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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sailor Sii Tar Kom

Project 365 #247

First strike by kelics


Reached company kinda early today as I can no longer sleep after I wake up at 6++ in the morning. =.=" It is all the way smooth to my opis and I actually reached my Co at 835am today. Saw something new hanging on the Xmas tree outside the opis. Walked closer and saw...MAH FACE BEING HANG ON THE XMAS TREE!!! GOSH. I took a deep breathe and walk slowly to my place by knowing that my place will b like a circus.

Owrite. I saw a sailor gal hanging on the top of my table WITH MY FACE ATTACHED ON THE SAILOR! I can't stop laughing after tat and yea Andrew the earliest man who reach the opis caught my shocking and BIG SMILE face wid camera. Drag my chair out and I see a comfy, stylish, kinky purple cushion lying nicely on my hair. WOOOTTTS That's the cushion tat I saw the other day at Pavilion!!! MY KELIC BOUGHT IT!!! Oh my oh my...and oh yea...my table is being surrounded wid 20 boxes of Rocky, a small bucket of handmade roses, and my lappie is being surrounded by very "hiao" striking pink feather. ><" Even the mouse is being "wrapped" wit the striking pink feather. OMG. Can't deny that I really heart this deco a lot. LOLz.

Surprise doesnt juz end liddis. Thy gave me a fairy hair band and asked me to wear it in order to snap photos wid the other kelics. THEN, andrew brought a chocolate cake out wid 3 candles lighted up(as attached). So yea, then I hav this very sweet birthday song from everybody in the office which warmed my heart. =) Awwww...srsly felt so sweet of wat my kelics did. Oh Ya! Thanks andrew for playing the Birthday song using piano @ iTouch. Can borrow me play play in the future? LOLz.

Thanks to my dear kelics for the sweet deco, pressie and angpau. Nonethless, the new name for me -> Sailor Sii Tar Kom. XD