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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sing K session @ Cheras Selatan

Project 365 #146


went to sing K with the movie gang

together wid my dearie cousies~


and my bunch of work


Me who hav got bunch of work and deadlines to rush for went to sing K wid the movie gang and my dearie cousies. Geng tilllll... + 0 1. (Ga ling Yat...in canto). So Yea...it's Merdeka day and I tot of spending my day in rushing all my deadlines today...but ya know...I juz can't let myself wasted my holiday at home but not spending it wid my frenz. So yea, I bring my work along and do it at the K room while others are singing.

The K session starts at 6pm and supposingly to end at 10pm...thn...as usual, when ther's nobody taking over the room...we can extend our K session, and yea, we stayed there til 1230am. Rite, the multitasking me do my work at the same time sing my lung out during the K session...lolz...and when it is not my turn to sing, I wil concentrate in my work widout being disturb by the musics. Rite. I know I am very geng in being able to work at such a noisy place...lolz...next time I wil challenge myself to work in club....bwahhahahahahahaha...duh...who wil work during that happy hour?! ><" Gahhhhh...stil...I can't finish my work and I know I am dying soon. Gonna continue wid my work and have another sleepless nite again. T_T...but I enjoyed the nite^^v

Sunday, August 30, 2009

BBQ Merdeka Space show~

Project 365 #145

It means

BBQ Merdeka Special

exclusively @ my house.

A successful(I guess) BBQ session at my house during Merdeka Eve. Thanks everybody for attending this BBQ session. Hope you guys had a great nite^^

This is the first time I am doing such a BIG BBQ at my house, of course, it wil not be successful widout the help of my mum, my aunts, my siblings and my cousies. I had a great nite, really. I m seriously very happy that I can put all my frenz together in this party, the frenz from the movie gang(aka Olivia's gang) and the sista gang.

Oh yea, it is not purely a BBQ nite but a nite to celebrate two people's Bday as well. Both gang have actually come out with this idea in celebrating our frenz birthday as everybody will be there for the party. AND it is a secret celebration for both birthday gal and boy.

Okay. There are two different celebrations for both birthday gal and boy. The gal's will always be the touchy touchy one, where, we walk towards her and sang the birthday song, gave her the pressie and handmade birthday card, then see her shading her tears while reading our wishes. Awwww...how sweet and touchy it is^^ We have not been celebrating her birthday for few years as she is studying aboard and we only get to send her the present and birthday card during her bday but not celebrating wid her in real person. So Yea, this is the touchy part where almost everybody frm the sista gang get to turn up for her birthday^^ Hope it somehow will be a memorable one for her.

Next up, the guy's part. It is a "sweet" celebration for him as well but literally one. My cousie came out holding the cake and walk to him, the guys sing the Bday song, and, AND, while he is making wishes, A big pile of flours wid water being poured on his body. Hmmph...the birthday boy eventually escaped frm the big pile of flour BUT...soon after tat...he is being showered wid all the carbonate drinks....from coke to carlsberg...lolz...So yea, a literally sweet til sticky sticky birthday celebration for him, and yea, hope he had a memorable birthday celebration as well. Rite, the gang have actually bought him boxers wid everybody's signature on it AND thy asked him to wear rite away on tat day. AND that's not all for it, he have to wear it out and show it to everybody, and yea, HE DID!!! He wore it out and even pose pose in front of camera for photo shooting session. WooHoo!!! That is so daring of him. Wanna see? PM me for the link then. lolz.

So Yea. Am super happy wid all the frenz who came for the BBQ, super happy tat I get to have a BIG group photo wid ALLLLL my frenz. A memorable day for me and in love with this merdeka day. =p

Happy Merdeka ;p

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Orphan

Project 365 #144

A super duper psycho movie I would say.

I never ever tot that

there will be somebody wid those kind of tot


So Yea. Went for The Orphan today.Tot of only three of us(me and two cousie) will be watching as majority of the movie gang is not interested wid the movie but who knows another three gents joint for the movie at the very last minute and it made six of us.

Rite. Bout the movie. A kelic of mine who is very picky in everything strongly recommended this movie, and yea, since it is so strongly recommended by a picky person and at the same time my dearie cousie wanted to watch sooooooooooo much, wid no doubt, I've decided to watch.

The scenes inside is not really scary and disgusting nor creepy...the creepy thing in the movie is the characteristic, the thought and the feelings that is being expressed in the movie by the little girl. I am impress wid the scriptwritter, I am impress with how stable a 12 years old gal can be in bringing out the characteristic.

I get to learn frm the movie that we can't judge the book from its cover, I get to learn that we don't have to do everything ourselves in order to achieve our goals, and, we must pull somebody along to do sth so that we are not the only one to be blamed on if anything happened. So yea, of all, we have to learn to protect ourselves, be smart, and, be cruel always. Oh gosh. Is this me?! lolz. I guess I am too into Esther!

Strongly recommended movie wid two thumbs up^^
(watch how cruel and "perfect" tot that the scriptwritter owned)

Bz Saturday^^
Morning - Send Bao for grooming
Afternoon - me myself, sista and cousies go for "grooming" - hair cut
Afternoon til evening - went for grocery~ WooHoo~~~

Heart dis Bz Saturday^^

Friday, August 28, 2009


Project 365 #143

So Yea.

It's another friday.

Nothing special happened today.


song is all I can share today^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009


(waiting for the photo frm Beng)
Project 365 #142

The 7th day of my diet day.


Tat's all bcoz of Ah Beng's fault!!!


Went for BBQ buffet @ QQ near my house together wid my cousie and her kelics. The days and hardwork tat I suffered for almost a week have gone in one day. T_T

My cousie's kelic aka Ah Beng likes to eat BBQ buffet @ QQ which is near my house AND he always ajak us to go makan wid thm. I rejected thm earlier by telling I AM ON DIET...BUT...cousie and Beng said got new members wil b joining for the dinner and I so so wanted to see them in real person(I always get to hear bout them only). SO Yea, the very 8 me, went. ><" Rite. There are suppose to b six people for the dinner but one FFK and she is the one tat I wanted to meet the most! T_T(cousie update me bout her in the car while we are on our way to the dinner place, she is somebody part time/temporary gf...lolz). Oh ya, ther's still another one who join us for the dinner, a Japanese guy. Woohoo...first time having dinner wid Japanese guy, and very ying summore. LOLz.

Okay. I hav got a strategy myself to make myself not to eat so much, which is, cook. I put everything on the pan and cook all the food then giv out all the food to the others. Bwahhahahahaha...It is happy to stuff everybody's stomach to the max tho. lolz

Oh yea, languages lesson will never be miss when there's foreigener wid us...So yea, my cousie kelic taught him something new. I couldn't hear what they taught him until he turn to me and said it loudly. He said : "Ngor Ngoi Lei".(I love you in Cantonese) WOW!!! AND he repeated it twice! I am like...yea...WAW! and can't stop myself laughing. For sure they hav told him the wrong meaning of Ngor Ngoi Lei. So yea, my kelic asked him to repeat another time when my cousie return to the table. My cousie then asked him "Do you know what's the meaning of that?" "I tot is you are pretty". "No, it's I love you." AND...his face suddenly turned to b very embarrass. Ahahahahahha...

Well. It's a lie to tell I am not happy nor excited bout that, imagine, a not bad looking JAPANESE said that to you and you barely have chance to hear people said "I love you". Yea me...my parents don't tell I love you to me not even my siblings...lolz.So yea...thanks Ah Beng for "ajak'ing" me for the dinner and I've earned back a nice sentence AND FATSSSSSsss...lolz. Happy day tho.

Oh yea,
as usual, was jamming back on the way home following the same route tat we take everyday which include illegal U-turn. Hmmph...it is not exactly an illegal U-turn bcoz ther's no sighboard showing if we can make a U-turn or NOT. Rite. Ther's police standing over there to instructing the traffic, and, as usual, we made the U-turn(as previously we made U-turn even the police is there and thy did not stop us). The police saw us making U-turn and HIT the car door hardly of the driver side wid his hand. "BANG", very loud. Wth...ok fine, it's our fault if we can't make the U-turn, but do you nid to hit our car?! Rite. We made a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG turn back to the place and see if the police will do the same thing to the others who are trying to make illegal U-turn. AND...wathelllllll...we saw that he actually let a BMW five series to make the illegal U-turn and more cars to make the U-turn after the BMW!!!! I regretted tat I din memo the ID number of the police, I regertted that I din snap his photo. WTF. Why? Perodua is not a car to be respect is it? GAH!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recently Addicted

The Show - Lenka

Project 365 #141

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried
And I don't know why

Slow it down
Make it stop
Or else my heart is going to pop
'Cause it's too much
Yeah, it's a lot
To be something I'm not

I'm a fool
Out of love
'Cause I just can't get enough

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried
And I don't know why

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down I know
I've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

The sun is hot
In the sky
Just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the sign
And synchronize in time
It's a joke
Nobody knows
They've got a ticket to that show

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I dont know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried
And I don't know why

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down I know
I've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

Just enjoy the show

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I dont know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried
And I don't know why

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down I know
I've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

I want my money back
I want my money back
I want my money back
Just enjoy the show

I want my money back
I want my money back
I want my money back
Just enjoy the show

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pitcha of the day

Project 365# 140

Know what is that?


Oh crapz.

It's Buuuuu Laaaaaaa...lolz

Saw this while we are(me and cousie) on our way back home after work.

As usual, we have to get stuck in the jam on our way back home but it is a little bit special today. While we are bored in jamming, cousie suddenly said "See, what is that?" She pointed at the pillar. Zomg...it's a bra hanging upside down on a pillar. We both then burst into laughter. The next thing I do, is to take out my phone and snap this funny scene down so that I can share wid my readers. See I treat you guys so good...Bwahahhahaha...(right...I just nid to color up my boring post...)After the photo session, cousie then asked "Why they will put it upside down?" "Miao, go down and adjust it back" I am like...are you kidding me?! "Go, faster, put it back!" Gah...oh crapz...for sure I won't do that bcoz everybody will be seeing me doing that. ><" See, a cute and funny cousie I have. lolz. (Oh...she is the 50 cents cousie)

So yea. The pitcha of the day to ease away your boredom. lolz

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepless Moody Monday

Project 365 #139




Still emo after the "incident" yesterday. Hmmph...I sent a message to my fren to apologize again before I go to bed and I waited for her reply, yet, I didn't receive any reply. EMO. Sigh...I seriously out of idea in what I should do other than apologize. Well...all I can say to myself is, I've done my part, and I should leave that part for my fren to decide, to complete, as long as I've done my job, then I shudn't think bout it anymore. BUT...I juz can't stop myself from thinking.

I message'ed another fren of mine. I told her what happened. She replied

"I also feel that I always out of d gang..But when money, lov, family n frens come 2gether, frens r always d last 2 come..However,ppl always 4got frens r d firmest things no matter wat v r having..don worry, I'll talk 2 her..."

Hmmph. I mentioned many times in the previous post that everybody starts to busy with their own things, their own life and we seldom catch up wid each other. I didn't blame, I was only sharing my feelings that day...and I got the respond like that...BUT, this fren of mine, she realized...I mean...yea rite...as I mentioned in the previous post "possible to be...when you have this tot...means, you are actually doing it?", "I mean...when you don't tend to do it, then you wont think about all these consequences."

GAH...wat crapz am I talking bout now?!

MIAO!!! You should tell yourself that frenz always come last when it meets money, love, and family. I shudn't put frens at the top of my list, I shudn't care so much. Perhaps, I should only appear when they need my help. This remind me to a pharse that is being told by one of my frens long time ago. " Frenz are there to be use". Oh crapz. =.="

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am Sorry




I said something wrong today. I said something wrong today...to one of my dear sista gang member. I felt sorry...I feel bad...I shudn't have said that sentence...I shud have think twice and gulp the words into my stomach. I don't know that it've actually bring such a big respond from her.

Was having a conversation at facebook dis evening wid her. We were some sort like discussing how to celebrate our dear fren's birthday. She is the organizer and she asked for my opinions. After all the words that we have talked, she eventually can't turn up for the lunch that is being set by the birthday gal's bf. She said she is busy for work. I asked, how if we make it for dinner time? She can't make it as well, coz she have got dinner wid her dearest and the family. I told her, I said "To be frank, you know why you wil b the organizer this time? that's bcoz you barely turn up recently, and you are sometimes like...out of the gang". Yea. I said these. AND nxt up, yea...brainless me tat said this words made my fren angry and sad. Afterall, I am not understanding.

I told her. "I understand that you need to work", "I understand that everybody is busy". Rite, brainless me, if I srsly understand then I shud hav gulp the words deep down in my heart. I thought I was only telling what I am thinking, and I never tot that it wil srsly hurt my fren so badly. "You shud have understand why ppl can't make it, some of us have got classes, we are not all like you, so free on Saturday and Sunday!" So Yea. I am not understanding afterall.

Can I blame these to my horoscope? I mean...well...I am a very straightforward person and I always don't know that I have actually said something wrong and it have hurt others' feelings. Hmmph...well...I shud have learnt from my lessonssss earlier, but I never do, coz...I srsly don't know when I've said something wrong and what I've said wrong. I srsly said sorry and apologize from the bottom of my heart when I know that I said or did something wrong. Hmmph...well...ppl might think that I shud've learnt from my lesson, and well, yea...obviously I didn't. I guess...I might as well shut my mouth and say nothing. =X

I mentioned in quite a couple of posts bout my sista gang. We seldom have chance to meet up nowadays because everybody is busy. There are a couple of times when we have actually dated each other out, she is the one that didn't turn up, and perhaps, I've started to guess..."is she really that bz?" I mean...you know...out of all these busy busy stuff, it depends on, you have got heart or not. AND, I always told myself that, "when somebody doesn't care, means, somebody won't have heart towards something". Having this stupid thought in my mind, made me misunderstand my fren.

As she is always busy and we barely have time to catch up with each other, I don't know what she is really up to recently, and, she is like MIA. I have this very selfish thought, I thought that she have only got time to spend wid her sweet one but not the sista gang. The dinners, the other activities are much much more important compare to the sista gang. I starts to have this very selfish thought since the day I read a post from my ex-manager, which is her kelic. We dated her earlier to celebrate her birthday which is fall on 22nd July. Everybody said Okay for that and she suddenly asked to postpone the celebration to 23rd July. I was thinking, well, rite, different people have different thought, we shud have keep that day for her dearest one to celebrate birthday for her. =)(for me I would rather celebrate wid my sista gang tho...) So Yea, I didn't ask anything until I find out that she is actually celebrating her birthday wid her kelics. She postponed our date bcoz she want to celebrate her special day with her kelics. I am like...wat the...=.=" So now, we are not really important in her heart. =) Fine. I shud hav be more understanding. Maybe her kelics can only make it on that day, I shud have be more understanding as her fren for so many years. Rite. I throw it at the back of my mind and forget about it. As long as she is happy with it, we shud feel great. Yea. I told myself that.

She said that she knew we will think like that, like "she is avoiding us", "she is finding excuses to join our outing", "she don't belong to the gang anymore". I was thinking..."possible to be...when you have this tot...means, you are actually doing it?", "I mean...when you don't tend to do it, then you wont think about all these consequences." Correct? Well. It only apply to me, perhaps. I was telling her, mayb bcoz we din catch up wid each other for so long that we have these kind of misunderstanding, you can actually voice out if you don't feel comfortable, we can talk. I am only giving my opinions and share my feelings. "It's not that I don't wanna join you guys for the outing, I've got no transport and I don't wanna mafan you guys!" Hmmph...I tot this is not an issue tho. I mean, I always don't mind to be a driver, especially towards my dear sista gang, of course. Then She said "For wat I wanna tel u guys bout my problem? I don't wanna make u guys kelian(pity) me!" I am like...well...I tot we shud always share our feelings as a sista. AND how am I going to know what happened to you when you don't share your feelings? I told her I am sorry, I shud have catch up wid her often, I shud have know what is she up to before I point the finger to her.

So Yea. Didn't catch up wid each other causes misundestanding and end up I am not understanding.

Gahhhh...I don't know what am I talking about now. My brain is srsly not well-structured now. Rite. I shud have keep my mouth shut and don't talk often. Shhh...miao.



I am seriously sorry to

you, you, you and you

if I've said something wrong.

I seriously don't know when I've said something wrong and what I've said wrong.

You can actually hint me, or scold me, if I did.

I will try to learn from the lessons.



maybe I just did in this post.

I shudn't blog about it.



Gonna have sleepless nite.

Dearie Cousie

Project 365 #138

One of my dearie cousies


She is trying on the bridemaid's dress.

Accompanied her to uptown and search for bridesmaid's dress early the morning but we ended found loads more dresses in a "auntie boutique" which is near our house. ><" This is the third time she become bridesmaid and no more after this because all her close frenz got married and there's a say telling, one cannot be bridesmaid more than three times or it will be hard to get married in the future. ><"

Yea? We look alike in owning a chubby chubby face? Bwahahaha...oh well...you know, when people tend to become closer, their face features will slowly turn to alike as well. lolz. But too bad that I can't own the same body size and height wid her which is just nice. LOLz.

So yea. This is the activity we have today. Till then~

*Additional Info*
Only get to become closer with Jac during the trip we had to Korea in the year of 2006, and even more closer after she shifted her house nxt to mine. We are both strangers yearssssss before the trip, and we barely talk bcoz we only get to meet each other once a year which is during CNY. She owned a very good personality, and she is a happy-go-lucky gal. This is the third year we become so close...and I wish...the cousieship will nvr fade away. Thanks for being with me and bare with me all the time. Thanks for cheering me up^^ Heart you. =3
*Additional Info*

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blood Test

Project 365 #137

Accompanied Cousie for blood test today.

Got lost


I don't know

where is Plaza Damas.


Accompanied cousie for her blood test which is assigned by her company. Cousie told me the clinic is located at Sri Hartamas but don't know the exact location but she have got the address in hand. We hopped into the car widout google the exact location, bcoz I tot it shud be the place tat I use to go to - Desa Sri Hartamas. =.="

Reached Desa Sri Hartamas and made few rounds, didn't get to see the familiar address which is copied by cousie. Cousie then made a phone call and ask where is the clinic located at. AND, they keep on telling "Plaza Damas, Plaza Damas." =.=" I am like...wathell...Now the point is...we don't know wher is Plaza Damas!!! =.="

And...oh yea...I am confuse wid Desa Sri Hartamas and Sri Hartamas. Yea. Rite. I am not Hartamas People. ><"

We reached the clinic after one hour by banging ourselves here and there. The "doctor" saw us and said "at last...", "well you know you are working in travel agency..."(she sounds like you shud b familiar wid the way and directions!)(I am like...wat the...she work in travel agency but not the Ministry of Transport=.="). She made a phone call to my cousie's GM to double confirm that my cousie is one of their employee, at the same time, she tell her GM "She just got lost, and just reach here." I am like...=.=" Do you need to tell the GM that she just got lost? =.="

Cousie then went in for the blood test and after that doctor came out when she asked my cousie to go for Urine test. The doctor shake her head and said "her english is really very poor", "You know, she is working in travel agency"and "bla bla bla...."(well...of all...wat she mean is...my cousie's english is poor). I defensed for my cousie, I told the doctor that she is in charge of Japanese department that doesn't requiret her to speak very well in English. Still she said "you know, you shud ask her to read one english article a day to brush up her english". "I know her GM very well, I know some of her kelics too." (So?=.=")

I don't know why she have to care so much as she is only a doctor. =.=" Like...does it bother you if we can't speak english very well? AND you shud know that ther are some biology terms that we might not bcoz we are not in the same field as you! =.=" Alright, we shud accept other people's words and comments, but, it will b good if you only mention it once or twice but not repeat, repeat and repeat. =.=" Duh...mayb it's bcoz she got nobody to talk to, tat's why whn she grabbed a chance, she will not let people go easily. So pathetic. LOLz

So Yea. Cousie went off unhappily and put her MSN PM as "O ba Sang! My england poor is not your business!!!" Rite. Mind your own business. =.="

Friday, August 21, 2009

Project 365 #136

One of the KL nite view.

A very special day to be remember

Bcoz I bring Bao Bao out of town


look look see see KL!!!


Cousie have got hotel inspection today and will ended up quite late. Thus, I offer myself to pick her up after her inspection at KL. I bring Bao Bao along. This is the first time Bao Bao travel to KL. Oh well...He was busy scratching the cushion in the car and...he missed all the nice nice view in KL. ><"

Anyhow, A memorable day
this is the first time Bao Bao "pay a visit" to KL.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slurpee Yummy^^

Project 365 #135


A makan-makan day^^


Went to Pavilion for lunch 2geda wid Jac cousie and her kelics. Had seafood tempura AND AND Rum Raisin from Gelato which is 95% dairies and 99% fruits AND fat free~~~Woohoo~~~~!!!! Yea la...must pose pose when eating Ice cream ma...my all time favourite, dun play play. lolz.

Got an invitation from Quattro, they call it Industry Night and the party take place at Winter Bar. Reached there around 8pm. Hmmph...this is the first time I go Quattro tho. ERM. Yea...thy offered luxury foods and free flow in the invitation card. Okay. They provide luxury food and free flow...but the food is being serve in cocktail style wid waiter walking around to offer food. Yea you know...we just finished work and reach there wid empty stomach, tot to stuff in the luxury foods BUT...with the food flow goes like that...I guess the food already digested in our stomach before the second waiter came and offer the food. AND...as we have reached ther quite early, the room is kinda empty and everybody feel no fun in staying there any longer, so, we left, without staying there for more than an hour. ><"

Buuhuuuu...T_T. Buai my free flow...I had only half glasses of beer and there we left Winter Bar and head to KLCC to hunt for food. Srsly a waste weeiiiii...free flow weeeiiiiiii...Buuhuuuuuu...and now we have to spend "extra" money for food where we actually don't have to spend the money at the first place. T_T. So yea, the kids like to eat fast food, and we go for Burger King, which provide free flow as well. Ahahahahahahaha...

So now. A makan-makan day for me as I will only go out for lunch once in a blue moon AND I don't really take dinner at night, unless ther's an special occassion. Hmmph...kinda happy to have makan-makan day, and yea, I told myself not to stand on the weighting scale or I will have a stone dropped heavily in my heart. Teehee...Till then^^

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


(owe u a cheese first ya...lolz)
Project 365 #134

Cheese, anyone?


Say Cheeseeeeee.




Thanks for smiling for my post.

I know you like it.


Cousie's co wil b having potluck 2mr and yea...we went grocery after work. She saw this cheese displaying nicely on the frozen side and asked me if I've tried those, "NO" I replied.(because those are freaking expensive cheese tat I wil never ever put my eyes on thm...or I wil die...lolz) She picked this pepper flavour among the rest and pay at the counter, together with her food for potluck 2mr, of course.

She offer me a bite while we are jamming.Hmmph...I would say I dun like to eat cheese just like that. I prefer to have cheese with other food like Cheese cake, caesar salad, pizza, mushroom soup wid cheese powder, and yea...all the food tat have got cheese will be my favourite(which wil b so so so fattening) but not pure cheese. It taste weird to eat only cheese especially when eating those chesdale cheese, Ewwww...I dun like the taste...lolz...weirdo I am? Yea. lolz.

Oh Yea. Talk about cheese. It is a very useful and poweful word tho. Why? Grab a mirror and put it in front of you, then say, cheese. Yea, you are seeing urself smiling in the mirror. =) Look nice isn't it. (oh gawd...dun puke after u saw ur own smile...lolz) I tend to ask people to say cheese whenever I see them not smiling or forcing themselves to smile while posing in front of the camera. It works, it seriously do, and everytime the outcome is a very beatiful peace seeing everybody smiling^^ SMILE. Rite. Everytime when you see your frens are moody, uou can try asking them to say cheese, and yea, they will smile first then laugh from the bottom of their heart. There, you brighten up another poeple's day again^^

So Yea.

Say Cheese.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meeting day^^

Project 365 #133

One of the places tat we might be staying at

for the September plan

after the meeting

look comfy and nice isn't it?

Yeapuuuuu...today is the meeting day. Got meeting with Andrew - the Global Operation Director of SMG(gua mia opis, the place tat I work at) at noon, with everybody of course. AND meeting for the up-coming plan that falls on September!!! Which is only a month to go. (Ohmaifookingshit...i m still so fat...HOW??? T_T)

This is the first time Andrew came to Malaysia, and I am lucky enuf to see him, as you know, BIG ppl are hard to meet up wid as they are always bz. So yea, the words tat he wanna send to us are "Thank YOU" and " I need your help". He thank everybody for putting hard work in earning money for the company and need our help to bare with the Company as it is a very hard time to go through now. (coz of the stupid recession la...everybody oso cut cost) Hmmph well...he mentioned that it is better for us to take up some trainings than having bonus or increment for us, as we can learn something and the Company will improve then be the "future media agency". I am like...=.=". I was thinking in the heart, "if there's no increment, no nothing and still we have to sacrifice our holidays for trainings, do you think, we will feel happy? Do you think we will be urged to work hard by all these, oh crapz...=.=" "

Oh well. This is only frm my thought, maybe. BUT, now for sure, we have got no increment, no bonus, no company trip this year. =.=" Such a bad year for me...T_T. I remember before I entered...they company have actually got company trip to Japan and Korea. NOW??? NOW what? =.=" Even my frenz who work at the same period as mine have got increment and company trip. ><" ARGH!!! Mayb I shud take the offer and leave. (Oh yea...got offer from another Media Agency today, and still thinking shall I give a try. ><") Yea I know...I work for money not for the company. ><" Mayb I shud change my mind, treat the company as my family.><"

Alrite. Second meeting. Received SMS yest and was asked to have our second meeting for the September "outing". Not many people attended, or I shall say not many people being called for the meeting as you know...more people, more comments, and we will get hard to come out with a conclusion, or mayb ther's no conclusion at the end. lolz. So yea, spent two hours for the meeting together wid wineeeeeeeeeeeee and we get a conclusion bout the accomodation^^

Omaigawd...can't wait to sniff sniff the smell of sea breeze after the discussion tho.

Bukit~~~I AM COMING!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme^^

Project 365 #132

Another Krispy Kreme Monday^^

Tengkiu Dearie Cousie.


Went to BTS after work to send Wii controller to be fix. Cousie asked if there's any other things to buy and I suggested Krispy Kreme. lolz. You know...Human Beings are like tat, we must have more than one objective in order to do something so that we wont "rugi"(suffer losses) in petrol and parking money.lolz

Cousie said that it is fattening, yeap, agree it is fattening, but she is the one who asked if there's any other things to buy...lolz...and I said "My family members haven get the chance to try Krispy Kreme since the day it launch" THEN, she said "Yea lo...I haven't try neither". SO...we headed to Krispy Kreme shop after we have sent Wii controller to hospital. lolz.

We bought a dozen of Original Glazed and one glazed chocolate cake which is strongly recommended by my kelic. It's cousie's treat. LOLz.It cost RM2.50 for one and I actually wanted to buy only half a dozen but cousie saw that it is Only RM19.90 for a dozen, she counted, half a dozen, 2.50 X 6 = RM15, pay extra RM4.90 and we will get another half dozen, which means, it is only RM1.70 for one, 80 cents cheaper for each doughnut, and there, she bought a dozen. LOLz. (Now I wonder who is the one tat said it is fattening...lolz)

I first warned my cousie that it will b so damn freaking sweeeetttttttt before she take the first bite. Hmmph...she dun really like the taste tho and she refuse to take few more bites...><" So Yea, I guess she still prefer Mister Donut and we shall see it again very soon!!! lolz.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Project 365 #131

-REST for One Day-

Spent the WHOLE day for sleeping. LOLz

K la...a little bit of words today. Srsly spent my whole Sunday in Sleeping and went for limteh session wid my primary schmates at nite. M like a zombie today wid not much words and facial expression. So Yea. Nitez peeps. lolz

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Balik rumah day^^

(will upload the photo later...stil collecting)
Project 365 #130


Balik rumah after a month


Poppy laaaa...


it feels soooooooooooo GOOD!!!

Enjoyed to the max today!!! Went wid the movie gang to club today with the Objectives of
1. Give KK a Bang b4 he fly to Miri (for work and it's bout only a week...chew...lolz)
2. To lose Ong's clubbing virginity (Whooppsss...this is cool)
3. Somebody hook up wid somebody ( who who who???)

Cited from KK @ FB

Ahahahaha...wat a good excuse for all of us to go club. There are 11 of us in for the clubbing night and my cousie turned up at the very last minuite^^. (we persuaded her to go from morning til nite and she decided to join us at the very last second without letting me know...><")Woohoo~

The table were quiet when we first reach, rite, this always happen bcoz everybody havent get high yet. After a couple of drinks, as usual, we went to the dance floor, stand near the stage side and starts to ROCK the nite!!!

Me, as a shortie...I actually stand on the staircase of the stage and dance all nite long. Bwahahhaa...having a good view up there widout squeezing wid others while dancing. This is just so right and I like it. LOLz. Oh yea, went up to the stage and dance a little wid the companion of the organizer. Ahahahahahaha...I dunno wher did I get the courage...perhaps, I m tipsy and high and I din get to think much at tat freaking happy hour!!!

The time seriously passes fast and before I have had enuf in dancing the DJ already playing the slow and soft songs for us to warm down. ><" Oh yea. Get to meet up wid new people today and this includes two drop dead gorgeous lengluis espcially the organizer's fren. *slurp* Opppsss...I know a gal shudnt do like this...><" Teehee...Went for DimSum @ Jln Ipoh as usual...and reached home ard 5++ in the morning.(again) ><" Now I wonder when will I get boom tho.

another GREAT nite,


Friday, August 14, 2009

On His Majesty's Secret Service

Project 365 #129


Long waited movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

altho it is kinda meaningless


It's seriously freaking funny^^

Yeap yeap. Went for On His Majesty's Secret Service with the movie gang. It've been long since the last time I watch "fai fai"(meaningless, funny, mo liu...sth like scary movie) HK movie ady. Hmmph...I always heart the movie starred by Stephen Chow...which is oso..."Fai fai dei" one...lolz...tat's why I will never ever missout such a funny movie wid funny movie title, and of course, never missout to see movie starred by Louis Koo. I love the movies starred by Louis Koo, Stephen Chow and Ronald Cheng, tat's bcoz...thy are srsly "fai" and very funny. LOLz. Ops...yea I know...only those "uncontentable" people will love this kind of movie. BUTTTTT it is srsly very funny and I like it!!! Learned loads of "fai" terms, words, actions from the movie, wher I believe, it will helps to cheer up the people around. Especially the significant laugh by Sandra Ng in the movie. "ha...ha...haaaaaaaa..." LOLz. Omigawd...I m laughing myself now. ><" Teehee... On His Majesty's Secret Service, a movie tat talks about how the secret guard protect the King in being killed and it shows brainy people can still save the King without fighting. Of course, love affairs shall not be miss out in the movie. Rite. That's all for the storyline of the movie. LOLz. Well...the dialogues, actions and facial expressions in the movie are seriously worth the ticket money. If you dun really fancy meaningless movie, then, maybe you can get a pirated CD to watch or mayb DL from the net.(You know I won't do these, tat's why I watch it @ cinema...lolz...oh crapz...><")

After all, I would say, it is worth to be a collection. LOLz. So, Watch it, learn it, use it to cheer your frenz a little. It will srsly brighten everybody's day^^ We shud learn not to be serious all the time, rite? LOLz

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell Party for CEO

Project 365 #128

on 23rd July 2009

we are all being gathered at conference room


announcement being made

Starcom Malaysia chief departs



will be the CEO's official day to leave.

The Company did him a farewell party.

We got nice food, great wine and not to miss out the liquors sponsored by johnny walker for the party. Oh ya...and the very nice caramel chocolate mary biscuits!!! It is so yummylicious~~~I srsly wanted to learn how to do it...lolz...I even took two back and let my cousie taste so tat we can find out how it is being made. lolz.(yea la...I know wat u wanna say...cheapskate ma...lolz...but it is TOOOO delicious tat I cant resist!!!)

Hmmph. Been working here since OCt 2008 but haven even got the chance to work together wid the CEO nor got chance to talk to him.(as if I m the big potato...LOLz...) I only get to talk to CEO once, the conversation starts in the lift. lolz.

It's sharp 6 at my lappie's time(my lappie time is 15 mins faster thn the International time) and I ciao on time tat day. When I am waiting for the lift to come, ohmygawdshit...the CEO came out and...he is going home as well. He asks :"Going back?"I guess for sure he will mimi in his heart *wah...go back so early* "Ya..."(shit...why at the hour I will meet him...shit lo...for sure he wil think I always go back so early...=.=" no good image jorrrr) Then in the lift, we din talk...until he ask me "you cutted your hair?" "No" I replied. ><" Thn...tat's the end of the conversation and he is off frm the lift. Phew...luckily he din ask why am I going back so early...lolz...

So yea...Tat's the only conversation between me and him. AND...erm...well...he is a very nice and easy-going person I would say. AND...tat's all I can comment bout my CEO...bcoz I dun really know him well.

Adious and enjoy ur long vacation CEO^^

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sorry Sorry~~~!!!

Project 365 #127

Heard this song


saw the taiwan artist dance crazily

in ALLLLL taiwan TV show.

I guess it wil b a hit SOON!!!


Learn the dance steps~~~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Project 365 #126

Get to watch UP for freeee today.


Tengkiu behli muchi to Olifu^^

Was in the mist of doing my work and pik-cik'ing. Then, Olifu sent me a message at MSN, "gurl, wanna watch UP? Got free movie tix." "How many tix you have? ""My kelic asked me how many I want."

Wootssss!!! I faster ask both of my dearie cousies and tell Olifu tat I need 3 tix, but ended up they gave her four tix. So, dearie Jac sacrify herself for not watching. LOLz.

The screening take place at Pavilion which is very near to me and my cousie's Opis. Thus, we straight away go Pavilion after work for dinner while waiting for the movie that will screen at 9pm.

As we have to save money for our trip in the month of September, cutting cost is a very important step, and yea, we choosed to eat at food court instead of those fancy fancy restaurant. We ordered one ShiLin crispy Chicken and Tempura, and yea, tat's all for our dinner. ><" THEN, I went to buy "run" & raisin as well as Tiramisu from Gelato. MUAHAHAHAHAHHA...Opppsss...Did anybody said thy are cutting cost???!! ><" Teehee...well...I am not generous in spending money for food but NOT dessert. LOLz. Yea. I lupppp dessert. SLURP. lolz. Run raisin taste great where Tiramisu is So so only loooo...I srsly lupppppp rum raisin. *tsk tsk* Oh gawd...my saliva is dripping while writing this post...><"

I went to collect the movie tix as Olifu cant reach early. Then only I find out that it is a movie spend by nuffnang and I saw LOADSSSS of bloggers standing outside of the cinema waiting to enter the theater. OMG. I felt that I am so nerd in a sudden. ><"(I saw a lot of bloggers and they are not who I saw in their blogs...and I felt nerd tat I am a blogger...><" Hmmph...I dunno how to express my feeling at that time...but I srsly felt nerd! ><" Sorry peepss...)

Oh ya. Bout the movie. It talks about an old man and a kid's adventure to the paradise fall. ERM...I guess it might be good to watch wid 3D effects guaaaa...I like the background music being played in the movie, the colorful ballons in the movie, and the story flow is nice. It is another tame and quiet movie after Harry Potter and it is very cartoon. lolz. Well...after all, it is a cartoon. ><"

Hmmph...message that I get from the movie...it is like we can find someone who owned the same dreams wid us and we will work hard together, support each other to chase after the dreams. BUT at the same time, it makes me feel like...sometimes it is better to be single, to be alone bcoz you can do everything that you like widout caring other people's feelings. When you have another half, there will be a lot of things that will pull you down from your dreams, the dreams that you have planned well before you are being tied. Well, maybe somebody will think tat it is worth it, but I guess somehow thy might regret a little in the future.

Hmmph...maybe sometimes we have to sacrifice a little or dun be over stubborn towards something and there...we will live happily ever after. Always be happy and satisfy wid what you have~

And Yea,


cross your heart


Monday, August 10, 2009

50 cents!!!

Project 365 #125

Share you a joke to ease away your Monday Blue^^

It's all about - 50 cents.


Me and cousie was jamming in the car on our way back to home after work. Radio will always be the best fren of us when we are in the car. So Yea, we are the fans of One Fm. ^^

There's a contest going on at One Fm where they are giving out free concert tickets of Eason Chan that falls on 16th August 2009. We have to be One Fm member in order to take part in the contest but the ads being aired by One Fm is only telling how we should take part by sending SMS but not register ourselves. My cousie wanted to win the ticket so much and she asked me what she shud do as she is not a member of One Fm yet.(And Yea. I already register myself long time ago)

Ling : How? How? How I should register?
m3 : Erm...I can't remember...
Ling : Can I just send in the message to the One Fm SMS service provider telling I wanna participate, then if like I am not a member of One Fm, they will actually send me another SMS to tell how I should register? Is this how you do this?
m3 : I guess so...
Ling : But liddat I will rugi 50 cents worrrrr...you can't remember at all?
m3 : Erm...I guess tat's the way I do. I tried to send in SMS and request for songs and they revert back to me by asking and teaching me to register to be a member first.
Ling : Means I have got no choice but to waste 50 cents la.
m3 : ERM.
Ling : Ok la...I send. 33399 rite?
m3 : Yeap.

*got message revert back ady*

Ling : What???!!! It stated there "sorry, invalid keywords"!!! They din teach me how to register myself!!! YER...GIVE ME BACK MY 50 CENTS!!!


she open the coin box in my car,

and take 50 cents away.

Ling : HNG!
m3 : =.=lll

then, I can't stop laughing after tat.

Such a "cute" cousie I have. LOLz. She always do all these farney farney and creative things to bright up my day. I can actually write up a book bout all the stupid funny things she said or she did to me. lolz. She always tell me that she do all these wid her Uni frenz in Japan and I always tease her if she go ther for studies or learn all these funny funny stuff. Sometimes seriously let her zadao. =.="

Oh Yea. Got shopping spree today, and yea, we went to Daiso, the curve to shop. Things inside Daiso are all RM5 and the products are allllllll from Japan. lolz. AND...we went for Sa-Ka-E(ae) sushi for dinner. LOLz. I feel so good after the spends tho. lolz.

Cheerssss Monday Blue~

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Homey Sunday

Project 365 #124

Browse thru all these CDs for the whole day.

Thy makes me miss my old times with my sista gang.

I wish to get back to the sweet memo time wid the sista gang.

I seriously do.

Hmmph. Yea. I spent the weekends browsing thru all the CDs that I saw yesterday. Another day staying at home without going anywhere. A homey Sunday for a homey gal like me. Bwahhahaha...(Pui...lolz) AND, oh ya, today's topic is Memoirs of Sista Gang. lolz.

Saw photos tat we celebrated each other's birthday thru out the years after we have graduated form secondary school. Saw loads of creative ideas that we contributed for each other's birthday. Saw the photos of the trips...trips to malacca, trips to PD, trips to genting. Awww....I miss the good old times with them and wonder when will be the next time we meet each other again in such a big gang and having fun out there.

We use to be the gang where laughters will be everywhere, everywhere we go. We are always the eye-catchy and bitches bunch where people around us for sure will stare at us coz of our noisiness. Now, things have change, everybody have stepped into the working world, everybody have got their own goals to achieve and everybody is working hard for their future.(this include dates...) and bcoz of all these, everybody starts to be very busy and the weekly yam cha session is no longer a story in our book. We only get to meet up for the birthday celebration which is only a simple dinner wid no surprise. Same questions will be asked during the dinner. I.E. : How have you been? How's work? How's your relationship going on? When are you getting married?(Yea...my sista gang members are all taken, except me and another one is studying at UK) What are you doing recently? Nonetheless, everybody will ask when will be the next hang out day? When are we going to have another outing? Suggestions given, but when come to the next discussion in asking who is in, everybody for sure will have something on and tat's all, it is only a crapz after all. I've tried many times in asking the sista gang out for yam cha session or for outing, but I always received reply like "sorry, got something on, you guys go ahead and enjoy". So Yea. I am kinda tired in this now...

I use to rely a lot on the sista gang. The sista gang know every single little things bout me and whenever I've got problem, I will refer to them but not my parents, and, I seriously put my sista gang at the first place in my heart and family come second. BUT, since things have changed, I've got nobody to talk to like last time, not to say my sista gang don't want to listen to me(yea, ya know everybody is busy, and nobody will listen to your crapz), but, everybody tends to be busy to catch up each other. One of the sista gang member have actually suggested to have a gals' mail(send email) to update each other day by day, only few people are in for the mail, of course, I am one of them, but, it is not an active board where not everybody participate in it. So, after all these, I realized that, family shud be in the first place, and there, I've got my two lovely cousies who always share my feelings and thoughts. LOLz. Heart my dearie cousies a lot^^

I wonder, is it bcoz we know each other for ten years that we dun hav any other things to talk, bcoz we know everything single little thing bout each other, and yea, it is like we can tell everything by only saying "ya know? rite." and they know wat we mean, or, it is bcoz the days we meet up become lesser and lesser, thus, we don't own the same topic?

Hmmph...well...I have had very good memories with the sista gang, we are still keeping in touch up to this second, but we did not catch up with each other and get each other updated bout wat are they doing recently and did anybody actually changed their taste in eating, dressing, or did anybody changed their interest, job and stuff. Anyhow, now I wonder, does these all matter? I don't know. Maybe I can just give them a hand when they need me but not sharing their feelings, their heart, their thought all the time. Rite. I shall make myself to promise the sista gang that I will always be there for you, when you need a hand. =)

Heart you gals always.

My dear sista gang^^

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Part of the production

Project 365 #123

This is part of the productions tat I do

during my College time.

Ask for the full copy frm me

if you are interested to watch.


It is a silent Saturday today. My dearie cousiess have got their own activities and I've got no date...stay at home for the WHOLE day, lying on the bed watching TV programmes, facebook and sleep is all what I did today. Such a nice holiday is being wasted by me...=.=" I guess I srsly over rely on my cousiesss for all the outings...><" Sigh...can't imagine how am I going to survive widout my cousiess...><" Oh yea...I search thru the CD racks to find some CDs to watch and I saw a file tat pile wid CDs, the CDs where I save all my memories inside...I browse thru all the CDs and saw the production I did wid my college team mates. I did a lot of productions back to my college time but only able to find this short film, tried to upload the full version here...but the file is TOO big to be uploaded.(I tried to upload it and let my PC on for 24 hours but uploading failed. ><") Thus, I oni upload somesort like trailer, and if you are interested to watch more, ask for the full copy from me. lolz.I just can't stop laughing by watching the short film over and over and over again!!!

So, ther goes my Saturday.

What a nerdy Saturday!!!



Friday, August 07, 2009

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

Project 365 #122

So Yea,

It's Fu Lai Dae~


It's the movie day^^

Todays' special

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

Hmmph...The Rise of Cobra...when I first saw "Cobra"...I dun feel like watching...coz I hate snake and I tot it is some movie like Anaconda and I wanted to watch On His Majesty's Secret Service BUT...there are a lot of them can't make it for the movie session this week...and...my cousie read the synopsis and tell me it is not related to snake...so yea...we'll watch G.I. Joe this week and On His Majesty's Secret Service nxt week.

G.I. Joe, a team's name in the movie, and the movie tells how the team save the world!!! Like watching Ultraman nia...lolz. Oh yea, it is another movie tat shows how advance the technology is nowadays. Hmmph...there are very bias reviews bout the movie, like, whn you like it, you will like it very much but if you don't you will say the movie SUX. Me? Lemme think...ERM...I will say...I din fall asleep in the cinema, I know and remember the story's flow and I can't get my eyes off frm the pwetty lads...lolz...BUT one thing for sure, they will come up will second episode...sigh...another movie that we have follow in the future and you can't miss it bcoz you will feel curious to know wat happen next. lolz. So, if you are tired in following all those "unfinish" movies wid loads and loads of episodes coming up, I advice you to think twice before you watch.Thn erm...it suppose to b a movie tat made for guys to watch...but my brader dun realy like the movie...And ERM...well...okayyy la...the movie's flow is good, it made me feel gan jeong(worry, nervous) for the characters inside, and yea, you can actually get a wednesday to watch this movie. lolz.

Hmph...so far I would say Ovearheard is the best movie I watched recently, so, watch Overheard if you haven't. LOLz.

And yea...happy 123456789^^

A memorable day and time, indeed.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Project 365 #121

When was the last time you touches LEGO?

It is a gift from my cousie

to a

one year old cousin.

Cousie bought this at KLCC as our cousin's Birthday is falling on next week. The baby turning to one year old, and yea, I remember I came back frm UK on the day he celebrate his "full month"(one mth old) and now he is turning to one year old ady. Time srsly passes fast! I still feel that I am a freshie that juz graduated frm my degree and started my work not long ago. ><"

LEGO...it actually sounds like a stranger for me. I dun play LEGO when I was small. I play barbie doll, masak-masak, SEGA, wars wid my brother...but not LEGO. Hmmph...marmee din buy LEGO bcoz she sked tat we will swallow the LEGO in. You know la...kids...can put anything into the mouth...juz like the Char Siu Bao at my home. LOLz.

So well,

when was the last time you touches LEGO?

Or it is still your toy now?


Any idea why LEGO is so expensive?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Project 365 #120

Yea it's Wednesday

and moviesss tix wil b cheap on Wed^^

So Yea,

went for movie

with the bunch

that is out of my expectation.

Received a call in the evening, during my VERY BZ working hour as it is time to go off soon yet I stil got bunch of works waiting for me to be done. It is a call frm the number tat did not appear in my contact list.

Him : Hello.
M3 : Yes?
Him : Wan go for movie 2nite?
M3 : Who are you?
Him : Calvin, Calvin Neo. (Calvin Neo is my ex-kelic)
m3 : What movie?
Him : Overheard.
m3 : *I chuckle a little and start thinking he is joking, and, he is not Calvin but Calvin's fren - Yan who likes to crapz and never be serious.* What time? Where you wanna watch at?
Yan : Jusco, 1030pm.
m3 : Okay. Get me two tix please. I am bringing my cousie along *I actually say yes widout
thinking and asking my cousie bcoz I know for sure he wil b joking*

Yan : You sure?
m3 : *see see...he is showing his tail ady* Yea la...
Yan : Okay la thn I buy tix de la...see u 2nite.

I then put off the phone continue wid my work widout thinking bout the movie at nite til I reach home.

I called him at 10pm.

m3 : Hello. Where are you?
Yan : At home.
m3 : I tot u said got movie?
Yan : Yea la...moving out now to meet my frenz and go movie 2geda lo. You nid me to pick you up?
m3 : WHAT??? Your frenzz??? I tot you, yourself only? Who is watching wid us?
Yan : Calvin la...
m3 : Oo okay la thn...see you later.

I then call up Calvin and ask him
m3 : Oi...where are you?
Cal : Home la.
m3 : You not going for movie?
Cal : Wat movie? I am gaming here.
m3 : Overheard...watch 2geda wid Yan.
Cal : No...I m gaming here...wanna level up la...
m3 : You sure?
Cal : Yea la...I nid to level up...

I felt so lucky tat I call Calvin up and seeeee....tat Yan is joking. Phew...lucky I haven leave my house yet.


Cal : You want date me out for movie is...K la...After level up thn I'll go for movie la...
m3 : Wat the...I tot u said not watching movie? Are you for real??? Wat is wat now??? Wat movie u watching?
Cal : Overheard. I am watching wid Yan's bunch la...
m3 : *Still not very sure if thy are both joking or for real* Okayyy la...come and pick me up
later(this is to double confirm that thy are for real and I m not being fool by them)

Cal : So near your house...go urself la...
m3 : Dun wan...no parking!!!
Cal : K la K la...

I put the phone off...still thinking if both of them are for real or only joke ard. Coz thy seriously like to crapz and talk nonsense a lot...and I always kena tipu one...=.="

At 1020pm. Calvin called. Me and cousie hop into his car, and there, for real, we are off for movie - Overheard. This is the very first time I went out for movie wid Yan and Calvin and a bunch of people tat I never met before. =.=" Thanks to Yan and Calvin tat always like to cheat me since SIX years ago and I tot thy are only joking around.

I know both Yan and Calvin separately six years ago where I know Yan from ICQ(wahhhh...old enufff) and Calvin is my ex-kelic. I never tot of they actually know each other until few days ago when I was doing my mthly activity - send forward sms to everybody in my contact list. Yan called me up using Calvin's phone number and he imitate Calvin's voice, I only get to recognize his voice after he hint me where he stay and stuff. All I want to say is...It is a small small world after all...=.="

So Yea, Overheard. Hong Kong movie tat talks about - bad people wil always die in the end. lolz. A movie tat you must watch bcoz you can see lengzaisssssss like Louis Koo and Daniel Wu and talented actors like Lau Ching Wan, Fong Zhung Soon in the movie. Okay la...serious a bit bit...this movie actually showed how advance the technology is nowadays, and of course, affairs, love stories that will never be missout in any form of movies juz like ajinomoto, and, oh yea, it actually tells that you hav to be cruel and foxy in thought but look clean at the surface if you wanna b a successful person at the same time to be love and respect by the others in your life.

Overall, it is a very good Hongki movie that worth the tix money. Well, as you know, there are not much good quality productions from Hong Kong recently, and yea, Ovearhead is an exception for this year I would say. So, go for Overheard if you miss the good quality HongKi production and bored listening to english dialogues. lolz.

Received a call
got secret mission on-going^^

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silky Smooth fresh milk steamed egg

Project 365 #119


It's fresh milk steamed egg.

Mah lunchie from Jac cousie.

As usual, I din go for lunch. Yea. Everybody in the opis know bout that, and, of course, this include my dearie cousie - Jac. So Yea, the opis is mine during lunch hour as well...bwahahha... FYI(For you information), I wil always reach opis at 740am in the morning, and yea, nobody is here at this hour, so, there are two sessions where the opis wil b mine...the morning one...and the lunch hour...bwahhahaha...

While I m concentrating in doing my work,(dun play play...I m like a workaholic whn I m in the opis...bwahahhaha...oh crapz...I juz wanna finish work fast and get to balik punctually at 6pm) I heard "auntie...auntie..." Oh gosh...not again...you know...I actually heard knocking sound which hav got tempo "knock knock" few days ago in the morning...and it repeated every few minutes... I was so so sked tat time bcoz ther are srsly nobody in the opis...and I turn my speaker loudly to ease away the knock knock sound. ISH. So now...I tell myself that I am having phonism coz I miss my cousie too much ady(oh yea...we always call each other aunty lolz) until there's one person standing bside me and put sth on my table.

So Yea, it's Jac that bring me the Silky Smooth fresh milk steamed egg. Phew~takutkkan sendiri je...lolz. I start eating and msn wid Jac after she went back to her place. I tot it is something nice that she tot of wanna intro me makan, who knows she asked " auntie, nice ar? I nvr eat bfore de le...I saw them selling...and I buy nia...nice ar?" I said "nice ar...u wanna try?" I srsly let her zadao tat time...lolz...but well...dun expect much and be thankful tat somebody still remember you. LOLz. AND Yea, it is nice, it taste like soya tofu and it is a bit cold. So I take it as a dessert. Yea...Jac know I dun take proper meal. Bwahahhahaha...

Whn I am on my half way eating, I see this "for microwave use only" at the bottom of the container. *shit* Now I am thinking...should I microwave it before I eat...or it is actually a dessert??? ><" Argh...dun care...as long as it can b put into the stomach thn can ady. I dun mind having MC. LOL. YEA...I NID HOLIDAYSSSSS!!!
Good Day~

Monday, August 03, 2009


Project 365 #118

These are the fruits tat will always appear in my house recently.

Gold and Green Kiwisssss



Each and everyone in my family, hmmph, mayb everybody, will actually addicted to something, and, kiwi and cherry is my mum's recent addiction. She buy a lot and store in the fridge every week and she said have spent *ahem* beberapa ratu..s *ahem* only the fruits this week. WTH!!! Only fruits weiiiiii...Such an expensive addiction she have. I guess most probably she kena my dad's virus ady. ><"
My dad have got this very scary habit...where...when he is addicted to something, he will spend a lot of money investing the things tat he is into. Okay. The collections that he have had before include crystals,(he buy a lot and he study bout it as well...well...for me is it like so damn expensive to pay few K to buy a colored rock...=.=") ceramicssssssssssssss(China made patung using ceramics which eat a lot of space in the house and he have a lot of those in his office and I srsly got no idea why he buy SO many), tea sets, tea pots, tea leafs (more than a hundred of pots and leafs stored at home and his office...displaying nicely in the glass cupboard and yea he bought tea sets and books to learn the proper way to make chinese tea) , Fa lo Hon, (fish that have big tumor on its head and each fish nid to pet separately in different aquarium...and he pet TEN of them in the house...eat up a lot of space and I din get see any sunlights in the house during tat few months!!! He said the fish look different like some got stars stars la...blink blink la...limited edition and stuff...=.=" all look the same for me but different for him...mum tat time angry dao...wanna cook the fish and eat...lolz), and...oh yea...SLR.(He like to snap photos when I was small...like at the age of 5...and I got bunchessss of photos in the storeroom...muahahah...yea me and my siblings are his model...)Then, recently, he is addicted to watches. Oh Gosh...I can't imagine how many watches he wil b buying in the future. =.=" Dad...would you please...spare me some money...><"
So now, you can see crystals, tea sets, tea pots, tea leafs, ceramics in my house...AND...I guess my dad can do an exihibition of his collections at his Opis ady...=.=" Oh ya...how he manage the fish whn he got no fever towards the Fa Lo Hon? He gave some to his frenz to pet...and throw some into the lake nearby my house...I bet the fish ady eaten by other creatures in the Lake tho...><"
The anti-dad's habits gang, me and my siblings, as well as my mum...hate dad for having such a bad habit in spending money investing at things tat doesn't bring value in the future. =.=" We always nag him when he tend to enter the crystal shops, ceramic shops and tea shops or else you wil see US...US not him...holding a bunch or two packets of his "war trophies". =.=" The reason tat he give us for having such habits? He said : "Is is my hobbies, how can you stop me for having hobbis, and life will be meaningless widout hobbies". So yea, this is part of my dad.

Now I m thinking how to make him in love wid photo shooting again...So tat I can make him buy DSLR. *Tsk tsk*