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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Project 365 #126

Get to watch UP for freeee today.


Tengkiu behli muchi to Olifu^^

Was in the mist of doing my work and pik-cik'ing. Then, Olifu sent me a message at MSN, "gurl, wanna watch UP? Got free movie tix." "How many tix you have? ""My kelic asked me how many I want."

Wootssss!!! I faster ask both of my dearie cousies and tell Olifu tat I need 3 tix, but ended up they gave her four tix. So, dearie Jac sacrify herself for not watching. LOLz.

The screening take place at Pavilion which is very near to me and my cousie's Opis. Thus, we straight away go Pavilion after work for dinner while waiting for the movie that will screen at 9pm.

As we have to save money for our trip in the month of September, cutting cost is a very important step, and yea, we choosed to eat at food court instead of those fancy fancy restaurant. We ordered one ShiLin crispy Chicken and Tempura, and yea, tat's all for our dinner. ><" THEN, I went to buy "run" & raisin as well as Tiramisu from Gelato. MUAHAHAHAHAHHA...Opppsss...Did anybody said thy are cutting cost???!! ><" Teehee...well...I am not generous in spending money for food but NOT dessert. LOLz. Yea. I lupppp dessert. SLURP. lolz. Run raisin taste great where Tiramisu is So so only loooo...I srsly lupppppp rum raisin. *tsk tsk* Oh gawd...my saliva is dripping while writing this post...><"

I went to collect the movie tix as Olifu cant reach early. Then only I find out that it is a movie spend by nuffnang and I saw LOADSSSS of bloggers standing outside of the cinema waiting to enter the theater. OMG. I felt that I am so nerd in a sudden. ><"(I saw a lot of bloggers and they are not who I saw in their blogs...and I felt nerd tat I am a blogger...><" Hmmph...I dunno how to express my feeling at that time...but I srsly felt nerd! ><" Sorry peepss...)

Oh ya. Bout the movie. It talks about an old man and a kid's adventure to the paradise fall. ERM...I guess it might be good to watch wid 3D effects guaaaa...I like the background music being played in the movie, the colorful ballons in the movie, and the story flow is nice. It is another tame and quiet movie after Harry Potter and it is very cartoon. lolz. Well...after all, it is a cartoon. ><"

Hmmph...message that I get from the movie...it is like we can find someone who owned the same dreams wid us and we will work hard together, support each other to chase after the dreams. BUT at the same time, it makes me feel like...sometimes it is better to be single, to be alone bcoz you can do everything that you like widout caring other people's feelings. When you have another half, there will be a lot of things that will pull you down from your dreams, the dreams that you have planned well before you are being tied. Well, maybe somebody will think tat it is worth it, but I guess somehow thy might regret a little in the future.

Hmmph...maybe sometimes we have to sacrifice a little or dun be over stubborn towards something and there...we will live happily ever after. Always be happy and satisfy wid what you have~

And Yea,


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