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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepless Moody Monday

Project 365 #139




Still emo after the "incident" yesterday. Hmmph...I sent a message to my fren to apologize again before I go to bed and I waited for her reply, yet, I didn't receive any reply. EMO. Sigh...I seriously out of idea in what I should do other than apologize. Well...all I can say to myself is, I've done my part, and I should leave that part for my fren to decide, to complete, as long as I've done my job, then I shudn't think bout it anymore. BUT...I juz can't stop myself from thinking.

I message'ed another fren of mine. I told her what happened. She replied

"I also feel that I always out of d gang..But when money, lov, family n frens come 2gether, frens r always d last 2 come..However,ppl always 4got frens r d firmest things no matter wat v r having..don worry, I'll talk 2 her..."

Hmmph. I mentioned many times in the previous post that everybody starts to busy with their own things, their own life and we seldom catch up wid each other. I didn't blame, I was only sharing my feelings that day...and I got the respond like that...BUT, this fren of mine, she realized...I mean...yea rite...as I mentioned in the previous post "possible to be...when you have this tot...means, you are actually doing it?", "I mean...when you don't tend to do it, then you wont think about all these consequences."

GAH...wat crapz am I talking bout now?!

MIAO!!! You should tell yourself that frenz always come last when it meets money, love, and family. I shudn't put frens at the top of my list, I shudn't care so much. Perhaps, I should only appear when they need my help. This remind me to a pharse that is being told by one of my frens long time ago. " Frenz are there to be use". Oh crapz. =.="