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Thursday, August 06, 2009


Project 365 #121

When was the last time you touches LEGO?

It is a gift from my cousie

to a

one year old cousin.

Cousie bought this at KLCC as our cousin's Birthday is falling on next week. The baby turning to one year old, and yea, I remember I came back frm UK on the day he celebrate his "full month"(one mth old) and now he is turning to one year old ady. Time srsly passes fast! I still feel that I am a freshie that juz graduated frm my degree and started my work not long ago. ><"

LEGO...it actually sounds like a stranger for me. I dun play LEGO when I was small. I play barbie doll, masak-masak, SEGA, wars wid my brother...but not LEGO. Hmmph...marmee din buy LEGO bcoz she sked tat we will swallow the LEGO in. You know la...kids...can put anything into the mouth...juz like the Char Siu Bao at my home. LOLz.

So well,

when was the last time you touches LEGO?

Or it is still your toy now?


Any idea why LEGO is so expensive?