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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell Party for CEO

Project 365 #128

on 23rd July 2009

we are all being gathered at conference room


announcement being made

Starcom Malaysia chief departs



will be the CEO's official day to leave.

The Company did him a farewell party.

We got nice food, great wine and not to miss out the liquors sponsored by johnny walker for the party. Oh ya...and the very nice caramel chocolate mary biscuits!!! It is so yummylicious~~~I srsly wanted to learn how to do it...lolz...I even took two back and let my cousie taste so tat we can find out how it is being made. lolz.(yea la...I know wat u wanna say...cheapskate ma...lolz...but it is TOOOO delicious tat I cant resist!!!)

Hmmph. Been working here since OCt 2008 but haven even got the chance to work together wid the CEO nor got chance to talk to him.(as if I m the big potato...LOLz...) I only get to talk to CEO once, the conversation starts in the lift. lolz.

It's sharp 6 at my lappie's time(my lappie time is 15 mins faster thn the International time) and I ciao on time tat day. When I am waiting for the lift to come, ohmygawdshit...the CEO came out and...he is going home as well. He asks :"Going back?"I guess for sure he will mimi in his heart *wah...go back so early* "Ya..."(shit...why at the hour I will meet him...shit lo...for sure he wil think I always go back so early...=.=" no good image jorrrr) Then in the lift, we din talk...until he ask me "you cutted your hair?" "No" I replied. ><" Thn...tat's the end of the conversation and he is off frm the lift. Phew...luckily he din ask why am I going back so early...lolz...

So yea...Tat's the only conversation between me and him. AND...erm...well...he is a very nice and easy-going person I would say. AND...tat's all I can comment bout my CEO...bcoz I dun really know him well.

Adious and enjoy ur long vacation CEO^^