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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Free lunch XD

Project 365 #245

It's pumpkin fried rice @ U - Cafe.

Had lunch wid people for another department.


One of the planners from a BIG account asked me to join their luncheon today in conjunction of farewell, and birthday celebration for December babies for their department. Wokay...I am being invited bcoz I've been helping them thruout these 2 months for the work on research. Yea...the job that I take over 2 months ago and still working very hard for it. GOSH. The management promised that I will be helping up for a month and this is actually the 2nd month ady. ><" Time srsly passes fast widout me noticing. ARGH. Srsly darn bz til I've forgotten this. Oh well, good thing tho, get to learn more BUT...can I earn more as well? kekeke...

Wokay. U-cafe is located at fiesta street @ Sg. Wang. Their portions are all srsly BIG and unique, a very good example will be the pumpkin fried rice attached above. Wanted to order claypot chicken rice as it is highly recommended but it is not being included in the set lunch. =.=" Oh gosh. I shudn't have help them to save money. Ahahhaha...The pumpkin fried rice cooked wid belacan taste good whereas pineapple fried rice is tasteless and oily. =.=" These are the two dishes that me and my cousie ordered. Oh ya, my cousie is working at the BIG account department as well. XD. Get to chat a lot with some of them and found out that they are actually nice to talk wid, and the planners are srsly talkative can! Awww...I envy that thy can be THAT talkative as they will have various of topics to discuss and the lunch session is not bored. =)

Hmmph...srsly hav to set "to be more talkative" as my new year revolution.