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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recently Addicted

Project 365 #198

I want nobody, nobody




Can't recall when was the first time I heard this song BUT I starts to like it after I've watched the Simone Cabaret Show @ Phuket^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Project 365 #197


I heart the ice cream scene in the movie most!!!

A slurpee yummy animation I would say^^

It's the movie day with the movie gang. Picked Wednesday coz I tot it will be cheaper for ALLLL the movie tix. Who knows...it is not applicable for 3D movies. =.=" Aiks...M surprise to see not much ppl in the theater bcoz it seems to be a interesting movie. Ya know...food dropped from the sky which will never ever happen in the real life. At least for the time being. =p

Lesson learnt from the movie :
We should always be happy with what we have right now.

Human beings are always greedy and demanding
who doesnt want a better life?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

the Library^^

Project 365 #193

Went to Library and study today.

So hardworking huh.


It's a gathering day. Gather gather wid mah ex-kelics in the morning for breakie and nite wid the movie gang. XD. Went for Dim Sum @ Marco Polo wid 3 ex-kelics. We stepped into the resto at 930am and guess what...there's nobody inside...hmmph...mayb is bcoz it is still early. ><" Oh ya, Marco Polo is doing a promotion, 50% off for all the Dim Sum on Monday and Saturday. Woootsss...this is cool. XD.So Yea we get to eat cheap and nice Dim Sum. LOL. Went to Mid Valley for 2nd round after breakie. Had dessert. Teehee.

Wokay. Tot to have 2nd discussion for an upcoming event, thus I've actually dated the gang out for yam cha. Our first stop is the Tree house @ Uptown. Errrrrrrrr...sigh...I brought my lappie along for discussion...tot we can get to go on9 right away if we nid any sources during the discussion. I regretted to bring bcoz tree house don't provide wifi ANDDDDDDDD I spilled a drink which I only took one sip on my fren's hp and cracked. The glass cracked I mean. ARGHHHHHHHHHH...I so duno wat to do at that second. I totally went blank. Felt guilt that my fren din say anything at all. AND the blank me even forgot to apologize. =.=" Sorwee leeeeeee...><"

Hmmph...as the enviornment at Tree house is not really happening...we changed our location to Library. Weee~~~~~~~been receiving message from the Library b4 they launch but have got no chance to pay a visit. Yea...can't find kaki. ><" Muahahahaha...So Yea...Imma so so heapi tat I got to pay a visit to the Library today^^ We ordered Hoegaarden which cost rm36 for one pint. SLURP. Hoegaarden is srsly different. Enjoyed the nite there with musics from Live Band. It's a great place for chilling out tho. Oh gosh! Guess I am transfering from going to club to pub ady. >< ><. Old d? Errrrr...probably...YES. =.=" Bcoz I din not make any noise or find kaki to go club for few mths ady...oh well...mayb few weeks. =p

So yea. Heapi that I get to pay a visit to the Library and I, for sure, will pay a visit to the library again and it wil be very sooooonnnnnnnn...XD

and yea

Sorry for spilling the rainbow ice blended drink on ur hp.
*Praying real hard that the phone will be fine...><"

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday.

Project 365 #192

Use to be happy when Friday arrive


not today.


What happened to me?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Project 365 #191

It's meeeeeeeeeting day!!!

Meeting my frenz, frenz, frenz and frenz.


Attached above are some of my primary schmates^^

Wokay. This is the biggest ever primary sch gathering, Gratz the organizer who hav successful in making this happen^^. I only catch the bunch up at 1145pm. 20 of them were still there when I arrived. Manage to say "Hi" to everybody and see everybody's faces after 11 years. XD. Wootsss this is so so so cool!!! Yea rite...after saying "Hi" to them, we actually greet each other good nite and "Bye". Bwahhahahaaha...everybody is ready to leave when I arrived. Yea rite...the gathering actually starts at 9pm but knowing everybody wil always be late...I've decided to join them a bit later...that's bcoz I am always the first person who reach the place whnvr there's a gathering or outing...even when I am already late from the time they set to meet up earlier. =.="

I told the organizer that I am having meeting. Ya. Meeting. A last minute decided meeting for the up-coming event. XD. Guess I shud pick up a time management course. =p

My fren actually asked to go nite market and to hav a short meeting for up coming event at the very last minute. NITE MARKET!!! I always wanted to go but can't find kaki. So, how could I miss this chance?! Furthermore, as one of the "organizer" for the up-coming event, Ishud turn up for the discussion. BUT...I've promised the organizer to turn up for the primary sch gathering. ARGH. I am in dilemma. I really wanna go P&M but...I can't just FFK my primary side. So, I told my fren that I will be late due to meeting widout explaining more. Then, I joint the P&M and meeting session. Ya rite...whack me...the biggest lie I've ever told and I felt guilty. But well, at least I turn up for the primary gathering...and...ya know...I dun own a good memory for my primary sch life. So yea. Turning up last minute will be a good choice for me.=)(stil defending for myself....blek)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Project 365 #190

It's movie day.

Movie of the day


Went Korean House-korean BBQ for dinner at PJSS2 b4 the Show. Erm...how's the food? Hmmph...oh ya...the son of the shop owner is cute. XD. LOLz.

Okay. I've got no idea and never heard the movie - Accident before but I actually said "yes" to go for the movie right after I get to know that Louis Koo is starring in the movie. =p. It is a movie tat tells how Louis Koo and his gang kill people by making people tot that it is an accident but not human made. Louis Koo is a meticulous person in the movie, he thinks a lot and seriously A LOT in order to make the project a successful piece widout any mistakes and suspicions. After some projects, Louis Koo partners start to die one by one and he suspect that ther's another person who is trying to knock down his gang by creating accidentsss. He tail the person who is suspect in order to revenge. After all...after eveything he have done...he eventually found out that everything he suspect, everything he think, everything he predict are all...WRONG.He is really thinking too much.

Being meticulous and thinking too much doesnt seems to be a good thing?
How do we judge the limits in not being over?

Now I am thinking too much
it is only a movie.

Oh yea...

I am at the age of 22 and 11 month today. Bahhh...it is not fair to born in the month of December because I will be another year older soon after my Bday. =.=" Which means...I am turning into the age of 24 in less than 20 days after my bday before I get to enjoy my time at the age of 23. LOL. Oh Crapz. I don't know who am I talking bout. Perhaps, I refuse to grow older. XD

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Cave @ PJ SS2

Project 365 #189

The cousies bunch

Told my cousie tat I wish to go out. She suggested to date another cousie of us for lim teh session at nite. Sis who have got exam nxt day tag along as well. =)

Concentration at work helped a lot today but jamming on the way home makes me felt sux. The scenes keep on repeating in my mind. Mum called while I am jamming, "gal, concentrate in driving ya, drive safely" she said. Mum knew I will think a lot. *sigh* such a big gal stil nid ppl to take care bout me...><" I shaked my head to wave away the scenes when they appear in my mind everytime.
Headed out wid cousies and sis after I've took my bath. Heard lots bout The Cave one year back but din grab the chance to pay a visit coz I tot it is well-hidden somewhere in PJ SS2 which is hard to find. Accidentally saw it the other day and...oh well...it is really well-hidden in PJ SS2 makan makan area...in between the shoplots where I wil never ever tot of. I always tot it is a independent resto/building. LOLz. ERM. The interior design is nice and it have got enough privacy space for everybody who go there ANDDDDD thy have got wifi. WooHoo~~~The food are delicious and thy have got variety of choices for beverages and desserts. The price is a bit cossy but it is seriously a very good place to hang out and spend the WHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEE day there with enuf privacy space.
We ordered some snacks, bevarage and desserts. Errrrrrrr...their choco dome is super duper yummilicious bcoz it is srsly FULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of chocolate...advisable to share it. We ordered Tiramisu as cousie said their Tiramisu taste good. Hmmph...The Cave's tiramisu hav berries inside and I guess this is the special point of it. Errrrrr...still heart the Tiramisu @ Italiannies...XD Hmmph...I am willing to pay for the enviornment in The Cave tho. LOLz.

below is part of our activities...


Tat's wat happened whn ther's only gals outing.

Sorwee la cousie

have to "betray" you a bit bit 2day

Wish you had a great laugh!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Project 365 #188

I wish I could come back again

to this place.

I miss the peacefullness...

I do.

Had sleepless nite. Went to work freaking early. Tears juz roll down uncontrollably when I tell my kelics that Bao had passed away. Oh well, my tears cant stop dropping for the whole morning. Gahhhhh...I just cant control myself. Manager came in the afternoon, she saw my face, she asked "are you tired? or sad?" "sad" I answered. *sigh* Many people asked me to take leave, I wanted to...but by going home early doesn't make any different, or mayb worst. Being alone in a quiet place is not a good choice today. I asked myself to stay tough till the day end.

The sky outside is dark from morning but I plead and prayed very hard that it won't rain, bcoz, the stupid me...I nvr tot that Bao wil get wet in the box. I shud hav get him a wood made box instead of those paper box. ARGH! Was thinking if I shud get him out and move him into wooden made box. One of my frenz said since Bao is being buried ady, he will be fine, don't worry too much. BUT, I just can't stop thinking. I told my cousie about putting an umbrealla on the top of Bao's place. She said "if you do so, ppl wil tot ther's something under the umbrella, and thy wil dig it out, do you want it?""and even if you cover him from rain using the umbrella, he will still get wet bcoz the water wil come from the side as well". OH CRAPZ!!! I nvr tot of any of these...=.="I am srsly not a meticulos people....Then, I told another fren of my about it. He said " you know those malay, thy juz buried wid a cloth under the ground, just take it as a malay funeral." "we did him a chinese funeral" I said. But...hmmph...he did *tink* me a little...I mean...malays buried the only the body under the ground widout coffin and this is their tradition for yearsssssssssssssssssssssssss so...Bao will b fine. Bao will Un me. XD. So yea, my heart cheer a lil.

Cousie offered herself to come and sleep by my side, to accompany me. Hell yea. I seriously need somebody to be bside me at this very moment and she is just the right person. I feel no empty wid the companion of cousie. We didn't talk much, but, yea, I feel much much more better just to have somebody with me =) (of course it have to be a right person la...><") Thanks cousie to stay wid me whn I am sad. I cherish it. muax.

Alrite. It din rain for the whole day. I am glad. I fall asleep very quickly as I had a sleepless nite yest and...the storms actually pay a visit during the midnite. I mumbled...I said thousands of sorry to Bao...I can hardly move my body and run to the place where we buried Bao and cover him wid umbrella. Oh crapz. I guess I have just being comfort well by everybody around me, asking me not to worry and Bao will understand.

Bao, sorry for leaving you alone over there and get soaked by pouring rain. Sorry. and. Sorry...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Be gone, my dear Char Siu Bao

Project 365 #187

Be gone, be gone.

Will keep you in my heart always

my dear,

Char Siu Bao.

Char Siu Bao passed away today in the afternoon. He get choked by pear. Felt hard to accept the fact, felt hard to write a post about Bao have passed away. He have just past his one year old birthday on 8th October 2009. He is only one year old...there are loads of things that he haven't done in his life and now... ... ...I guess, God loves him too much and wanted to keep him beside him. Bao, hope you are enjoying your life in the heaven. Heart you, always.

I bathed Bao in the morning and allow him to mingle around as he is always being close in the cage during weekdays bcoz nobody at home. Right. Brother's frens came over and hang out in my house. Mum who is enthusiastic served his frens fruits - pear. Sister and I the one who place the fruits on the table. We have actually put the plate in the middle of the table so tat Bao will not b able to reach the fruits. I then walk into my room and continue my TVB marathon, leaving Bao outside, thinking ways to grab the pear on the table. I called Bao to come to me for few times but he just ignore me. Then, I heard my bro's fren telling "See, he so cute, he got the fruit!" I am like wth...BROTHER! STOP HIM FROM EATING!!! I yelled this in my heart. Brother thn brought Bao enter my room and tell me "Jie, Bao is choked." He then leave Bao in my room and continue entertaining his frenz. Bao cough a little and he is like having problem in breathing. Nerves on my head, I have Bao in my arms and dashed to downstairs, tell my mum tat Bao is choked. Without knowing how serious it could be, mum tried to make Bao to "cough" the fruits out by making him to stand upside down hit his back a little. No, it doesnt help. Me, mum and sis are all nervous and don't know wat to do. Mum said "Bring him to vet" Yea rite...I have Bao in hand and run outside widout bringing my handphone, keys and wallet 2geda. Mum have sis to get it and we dashed to the Vet near my house.

Vet gave Bao a few injection and forcing Bao to puke but Bao seems like not vomiting anything. Vet said "the fruits is too deep inside, I can't see and it is hard to force it out. You guys better be ready, get ready..." I burst into tears. I am seeing him suffer but I can't help him...not even a little...and I can't stand by his side...Vet don't allow us to step into the operation room. Vet didn't give up in forcing Bao to puke and yea, Bao puke a little liquid out but it's only liquid which is brown in color. I guess it shud b the liquid of injection tat Vet poke into Bao's body just now. Then, vet said Bao is fine now. He said " he is lucky, really very lucky, normally when they have come to this situation, we can hardly save him...he is lucky". I cuddle Bao in my arms and talk to Bao but I felt Bao's breathe isn't going smooth yet. The vet thn starts giving medicine, bill and emergency contact numbers to us. He asked me "Your dog is a female?" I am like...wathefark!!! The one that you have been saving just now...and you don't know if he is a male or a female? Goddamnit...Oh well...mayb there are too many patients that he forgot...Oh well, I shud hav trust the vet as he is the professional. Right. I din tell the Vet bout Bao's breathing. I brought Bao home.

I put Bao on a coach and sit bside him. Bao is like looking for a comfortable place and position to lie down. He changed a lot of pose...he lie down to his back, he lean forward, he turn a little on the floor and he walk... he is like "Gosh, i am so san fu, how shud I lie? I can't breath well" Right. I shouted "Mum! Bao is not feeling alright!" Then, we dashed to the Vet again. Goddamnit...it is closed! WTH...It is like not more than 10 minutes we left the vet and it is closed now?! FARK! Okay, calm down miao, Bao's breathing is smoother than just now, mayb he is lack of air. Bao have become calmer when I brought him outside of the house. I told my mum said he is fine now and we went back home again.

Rite. Home. I leave Bao on the floor. He starts walking and coughing...he puked the brown liquid out again! Sister shouted very loudly. I saw Bao puked half of the pear that he have swollen earlier. It is a big piece. I am so glad tat he vomited tat out, BUT, the story haven't end...Bao is like lack of air...he can hardly breath...he lied on the floor and he crawl to a corner...he is like trying to hide himself! Rite. I asked mum for the emergency contact number...and I asked her to call. Good one. She asked me what contact number? what she shud do. Rite. We are all in a nerve and we have got no guideline in what to do. The Vet told us ther are two emergency vet, one is at Taman Gasing and another one is at Jalan Ipoh. The Vet suggested Taman Gasing earlier as he said the one in Jalan Ipoh is freaking expensive. =.=" I can't care much and I don't know wher the hell is Taman Gasing. I hav Bao in hand and I rushed my mum to hop into the car. She get my uncle to send us to Taman Gasing. Cousie came all the way from Klang and she is just in time to see Bao. I told her I am worried, she said "Don't listen to the doctor, they crapz". Cousie always calm me down when I am in nerve. =)

I spreaded newspaper in the car and let Bao to lie on the newspaper or do wateva things he want like puke...he vomitted loads of brown color liquid out...and the feeling of him not feeling good is getting stronger and stronger. Mum at first have him in her arm but he wants to move around. Mum is nervous, she let him go...he come to me...and I have him in my hands. I hold him up, he struggled hard and his body went straight. GOSH. The next second I know...he is on my mum's lap...he become weak...I look at him and talk to him. He is looking at me. I gave him CPR...but there's no reaction from him. I cried. My mum said "Gal, Bao is gone". I ignore my mum and gave him CPR "Gal, Bao is gone". I ignored..."Gal, he is really gone, his ears have turned to pale color". I dare not see and I keep on holding Bao's hand and rub it. I keep on calling Bao's name..."Gal, it's useless to go to the vet now, he is gone" I shaked my head, burst into tears and ignoring the words to enter my ears. I yelled I cried. I called the emergency vet at Jalan Ipoh, I said " My dog got choke by the fruits and he is like...gone..." The vet at the other side answered " Then you better bring him here, a fast one!" SHIT. I shud b asking what I shud do instead of telling the condition of my doggie. =.=". When we are almost reaching, mum tell me "Gal, his leg have already become straight and hard". I shaked my head and burst into tears, Mum asked " you wanted the Vet to prove that he is dead? You want it?" I ignored and when we have reached the emergency. I have Bao in my hand. Four of his legs have become straight and hard. I felt it. I know he is gone but I just can't help. I hug him and enter the emergency...I cried out very loud...oh man...I srsly can't believe the scene tat I saw on TV...the scene wher the people cry until very exaggarate when thy saw their love one passed away happened on me.

I put Bao on the Operation table. I squaded. Praying very hard that ther will be miracle. They opened Bao's mouth and tell "the fruit can be seen" THE FRUIT CAN BE SEEN! WHICH MEANS WE CAN ACTUALLY TAKE IT OUT FROM HIS MOUTH!!! WHY I NEVER THINK ABOUT THAT? I SHUD HAVE OPEN UP HIS MOUTH AND CHECK!!! ARGH!!!! WHY AM I SO STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sis said she wanted to do so but Mum stopped her...Mum said sis shud hav remind her earlier...and yea...thy are blaming each other. The vet...knowing Bao is dead stil helps to do everything that he can...he then tell "He have passed away". Rite. Miao, accept the fact. Rite. I squaded there and reluctant to stand up. Mum force me to...I pampered Bao's head, I talk to him...his eyes is still opening...and his mouth is still opening as well...he did not die peacefully. I felt sorry to Bao.

We brought Bao back home. Mum decide to bury him in front of our house. I entered the house and I saw cousie. We both hugged and cried. Cousie and me, we both went to bring Bao back on 22nd November 2008. She saw him growing up from a little one to an elbow size as well. I yelled, I shouted...I cried...Oh well...tat's me...I am not good in expressing myself using words...I stopped crying after half an hour...and I walked to the box where Bao is lying inside. I apologized to Bao, I talked to him...I tried to close his mouth and his eyes...he close his eyes a little...then mum and sister starts to bring Bao belongings out to buried those together wid him. I don't have enuf in looking at Bao yet and Mum already start stuffing Bao's stuff in the box. My mum use cloth to cover Bao's body and she asked me to move my hand away...and there...she cover Bao's face wid cloth. Rite. I burst into tears again. I wanted to open it back but mum said...she have already close it and I shudn't disturb Bao. I sealed the box myself, I sealed very tightly trying not to let anything to go into the box. I then...buried him...myself...I put him into the hole myself... ... ...I tell myself that I shud complete this step no matter how hard it is. Yea. Cry like anything when I put him in. Soil then covered the box. Be gone, Bao. Be gone. We did him a chinese funeral.

I hide myself in the bedroom to night. When I walk to the living room, Bao's cage is already missing. He is really gone in my life. Char Siu Bao has gone leaving my family arguing...whose fault it is. I hate it. I stopped them. I shouted to my brother and sister who are arguing bout the placement of the fruits. I mean...well...things has happened and even if you argue...it will not change the result. =.=" I had a serious headache. I had a sleepless nite. The first time ever...I cried up to this level. I felt guilt. I felt sorry. I felt that I am useless. I am just a stupid biatch who did not know how to take good care of my own doggie! ARGH!!!! I HATE MYSELF!!!

Bao, I am seriously very sorry. Thanks for bringing joy and laughthers to my family. Thanks for making daddy a homey guy. Thanks for giving me chance in knowing a doggie more. Thanks for letting me to take good care of you. I will miss the days in bathing you, feeding you, training you to sit, up, turn, five, stay, cleaning your dungs, pees, cage, and of course, the way you sleep on my lap, letting me to clean ur ear wax, combing your fur...thanks for trusting me even sometimes when I tried to fool you up. Thanks for the 11 months companion. I will love you, always. There's always a place for you, deep down in my heart. Heart you, my dear Char Siu Bao.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Collegemates gathering day^^

Project 365 #186

3 lads camwhoring in XiXiLi fitting room.

The room is so grand and huge!!!



it's the gathering day^^

The very last time I met my collegemates was my birthday last year and this year CNY which is more than half a year ago!!! Woots!!!!!!! Time srsly passes fast~

Okay. The reason for meeting up this time is to do video shooting for one of my collegemates in wishing her Happy Birthday. RIGHT. VIDEO SHOOTING AGAIN! I just did tat 3 mths back. The bf of the birthday gal wanted to give their gf a BIG surprise in asking ppl ard her to do video shooting in order to wish her happy birthday. I wonder if this is a trend this year and dis is the 2nd time I did this year ANDDDDD I did loads of those video shooting yearsssssssssssssssss back when I was in my college time. ><" Boring sial. Hey guys, can't you just be creative a bit?! =p. Oh well, I don't have one tho. Wahahahahahhahaha...

Okay. Thanks to my collegemate's bf, the collegemates get to gather together and crapz a lot^^Saw my fren who have become very slim...jealous sial...heard my fren got bf ady...wah liau...LOLz. (got tone one wor...dun play play...lolz)Everybody changed in somewhere...both physically and mentally of course. Errrrr...oh well I only get to chat with one of them and I actually spent the whole gathering session wid her AS SHE HAVE GOT BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG news to share the kehpo me. Wahahahahahahahah...

Wanna know? Nehhhhh...the one who hav got bf lorrrrrr...Hmmph. She is always a independent, tough, workaholic anddddddnd yea, she have got a bf now and it is out of my expectation bcoz I din get any hint from her after she have been dating for few months! wowowowowowowowowoowoowowowoowo~~~she can keep secret very well. So do I. LOLz. Nah...not sharing her BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG news until she reveal herself to her frenz first. XD. Gratz gal^^

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bye, Pinky Monkey

Project 365 #185

Photo attached is not related to my cousie's wedding photo session

This is the only photo tat can barely see

the pinky monkey

that hang on my bag.

Pinky monkey left me today.


This is not the first time pinky monkey run away from me, however I get to catch him back everytime when he tried to escape. BUT, this time is an exception. I lost him and he will never be back. T_T

Was on my way walking to Opis dis morning and I suddenly heard ppl whistle me from the opposite road. I ignored it and walk very fast but that guy did not stop his action. I felt safe when I reached Company but forgodsake...I realized that the pinky monkey is not hanging on my bag anymore. GOSH! =.=" I shud have "entertain" the ppl who whistle me...sigh...hate the perasan me now...Who wil so free go whislte you early the morning you biatch! =.=" LOLz

Tried to search for the pinky monkey after work giving myself a very BIG hope bcoz pinky monkey been lost and found for 18239127497491619 times =) . I tried to look at every corner on the way I walk to the car BUT...I cant see any sign of pinky monkey. *SIGH*

So yea, Bye, my pinky monkey and you are free now.


Oh crapz.

Will buy your siblings back if I see any in the shop.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Birthday To Char Siu Bao

Project 365 #184

Happy Birthday

Char Siu Bao^^


=3 =3 =3

Dearie Char Siu Bao is already One Year Old! This is so so so unbelievable! Happy to see Bao Bao have grown from a palm size to an elbow size. The day I brought Bao back to my house is on 22nd November 2008, he was tame, cool and quiet, he barely bark. Was worried at the very first few days when I brought him back as he just get his first jab few days before I bring him home and if he is not being taking care well he will get fever. Glad that he overcome that "hard" week. I toilet trained him since the first day I bring him back. Yea, now he know wher his toilet is, he will go to the toilet himself when he wanna pee or shit BUT only when his mood is good. =.="

I brought Bao go for 3rd Jab in the month of Jan'09. He caught a fever tat time, and yea, I caught a fever at the same day as well. ><" I was so so so worry that I stay almost whole day bside him to see if he is alright. So yea, he is still now in the house living healthyly. Char Siu Bao is a very talented, talkative(sometimes), playful, 38, frenly and fierce(sometimes) doggie now^^And Yea, he is always desirous of food and will always stick to the ppl who have food wid thm ><". NOw, he is being toilet-trained, know to give hand-hand, five, sit, down, and will only eat when I give him instruction and yea...he know how to shake his tail now^^(I barely see him shake his tail and the first time I saw Bao shake til behli geng was the time my bro's fren pay a visit to my house, and he is a guy)AND he will shake til behli geng when he saw a guy! Oh Bao...are you gay?! ><"

Glad and happy to have Char Siu Bao as part of my family. Thanks Char Siu Bao for bringing joy, laughters to all of us. Thanks for bringing the family closer. Thanks for making daddy become a more homey person. Thanks for giving me a chance to take care of you, to know more bout doggie and become a very patient person. Heart you always, my dear Char Siu Bao. I will never ever regret in bringing you back to my home.


Happy Birthday.

Welcome to the my family.

muax. =)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

G - Force

Project 365 #183


cheap movie day^^

Tix for only RM7.50


Yuppieeee...went for G-force today. It've been long since the last time I enter cinema. Erm...for like...3 weeks? LOLz. G-force, a movie that I never ever tot of I will watch it. Heard loads about G-force from the radio and tot it was merely some sort of boring animation where hamster save the world. BUT, it is not a boring one. A cute one I would say. *wink*

Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai wid two cousie of mine b4 we go for movie. I heart Sushi Zanmai more but bcoz one of my cousie's cousie is working at Pasta Zanmai, and, I tot we wil get some sort like BIG discount if we dine in ther, thus, we choose to have dinner at Pasta Zanmai. I ordered Japanese Curry rice and both cousies ordered Pasta. Yea, rite, I know I shud order Pasta as Pasta is the main selling point of Pasta Zanmai, but, yea, I admit...I am a "rice-tub"(ppl who love rice), I can't live widout rice. XD. Ordered Matcha Parfait as dessert later on. Mah Long-waited dessert and tat's the main reason of mine visiting Pasta Zanmai. *blink blink* I at first wanted to order one for myself but not sharing but both cousie said thy wont eat much...who knows...it is too superduperlicious tat...we 3 finished it within 10 mins. LOLz. Then, we ordered Tiramisu...and it is cousie's cousie's(who work in Pasta Zanmai)treat. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...it taste great but still I HEART MATCHA PARFAIT!!! SLURP!!! Awwwww...miss Matcha Parfait ady...><". Bill came, no discount, ><" BUT...shud feel happy ady coz got free Tiramisu to makan...ahahahahaa...So Yea, full sial after the dinner...shud have only order Matcha Parfait as dinner but not the curry rice. ><"

OH YA. It shud b a post bout G-force. ><" Sorwee...ERM. So, G-Force, srsly wont get attracted and wont feel like watching by seeing the poster and hearing the name - G-force ler...BUT I must say it is cute and funny by the dialogues inside and the technology of the mice world is behli powderful one lor...even car oso got alarm...dun play play.XD. Watch how amazing it is that the hamster, feret, guinea pig and mole SAVE THE WORLD! Yea rite...we can't look down on the small little tiny animals, they will somehow help to save the world in some way. Me no kidding, a very good example will be earth worm. XD. True ma...didn't u learnt bout this from the text book when you were studying in primary sch? The earth worm wil help to loosen the ground so tat we can do plantation or sth like tat.LOLz. So Yea, don't bully the animals. XD

Happy Happy movie day!!!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Palate Palette

Project 365 #182

Fish and Chip from Palate Palette


The different kind of potatoes are the chips^^

Palate Palette is a restaurant located sumwher near my Opis. Saw my frenz uploaded photos bout this resto, the place interior design is special and nice, a really good place for photo shooting tho^^ Grabbed the chance to take lunch at Palate Palatte today wid two cousies of mine. The first time for 3 of us to have lunch 2geda during working days.

We ordered lunch set which cost RM20++. It includes a starter, main dish and a drink. They first serve us a bun wid a small ball of cheeze/butter+ somespices for us to spread in the bun. Surprisingly the bun is a hot one, just like a freshly baked bun from the oven. Marks added for dis.*tink* The three of us ordered chicken lollipop, mushroom cappucino and potato wedges for starters. Chicken lollipop is nice, mushroom cappocino's soup is very "contentable", and the sauce for potato wedges is special. They actually mix the fish/prawn/crab eggs(can't recognize which species's egg but they are those seafood mia eggs la...lolz) with mayo. Cousie rike it behli much tho.

Come to the main dishes. We ordered Japanese Curry, Shepherd Pie and Fish and chips.(the photo attached above) ERM. Japanese Curry is only so so, Shepherd Pie very beefy and Fish and Chips is nice. Oh well, Fish and Chips is always the safest dish to order as thy are all taste the same. XD. But, the special thing bout the Fish and Chip of Palate Palette is the Chips that come wid different type of potatoes. The idea was good but the potatoes taste...erm...I love the crisps when it is being dipped wid the BBQ sauce ther. XD. The BBQ sauce taste great^^ A bit sad that they do not have loads of desserts for choice. ><" Overall...the interior design is good and srsly a good place for photo shooting lor...=p. Might give a try to visit this resto again during nite time as I guess it will look nicer at nite^^

Okay. Enuf of the crapz bout the food review or resto review. I am not talented to write a nice one. LOL. Me and both of my cousies are working very near to each other but the three of us don't have a chance to take lunch together during working days as Ling cannot leave her Co. for lunch bcoz of her job scoope. She only can go downstairs dabao and eat in the opis. Kesian betul. It's different story today bcoz Ling ady resigned and so happen she get to passby our Co. to get sth done, so yea, it's a good chance for the 3 of us to have lunchie, else it will be a shame/waste like...we work so near but din get a chance to meet during lunch hour. LOLz. Oh crapz....


Saw this when I open my wradrobe.

The new arrivals in my wardrobe.


Dearie cousie did this^^

She emptied her place and put my new clothes inside. So Yea. It reminds me that...she've moved out from my house and leaving soon. T_T AGAIN. SIGH

Monday, October 05, 2009


I've been working as a nine-to-fiver for a year! Is it time for me to escape?
I don't wish to be like that.
(The picture attached above)

Asked myself,
what do I want?

I don't know.

I only call tell things that I don't want
I can't tell
what I want.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

K session @ Red Box, The Curve

Project 365 #180

Went for K session

wid dearie cousie


her bunch of Secondary schmates

which I never met before.


Cousie always wanted to intro me her frenz so that I can mix around and get more frenz but not always stay at home like a nerd. lolz. So Yea, I know all her ex-colleagues and some of her secondary schmates as well as her close frenz. Everytime when she hang out wid them, I wil for sure, tag along.

This is seriously the very first time I meet this bunch of people, and yea, they are all very frenly and ALLLLL owned very good vocal^^

Hmmph...I can stil rememeber a year ago, whenever I asked cousie bout her frenz, she wil said, thy hav lost contact after she've graduated from her secondary sch and she is lazy to contact everybody back bcoz she is lazy to social around. BUT, things changed after a year, a very good example will b today, I am hanging out today wid her together wid her frenz^^ BUT, I guess it will be my first and last time to hang out wid this new bunch of frenz tho. COZ...cousie...is flying soon. REAL SOON.

Can I Stop the time?

Bought three pcs of clothes today
I feel like crying than smiling
><" ========================

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mooncake Festival^^

Project 365 #179

That's dearie cousie and me.

Having makan-makan Fest at home again.

Tonight's theme - Steamboat


Full SIAL!

It's Mid Autumn Fest aka Mooncake Festival again. It've actually come so fast before I can smell it. Oh right. Mayb Bcoz I enjoyed too much for my paint wall holidays. ><" Right. Whenever there's any festivals, marmee will be the organizer to welcome all the relatives come over my house for makan-makan fest. Oh well, even when there's nothing special, when she and the aunt nxt door hav got the mood to do it, then makan-makan fest will b held at my house. My mum juz like to cook, cook and cook. She loves the house to be full of voices, she love to serve people food. Envy? That's wat made a fat me. Still ENVY?! Come and be fren wid my mum thn. lolz

Friday, October 02, 2009

MY on MC

Project 365 #178

Never ever felt that pain before in my life!

Even hav to take MC for it.

What happened to my dearie stomach?!

Oh Well,

It's auntie visit.




Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lonely? Empty?

Project 365 #177

Drive myself to work today.


Back myself after work.

Look at the side of my bed

and found something missing


She is leaving from my sight SOON.

Can't get use to it.

Ya know,

when you have somebody very close wid you for a year


she is leaving



in a sudden.

How does that feel?