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Monday, August 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme^^

Project 365 #132

Another Krispy Kreme Monday^^

Tengkiu Dearie Cousie.


Went to BTS after work to send Wii controller to be fix. Cousie asked if there's any other things to buy and I suggested Krispy Kreme. lolz. You know...Human Beings are like tat, we must have more than one objective in order to do something so that we wont "rugi"(suffer losses) in petrol and parking money.lolz

Cousie said that it is fattening, yeap, agree it is fattening, but she is the one who asked if there's any other things to buy...lolz...and I said "My family members haven get the chance to try Krispy Kreme since the day it launch" THEN, she said "Yea lo...I haven't try neither". SO...we headed to Krispy Kreme shop after we have sent Wii controller to hospital. lolz.

We bought a dozen of Original Glazed and one glazed chocolate cake which is strongly recommended by my kelic. It's cousie's treat. LOLz.It cost RM2.50 for one and I actually wanted to buy only half a dozen but cousie saw that it is Only RM19.90 for a dozen, she counted, half a dozen, 2.50 X 6 = RM15, pay extra RM4.90 and we will get another half dozen, which means, it is only RM1.70 for one, 80 cents cheaper for each doughnut, and there, she bought a dozen. LOLz. (Now I wonder who is the one tat said it is fattening...lolz)

I first warned my cousie that it will b so damn freaking sweeeetttttttt before she take the first bite. Hmmph...she dun really like the taste tho and she refuse to take few more bites...><" So Yea, I guess she still prefer Mister Donut and we shall see it again very soon!!! lolz.