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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grocery @ Tesco

Project 365 #21

Went for grocery at Tesco, Mutiara Damansara.
Attached above is the war trophies of us.
Spent RM240++

I love shopping!!!

Went for grocery without telling my mum and saw 8 missed calls from her. Everybody take turn to call me after tat...this included my cousins and my colleagues. Sorry marmee...Nxt time I will remember to inform you where m I. Muax.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am not a shopaholic afterall^^

Bwahhahaa...Went to Pavilion after work today with my cousie. She suggested to go Forever 21. Yea. Forever 21 in Pavilion is seriously a nice place to shop. BUT I told myself to control and dun buy anything.

End up,

I bought one black top and one black dress from Forever 21. =.=" Tot of buying only the top earlier but cousie said : You will regret if you din buy it. END UP. I BOUGHT. wth....>_<" AND I AM BROKE with not much money left inside my wallet. Wat the...I tot of using those money wisely during my three days holidays. NOW? One day, within an hour, gao dim ady. ISH...I hate myself. Bwahahahah...


I bought these.

Mah all time favourite Donuts.
For mah family's 2mr breakie.
See I so good.
Went broke yet still buy the donuts for family.

P365 #20

Trying to snap photo of me wearing the new dress but hand too short tat I oni able to made dis distance. See mah happy face after shopping?! So energetic and pretty LOLz. Gals juz can't stop spending money. Yea. That includes me. But I am not a shopaholic afterall. COZ I DIN BUY A LOT!!!!

OH YA. ZARA Warehouse sales tommorrow!!! Woohoo!!! Oppss...No...Just to inform. Me not buying anything...LOLz...nyek nyek nyek...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Camera bring loads of benefits for everybody. It catches every single special moments and ring you the memories in the future.

Moreoever, you can snap which ever angle you want to make yourself look pretty in the photo.

High angle

Mah face look small and eyes so big.

The normal angle
P365 #19

Fat and round face I have

Now you see the different???

But guys always get cheated by the photos.

Btw, first time I tie my hair and pin my hair up after I've permed my hair since 13th December 2008. >_<" Not gonna tie my hair up again!!! The face so freaking round. wtfreak...ISH!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Date wid my ex collegemates^^

P365 #18

Drive myself to Steven Corner after squeezing in the train back to grab my car. Date wid my excollegemates to lim teh here. Steven Corner at Setapak. Ahem. I prefer the one at OUG tho. I use to go OUG Steven Corner every week, at least once, for dinner and my parents like the food there as well^^

Never tot of their business can expand so damn freaking fast. Oh yea. I know where they stay tho. Bwahahha...somewhere in OUG. LOLz

The brothers of Steven's Corner know how to speak VERY fluent cantonese although they are Indians AND it is fun to see them counting the bill. You will amaze by their calculation. It is like...they mumble some words/figures in their mouth very fast while pointing at the plates or glasses, thn without few seconds, they can tell you the amount. LOLz.

Didn't have enough talking session wid my ex collegemates today tho. Will make another date another day, perhaps^^

Miss my skul life ady. >_<"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

CJ 7 pay a visit to my house?!

My gawd!!! CJ 7 actually pay a visit to my house?!

Act cute summore?!

Bwahhahaha...actually it is my dear lovely Char Siu Bao. I bathed him and those are the photos of Char Siu Bao being blow by the hair dryer...LOLz. Cute Sial!!!

Cute Bao ask for food^^


P365 #17

My dear Bao is now 6mths old ady^^
he met his brother!!!
Who is actually staying at the back of my house only!!!
Bao Bao's family reunion!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coming SOON!!!

I watched together with my cousin.
We watched at Pavilion, 955pm show.

Coming soon. Another Thai horror movies. How do I choose what horror movie to watch and how do I know whether it is horror or not? Rite. I will first pick up the Horror movie made in Thai and will make sure it can only be view for people aged 18 and above. Or, I won't watch coz it will only then be a waste of money.

I always heart the horror movies made from Thai becoz these are really terribly scary compare to the horror movies made by other countries. I.E. HK and US. The horror movies that I love the most is Shutter and Ghost game. Rite. Both are made frm Thai. Thai ghost movies are seriously freaking nice!!! I RIKE!!! Bwahahah...

Okay. Overall. I am not really very happy with the storyline coz it is quite messy, like sometimes there's no reason out of the things that they made. Oh well, maybe this is how the horror movie shud work...but...srsly, their storyline...sux...

Niway, my cousin sis find hard in sleeping tat nite after the movie...LOLz. Aiks, nxt time I won't ajak her for horror movies ady. Bwahahha...sorry cousie. LOLz.

Ahem. As the show will only start at 955pm and we actually reached Pavilion at 815pm, and on top of tat my cousin haven't take her dinner, we went for Yo! Sushi.

We ordered Japanese Beer. Where both of us can't actually drink much or you will see two very red people walking down the street. Aiks. Why la. We only drink a lil bit and it ady can make us so RED in person. Ahem. Yo! Sushi. Yo! Damn expensive. Yo! I still prefer Sushi Zanmai. Slurp. Aiks. I miss Sushi Zanmai ady >_<"

Basically this is a photo in showing no people in Pavilion after the show. Which is ard 1130pm. BUT...bwahahha...failed shot.

After the show, since it is only 1130pm, I've decided to pass by the party street at KL. Bwahahahha...Yor...jealous siao...see those ppl walking and entering to the clubs!!! >_<"
WHEN WILL BE THE NXT TIME???!!! No kaki no talk. Yea I know. Aiks...

P365 #16

Camwhore in the car while jamming at the clubs/pubs street^^

Friday, April 24, 2009

YAY! Mah name card

P365 #15
At last.
After 6 mths of probation
I got my own name card.

YAY! Thn nxt time dun hav to modify others' name card and stick my name on top of them in order to get into any other sort of lucky draw!!!WOOHOO!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's just not that into you

Yea. I watched.
Together with my dear colleague and her friends.

Thanks Olivia for "offering" me for the movie. (Pompuan ni muka tembok betul...sendiri yg kata nak tonton movie, lepas tu pergi gam dgn org pulak...LOLz) Bwahahah...Yea la. I initially wanted to watch movie today and I said that during the breakfast hour. Then Olivia told me that she and her frens are going for movie today and they will be watching "He's just not that into you" . Then...I am like..."Huh...you watching"...OMG, can I join...LOLz...see I know my muka bcome tembok ady. Aiks. No good no good...lolz

Ahem. We watched at Mid Valley and thanks for Olive's fren - Kat Cheong in sending me to the train station and get my baby car. LOLz.

A question pop-up in my mind after the movie.
Guys always tell that gals are over sensitive. ( True? True? Guy for sure will knot their head and gals for sure wil shake their head)
Hmmph. For me. I guess, we are not. (of course I have to represent the gal to speak, okay? Btw, I m not being bias...mayb I am...lolz...duh wateva...=.=")
No we are NOT.
Why NOT?
Coz Women have six sense and it is very accurate.
I swear frm the bottom of my heart that

So, guys, don't try to fool us ard.

Watch the movie if you can't get what I mean.

Alrite. Of course we have to fill up our stomach b4 the show. SO, we had dinner at Pasta Zanmai. AND I had a sinful lunch and dinner today. Oh gawd...no...please don't punish me...It's only today for the week...I mean for the mth...I mean for the time I am on diet.

I just can't say NO to Macha Cha Parfait. I RIKE!!!
See...smile til can see teeth can't see the eyes

Project 365 #14

Get to know a new friend today. Mei foong(the one in the middle). One of Olivia's Fren. I guess I've get to know almost a bunch of new frenz. LOL. Seriuosly thanks a lot to Oliva^^ (the one at the right)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New layout^^

Project 365 #13

Grabbed my bloggie a new template^^

Heart it.

The baby wid curly hair is just like me.

I know that I should upload my photo daily for my project 365. But, get my bloggie a change of clothes is much more meaningful^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

Project 365 #12

Another gang of handsome guys showing off their "handsomeness" in Boys Over Flowers.

My heart beats faster
my palm get itchy
at almost every moment when the story playing on my TV.

I feel touched. I laughed loudly. I cried.
Together with the story.
It've been long since I have such feelings.
I nvr have any reaction everytime when I watch dramas / movies
coz I know those are fake.
Oh gawd. Another story tat touches me after
"P.S. I love you"


How I wish I am the girl.
Dream on.

No idea wid why my palm will get itchy everytime whn I saw / watched / heard / read something touches my heart. LOL.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miaoyi @ Werk

Project 365 #11

Yea. Me at werk. And this is my working station and my lappie^^

Yea I know. Tired and sleepy face I have. AND. Messy hair.

No. I din fail my maths. Will upload Project 365 #10 soon.
Wait la.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The charity and SLR day^^

Project 365 #9

Went to do Charity today^^

My pet bro asked me to join his company as a volunteer for the charity. His company spend the orphans for movie and treated them a buffet lunch. AND AND I am the photographer of the day. I run here and there try to snap every special moment and scene using Nikon DSLR D90. Bwahahahahhaha... YAY. Greato. Thanks Pet bro^^

Damn fat sial. See the arm. =.="
Yes I know. Time to go on diet.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mint Magazine launch @ upstairs, the Loft

Project 365 #8

Attended Mint Magazine Launch @ upstairs, the Loft.

Bwahahha...saw a lot of aritist. My Fm Dj, Meiyan is seriously damn skinny sial. OMG. Her leg is like the size of mah arm. >_<" Jealous sia. ARGH!!! Greato. Had beer today. Woohoo. Yea. I can smell the beer already in the afternoon. Bwahahhaah... Oh gawd. Since when I got addicted to it? Btw, I am not a regular drinker. My last time consumed beer is like...almost two weeks back. Bwahhahahaha...Hell yea. I love beer thn liqour. >_<"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project 365 #7

Project 365 #7

YAY!!! I had Krispy Kreme!!!

Krispy Kreme will only be launching on 27th April 2009 at Main Entrance @ Berjaya Times Square. An ex-colleague of our Co. have actually bring us a few dozens of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in order to try out b4 it launch. SLURP!!! It is superlicious yummy for a doughnut freak like me. (me oso got no idea since whn I am a dougnut freak...>_<") LOLz.

Be the first one to purchase a dozen of doughnuts from them and you will get one year supplement FREE!!! (a dozen a week for a year) WOW!!!

Click here to find out more^^

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project 365 #6

Project 365 #6

Yea. Bz wid my Project 365^^

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project 365 #5

Project 365 #5

I am back.
Back to my home.
Seriously shud do sth to my hair ady.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365 #4

Project 365 #4

It is a BIG BOWL of Oil wid fish and dry chili

Forceful face of mine showing "good".
Just can't get use eating the food that is being soaked wid oil.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365 #3

Project 365 #3

Alanis spent us on manicure^^
Mah first visit to manicure centre given to Shanghai. LOLz

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project 365 #2

Project 365 #2

Trip to Hangzhou, Xi Hu.

Peace. Always the must-have post of all.lolz

Friday, April 10, 2009

Project 365 #1

Project 365 #1

Trying to capture everywhere inside the frame!!!

Met three foreigners at Yu Yuan. One of them use to be a lecturer at Taylor College University. What a small small world^^

Project 365

Recently saw a lot of photos tagged wid the word

"Project 365"


I've get my effort to google for that

by typing

"What is Project 365" at the search engine (lolz)


I got this and this


Will get this as the pressie for my bloggie

Happy One year old Birthday^^

Happy One Year Anniversary^^



Yea. Happy One Year Old Birthday to my bloggie. AND I am celebrating the First year Anniversary at Shanghai.


Dear bloggie, here's your cake for the time being^^

Bloggie been together with me for a year. Oh gawd!!! That's really fast!!! I've been blogging for a year!!! The first post that made me have the initiative to blog about...titled care . It makes me feel that I am dumb that I actually blogged about something stupid. I laughed at it. But thank you to the first post, I've started to blog. Bloggie let me jot down all my memories. No matter good or bad, it will just take in. It is good to blog, because after sometimes whn I read back, the blogs will always lead me a smile. A smile of I've been that happy before, A smile that I've been that stupid before. Bloggie know almost all my happiness and sadness.

Thanks Bloggie for bringing me through all the tough time.


p/s : This is a sceduled post, I am now on the flight to Shanghai^^


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tenji Supper Buffet @ Soho KL



I went to Tenji before the promo ends.
(on 12 Apri 2009)

The supper buffet that cost me RM53.10
(tax and service charge included)

The Supper Buffet starts at 930pm, everybody actually reach here earlier to Q.

Alrite, without second words,

The interior^^

walkway to our "warzone"

Argh, juz ignore the coconuts
and enjoy the beautiful scene

Owh, dis is my favourite
the dessert dept^^

Alrite, let's start to fight.

This is the dunno how many round...lolz
Yea. I recalled. 2nd round of mine and 18473947391 rounds of my frenz^^

The most delicious and worth-it dish of the day
"Fur Crab"
Named it fur crab coz seriously got no idea wat breed it belongs to.

We had a lot, seriously A LOT of coconuts. Only me, I had, 6 or 7, I guess. lolz

Mah Favourite, of course.

Didn't really eat much, so, can't give any comment towards the food. Anyhow, Oyster and coconut are the main dishes of the day for four of us. My fren that heart Oyster a lot, love the Oyster here, so, I guess, you can give Tenji a try if you are a fans of Oyster.^^

We started to eat at 940pm and everybody wave their white flags at 12am. LOLz...

12am.Oh gawd, Cinderellassss(the four of us...lolz) have to reach home b4 12...so, we left.


we pass by here.

Me daydreaming, liwen walking with gonna-boom-anytime stomach, ice walking slowly with her heels then Ruby said : Let's go for a drink.


Then very quickly she walk to a table, sit ther, open the menu, and order...


Behli the effective wei...>_<"

Okay. We ordered Tower Beer that can feed 10 mugs.

Can see??? 3 litre!!!

Tat's the ice inside
Ice, why you hide urself inside????lolz

Wonder how tall is the tower beer?

Rite. This tall. Taller thn me with heels

The gave us free titbits - Nuts (no no I am not scolding you nuts...YOU NUTS!!! lolz)

They serve us the drinks, (pretty ah moi wid mini skirt^^)

And you have got a nice swing chair to sit on,
you request it and they will move it all the way from nowhere to your place^^

With all these nice services, it costs only RM116 - for the tower beer.


Only RM 78 during happy hour time.

Bwahahaha...so wat ya waiting for, try out this new pub @ Soho KL^^

It is sumwher near cold storage, search for the shop in black with goodamnnice interior and furnitures and services!!!

The photo of the day



p/s : Something special coming up soon^^