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Friday, January 01, 2010

Cousie's Wedding Day =)

Project 365 #268

It's cousie's Big day

on a Special day.


Wedding lunch was held at BTS. Dolled myself up to make myself look not-so-chan as I've "party" hard yesterday. I slept at 5am dis morning and woke up at 6am. =.=" No idea WHY I can't sleep if I "sleep early". ><" So Yea. Today is cousie's side to invite all her frenz and relatives for the wedding lunch. It's a day to meet up with all the relatives as well. =). AND great to have two DSLR by my side. AHA. Sista get to enjoy snapping photos together with our cousie aka her love bird. XD. This cousie is only one year elder than me and she is now married. The first pair at my age range married. Minimum another 3 pairs(at my age range) to come this year. Felt old in a sudden. =.="

Oh yea.

Cousie, wish you live happily ever after wid ur hubby.