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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silky Smooth fresh milk steamed egg

Project 365 #119


It's fresh milk steamed egg.

Mah lunchie from Jac cousie.

As usual, I din go for lunch. Yea. Everybody in the opis know bout that, and, of course, this include my dearie cousie - Jac. So Yea, the opis is mine during lunch hour as well...bwahahha... FYI(For you information), I wil always reach opis at 740am in the morning, and yea, nobody is here at this hour, so, there are two sessions where the opis wil b mine...the morning one...and the lunch hour...bwahhahaha...

While I m concentrating in doing my work,(dun play play...I m like a workaholic whn I m in the opis...bwahahhaha...oh crapz...I juz wanna finish work fast and get to balik punctually at 6pm) I heard "auntie...auntie..." Oh gosh...not again...you know...I actually heard knocking sound which hav got tempo "knock knock" few days ago in the morning...and it repeated every few minutes... I was so so sked tat time bcoz ther are srsly nobody in the opis...and I turn my speaker loudly to ease away the knock knock sound. ISH. So now...I tell myself that I am having phonism coz I miss my cousie too much ady(oh yea...we always call each other aunty lolz) until there's one person standing bside me and put sth on my table.

So Yea, it's Jac that bring me the Silky Smooth fresh milk steamed egg. Phew~takutkkan sendiri je...lolz. I start eating and msn wid Jac after she went back to her place. I tot it is something nice that she tot of wanna intro me makan, who knows she asked " auntie, nice ar? I nvr eat bfore de le...I saw them selling...and I buy nia...nice ar?" I said "nice ar...u wanna try?" I srsly let her zadao tat time...lolz...but well...dun expect much and be thankful tat somebody still remember you. LOLz. AND Yea, it is nice, it taste like soya tofu and it is a bit cold. So I take it as a dessert. Yea...Jac know I dun take proper meal. Bwahahhahaha...

Whn I am on my half way eating, I see this "for microwave use only" at the bottom of the container. *shit* Now I am thinking...should I microwave it before I eat...or it is actually a dessert??? ><" Argh...dun care...as long as it can b put into the stomach thn can ady. I dun mind having MC. LOL. YEA...I NID HOLIDAYSSSSS!!!
Good Day~