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Monday, May 31, 2010

Trying to understand

1. A distinction student that need people to repeat 237102371024710274 times on one thing

2. A 23 years old city gal who have not seen smart for two before

3. Constantly write her job title all over the pages(reason given, to remind herself tat's her position)

4. A girl who do not know how to open a drawer(even have to confirm with me to lock is to go clock wise or anti clock wise)

5. Eating ice-cream alone at car park? AND run away when see colleagues

6. Report on every single little thing that she do (step by step)

7. Having cursor running all around in monitor before she reach the file

8. instruct you instead of asking you for help

9. Tel you and remind you bout her Bday(I ended up forgot after her bday over, and she reminded me again...=p)

Srsly wanted to know what is in her mind.
Are these the youngers' atittudes? BUT she is only 5 mths younger than me!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Ma Day

Yes sir, May I take your order?

Dun "gosok" ur eyes ady

u log'ed into the correct site

It's miao yi in the house xD

I chopped mah hair


Imma loving it so so so much~

(too bad it can't last long...=/)

So Yea...It's Mama's day...Dad, mum, me and sis headed to The Gardens for lunchie today.(Mah treat ><") Was thinking to bring my family to dine at Alexis...or Sushi Zanmai...suddenly this Fong Lye Taiwan Resto came across my mind...Suggested to mah parents and Pa picked to dine at Fong Lye.

And Yea, ordered one main dish for Pa, few side dishes and some beverages

Camwhore with the order list while waiting for the food
No choice larrrrr
I've some sort like changed a Nu hairstyle
and dis hair style wont last long...

Pulissssss BEAR WID ME! *blek

Okay, after posing posing wid the order list,
now pose wid Ma's LV bag xD

Rite. Enuf of me, now, food...

The main dish - BBQ pork rice

TW Deep Fried Chic
RM 9.30

In front : Sweet Potato Ball
RM 5.30
Behind : Tan Miao Yi
RM Not-for-sale *blek

Taiwan Burger
RM 8.30
(扣肉包with peanuts...)

Taiwan Style Oyster with Egg
RM 13.80

Avocado milk
RM 10.80

Peanut Snow Mountain
RM 8.30

Fruit Tea
RM 12

Yes Sir,
Tea or m3?


The heart made by me and mah sis
*Big wide smile

A lil bit of sis, ma, pa and m3

SS 1

SS 2

SS 3

SS 4

SS 5

Enuf of SS
and Till then~

Oh yea.
Overall the food was okay.

Short updates :
4th May 2010 - Mah first day in being a Media Planner =)
6th May 2010 - Met the lengzai from iHub 2day xD [but 2day like not really lengzai je =p]
- Only leave the opis at 2100++
7th May 2010 - Dinner wid Kelics [Becca's treat...Wee~~~]
8th May 2010 - Chopped mah hair =)


Accept it!
It's really ME!
Miao Yi! xD
(even I cant accept...tat is me)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Broga hill'ed


Broga hill'ed



The fastest decision we have ever made to travel somewhere far for hill climbing. Had a drinking session yesterday at Craft Brew, Mutiara D'sara. When we are about to leave, somebody actually asked when are we going to Broga Hill, yea...ya know...losta ppl been to Broga Hill recently...but we have not pay a visit yet. THEN, dunno who suggested "why not we juz go later?" It's 12++ midnite and if we are going...we will like nid to wake up at 3am in order to catch the sun rise. AND It's like less than 2 hours of beauty sleep we are going to have. Everybody said there are fine with it...and yea...my "alarm" rang at 3am with a text msg "dish" from you-know-who.

I "collapsed" on my way to Broga Hill due to a small bottle of beer I had few hours back. Reached at 5++ sorta "mingle" around to find out the exact place, get the car parked and HERE WE GO~din really count the time when we go uphill but the sky is turning bright when we are up there. No sunrise today due to the cloudy weather. Snapped losta photos and Imma loving the view up ther. There are a total of 4 peaks...as they are quite near to one another, we actually "climbed" to 3 and 1/2 peaks.

Snapped more than 300 pieces of photos, satisfied, go downhill. Head to Sri Petaling for Fish Head Noodles, reached home, bathed, knocked off straight away til evening. So damn tired but rike it. ^^v Can't wait for the next visit with a BIG bunch of them =)