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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sing K session @ Cheras Selatan

Project 365 #146


went to sing K with the movie gang

together wid my dearie cousies~


and my bunch of work


Me who hav got bunch of work and deadlines to rush for went to sing K wid the movie gang and my dearie cousies. Geng tilllll... + 0 1. (Ga ling Yat...in canto). So Yea...it's Merdeka day and I tot of spending my day in rushing all my deadlines today...but ya know...I juz can't let myself wasted my holiday at home but not spending it wid my frenz. So yea, I bring my work along and do it at the K room while others are singing.

The K session starts at 6pm and supposingly to end at 10pm...thn...as usual, when ther's nobody taking over the room...we can extend our K session, and yea, we stayed there til 1230am. Rite, the multitasking me do my work at the same time sing my lung out during the K session...lolz...and when it is not my turn to sing, I wil concentrate in my work widout being disturb by the musics. Rite. I know I am very geng in being able to work at such a noisy place...lolz...next time I wil challenge myself to work in club....bwahhahahahahahaha...duh...who wil work during that happy hour?! ><" Gahhhhh...stil...I can't finish my work and I know I am dying soon. Gonna continue wid my work and have another sleepless nite again. T_T...but I enjoyed the nite^^v