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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slurpee Yummy^^

Project 365 #135


A makan-makan day^^


Went to Pavilion for lunch 2geda wid Jac cousie and her kelics. Had seafood tempura AND AND Rum Raisin from Gelato which is 95% dairies and 99% fruits AND fat free~~~Woohoo~~~~!!!! Yea la...must pose pose when eating Ice cream ma...my all time favourite, dun play play. lolz.

Got an invitation from Quattro, they call it Industry Night and the party take place at Winter Bar. Reached there around 8pm. Hmmph...this is the first time I go Quattro tho. ERM. Yea...thy offered luxury foods and free flow in the invitation card. Okay. They provide luxury food and free flow...but the food is being serve in cocktail style wid waiter walking around to offer food. Yea you know...we just finished work and reach there wid empty stomach, tot to stuff in the luxury foods BUT...with the food flow goes like that...I guess the food already digested in our stomach before the second waiter came and offer the food. AND...as we have reached ther quite early, the room is kinda empty and everybody feel no fun in staying there any longer, so, we left, without staying there for more than an hour. ><"

Buuhuuuu...T_T. Buai my free flow...I had only half glasses of beer and there we left Winter Bar and head to KLCC to hunt for food. Srsly a waste weeiiiii...free flow weeeiiiiiii...Buuhuuuuuu...and now we have to spend "extra" money for food where we actually don't have to spend the money at the first place. T_T. So yea, the kids like to eat fast food, and we go for Burger King, which provide free flow as well. Ahahahahahahaha...

So now. A makan-makan day for me as I will only go out for lunch once in a blue moon AND I don't really take dinner at night, unless ther's an special occassion. Hmmph...kinda happy to have makan-makan day, and yea, I told myself not to stand on the weighting scale or I will have a stone dropped heavily in my heart. Teehee...Till then^^