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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


(owe u a cheese first ya...lolz)
Project 365 #134

Cheese, anyone?


Say Cheeseeeeee.




Thanks for smiling for my post.

I know you like it.


Cousie's co wil b having potluck 2mr and yea...we went grocery after work. She saw this cheese displaying nicely on the frozen side and asked me if I've tried those, "NO" I replied.(because those are freaking expensive cheese tat I wil never ever put my eyes on thm...or I wil die...lolz) She picked this pepper flavour among the rest and pay at the counter, together with her food for potluck 2mr, of course.

She offer me a bite while we are jamming.Hmmph...I would say I dun like to eat cheese just like that. I prefer to have cheese with other food like Cheese cake, caesar salad, pizza, mushroom soup wid cheese powder, and yea...all the food tat have got cheese will be my favourite(which wil b so so so fattening) but not pure cheese. It taste weird to eat only cheese especially when eating those chesdale cheese, Ewwww...I dun like the taste...lolz...weirdo I am? Yea. lolz.

Oh Yea. Talk about cheese. It is a very useful and poweful word tho. Why? Grab a mirror and put it in front of you, then say, cheese. Yea, you are seeing urself smiling in the mirror. =) Look nice isn't it. (oh gawd...dun puke after u saw ur own smile...lolz) I tend to ask people to say cheese whenever I see them not smiling or forcing themselves to smile while posing in front of the camera. It works, it seriously do, and everytime the outcome is a very beatiful peace seeing everybody smiling^^ SMILE. Rite. Everytime when you see your frens are moody, uou can try asking them to say cheese, and yea, they will smile first then laugh from the bottom of their heart. There, you brighten up another poeple's day again^^

So Yea.

Say Cheese.