhaps I dun know how to appreciate the art. lolz. BUT, this time is a nice try, we watched in 3D form and it gave me a fresh, new brand image towards animation. 3D seriously ROCK!!! Oh yea. Bout the movie. The characters inside are so so so cute and the dialogues are easy to b listen and understood.(as there are no subs for 3D movie) It is a movie about how a big group adventure themselves in a whole new world for them and how they survive.

It teaches me to know...that we can do more than wat we expect towards ourselves. So Yea. I shud always try new things(and I did always try new stuff), and do not fear of being a failure(which I m still learning). And of course, being cooperate, being unite, being generous are the most important of all to reach a success!!!

3D Animation ROX!!!


I shud say

Ice Age



As if I am still a small kids who love to watch cartoons. =.="

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Project 365 #92



I repeated it many times


you still can't get it.



can cure.

S M I L E!!!



if it is so,



Received a call this afternoon when I am at work. Hang on the phone for an hour yet the problem seems to be not settle yet. People who know me well know tat I dun like to talk on the phone. I dont "cook porridge" on the phone. AND I dun answer or dun like to answer call during working hour. YET, I break my own rules today and YET the problem is not settle yet. watthefreak...

This is the first time when I said sth yet they still can't get it and I REPEATED IT FOR MANY TIMES!!! AND I EVEN SAID STH THAT I SHUDNT SAID...I M SO SO NOT ME TODAY!!! ARGH!!! I am speechless. SERIOUSLY SPEECHLESS...AND I Felt so so so so sorry to you, you and you.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sourvenir from Taiwan

Project 365 #91

This cutie thingy is from my cousie

that juz came back form Taiwan.


I always wanna get a ding dong bell for my phone but failed to get a cute and nice one. NOW, I have it hanging on my phone. "ling ling ling" sounds so nice whn I walk ard wid my phone and I get to know wher my phone is. Teehee...

Talk about this cousie. She is really such a BIG GOOD PERSON. (in canto, DAI hou yan). She is the one that intro me to work in my current company. My mum always ask for her opinions whn my mum faced some problems.

After I entered this Co, I realized that everybody here LOVE her a lot. Yeap. No doubt. She is helpful, very helpful, and she have got very good tempered and she is a very tought person and and and...she is a workaholic...perhaps I shud say she is a very responsible person. Loads of media agencies wanted to hire her. And now, she is leaving my co wid a wayyyyyyyy better offer from another Media Agency^^ Wish you luck my dearie cousie^^

I always wannabe like her. Having a very good temper and being helpful yet getting respects frm the others. (You know it is hard for you in being humble and nice and helpful yet nobody wil bully you) I always wannabe like her. AND I am learning to. Wish me luck too^^

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Krispy Kreme^^

Project 365 #90

Yum Yum!!!


It's doughnut from Krispy Kreme^^

I am loving it.
(altho it stil taste freaking sweet)

Wokay. As usual. I dun go for lunch during lunch hour at opis. Yeap. U din see it wrongly. I don't go for lunch. Hmmph...why ar? Coz...I had quite heavy breakfast every morning, which is supplied by the company every morning. They supplied sandwiches, noodles, fried rice, roti canai, nasi lemak, chee cheong fum, nuggets, malay kuih and the list go on. lolz. Good rite...I know u jealous...Bwahahahhahaha...

Rite. The reasons I dun take lunch bcoz
- I m kinda lazy to walk under a BIG HOT sun for the purpose only to fill up my stomach.
- I don't feel hungry.
- I am srsly out of idea wat to eat.
- I don't take proper meal.
- Rite, I had heavy breakfast every morning.

Hmmph...so...basically It's all bcoz of the word - lazy. lolz. AND it's good in skipping lunch coz I srsly can save a lot and can spend the "lunch money" wisely during the weekends. lolz.



today is kinda special.


I have doughnut from Krispy Kreme as lunch.


As usual I am sitting alone in the opis where everybody have gone for lunch. Then, the A.D. passed by holding a box of Krispy Kreme...which is so so so tempting...I looked at it and think "hmmph...I shud hav build up a good relationship wid her earlier so tat she might offer me the doughnut...haiz..."*regretting* THEN...she suddenly called my name "miao yi, miao yi, come here" I am like..."aiks...nid me to work again, can't even hav break during lunch hour" then I walk ther...BWHAHAHAHH "Choose one" she said. "Which one you wan, juz take" and she pass me the tissue.


happy dao~~~lolz

so, I had lunch today.

and I am not a god today.


Monday, July 06, 2009

New Big Road

Project 365 #89


New Big Road.
(sun dai lou in canto)

I found a new place to park my car.


It cost me only

RM 4


per day.


Since 1st May 2009. Me and cousie always drive to work and cousie wil b the one who pay for the car park as she can claim the car park fees from her company. (where we later found out that she can't claim after a mth... ><"yet we still drive to work) Hmmph...I use to prefer take train to work than drive to work, coz I dun like the feeling in jamming for an hour to reach the destination. BUT...as the swine flu become more and more serious, germs, virus flying everywhere (yaya...finding reasons to drive to work) AND taking train to work is time consuming as well. So, we decide to drive to work as we hav companion. Yea. The two of us won't feel bored while jamming to our destination.

Okay. This week is a little different. My cousie is taking one week annual leaves and she won't be going to work wid me. I struggled for few days, thinking if I shud take train to work or drive to work. Coz, if I drive to work, I nid to pay for the parking fees where it cost me RM 13 per day. (The place that I park at once in a blue moon and cousie wil pay for it...lolz and it is quite near my opis)Rm 13 x 5 = rm65. WOOT!!! RM 65...can buy a dress from Forever 21 ady. Can even eat a super duperlicious expensive meal!!! Shud I drive??? Shud I???? Then I suddenly remember that my cousie and kelic told me there's a car park near by that cost less thn RM10.

So, today, I've decided to try my luck, to see if I manage to find out where the car park is. I left the house at 715am. Reached ard 815. Yea. An hour to reach as expected where it normally takes only 20mins to reach my Co. I went into the car park which hav bengkang bengkok road and park my car nicely. Telling myself that nobody is gonna curi my car as it is only a cheaplak car and there are loads of nicer carssss parking bside my car.

I went to the uncle who collect parking fee, waiting for him to tell how much I shud pay wid RM5 and RM10 ready in my hand. " RM 4" WOW!!! I shouted in my heart and whisper in my heart...this is extremely cheap to get a car park at KL area tho. AND it is for the WHOLE day I am parking there. ><" So now, I only need to pay RM4 daily till friday, Which is...RM 4 x 5 = RM20. WOW!!! RM20 nia...means I've saved up...RM65 - RM 20 = RM45. WOW!!! RM45. Greato~~~come...let's go for a good meal. Bwahhahahaha...OPppsss...I shud save the money for my trip. =.=" Till then. Teehee...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

M exhausted

Project 365 #88

Reached home at 437am.
(after partaeeing for so hard)

Slept at 611am.
(had a "small talk" wid cousie)

Woke up at 8am.



I woke up so damn freaking early in the weekend is bcoz I got loads of pending works to do. I nid to clean the "God's table" and bath for my dear Char Siu Bao and each task takes me an hour to complete.

Yea rite. I can actually do those a bit late coz I will have the WHOLE sunday to complete that 2 hours task. BUT, as m goin for badminton at 11am(walao so healthy...lolz), thus, I force have to wake up early to complete my tasks b4 I go out. OR marmee and sis wil giv me a BOOM. =.="

Oh gosh. M totally exhausted after the whole morning of activitiessssssss. Suppose to go shopping wid my dearie sis in the afternoon...as she wanted to get a sch bag since agessss ago...BUT...luckily...kind-hearted dearie sis knew I am sodamnfreaking exhausted that I can hardly move, thus, she said...plan cancel and ask me to hav a good nap.

Tengkiu dearie sis.
Oh gawd. I snored...she said...
but not loud and it's oni for awhile
Well, one will snore when thy are tired. lolz

Till then^^





Saturday, July 04, 2009

The wedding dinner and another crazy nite^^

Project 365 #86

The cousies bunch^^

Attended HowJoo and SiJia's wedding dinner today.

Welcome to our family,

my dear Biao Sao^^

Hope we wil hav loads of memories



in the future^^

Yeap. Consider as the first day I stepped out from my house after I have quarantine myself at home since wednesday. WOW!!! I srsly like to see crowds. PPPPPPEEEEEOOOOOPPPLLLEEEE!!! I SEE HUMAN BEINGS!!! AT LAST!!! lolz

After dinner. I balik rumah.

My "long lost" rumah tat I last went back on 20th June 09.

Yea rite.

That's poppy.

My 2nd home. lolz

Still searching for photos. No idea wid...did I snap photos??? AND I wonder wher those photosssss went...><" I joint the movie gang for the partae. WOW!!! It's great, it's great. I nvr tot of...thy can b "that wild". WOW!!! AND I can't believe that...my bro and cousie bunch actually came over to poppy as well. AND...18 of us squeezing in the club with oni one small round table(so sorry frenz...oni manage to get a small table and hav to squeeze for liqour bottle, ice bulk, mixer and 18 glasses on the table). WALAU. Dun play play...first time I club wid so many ppl that I know.

Greatooooooooooooooooooooo~~~Hmmph...I even get to stand on the "stage" for awhile to dance. Well, you know...I can't dance well...thus I cant stay long as well and I srsly dun wish to go up...><" AND I DUNNO WHERE DID I GET THE COURAGE TO GET UP THER. =.=" Argh...I shud train myself well b4 stepping up again. bwahhahahahaha...


Friday, July 03, 2009

MY wardrobe

Project 365 #86



This is my wardrobe.

After I've arrange all the clothes accordingly.


Still it looks messy.


I will normally "tidy" my wardrobe seasonally. Yea. Seasonally. Bwahahahha...The nxt time I guess I will tidy it up will b ard Sep. After the Trip. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

I get to tidy up my wardrobe today bcoz...I am home alone and I got nth to do and marmee complaint tat my wardrobe is kinda messy and it's bcoz...I m attending wedding dinner 2mr and I nid to "dig out" the dress that I bought ages ago. Oh my...=.=" I dunno why my wardrobe will be messy bcoz normally I will oni be taking my clothes out of the wardrobe and the one to hang it back after laundry wasnt me. Now you know who. lolz. No la...I m not pointing fingers to the others...Mum told maid to put the clothes on my bed and I will hang those back nicely by myself but maid always forgot wat marmee said and always stuffed my clothes everywhere she like. =.="

Rite. You din see it wrong. There's a HUGE bear lying nicely in my wardrobe. I keep in the the wardrobe, to avoid the dust I wil say. It is only one of the bear I am showing. I GOT LOADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of bears in my room. LOADS. AND...all are gift. I din buy those myself. Will show you nxt time whn I get to gather all the bears at one place and snap photo. lolz...

Hmmph...now I wonder WHY, people like to buy me bear.


I dun do bear collection

><" Is it bcoz I look like one?!





Thursday, July 02, 2009


Project 365 #85

It is called

WW Tower

from the waffle world @ One U.

The highest Dessert which is 280mm @ waffle world.


I had it wid my dear fren


at One Utama

*ahem ahem*

It taste GREAT~!!!!


walking around the mall!!!

Till then~

Hmmph...I went out today. Yea I know I shud "quarantine" myself at home today. BUT I srsly bored til karat ady. Summore I m so so so healthy, no cough, no flu, no any signs/symptons of AH1N1...So yea, I went out. Summore...u know la...go out during weekdays, there won't b a lot of ppl...wont b a lot of ppl means no crowds. No crowds means wont b THAT dangerous lo. Summore Olifu ady went for H1N1 check up and the doctor said everything is fine.

Received a call from Olifu...and she said she is in OneU now. Widout hesitate, I said " I AM COMING!!!" Then there...I m out during lunch hour.(Although I m not working...oh no...I shud say...altho I work from home, yet, I shud hav lunch hour one ma...) Saw loads of pre-sales in the mall...YEA!!! MEGA SALES IS HERE!!! SOON!!!! Aiks...but...too many things too buy yet too little money to spend. T_T. Nehmind...I wil save up for the bangkok trip. lolz.

I sneaked out 3 hours and went home. Phew. Thanks god...I get to sneak out. Srsly cant breathe by staying at home. Not even one day. ><" Haiz...got holidays = no holidays. Kesian sial