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Friday, April 30, 2010

2nd half of April 2010

Hiya! How ya doing? m3? To be frank, I miss my bloggie. Looking back at the recent titles of my bloggie, I tend to lump sum my happening life into one post...which seems to be so so so wrong. It is just like I've got no heart to blog...and I dun love my bloggie anymore. T_T. I cross my heart, trust me, I never ever tot of abandoning my bloggie...At least I jotted down some important events[tho it's in point form].(still trying hard to defense for myself...><")

Rite. As what is being stated at the title, here I am, lump-sum'ing my 2nd half of april for the year 2010. Forgive me...please...ya know I m srsly so damn freaking bz wid my work, and, countless F word I've said in the past weeks. =/ I dun like it BUT I juz can't control myself. Srsly nid to pick up a EQ management course. ><" So Yea..Srsly can't blif that first month of 2nd quater is ending like real soon. It is just like...I din do anything or achieved anything and there four months have gone. Browsing thru my tweets...trying very hard to "back track" wat did I do...and yea on 11th April, m able to hav dinner with some of the gals from sista gang and their bf @ Tak Fook [had crab]. Rush for movie -> Clash of the Titans @ Pavilion [3D with chinese sub w00t w00ts]. Then as usual, it's another bz working week...and there's this new version of research tool tat nid me to keep on testing...til I srsly get mad about tat. =.="

Then then...went to club continuously on Friday and Saturday(16th/17th April 2010). Friday is bcoz of Mint Party and we get to have FREE FLOW! Wee~~~oh well. We eventually SS ther by snapping losta photos and temporary owned passion lounge for like 30mins...(tat's bcoz it's like 9++ and nobody wil go club/pub so early xD) The next day we actually explored G6 and godamnit...I danced on the stage which is so so mempersiasuikan...especially when come to the Wonder girl's Nobody...I cheered happily and hop on to the stage(where there's only me and another gal up ther) to dance...gahhhhhhh...aihhh the drunkard me...can u please control urself a bit bit? ><" AND Oh well...I've got a big blue black on my lap and I SRSLY DUNNO WHERE AND WHEN DID I GET THAT...jeezzzzz

here's some of the partay photos xD

@ Mint Party, poppy garden

@ Gsix

So yea, on the 2nd half of April, I had my first time(in my lifetime), dined at Chillis xD

19th April 2010...*ahem* I...er...went for dinner with JK.(and it's our first time meeting each other) *ahem* We had dinner at Chillis *ahem ahem* Too good to dine in at Chillis on a Monday nite. Btw...thx for the treat...xD Oooo oooo...he is mah nuuuuu fren! He is actually my pet bro's new housemate who have juz moved into my pet bro's house on 1st April(I guess) and thn...how we know each other? Hmmphhh...according to my pet bro...thy chit chat in my pet Bro's room...thn pet bro suddenly ask JK "wan intro u my kai mui?" thnnnn on the same day pet bro msn me and tel me JK think I m cute...(yea...rite another victim get cheated by the photos at facebook...lolx) thn my pet bro gave him my msn and we starts to chat. Found we have a lot of things in common...and these have brought up endless topics for us to chat...lolx...and tat's wat made me to go for this "dinner" wid him. lolx. Oh...btw...JK damn violence can...always *dish me til *faint one...lolx

And oh yea,
these are some pitcha of the day that he drew for me
(I missed the milk box and oscar trophy...><") 1st pcs,

He left a dirty spot on my pure white paper and I got mad
he gave me back one pure white paper...lolx
This is so so so CUTE can!
I rikeeeeee

2nd pcs,

I "watt" him draw this for me tho


and yea
another pitcha of the day...lolx

Rite. on 21st April 2010...I have somebody came to replace me...AT LAST. Rite. It's time to test my patient...and my skills in teaching(gahhh...guess I sux in this) Guess she is still new...more time needed to teach...and hmmph...guess I dun really have very good patient. lolx. Oh yea. MILK! I have breakie every morning at opis and ther's this day where the dutch lady semi-skimed milk finished ady...and gosh...I felt so demotivated and it is like sth has lost...and yea I guess I've fall in love with milk widout realizing myself...><"I eventually grabbed a packet of milk at convenience store and everything just feel alright after I gulped the milk in my stomach =).

24th April 2010, went for lunch wid cousie and ex-kelic at Sushi Zanmai, gardens. Realized that ppl from my Co. actually like to hang out at Mid valley and gardens ><". Date Olipia and KS out for dinner. We had dinner at Wonder milk...andddd and and...the shop actually close at 11pm...as the nite still young, and, we are still young(perasan betul)...we actually came up with this crazy idea - drive up to Genting and lim teh. ZOMG. And yea...it's already 12 when the time we reach uphill...rite...the very young us actually went to buy ice cream...find a peak and get freeze'ed to the max. Woohoo!!! After the ice cream session...we then head to coffee bean for lim teh session AND I had milk ♥ ♥ ♥ 25th April 2010. Followed cousie and her bunch of frenz go for dinner at Kuala Selangor. Another crazy sial mia gang. lolx. Purposely drive 45 mins...go all the way to Kuala Selangor just to eat seafood...as if there's no seafood to eat at KL. ><" Some pitchas of the crazy Saturday xD

Thinking where to go after Wonder Milk'ing


here we are

at Genting

playing the arcade,
Oh no...I din rampas it wid small kids
thy asked me to sit in oneeee...lolx

and get freeze'ed by the air and ice cream xD

After freezing and all,
time to warm ourselves xD

Got milk?

the odor...nyahahahaahhahax

AND O.S.I.M. Back to reality. Another bz week starts ahead, and, guess I srsly nid to brush up my skills in teaching...the freshie seems 2 b blur all the time when I try to explain/teach/guide her...BUT she nodded her head at the same time... ><" Aiihhhhhhhhh...how how? Losta thing I taught her for like 4/5 times ady yet she stil can't get it...Shud I write her a manual and she follow? ><" ARGH...Shudn't blame, guess I was liddat when I first join the Co. as well ><" But at least I m not really that slow when work? Jeezzzzzz...Felt myself so bad now. Aihhhh...tot I've improved myself tim...

Went for date night on a Wednesday for only rm5. Wee~ It's a darn farney movie tho. Me likey. xD AND...I got the iPhone to use today...(til further notice) AND GDI! I had a full set of nugget set medium in my stomach as late dinner. Buhuuuu...my diet plan...GAH...when is it goin to work lah! Miao...can u please "sang sing" a bit ar? ><" Went for drinking session on Thursday and ordered Tiramisu coz I crave for cakes for weeksssss. GAH. Another late nite eating. FAT SIAL. Grrrrr...Oh yea. I shared cousie my Burberry perfume the other day, and she love it. So yea, whn there's a day you smelled heavy perfume smell...it's actually from two person BUT not bcoz we are putting the perfume heavily. lolx. I have this very strong feeling to chop my hair off recently bcoz it is so damn freaking dry! BUT...aihhhhh...I srsly sked I wont look good wid short hair...><" Why lar...mayb I wil juz go and get a wig...lolx Good idea huh...=p


So yea.

Here you go.

The "long gas, crapz" second half of April. ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrap up for my Project 365

I started this Project 365 on 10th April 2009...Coincidentally, it's the first day of my trip to Shanghai. =). Starting this project has gave me a responsibility to update my bloggie everyday, and of course, I am able to jot down some interesting thing that happened on that day(which I think I shud include those in my blog as part of my memories). The initial idea for this project is to upload the photo of the day and write something bout it, so, in the future, when I flip back, I can actually see what is important in my life ;)

I struggled for few days in thinking shud I or shud I not start this Project 365. It is not like there will be something interesting happen everyday...and how if I srsly got nth to write that day? AND, right, I am famous in having this "3 mins temperature" / hangat-hangat tahi ayam...I just cant stay long for one thing when it does not attracts me anymore. Can I blame this to my horoscope? ;p Rite. I take the challenge. I wanna see if I can tahan til my project 365 ends. And yea, guess erm...tho it's not a perfect 365 where I blog everyday(yes I admit I curi ayam, I will sometimes compile few days of project in one blog and I actually did not post photos everyday in every post), but I stay til the end. *claps xD

First and foremost, the gang that I mixed with, is the BIG thing in my project 365. They are the movie gang aka olivia gang =). Happy to have them appear in my life...else I guess I srsly will be a nerd who stays at home everyday, facing the lappie or pc...*cries (bcoz my gal gang all bz wid work and paktor, we srsly barely have chance to hang out 2geda for at least once a week like last time ><")

I never ever tot that I will be having another BIG gang of frenz in my life and majority of them are guys. (Oi, I m not hungry okay...lolx). I dun hav much guys' frenz...during primary sch time, my class have got only 11 guys, and, thy only mix wid pretty gals...*charmness...even during gathering oso I wil b abandoned by the guys...><" LOLx...I studied at gals sch which made me have no chance to have more guys' frens(and I will feel reluctant in talking to guys)...then, I have like 3 or 4 guys frenz during my college time, which are my coursemates. ><" Okay. I admit I have got this guys' phobia...guess it's the effect from gal sch. I only talk to gals and treat gals very nice but not guys AND when guys talk to me...like only having a normal conversation, I will pretend I can't hear thm, ignore thm or answer them with very short answer. AND...I wil get blush easily whn I talk to guys(even they are not the one I like)...I AM SHY...I guess? LOLx. Oh please dun vomit. XD So yea. Having this gang of frenz where majority of them are guys brings me a BIG challenge. I am quiet whn I first join thm...(tat's wat cousie told me)...but after sometimes...I guess my image totally gone in the gang...=p AND oh well, I dun feel shy shy anymore. Teehee...
*end of out-of-topic*

Secondly, things I mentioned the most in project 365 is about my job. My workloads tend to increase from time to time and sometimes I made me feel breathless...I complaint a lot in the past yet I still stick with this job ><" That's bcoz I think...if I did not fully utilize the skills I learned in the past b4 I switched to another field, I will then wasted my time...Oh well, Excel became one of the "very important" software in my job. I nvr ever tot that I will actually see these zillion rectangles boxes in my every-working-days...nonetheless...figures...that I dun like the most...><" But these and the research tools have now made me a valuable one in this field. AND, I get to attend losta events organize by media owners...still it is somehow got linkage with what I like - media.

*out of topic AGAIN*

I choosed to study sciences stream during 2ndary sch bcoz I dun wanna study account...and I picked a course that doesnt require any calculation during college time...btw...Statistic is one of the subjects during my college time ><" Oh well, srsly have to admit about a say telling "the more you hate it, the more chances it will become important in ur life" GAH. (That's why I barely hate anybody in my life bcoz I duan them 2 b my sayang or the closest one in the future LOLx) After I've been working with the excel sheets, figures for one and a half year and been making noise for one and a half year, still, I am working with them, btw, srsly have to thank them. ><" *end of out-of-topic*

Last but not least,
Trips. Events. Parties. Alcohol. People. Movies[3D]. Karaoke. Food. Sushi. Dessert. Chocolate. Sleep. Char Siu Bao. Cousies. Traffic Jam. Weddings. Celebrations.


Heart it gao gao ♥ ♥ ♥

Satisfied =)

Trips - Shanghai, Serendah, Phuket, BKK, Strawberry farm, Kuala S'gor, Taiping
Events - attended plenty of media owners events
Parties - Halloween, Xmas, New Year, CNY, company party, Club [poppy, phuture, sanctuary, G6]
People - kelics, Olipia's gang
Movies - visited cinema almost once a week in the past. Me Likey xD
Musics - shared losta "recently addicted" songs xD
Karaoke - become one of my new love <3
Liquor - heart it xD
Sushi - Sushi Zanmai ~ my all time favourite
Dessert - ice cream...cakes...*slurp I can skip my normal meal but not dessert ><"
Chocolate - My love always. It srsly wil bring happiness to me
Sleep - my weekends daytime activity =p
Char Siu Bao - deep down in my heart always. and...always miss him *hugz
Cousies - the closest one recently Jam - kenot escape every working day
Weddings - attended two cousies wedding...my batch all getting married...*gasp
Celebrations - First time celebrating birthdays for losta ppl =)
Food - Had losta nice food in the past ><"

Ze end of Project 365

5th April 2010, Monday
Project 365 # 359
Forgot to bring my ear plug to work ><"
There's this guy, guess he is trying to go after my cousie, he tend to date her out for dinner but I guess cousie rejected him, AND he typed to my cousie at msn "why miao so free one, always go here and ther but u bz? Ask the DBKL collect tat rubbish can ar?" wafak. I dun understand...this is not the first time he teased me gao gao in front my cousie, I dun get it. AND he know my cousie wil for sure copy paste me the words he typed. He just give me a smiley face whn I question him, thn...I blocked him right away bcoz Imma so damn geram tat time. I did nothing bad to him, I did not tease him. ARGH. =.="

6th April 2010, Tuesday
Project 365 # 360
Forgot to bring my ear plug AGAIN. Thanks andrew in lending me his ;p
Movie starts 71opm, I left my Co. at 655...used only 5 mins to reach Pavilion. W00ts. Imma loving it. XD
Btw, Future cop is the movie tat I watch today

7th April 2010, Wednesday
Project 365 # 361
Received a request which doesnt state clearly in what they want YET THEY RUSH ME for the work! GAH...Sent me the request in the morning and call me in b4 lunch hour to ask for it. Wafak...=.=" Thy just can't see wat's in the request form is it? 3 working days you brat. Grrr...AND it is not the first time...they are getting over and OVER.
My schedule today : 1030-1130 - hand over, 12 - 2 - training, 230 - 330 - training, 530 meeting...AND two deadlines COB. ><" Feel the pain
Loads to think after meeting...and I srsly nid huggies badly. *hugz [Yea I really love huggies, mayb it's bcoz I borned on a huggies day? *heh]
Btw, I got a orange flavor lollipop...2nd one after the apple flavor *big wide smile

8th April 2010, Thursday
Project 365 # 362
Saw a lengzai from iHub XD Yea. The happiest thing of the day =p
原来我在你眼中是韩佳佳...such a faker I am! Nothing hurt even more than letting a close-to-heart ppl who knew me for 5 years tell me that. Guess she dun really Un me. Buhuuu...sad sial!

9th April 2010, Friday
Project 365 # 363
Dinner at Sushi Zanmai wid sister Wee~~~
Ordered Chocobanana Parfait and Matcha Parfait *slurp Stil heart Matcha Parfait tho ><" FULL SIAL day. Fattening LOLx

10th April 2010, Saturday
Project 365 # 364
Meeting at mah house for the Bali trip Wee~~
Had dinner @ all-u-can-eat resto, no nice oneee...cheat ppl mia choc. fondue. GAH Only got cherry tomato to dip...*Chay

11th April 2010, Sunday
Project 365 # 365
Ching Ming. And erm...the cemetery is sumwher near Alice International sch. So, wher is it? LOLx
Had dim sum @ Sri Petaling. Had "Gai Wo Bao". Hmmph...it is actually "Loh mai gai" wrapped by Bao. ><"
Dinner wid Sista gang @ Dak Fook...Had Crab =)
Clash of the Titans, 3D @ Pavilion wid Olipia gang. XD
W00ts...it's the last day of my Project 365. AND I get to hang out wid my frenzzzzzz who leaved deep footprints in my life...Happy =)
Tell me it's not Monday tomorrow. Tired Sial ><"

Sunday, April 04, 2010

First week of April 2010

The killing me workloads made me to write my blogs in point form. It's good tho, no nanny story but highlightsss of the day =)

29th March 2010
Project 365 #352
It's a normal working Monday and normal rushing-work-til-dai day for me =p
Went to fetch Sis with pyjamas on. lolx

30th March 2010
Project 365 #353
Meeting CEO 2day to tell him mah job scope and stuff...Scary-nya
SEARCH "Why scary"
Owrite. I have got this phobia in talking to BIG people since I was small. I will cry everytime I enter staff room or headmaster room during primary sch time *guarantee, nvr miss AND when come to 2ndary sch time I din cry BUT will avoid in entering staff room...okay the "most memorable one" would be one time...I sick like hell and I cant talk AND I so wanna go pee during class hour, I write a note for teacher and ask for permission...she looked at me and ask "why u cannot talk ar" waraooo my tears dropped so freaking fast whn I try to talk and ther she got shock and lemme go toilet...lol OWH.Tat's bcoz she's kinda fierce! ><" and erm...rite...I actually cried when I enter principle's room to get some signatures from the principle. wth. And rite when I start my first Job, I wil avoid talking to CEO, and erm my tears will flow very quickly with no reason when someone like GM or AGM talk to me for more than 5 mins. THEY TALK TO ME ONLY LEH. =.=" So kua cheong can...even myself oso cant understand why is this so. I m so so so sked when I enter CEO's room 2day bcoz I worry my tears will flow BUT PHEW. I m able to talk to him calmly and tell him my tots. Oh well. Mayb not...bcoz I missout some "important" points that I wanna flag to him. =.=" GAH. When only I can overcome this stupid phobia?! Meh lei gehhhhhh =.="

31th March 2010
Project 365 #354
Went to Sky Bar coz AXN and Animax is doing new showcase for the year. Me likeyyyyyyy!!! Alas I got the chance to pay a visit and Imma loving it so so so so much! It's really SKY BAR! ♥ ♥
Cutie marmee called and say "where are you, why haven't come back, I will miss you de wor" SO SO CUTE CAN!!!
Went to Genting. W00tssssss...Lim teh at Starbucks. Wanted to leave at 0030 BUT FOG TOOOOO heavy...can't even see the way back home. So yea. Caught in fog til 3++ only balik rumah...reached home 430am ><"As if tomorrow is not a working day. Buhuuuuu...Shh dun tel mah mum PULISSSSSSSS... Rite. GOD is the first that wish me "Happy April Fool" ><"

1st April 2010
Project 365 #355
Woke up an hour late compare to normal day
Zombie Miao on board!!!
Oh yea! It's April Fool Day!!! The first thing I do when I reach Opis is to change my status in FB from "single" to "in a relationship". xD
Wanted to find someone to pakat wid me...but failed =(
Btw, 4 ppl like, 8 ppl congratz me, and one totally get cheated [bcoz he came and msn me to ask for the bf's photo...lolx]
Fren came look for me and we yam cha @ Tim Bun Gor Gor
Change mah status back to "single"

2nd April 2010
Project 365 #356
Super duper sleepy lazy Friday *yawn
Mum and another auntie happen to pass by when I m hoping into car, mum said "lenglui, go work?" The auntie bside follow her call me lenglui and after tat she said "WAH, she really lenglui WOR" LOL. Weee~~~
CEO called me dis afternoon. My heart beats freaking fast even after I put off the phone ><" Had lunch at Ichiban Boshi and shopped at Face Shop coz thy have got crazy sales xD [bought new nail colors and mask, mask is like RM6.90 and another 20% discount given! Woots]
Short but Sweet escape to PD from 213o til 0430 =)
We did some grocery b4 the trip. Bought FOUR BIG bottles of Heineken and some snacks
It's not really windy 2day tho BUT still I love the crazy thing we did! Srsly HEART it

3rd April 2010
Project 365 #357
Went to Sing K @ The Gardens
Sneaked out to G6 *woahhhhh The songs here are GREAT and environment TOO!
Gulped a couple glasses of liquor bcoz I so wanna dance...BUT erm...my fren's fren wanted to pay a visit to our K room...
She sang one song then me and my fren send her back to G6 and then I balik K room again
Okayyy. The scary miao appear. I happen to hear Mayday's song, I turn the music LOUD, Mic LOUD, jump and sing thereeeee then..."Ka Boom" I lied on the Sofa, closed mah eyes and "collapsed". LOLx
Rite. I saw my frensssss' surprise faceee Like they never see Miao liddat b4, and miao is so damn scary, she blast the music?! Wafak? AND SHE FAINT away after that
I actually wanted close my eyes to rest BUT I think I really faint away by posing a DARN farney pose, leaving my frensss using flashesSSsss so snap my fugly photosssss. AND YEA IMAGE TOTALLY GONE to negative infinity. TT_TT
I srsly dun know that there are flashes on me. GOSH. Totally GONG la me. Rite. It's all bcoz I gulped couple glasses of almost-pure liquor....yes Markie I know...no nxt time or u not gonna be fren wid me. yes. Behave. I will...try to. lolx

4th April 2010
Project 365 #358
Super duper triple HOOOOTTTTTT Sunday. However, I am able to take a nap in dis fooking HOT weather...and sis actually turn the air-cond on latter. =) Sweet nap I had BUT suffer at nite in forcing myself to sleep ><"
Shiatz I missed the pillow fight thingy at One U. Aihhhhh...sleepy head me ><"