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Friday, February 20, 2009

me mE ME!!!

Basically I wanna show that I appeared in a newsletter of a radio station. Spot me if you can.

*Hint Hint*

I've pointed myself using a BIG red color arrow which is bigger thn my head in the newsletter. lolz...

Can hardly see?

YOR...Click on the photo so that you can see the actual size, press on the ctrl button on ur keyboard, scroll ur mouse to enlarge it, and there, you can see me...being rounded wid red color circle and pointed by a HUGE red color arrow...


(pompuan ni muka tembok betul...ish...lolz)











See me???






See me Not???







Muahahahaha...Yea rite...whack me if you want. I know...after you've enlarge it...you can't see my eyes, ears, mouth and nose...LOLz...BUT I SWEAR!!! IT's ME!!! lolz


*** Short Update***

M having my dietary soup @ dining table dis morning

Bao and younger sister is wid me.

Sis said : Jie, Bao is Hiccup'ing...

I stop drinking my soup and look at him.

BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA...he is really hiccuping...

Oh dear...SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

He is actually hiccup'ing wid the mouth close.

Dear Bao hav actually enlighten my day^^

*** Short Update***

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Single Awareness Day^^

Yesh. Happy Single Awareness Day(SAD).


How sad. Single Awareness Day. Alright. Me and my colleagues and cousies actually attended One fm Live Concert at Sg. Wang today.


we got the VIP seats.


Okie. That's one of the great things working in my company. Wid no further craps, let's take a look at some pics.

No. No. Don't see the wrong thing and get the wrong perception. I am showing you the stage of the day but not the yong sui guy. Oh yea, forgot to tell. I am not the cameraman of the day. Perhaps, my colleague fancy him. LOLz. Muahahaha...Andrew you know who you are.

The crowds. We actually first get the tix for VIP standing and it is the crowds tat you see after the orange color shirt guy. WTH !!!My colleague have actually called the servicing person and tell " Yor, if standing zone then we leave lu...you know we are too short that we can't see...". Then, now, we are sitting looking at the crowds at the back. Lolz.

Lesly. One of my colleague. He is still single and available. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Or you can reach him directly by -> his blog.

Another single and available one. Andrew. Please click on the ads at his blog page when you are browsing thru. lolz

Last but not the least,

The three Drop Dead Gorgeous pretty gals. And yes, we are still single and available. LOLz...I know you will never believe. BUT WE ARE. lolz...Contact me if you are interested wid anyone of us. (Apalah...muka tembok betul...hard sell ourselves here...>_<")


end with the artists showing
"ONE" finger.
(macam-macam one pun ada)
Luckily we got seats for the concert or I guess we will be hanging around the mamaks. Or Perhaps clubs. lolz. The concert ends at 1030pm which is TOO early for me to go back home. AND yes...we head back to home. Coz...we have got no idea wher to go...>_<"

Monday, February 09, 2009

Doggies Day Out @ Lake Garden^^

Today is a bonus holiday for us, everybody tot tat we can sleep late til dawn but...as it've been long since the last time the sista gang hang out 2geda...thus, we have decided to bring our doggies to outing. In order to avoid being "burn", the outing starts at 9 in the morning. Everybody are still in their dreamland when we meet each other. lolz

And yea, this is the first time I bring Bao Bao for outing.

As this is the first time Bao Bao go Hang Gai Gai, of course, photo shooting is a must.

But, he juz don't wanna look at the camera.

SuetE : Wei...no give me face!!!
Bao says : You look at my face la...
So ugly...

Okay. I got it. He wanna look lengzai to be on cam. So, as a responsible Bao's PA (Personal Assistant)

I groom for him on the spot. See, I don't even hav the time to look at the camera when the photographer wanted to snap my pretty and responsible face...LOLz.

Actually I did brush up for me and make him look lengzai before I bring him out. Mayb it's bcoz of the HOT weather. AND YEA, IT IS FREAKING HOT!!!

Bao : (begging) Lenglui come snap photo wid me...lolz
Now Bao Bao busy Kao-lui'ing...

Marcus : Dee...Please don't "rotan" me...
I wont repeat the mistakes again...
ThengXi: Yea...I "trust" you...

They are busy dating...
(Dou Zi n Ong Lin Dong)

So do they...

Wait...wait...WAIT a minute. All the doggies are male...this include Dou Zi and Ong Lin Dong. BUT, why are thy dating? By the lake summore...so "romantic"...lolz

Last but not least,

The family photo is a must.

Happy family^^

Yea. Happy ten years Anniversary. ISH. ANOTHER TEN YEARS?! Yes, we are all 2ndary schmates since form one(exclude the guy and doggies)

ARGH...feeling old again...>_<"

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Joke of the Day

The transport that send me to work everyday is the train. The train that I always hop on is the train heading to Seremban way and I will take train that head to Rawang when I am going home. As usual, I took train this morning but something "unusual" happened.

The train reached KL and a uncle entered.

Uncle : Is this the train to Fu Yong(in canto)? (Seremban)
m3 : (think for awhile), no, the train to Fu Yong is at another side. (My interpretation for Fu
Yong = Rawang)
Uncle : Not this one?
m3 : No. Later when you reach KL central you nid to crossover another side to hop into the
train to Fu Yong(again my interpretation to Fu Yong is Rawang)

Then I actually message my cousin sister to double confirm.

She replied : Fu Yong is Seremban la...

Which means...uncle should continue his journey with the train that he hop on juz now(as it is the train to Seremban) and he shudn't get down and crossover to the other side.(and get back to Rawang)

m3 : =.=lll

When the time I get to know I've actually mislead uncle, we have already get down from the train. I actually went back to look for the uncle once I get to know but I stopped in half way after I saw him asking another person.



Yea. Now I know...Seremban is Fu Yong. LOLz

p/s : Uncle...I am so so so sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I feel so so so guilty now.