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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Great weekends^^

Project 365 #116
(will upload the photo once I get it)

The Big Bunch for SC's Bday celebration



SC is one of the movie gang's members

aka Olivia's gang.

Yeap. 15 of us went for SC's Birthday dinner -> Japanese BBQ Buffet at Daidomon which is located at Great Eastern Mall. Another heavy dinner. ><" We risked ourselves for the dinner tho...coz...there's this anti-ISA protest on-going in KL area. SC!!! See avbahdee so sayang u...bwahahahha...lolz

Yeap. Daidomon is having promotion where you only have to pay RM39.90++, then, all you can eat^^ My dearie cousie who studied aboard at Japan have actually ordered different types of dishes and weird weird food for us to eat. I tried raw beef dipped wid raw egg, hmmph...it taste better whn it is cooked tho. BUT, the whole nite dinner, the dishes I like the most is butter fish and Ice cream. Muahahahhaha...I had 4 or 5 scoops of ice creams and butter fish~ Slurpeee yummy^^

Erm...well...overall...the service crews are good, thy are very frenly and helpful, AND, there's one behli cute mia service crew...LOLz...my cousie is kinda crazy for him tat nite...LOLz. Food wise...erm...well...for me...it is like thy do not have loads of choices...or mayb I din hav to chance to look at the menu and my cousie is the one that order everything. LOLz. Well, you can actually give a try if you are craving for buffet and bored wid Jogoya and Tenji.

We went for movie after the dinner. Ghost over gf's past, 1140pm @ Pavilion. 13 of us for the show and we actually took the WHOLE middle row in the hall. ERM...a nice show tho...but a bit draggy...and make me almost wanna fall alseep...><" we watched til 150am and guess what...the bunch of movie gang actually wanted to watch another round...The proposal which is screening at 2am. They are all seriously so so so energetic!!! Me and another two cousies of mine headed back home after ghost over gf's past. Perhaps we are too old to stay up til so late.(oh crapz).lolz

Oh Yea. Brought Bao Bao for gromming this morning and went for hair cut in the afternoon as well^^ Such a bz Sat^^ I rike weekends which is fully scheduled.