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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration by Sista Gang

Project 365 #254

Celebrated at Bubba Gump

A memorable one


Sista gang dated me for dinner tonight for my birthday celebration. The dinner was set at 8pm and guess what I reached the place at 930pm. ><" That's bcoz I saw a massive Jam down there when I am about to leave. Thus, I've choosed to to stay at opis and continue wid my overloaded work. LOLz. Too concentrated wid the work til 830pm only I realized that I am farking late for the dinner!!! Called my fren and tell I wil b late and ask them to start the dinner first.

Touched up my face a little before I get down from the car and there I see my bunch of frenz sitting there nicely waiting for me to come. Kesian them...have to wait for me to eat together. ><" Hmmph...the food tasted good which is out of my expectation. LOLz. Hmmph...while eating I saw there are two tables of people...where...the birthday person have to stand on the chair then the staff of Bubba Gump will cheer for thm...it's just like wat TGIF did for the birthday gal/boy. I am like OMFG I am gonna stand on the chair later but...I delete dis tot from my mind bcoz...ya know we have been together for so many years and no surprises will be needed.

Oh well...oh crapz. So I hear the cheer from my back telling "there's a birthday gal in the house". RIGHT. There I turned my face to the back, a chair putted nicely bside me AND I am requested to stand on the chair. OMG x 100000000000 times. So yea. I pulled my skirt down a little, stand on the chair. Given a pepper bottle and the crew asked me to sing two lines of my favourite song. ZOMG. I have too many in mind and I only know the rhytmes. =.=" And ya know, I have to pick those hot hitz where everybody will like it as well...><" I look at the sista gang and I look at the crew...standed on the chair for 5 mins yet I dunno wat song to sing. Then the crew asked me to give speech instead of sing. A 150 words speech. Crapz. I am not good in expressing myself. =.=" I said "Thank you times 150 times" which is already more than the words given. The crew said no...and...end up...I sang "I wan nobody, nobody but you" twice. ><" Everybody went quiet after I sang. Oh well. It seems like nobody know this song BUT it is accepted. So, the crew starts cheering and said "Shake your body if you want your cake". I shaked. The crew...=.=" HE LAUGH AT ME. FTW! =.=" AND Thy repeat that "shake your body if you want your cake" for like 5/6 times. Yea. Shake Shake shake on the chair worry that the chair wil patah. wahahahahah...Wokay. They finished cheering and it's time to blow the cake. As I din really complete the task given, I am asked to blow off the candles ONE feet from the cake. ><" OMIGAWD. Seriously have to thanks the sista gang in giving me such a bombastic surprise. I LUP IT. Muahahahahahahahahah...

Fren cutted the cake and next task is to write our X'mas wishlist. Just like last year, same date. =) The budget dis year increased to RM50 AND, at last, the person I drawed is now different with the past few years. XD. A starbucks tumbler. hmmph. Have to check out the starbucks outletsssssss to pick the best one...as...different outlets will have different design. Wish me luck! *wink