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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Project 365 #117

Went to the park near my house early the morning



See my eyes so bengkak


Juz oni wake up...

and kena force one...><"

Slept at 3am dis morning and woke up at 9am. My cousie's fren called her and ask her out to the park nearby our house for a morning jog. Oh crapz...I tot I can sleep a bit late today and who knows...my cousie hav got such a healthy gang of frenzzz that bug us up so early to jog. =.="

We walked ourselves to the park and...pass by the playground...and...we stick ourselves on the swing...and...tat's all. It've been long since the last time I sit on the swing. It feels good, it is juz like...I've got my freedom!!! Lucky it is early in the morning wid not much ppl around...or else the kids wil juz stare at me angrily and think that "such a big jie jie wanna rampas the swing wid the kids" lolz. My cousie's frenzzz is wayyyyy far away from the playground tat we stop by, they keep on begging us to walk to them...BUT...luckily...it starts to rain...so, we actually escaped frm running in the park and get to take breakfast^^

After the breakfast, I sent my cousie to train station, bring my sis for hair cut, and we headed to the Curve to buy my sis long~~~~~~awaiting school bag. She heart Nike...all the time...So Yea, she bought a Nike sch bag tat cost RM309. Wootsss...I dun even hav such an expensive school bag back to my high school period!!! If you asked me what is Nike and Adidas tat time, I wil juz answer you, they are the very expensive brands where I will not waste my money to buy the branded stuff and it is only a logo tat you are buying after all. BUT, things change...me and my sista now is quite brand concious recently(which is not a good habit)...and...same goes to my mum. I wonder...what made us so brand concious now. ><"

We left The Curve at 1sth in the afternoon, looking at the cars jamming to the entrance of the shopping centres, I feel glad tat I left the house early in the morning. Yea, I like to hang out early morning to escape frm the jam and do shopping...LOLz. Although I have to sacrifice my sleeping time but I get to avoid frm jam and crowds AND I cant actually sleep again after I've done my shopping tho. lolz.

So Yea. A busy morning and I spent my afternoon in my bedroom...lying on the bed and watch TV programmes...and of course...I took a nap. LOLz. So Yea. This is how I past my Sunday when ther's no activities...ARGH!!! I wanna go out!!!