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Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday^^

Project 365 #96

Saw A.D. brought in few boxes of Krispy Kreme this morning.


Heard my cousie told me that

Krispy Kreme is on sales!!!

Due to some sort of Anniversary.


Wokay. Everybody will have Monday bluez every Monday. My eyes go *blink blink* when I see A.D. brought in few boxes of Krispy Kreme. Wokay...I started to spy ard to see what made her bring in so many boxes of Krispy Kreme and there...I received an email from her asking us to help ourselves for the Krispy Kreme tat is being placed nicely bside her table tagged wid the note "JC" on it. WOW. Greatoooooooooooo~~~ Get to eat Krispy Kreme again. And wishes everbody Happy Monday in sharing us the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. So now u know how shud a AD be so that ppl wil work hard for them. LOLz. Bwahahahahah...Tengkiu JC aka A.D.

And Yea,

everybody prefer



it is still


Tsk tsk.