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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Markie BIG day!!!

Project 365 #265


Gratz to Marcus


Had a conversation thru msn wid Markie yesterday and he actually decided to confess his love on 31st together with the fireworks. AND oh well...this evening he msn me and said he changed the plan. He decided to confess today. XD. Wooottzzzz...*ahem He is going to confess to a 17 years old girl *ahem Eh...markie u no good, tipu xiao mei mei. AHahahahahahah...

Okay. This markie get to know this young little girl from his fren. It's his fren's younger sister. Thy knew each other on9 half a year ago. Chit chat chit chat here, chit chat chit chat there then the gal came all the way to KL for holidays after her SPM. Markie told me that she is the one and he actually decided to only confess to her after he have graduated(which is few months later). Oh well. See this guy...earlier said wanted to confess after he graduated, yest told me wanted to confess on 31st Dec and now??? He said he wanna confess 2day. Now I know, guys will switch their mind very fast as well. XD

Markie brought the gal to Look Out Point. Romantic sial mia place.(despite the mosquito bites). Hmmph...I never know Markie is actually that romantic. XD. The way he confess is a bit farney...rite...he shared me...Narh...I am not sharing you...tat's ppl mia privacy okayyy...Psst...Ask me in person...then I wil choose to share or not. XD

Okay la Markie. Gratz that you are being "tied-up" again. ER...after few month you've broke up. That's srsly fast can! Mayb as what ppl said...after the 2nd one then 3/4/5 will come behli fast. ><" EN LA. GRATZ LA. Another fren went double. ><"