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Saturday, June 28, 2008






















Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walkers FreaK!!!

Entered Home bargain when we are on our way back...and we saw A BIG PACK of Walkers!!! Selling with the price 1.89pounds!!! WOW!!! So cheap man!!! AND THEN...we bought...lolz


Loads of flavour~~


This is not washing powder pack!!!
it's walker!!!

at the same time...I bought this...for on 65p(x 6.5 = rm4.22) frm home bargain...YES!!! CHEAP

and then...chupa chup...cute cute lil chupa chup~(99p per pack~)

and then...scrub scrub scrub frm body care~ as well as body shampoo^^(all 99p)

Oh yea...spent a lot...=.=" But I m HAPPY!!! hehehe...

My Uni^^

Hmmph...been to Uni for almost a mth. Nvr grab a chance to actually snap photos of my Uni.

Well. I attend lecturer at John Foster Building and Seminar(tutorial) at Dean Walter Building. Everyday we need to walk for 5 to 10 mins in order to move ourselves from John Foster Building to Dean Walter Building...=.="

Yea...walk again...

Why dont thy put all the classes together in one building??? I really feel curious bout it.

Well...here you go

Introducing my Seminar's room located at Dean Walter. You can actually see a Cathedral ther.^^

Will TRY to upload some photos about John Foster buliding asap...lolz


We had KFC today for our lunch!!! wow!!! Kinda disappointed wid the KFC here bcoz...it is much more diff compare to Msia.

I miss Msia's KFC.

They dun hav Thai Chilli sauce, dun hav spicy chicken and their original flavour chicken is not as delicious as Msia.

I wonder why...sobz...

Can u believe tat we have actually spent rm65 for a bucket of chickens(10 pcs) and 4 small packs of chips and Drinks are not included. Even we dine-in at KLIA's KFC oso not tat expensive. =.="

Well...The chickens' size are not as BIG as Msia and it doesnt taste the same.

The wet towel

Wonder if it's the same?
Dont' think so...

Mango & Orange Juice

The plate~

Well...sauce provided
and mayo & BBQ sauce???!!!

Small small pack of fries

The bucket of chicken
This is to prove tat
I really makan KFC at UK...lolz

Aiks...shud hav stick to our original plan. Makan subway...

Well...I swear I will get a day to eat Subway!!! No matter wat happen I WILL insist tat I wanna eat subway!!! lolz...

Monday, June 23, 2008


Senior said that yest nite is the beginning of the summer.

Hmmph...summer...I dun expect a sunny day but I guess everyone will think that at least it will not be cold anymore

Duh...=.="...the WINDY day hav actually welcomed the arrival of the summer.

Or I shall say summer had invited WIND to be its guest?


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sense of Secure VS Freedom

Always make myself hurt whn I visited his frenster profile. Juz cant stop seeing him sending msg wid the gals out ther...hav u ever see him sending msg to me thru frenster?


Sometimes I wonder...Did he put me in his heart?

or I shud think...well...we have got freedoms in making frenz...

but...can't u juz giv me the sense of secure?

I cant feel it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stella's day

Well well...it's thurs nite...normally we wont b having class on fri.So, today we have decided to take a bottle of drink tonite^^

Yea...it's stella's nite.

We took the drink downstairs of marybone, at 1st floor. There's a space for us to actually sit ther and chit-chatting.

Me, Miyuki, LengC and Yan Qi are the participants for the stella's nite.

Feel a lil bit pai seh whn I step into tat compound, tat's bcoz avbody can actually see us frm their own room's window. AND everybody will know who actually went down and take a drink. Summore we are gals man...so...I've actually "cover" myself wid my sweater's hat, so tat nobody can actually recognize me.(coz ther are not much ppl having curly hair, and not much ppl wil hav such a BIG bunch of curly hair...lolz...)Well...I m juz TOO outstanding...lolz

Hmmph...whn we started to drink. Terence(our senior) have actually came out frm a door. I saw him...and a guy...I starts to guess...is he the one? The "how"? Whn I m guessing...I actually heard terence telling tat guy

"ther, she is ai theng"

I m like blur...but I turn my head to the other side so that thy cant see my face. Then, thy went off.

After tat miyuki have actually tell me tat Terence was telling tat guy tat I m the gal who dance wid him tat nite. YES...he is the guy. The "how". Hmmph...Well...I din get drunk yet but I din hear Terence telling tat. Well, mayb I interpret his context wrongly. BUT...the point tat I wanted to point out is...

He doesnt look like the guy tat I saw tat day, where I still remember he is quite tall...but...he look ok...(I think...lolz). Feel pai seh whn I get to know he really is the one, aiks...I really dunno wat I shud do at tat moment...mayb I shud smile at him?

Aiks...I m really a failure in PR field. sobz...Miaoyi...CAN'T u juz b a lil frenly????!!!!

Got a lil regret tat I din say Hi to both Terence n How...coz...I shud show my frenliness...

hmmph...I wil go and face the wall in order to think about it later...lolz

Nitez mates n Love^^ Cheers~~~

Oh ya...Stella is a brand name of the beer^^

Anoda WEEK again...

Hmmph...din blog for almost a week again...Yea...was busy wid my assignment(busy online tho...lolz..)

Okie...let's see what i've done in this week...lolz

I've actually write these down

Read ur readings miao!!!
(and I m stil blogging here...lolz)

No more choc...
(wu wu...I can live widout it..sobz)

funny? I wish it really can push me up in doin my work~ i put those juz right in front of me. Up to this second...it is quite useful tho...I did control myself in eating...and I will force myself to study whn the time I see the word Study.

Other than that...I've got this on my notice board as well^^

My AIMS!!!!!!

and the planner(prepared by Iqbal)

For the mth of

For the mth of July

For the mth of August

the pink one wil b the date i hav to pass up my assignments, green one will be meeting wid supervisor and b lue color one wil b the date for exam. AND the yellow color one...one and only one...it is my trip to Lake District.

See? I so busy...really very bz...every week oso being colored wid diff color. AND i've only got one day to go on trip nia...so kesian rite...haiz...

Well well...wanted to share anoda news. I've get back my result for Intro to mass comm project. The 1st thing I see is the lecturer who marked my paper.

It is Rhia.Rhia is a lecturer that always give us HIGH marks. So...

I've got 69~ wow!!! hehe...altho I nid anoda mark to get a FIRST class but still I m happy wid it. I did put afford in doing my assignment but Rhia is really too good...lolz


I wish tat the coming paper wil b mark by Alan? Ned? Gosh...how I wish it wil b Rhia again...


m3 on 190608

Rainy Day

"It wont rain cats and dogs over here, it will only rain for a while...a little while...thn it wil stop, so u dun really nid an umbrella...and the wind will b blowing ur umbrella away if u are holding one"

That's wat my senior told me on the 1st day we reach MU airport, in the bus.

HACK...it rains since morning 5am til nite...It din rain for A LIL WHILE. =.="

Still we hav to walk ourselves to Uni for 30mins together with the rain.

Now...I realize...we nid an umbrella after all...

Those seniors are really...>.<"

Dear seniors,

Dont let me see u guys holding an umbrella on the street whn it is raining or I wil go and rampas from YOU!!!! ish...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


"Knock knock knock"

it's already 1132pm and somebody is knocking our door. Feeling scared tat ther might b a stranger wanted to enter our flat, all of us hav actually get out frm our room and see who's tat.

Pen is the one who open the door.

It's her ex-housemate.

I tot he is here to look for her...so I enter my room.

Then he said"erm...I nid help frm u guys"

I heard tat and I went out frm my room again.(u know gals sometime very "8")

He take out a A4 size paper trying to show us something and put it vertically. There're a lot of boxes and some names on it. He ask us to guess what is it all about...and...

Yan Qi: "I love you"

he said:Yea, this is the thing tat i nid u guys to do for me. I nid some of u to on and off the light on 24th June frm 2245 to 2300.

and the "I love U" will appear~

WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!! lolz...

OMG...so romantic man...he hav to approach 150 ppl in order to ask the help frm them. He said, so far avbody is helpful, gals wil b very excited wid it and guys are willing to help

WOW!! cant wait for tat day...hehe

wil try to snap photo if I've got the chance~

love dis~

Friday, June 13, 2008


Went to community hall 2day after we've watched Big brother's show. Well...we are lucky today bcoz ther's no one watching the BIG SCREEN!!! WOW~~~hehehe...we tot of watching the naked news but ther r too many guys inside...tat makes us hesitate to turn into the adult channels.

Then...a group of gals enter the hall. Thy are frm our course. When the time thy enter I heard a gal telling..."See? I've told ya" duh...u dun hav to shout so loud...u r oni telling ur frenz...not me...rite? or u actually wanted to giv us a hint...letting u to hold the controller? Well...whn I m still choosing which programme to watch...I've actually tune in into a channel tat's quite bored and suddenly I heard tat gal telling "can ask thm to turn on some music?"


then I tune into Big bro...

She said..."Big bro again???"

FINALLY...I've choose to watch sex and the city...

The gal said..."wat the fuck? Sex and the city?"

I really get pissed off...no...I m not gonna let u hav the chance to hold the tv controller. Then I stick to sex and the city and start watching it.

While I am watching the TV...I keep hearing tat gal mentioning the word

"FUCK", fucking...bla bla bla...

I really wanted to ask her

Is the 1st word tat u learned when u know how to talk is "fuck"?

Since u like "fucking" so much...juz go and grab a guy n fuck up la...wtf...=.="


Alrite...we've been ther frm 11 to 12pm...and we decided to go home...coz avbody is tired. I tot of turning off the TV. Coz I know thy wont know how to tune in. BUT it a lil too late...coz the fucking gal came and ask for the controller and ask us not to turn off. Alrite...ther u go...hav fun and enjoy.

When v are goin out...a staff actually went it...it seems like he is telling them the community hall is closing.

WOW!!! tat wil b great if it is wat we are thinking about!!!

LengC choose to climb the stairs to see if they are being asked to come out frm the hall. And whn we are climbing up to the 5th floor...YES thy are coming out!!! WOW!!! I LOVE YA MAN!!!!

See? Tat's the pay back for being rude? Alrite...mayb she dun hav the intention to offense anyone of us BUT...the way she talk really offense...

After thy came out frm the hall...thy actually play games outside the hall...on the street.

The are quite noisy tho BUt not as noisy as those who are drunken everynite and talk very loud...

THEN...a westerner tat stay...below our floor keep on shouting

"HEY!!! Wat are you guys doing ther? Get back to your room! Stupid Chinese. Chinese PIG!!!"

Wow...this is the 1st time I heard westerners calling us Chinese Pig...I shud hav feel happy bcoz thy r being scolded but I din.

I feel unfair.


Every MIDNITE ther are a lot of westerners get drunken and talk very loud downstairs whn thy pass by our buildings. BUT no one shout like tat young guy. Scolding stupid or pig...

and I think this is the 1st time the Chinese having fun down ther(altho it's a lil bad to play games out ther during the midnite coz it wil disturb others) and ther...the chinese get scolded.

I wanted to find out who the guy is so badly...but I juz cant climb out frm my window and see who it is.




my room, my hostel

Been here at Liverpool for 14 DAYS yet I forgot to do a very important thing.

That is


well well...I am staying at marybone, phase II in Liverpool. (find me out if u r at liverpool...lolz)

This is wher the adventure begins~~~

The fridge monster!!!
What is written on tat small lil tiny paper???

Oooo...it's the menu for the week^^
we even hav nasi goreng kampung~~~

Obviously this is the kitchen^^
and the dining room

Living room in the kitchen

The living room

No no...this is not wat u think...
it's only my room's no...lolz

Keys to enter my room~

U wil c dis 1st whn u enter my room

I bath in the "fridge"

See??? It really looks like a fridge

dis is my room

My working area

I spend most of my time wid my laptop
sounds like I m a nerd...=.="

Things tat keep me being a "beauty"...lolz

Books tat I nid to study...>.<"

Mommy...see? my bed is tidy~lolz
Bought dis at Chester...
forgot to share it earlier~lolz

My top-up voucher for 3 weeks
ady spent...15pounds...OMG!!!

No...I din spend tat much...

Not forgetting...sharing u some photos of my Uni^^ Dean walter's buildings

Had enuf???
I had enuf...lolz

Hope u can stil recognize me...lolz

Alrite...this is the compensate for not blogging for almost a week^^ hehe...