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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pitcha of the day

Project 365# 140

Know what is that?


Oh crapz.

It's Buuuuu Laaaaaaa...lolz

Saw this while we are(me and cousie) on our way back home after work.

As usual, we have to get stuck in the jam on our way back home but it is a little bit special today. While we are bored in jamming, cousie suddenly said "See, what is that?" She pointed at the pillar. Zomg...it's a bra hanging upside down on a pillar. We both then burst into laughter. The next thing I do, is to take out my phone and snap this funny scene down so that I can share wid my readers. See I treat you guys so good...Bwahahhahaha...(right...I just nid to color up my boring post...)After the photo session, cousie then asked "Why they will put it upside down?" "Miao, go down and adjust it back" I am like...are you kidding me?! "Go, faster, put it back!" Gah...oh crapz...for sure I won't do that bcoz everybody will be seeing me doing that. ><" See, a cute and funny cousie I have. lolz. (Oh...she is the 50 cents cousie)

So yea. The pitcha of the day to ease away your boredom. lolz