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Sunday, August 30, 2009

BBQ Merdeka Space show~

Project 365 #145

It means

BBQ Merdeka Special

exclusively @ my house.

A successful(I guess) BBQ session at my house during Merdeka Eve. Thanks everybody for attending this BBQ session. Hope you guys had a great nite^^

This is the first time I am doing such a BIG BBQ at my house, of course, it wil not be successful widout the help of my mum, my aunts, my siblings and my cousies. I had a great nite, really. I m seriously very happy that I can put all my frenz together in this party, the frenz from the movie gang(aka Olivia's gang) and the sista gang.

Oh yea, it is not purely a BBQ nite but a nite to celebrate two people's Bday as well. Both gang have actually come out with this idea in celebrating our frenz birthday as everybody will be there for the party. AND it is a secret celebration for both birthday gal and boy.

Okay. There are two different celebrations for both birthday gal and boy. The gal's will always be the touchy touchy one, where, we walk towards her and sang the birthday song, gave her the pressie and handmade birthday card, then see her shading her tears while reading our wishes. Awwww...how sweet and touchy it is^^ We have not been celebrating her birthday for few years as she is studying aboard and we only get to send her the present and birthday card during her bday but not celebrating wid her in real person. So Yea, this is the touchy part where almost everybody frm the sista gang get to turn up for her birthday^^ Hope it somehow will be a memorable one for her.

Next up, the guy's part. It is a "sweet" celebration for him as well but literally one. My cousie came out holding the cake and walk to him, the guys sing the Bday song, and, AND, while he is making wishes, A big pile of flours wid water being poured on his body. Hmmph...the birthday boy eventually escaped frm the big pile of flour BUT...soon after tat...he is being showered wid all the carbonate drinks....from coke to carlsberg...lolz...So yea, a literally sweet til sticky sticky birthday celebration for him, and yea, hope he had a memorable birthday celebration as well. Rite, the gang have actually bought him boxers wid everybody's signature on it AND thy asked him to wear rite away on tat day. AND that's not all for it, he have to wear it out and show it to everybody, and yea, HE DID!!! He wore it out and even pose pose in front of camera for photo shooting session. WooHoo!!! That is so daring of him. Wanna see? PM me for the link then. lolz.

So Yea. Am super happy wid all the frenz who came for the BBQ, super happy tat I get to have a BIG group photo wid ALLLLL my frenz. A memorable day for me and in love with this merdeka day. =p

Happy Merdeka ;p