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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Project 365 #101

*ahem ahem*

went back home today.

*ahem ahem*



Went wid different bunch today. Wid my primary schmates. Yeap. PRIMARY SCHOOLMATES. lolz. The bunch tat we din meet up for ten years and only get to hang out more frequently recently.

There are suppose to be 5 of us but end up one ffk and left the four of us. Tonite is the guys' treat wher lads do not hav to pay a single cent. lolz.

Yeap yeap. One of the primary schmates ajak his frenz along for the clubbing session^^Fortunate to have two gorgeous ladies to join the nite and I dun hav to pay neither. Bwahahahhahaha...ERM. You know la...gorgeous lads always bz in entertaining the people ard. And yea...both of them got loads of frenz in the club and you will see them walk from this table to the other one like never ending entertaining all the frenz and...AND...I hav to sit at the place alone...sigh...

Sometimes I srsly felt tat fat is like a sin. No. Not felt. Is think. I srsly think tat fat is a sin. Seeing the lads walking all ard the club while me sitting alone at the table wid the bunch of guys(this include my primary schmate - the guy). I din get to have interaction wid thm. Even whn I dance wid thm thy are like...pushing me to each other among their frenzz...as if I am those cheapskate. Yet thy are blaming their frenz to push thm to me. wth...SIGH...I juz tot of wanna entertain thm...even the primary schmate dun wanna dance wid me. T_T. SIGH. Summore leave me alone at the table...say bye bye to me and tell me tat he is going to the dance floor. What the...leave me alone there man...=.="

I get so frustrated and I walk myself to the dance floor. I WALK MYSELF THERE! ALONE!!! I nvr do this before. BUT, I did. ARGH!!! SO SO ANGRY!!! lolz.

Hmmph...welll lucky enuf to see my fren's frenz -Nom Nom there. So I guess somehow somebody know me over there and I wont get to "snatch" by any unknown ppl. Hmmph...it is actually kinda funny to dance alone at the dance floor tho. BUT...I dun care at tat moment ady. Nom Nom saw me dancing alone...and he invited me to join his bunch, on the stage. So, I dance on the stage ALL nite long. Don't care if others will puke to see a fat chick dance on the stage. Bwahahahhahahahahaha...yea...tat's the payback for you guys. SUX!!!

Why is fat wil bring such a sin?