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Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

May you have a PAWSperous year ahead



13th Feb 2010, Sat
Project 365 #308

Reunion dinner wid relatives from Mum's side @ mah house
72 tenants of prosperity is the movie of the nite wid cousies and sis-in-law [the Ten of us] btw, welcome to the family =)

14th Feb 2010, Sun
Project 365 #309
Chor Yat - Happy Valentines' Day
Prayers in the morning at home and Dad's opis
First visit - Uncle's house from Dad's side
Second visit - Dad's hometown - Gombak. So near can!
Tea at Old Town, Cheras [The big big independent coffee shop at roadside]
Third visit - Uncle's house from Mum's side and all the relatives from Mum's side will gather here xD. $$$ cling cling. xDDD
Dinner at another rich uncle's house from mum's side. Menu of the day - Vege Bak Kut Teh and sour vege soup. W00ts. Taste great *slurp I rikeeeeee

[Basically every year the same for Chor Yat, except - we had tea @ Old Town]

15th Feb 2010, Mon
Project 365 #310
Chor Ee
Visited Mum's cousin sis's house. The one who took care of my mum and mum's siblings whn thy were small
Managed to "meet" wid the mystery so-called cousin brother after I've visited the same house for so many yearsssssss(yea he always hide upstairs when we were there)

[Basically every year the same for Chor Ee as well, oh yea, got new doggie at the house, and managed to meet up the so-called cousin...lolx]

16th Feb 2010, Tues
Project 365 #311
Chor Sam
Visited another Uncle's house from Dad's side
Visited auntie's house from Dad's side and dinner wid her family
Sing K @ Gardens. Free for Tiger. Yea. I am Tiger. *roar [Jac, Jason, Alex, Pat, Sc, Ks, Kk, m3]
Played "Dai Wa Sik".
Yee Sang is included in the package and yea...we lou sang at 2am in the morning. W00ts!!!

17th Feb 2010, Wed
Project 365 #312
Chor Sei
Followed cousie to attend her fren's house warming at Shah Alam
Gamble @ Alex house at 2300. Mission of the day : Win all his money that he won the other day. Mission accomplished xD

18th Feb 2010, Thurs
Project 365 #313
Chor Mm
Dinner wid bro and sis at Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion. My treat. xD (stil heart sushi zanmai ><)
Alls' Well Ends' Well 2010 is the movie of the day =) [Zhi, Ww, Loewe, Pk, Louis, Genki & m3]
Had Gelato Fruity Ice-Cream *sweet

19th Feb 2010, Fri
Project 365 #314
Chor Luk
Dinner @ D'fortune, Kepong Manjalara - Fortune Cookies the new thing for the gang *heh
Visited Pat's house and GAMBLEEEEEEEEEEEE - me no win no lose
Yam Cha @ Soho KL til 2am *yawn Heapi tho xD

[Attendees : pp, jeff, ks, kk, sc, pat, alex, jason, jac,me] Missing and missing Kelly who is enjoying her tour @ Italy. xD Missing and missing Ling at Taiwan =\

20th Feb 201, Sat
Project 365 #315
Chor Chat - Heapi Buffday xD
Failed to tag the sista gang along for the breakie =\
Supposed to have movie wid cousie where we dated earlier but failed to buy tix at the very last minute )= [curse TGV site gao gao]
Stayed at home for WHOLE day due to SUPER HAWT weather
Rejected sista gang for pan mee and ice eating session...too HOT to go out and I look like auntie sial...lazy to dress up. lolx [sorry la...my bad due to lazinesssss]
Running after Hi My Sweetheart the whole day
Domino for dinner coz parents went Genting ><"

[Eeee...no lou sang today leh...use to do tat every year among the relatives...]

21st Feb 2010, Sun
Project 365 #316
Chor Bat - Bai Tee Gong
A fully scheduled visits to frens' house day *YAY
Shud reach first station(sc's house) at 10am but everybody is fashionably late(as usual)
Fish Head noodles, "Yu tao Mai" as brunch
Second Station : Alex's house -> gamble and lou sang. It's a vege one!
Third Station : KK's house -> eat, sleep, gamble, rain. I mean it rains heavily...><" AT LAST!
Fourth Station : Jac's house -> Wii, yea...sth different and everybody enjoyed =)
Dinner @ Restoran Makanan Laut Zhen Liew Siang *slurppppppppp yummilicious!
Final Station : Mah house. Prepare for Bai Tee Gong, gamble a lil, ing bong bing bong here and there, run here and there, burn here and there, eat here and there til 2am. Thanks sista gang for coming and thanks olivia's gang for staying late to stuff in the food. lolx

[Attendees : pp, jeff, alex, jason, kk, ks, sc, pat, jac, ong, m3] again...Missing and missing Kelly who is enjoying her tour @ Italy. xD Missing and missing Ling at Taiwan =\

[A fully scheduled happy and satisfied Sunday I had, Imma loving it xD]

22nd Feb 2010, Mon
Project 365 #317
Chor Gao
A none working day. Teehee
Continue Hi My Sweetheart and finished watching by fast-forwarding. =p
Ex-Collegemates paid a visit to my house @ 2230 - 2330 *sweet chatty nite =)
[ Kerk, UY, Miyuki, Pen & bf, Billy, Agnes]

23rd Feb 2010, Tues
Project 365 #318
Chor Sap
First day of work after 10 long holidaysssssss <3 style="color: rgb(204, 51, 204);font-size:100%;">
Send away all the reports that I've done at home during the long holidayssssssss
Got mistakes AGAIN. What a good start ) =
Reached home near 2100

24th Feb 201, Wed
Project 365 #319
Nin Sap-Yat
Had a great chat wid Markie. Dun even know I've got so many things to "tell"
Start planning for the long weekends xD

25th Feb 2010, Thurs
Project 365 #320
Nin Sap-Ee
The Star CNY lunch @ Sagano Restaurant (Japanese), Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
*Burpppppp FULL SIAL!!! slurpyummilicious dessert!!! and of course the Japanese food =)
It's mah boss's last day 2day. Say no goodbye but see you again is wat she said to me =)
So Yea...tat means ther wil b me and only me in research team now. Abandoned child I am. TT_TT
It's clubbing nite after 6 monthsssssss to ZOUK W00tssss Imma loving it xD [kk,ks,alex,alvin,jason,pat, m3, yea all guys one gal ><]
Reached home ard 5++ ><"

26th Feb 2010, Fri

Project 365 #321
Nin Sap-Sam, Public Holiday. Weee~~~
Sleep for only an hour or two *yawn
72 Tenant @ One Utama at 1520 =) Yea. Again. xD [pp, jeff, ks, jac, me]
Steamed dishes as dinner, only took one or two bite of food for the WHOLE day!
Visited Kelly's house. Yesh. She is back xD
Lim Teh @ BRJ til 12sth. First time ever dismissed so early. lolx

27th Feb 2010, Sat
Project 365 #322
Nin Sap-Sei
Tea-time at Garden Lifestyle Store @ The Curve
Movie - Percy Jackson @ Cineleisure [KS, Kelly, SC, PP n m3]
Visited Moe de Cafe - costume themed cafe @ Manjalara

28th Feb 2010, Sun
Project 365 #323
Nin Sap-Mm - Happy Valentines' Day
Woke up at 7++ and went to pray for lucksssSSssss
Visited to KS's house
Mah house & Jac's house as some have not visited to our house yet
Third stop - Jason's house - lunch -> Nasi Lemak
PP's house...btw do we hav a conclusion for the trip on 7th??? LOLx
Dinner @ Noble House FULL SIAL BUT TASTE GREATTTTTT!!! xD [me and bro representing our parents for the dinner ><"]

Time passes darn freaking fast. Two weeks of great fun hav juz gone with only a glimpse of eyes. To b frank, I dun hav enuf in enjoying this CNY yet...coz M loving this CNY. =)

Friday, February 19, 2010


没那麼简单 就能找到 聊得来的伴

尤其是在 看过了那麼多的背叛

总是不安 只好强悍


没那麼简单 就能去爱 别的全不看

变得实际 也许好也许坏各一半

不爱孤单 一久也习惯

不用担心谁 也不用被谁管



别人说的话 随便听一听 自己作决定



在周末晚上 关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发裡

相爱没有那麼容易 每个人有他的脾气

过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静

幸福没有那麼容易 才会特别让人著迷


曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经

想念最伤心 但却最动心 的记忆

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hot Peri-Peri!!!

Project 365 #307

Went Nando's for luncheon today

wid Drew and Les.


Been eating out for the WHOLE WEEK.



Wokay. It's New year's eve's eve. Who have got mood to work?! Who is not in holiday mood???!!! Oh well. I am srsly in holiday mood but SIGH. I have to bring my work home and do bcoz I am taking another extra THREE days of leaves. Hello. Tell me...how many of you will still work at home when you are supposed to off??? M no those BIG boss oso...why nid to b so hardworking? AND...it's not bcoz I can't finish off my work. It's bcoz...the data juz came in today and the dearest neighbour emailed to "remind" me to send the work wid updated data on 22nd Feb where I am still suppose to go on leave. GAH. Wateva. Nobody cares bout me. Nobody see. Nobody know BUT when ther's any problems I am the first who get shoot and complain. wtf. I srsly damn angry when I got complain for the dear "neighbour" widout any preamp. HELLO. I WORK SO MUCH FOR YOU GUYS AND I GET ONLY ONE FREAKING DAY TO TAKE OVER THE WORKLOADS. THIS IS ONLY THE THIRD MONTH I TOOK OVER THE JOB "TEMPORARY" AND HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU A PERFECT WORK WID NO MISTAKE? GAHHHHHHH. STUPID!!! AND I HAVE GOT OTHER WORKS TO DO AS WELL. TELL ME! WHO UN ME. Buhuuuu...nobody. They will juz add my workloads, think I can do it, and question me back when ther's problem. Owhhh...it's a post bout Nando's...lolx...niway...Thanks for bearing wid me. M feeling better now. lolx

Okay Okay. It's like a once in a blue moon(yea...new sentence I used quite often recently coz I suddenly recalled it was my N years net fren's name...lolx...btw I lost contact wid him tho) that I offered Les and Drew to have lunch 2geda. Of course they give me face to makan 2geda la. lolx. It is like the 3rd or 4th time I makan at Nando's yet I am blur when comes to order. Les ordered freaking fast when I m still trying to understand the menu wat hot peri-peri, peri-peri...dis set and tat set...and, oh well, lucky to have Les who guided me...(I basically asked him wat he ordered and followed him) I manage to order widout keeping the waiter waiting. lolx. It's another freaking full and sinful day. T_T. My stands to diet is getting weaker...ARGHHHHHH.

Niway. I am srsly so geram bout the complain. They nvr ask me bout my situation, nvr preamp me, nvr un me and there write in an email to CEO and complain bout me and I dun even know bout her existance as a manazer and nvr deal wid her b4 at all!!! FARK HER BIATCH! Really Hot Peri-Peri.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sushi Zanmai xD

Project 365 #306

Had lunch @ Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat.


It's a gather-gather/farewell luncheon for the 3 of us from research team. xD Mah manazer, ex-research exec aka my ex-superior and me. AND YEA, we ordered yee sang.

The last time we sit together to have lunch would be our farewell luncheon for a intern - angie which is more than a year ago. O.o. Now you know how bz the research team is to have time to sit 2geda for lunch. lolx. Oh well. Tat's bcoz ex-superior got her own teammates to have lunch 2geda, manazer is always bz bz and bz...OKAYYYYYY the biggest problem is...I take lunch like only once in a blue moon. lolx. Yea I know. My fault.

Oh ya. Sushi Zanmai is now available at Low Yat Plaza. Wootz!!! I got so excited when I saw Sushi Zanmai resto the other day when I m on my way to Sg Wang. Like yea...u know...I rike Sushi Zanmai so muchieeeee especially their parfait. Muahahahahahhaha. AND of course, as usual, I ordered Matcha Parfait as dessert. Heh.

I tot of wanted to buy manazer and ex-superior lunch earlier as it's like a farewell lunch for both of them...but but...ex-superior the one who suggested to have lunch and she is the first who walked to the cashier after meal...I tot she wanted to buy us lunch as...my manazer the one who always pay when we go out for lunch 2geda(tho it's like once in a blue moon) and and...she is the one who suggested for lunch. Okay. I know I mentioned she is the one who suggested for lunch for two times. Oh No. It's three times. Hmmph. I mean...she said farewell lunch. Okay. My bad. Since it's farewell lunch I am the one who shud pay bcoz the two of them are leaving the Co. real soon. Niway, I tot it wil be good that ex-superior the one who buy us lunch bcoz "I belum makan apa-apa yg free drpd dia. LOLx" Who knows, ended up manazer the one who pay. ><" Oh well, the kind-hearted manazer of course won't want us to pay her back the money for lunch(as usual) and oh well...I knew this will happen and tat's the reason why I bought her a hamper from Eu Yan Sang earlier.(once I get to know we have dis farewell luncheon, and it's CNY, and she is leaving real soon, and she packed me a big ang pau last year...lolx) Oh, btw, I din know giving out hamper is a kinda formal thing...lolx...I tot it wil b a good pressie when one dunno wat to buy as a gift. lolx

So yea. Sushi Zanmai is now available at Low Yat Plaza. AND another day I spent more than an hour luncheon outside dis week. New year mood ma. lolx

Oh ya.
I bought three packets of Ba Gua for my mum.
I mean for the family.
Oh no. Shud say
for the guests. xD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ba Gua

Project 365 #305

Petaling Street

it takes us 15 mins walking distance to reach

from our Opis.

Went to Petaling Street for lunch today as one of my kelics wanted to collect his Ba Gua aka Dry Meat that he ordered earlier and I wanted to get some too. xD. The Ba Gua shops all are pack can! Can see LOOOOOGGGG Queue outside each and every Ba Gua shops eventho the weather is freaking hot that can cook an egg. xD Oh ya. Cousie's department lady boss belanja everyone in the department dinner today and yea I am in as I work for them as well. lolx We had dinner at Imbi Seafood. =) So yea. Tat's the end for today. Adious~

kinda lazy to blog la. ><"
forgive me

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Adorable Pair!?

Project 365 #304


it looks so adorable

isn't it?


Went to Sg. Wang for lunch today and shopped a little to get myself a pair of heels as there are only another 5 days to CNY. CNY is srsly a freaking good reason for me to shop. xD Oh well. I must get myself to buy a pair heels today else I can only buy heels a month later. CNY chinese blif...buy heels during CNY mth will bring bad lucks and I wannabe super good luck dis year! lolx

The first store I entered is Nose as I always fancy the heels inside. The designs are nice and it is like not much ppl wil be buying heels from Nose compare to Vincci(feel so P&M leh). Spotted this nice pair of heels. Put it on and it have covered up my fat sial feet. Oh well. I srsly got a meaty feet that made me hard to find a pair a nice heels that suits me. TT_TT. Checked the price...omfg...it's out of my budget. T_T. I put it back and went to other shoes stores. Oh well. After I've entered 194719271927 stores(psst...during working lunch hour) yet...I stil heart the first pair I saw and yea...end up we enter Nose again and I bought it widout hesitation(in a rush to work as well and there's no time for me to shop this week ady). *purse bleeding AGAIN


I can't blif that I bought a not-so-my-style heels as my CNY heels.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Project 365 #303

Mah mood continues from yesterday after the thorough cleaning



I am in love with


♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's thorough cleaning day!

Project 365 #302


I know very messy.

Been dragging in cleaning the room for very long and nxt week will b CNY ady

die die oso nid to clean up.

Woke up at 730am in the morning. ftw. =.=" Went for breakie and there me and dearie sis starts to clean up our room. Oh no. It doesn't means that we only do cleaning once a year. This is a thorough cleaning and we will nid to clean each and every small little corner in our room. Phew. Lucky it's only OUR room. Oh btw. The phatarse who camwhore upther is me. So FAT can! ARGHHHHHH...thanks markie in reminding me constantly. And yea. tat's part of the room and part of the missions of the day. xD

We started to clean our room from 12 til 4++ pm. ZOMG. I nvr tot it actually took so long but I srsly feel very happy in looking at the superduper tidy room. =) . Arrange my closet after tat. ARGH. I srsly nid another new closet. Ta~

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Project 365 #301


I know watcha thinking

Stop that dirty tot.


Oh well,

yea...it's me who is dirty.

*tsk tsk

Attended a annual dinner together wid my parents. It's my dad's Co.'s supplier annual dinner. Everybody get to draw one lucky number before entering the hall and that's my mum's lucky number. I chuckled a lil when I saw the number...oh puulissss dun act innocent you! That's erm...little johnnie it's what you think it is? Aiseh. ><"

As CNY is around the corner, we get to lou sang. Mah first yee sang of the year. The feelings in "
mixing" the yee sang 2geda wid a table of people AND SIX pairs of chopsticks(deduct me, my sis and my parents) tat I don't know is erm kinda disgusting weird.

There's a lucky draw session during the dinner and they are giving out a total of 15 hampers with THREE huge hampers. W00ts!!! Of course the small small hamper will be giving out first. After the 12 hampers been giving out, I told my mum no hope ady...ANDDDDD and and and we all heard "ZERO - ONE - ZERO" zomg! We won we won! Miracle does happen!!! Me, my sis and my parents are all so excited...we all stood up the 4 of us are pushing each other to get up to the stage to collect the hamper. Mum keep on asking me to go...she said "I give you all the lucks, after this the lucks will then always knock on your door" Awwww so sweet can!(bcoz I always complain I am a no luck person ><")So yea. I went on the stage to accept the HUGE hamper. I m srsly VERY excited and damn gan cheong at that very moment. I mean...you know the feeling of a person who always have got no luck get to accept a prize got from lucky-draw. My hand shakes and my heart srsly beats very fast...it's more like I am gan-cheong'ing in welcoming the GOOD luck into my life.

So yea.

The farney 010 won mah family a prize.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Ohai workload

Project 365 #300 - 303

That's the view I saw everyday in the opis.

It's dark.


I am stil at Opis.

That's how I pass my FOUR working days

by leaving the house at dark


reaching home at dark.

Oh. Btw, I left at 6+ on Thurs tho. AND I break my record this year by leaving Opis at 2111. ><" I know there are more to come. I KNOW. GAH. Just lemme grrrrr a little and I wil b fine. Strong feelings to shout my lung out or mayb dance all the anger out. I nid K or Club. I need alcohol. <3

Monday, February 01, 2010


Project 365 #299

It's a lazy cozy Monday.

It's Wilayah Public Holiday.


Heapi Holidays Dude


Sorry to peep who work @ S'gor.