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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Balik rumah day^^

(will upload the photo later...stil collecting)
Project 365 #130


Balik rumah after a month


Poppy laaaa...


it feels soooooooooooo GOOD!!!

Enjoyed to the max today!!! Went wid the movie gang to club today with the Objectives of
1. Give KK a Bang b4 he fly to Miri (for work and it's bout only a week...chew...lolz)
2. To lose Ong's clubbing virginity (Whooppsss...this is cool)
3. Somebody hook up wid somebody ( who who who???)

Cited from KK @ FB

Ahahahaha...wat a good excuse for all of us to go club. There are 11 of us in for the clubbing night and my cousie turned up at the very last minuite^^. (we persuaded her to go from morning til nite and she decided to join us at the very last second without letting me know...><")Woohoo~

The table were quiet when we first reach, rite, this always happen bcoz everybody havent get high yet. After a couple of drinks, as usual, we went to the dance floor, stand near the stage side and starts to ROCK the nite!!!

Me, as a shortie...I actually stand on the staircase of the stage and dance all nite long. Bwahahhaa...having a good view up there widout squeezing wid others while dancing. This is just so right and I like it. LOLz. Oh yea, went up to the stage and dance a little wid the companion of the organizer. Ahahahahahaha...I dunno wher did I get the courage...perhaps, I m tipsy and high and I din get to think much at tat freaking happy hour!!!

The time seriously passes fast and before I have had enuf in dancing the DJ already playing the slow and soft songs for us to warm down. ><" Oh yea. Get to meet up wid new people today and this includes two drop dead gorgeous lengluis espcially the organizer's fren. *slurp* Opppsss...I know a gal shudnt do like this...><" Teehee...Went for DimSum @ Jln Ipoh as usual...and reached home ard 5++ in the morning.(again) ><" Now I wonder when will I get boom tho.

another GREAT nite,