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Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Library^^

Project 365 #248

Thanks to ALLLL of u

I mean the ex-primary classmates!!!


Thanks to the organizer who have got the heart to celebrate the Birthday of December babies which is me and another lenglui who hold the cake in the attached photo. XD. The first time ever the ex-primary classmates celebrated my birthday. Ya know...it will always be school holidays in the month of December and the technology is not so advanced where my mates din get to wish me thru fb or hp. ><"

Wokay. Organizer asked me to pick the place for E partay and yea...I suggested library. LOLz. Everybody were required to reach ther at 9pm as we all worry that there's no table available. Oh crapz...the organizer actually reached there at 8++ and NO TABLE AVAILABLE ady. =.=" We are "forced" to sit sumwher which I believe it is not belongs to the library and near the exits of the mall THEN being blowed wid the warm air from the exhausts of the mall. ISH. The hair kena blow until so damn messy and it is a srsly very HOT nite. ><"

Oh ya. It is actually a birthday celebration cum primary gathering. It's the organizer's treat for the drink and we ordered Hoegaarden and it's happy hour where we order one pint, free half pint. XD. Me and the birthday gal who haven take dinner have actually went McD to dabao fries and eat at Library. Oh well. Maybe this is one of the benefits where we are sitting sumwher quite far from the library. ><" OH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...we both ordered hot chocolate @ Library bcoz it is kinda weird to eat fries wid beer. Hmmph...the hot chocolate srsly taste like warm dutch lady chocolate milk in packet. *ahem not nice to drink *ahem

The party ends quite early where everybody starts to leave at 12 and the nite is stil young! Yea rite...some of them have got work on the nxt day, some have got curfew and some have got second round! HNG! Got second round oso nvr ajak. LOLz. End up the organizer, me, and another 4 ppl stayed for the party. Chat a lil and we head back home around 2am. ERM. Drove kinda fast to reach home and erm...of course I reached home safely. LOLz. Lucky no block or I gonna die. Hate myself that will become redish very fast eventho I only consume a lil alcoholic. Oh well...I took almost 2 pint of Hoegaarden. MUAAHAHAHHAHA. NITEZ. XD

Oh yea. Received my birthday present all the way sent from Taiwan. It's anna sui's ring! Woootsss...heart it so damn muchie!!! Thanks dearie cousie. *MUAX =3 =3 =3


Project 365 #248

Lunch Box provided by Sister Mag.

Received an email few days before telling that Sister Magazine will be providing lunch for everyone in the company today. Everybody was so excited and discussing what will it be. So yea, we waited, the wrapping is so nice but is it like kinda light when we have the lunch box in hand.

Unwrapped it. Hmmph, it is a "lunch box" filled wid 3 small cup cakes, 2 tuna wantan, two mini scone, a cheese and egg bread and erm...I guess that's all. ><" No idea with...if there's a miscommunication between the one who sent us email and the mag company or...they tot it is actually a lunch for people who have small appetite like gals. Oh well, Lucky enuf to have the lunch box in at 12pm and yea everybody still have the time to go out for lunch. Yea, we have all decided to keep tat "lunch box" for our tea time. Then, me, Lesly and andrew tot of paying a visit to a Toilet bowl theme resto located at Sg. Wang.

Get to know T-bowl is opening yesterday and ya know...as a "new new" people who always follow the trend blindy , we shud never missout the chance to try everything new in order to get ourselves updated. XD. Reached the resto, it's pack during lunch hour. ><" Yea rite..."sun yan sun si hang"...We waited for like 10-15mins and it doesnt seems like ther will b seats for us. So, we changed place...makan at little taiwan wid disappointment. =\ Oh waittttt...I stil have chance to try tomorrow as I am coming over to Sg. Wang and shop tomorrow!!! Weeee~~~Les and Andrew...I will try the food on behalf of u guys. HAHA